Billericay parkrun #135 – 11 January 2020

The wind was blowing and the rain had been falling during the week, but that wasn't enough to stop us from storming round Lake Meadows for the 135th Billericay parkrun back on the normal course of 3.8 laps round the park, and the pictures will tell that it wasn't as muddy as it had been in previous weeks!

mud 2 mud 1

But it could always be worse couldn't it?

not mud

And as we progress through the new year, we hosted 374 runners, walkers and joggers taking part, 28 of whom were first timers to our wonderful course as either brand new to parkrun - welcome to the best thing about Saturday's - or visitors from another parkrun - we hope you enjoyed our event! We also saw a fantastic 52 new personal bests, that's just under 14% of the field so a big well done if you're one of them! Next week is chase the pacer, think you can do it twice in a row?

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As always, we are an event that is made each week by you guys and girls, that is to say, each and every week parkrunners worldwide will give up their run or get up early/stay later to help with the set up or close down, and marshaling/timekeeping/scanning of the event and it goes without saying that those who volunteer with us will always go that extra mile to get you up that flat hill or round that last bend, clapping, cheering and helping keep everything on course. As part of the core team who have committed to this event, we love that this commitment is reflected back by the community we have all built together so thank you to everyone who's been involved in our event in any way! I'm not sure we ever envisaged we'd be seeing an average of over 300 participants each week when we first started!

shane vollie 2
vollie 3 vollie

That's all from me this week, the weather will hopefully hold and we'll remain on course for the normal course, though do always watch this space for any announcements/changes and listen to the briefings, wouldn't want you all going to the start and trying to run backwards even though I told you all it was the normal direction now would we :D

Dave's in the hotseat next week, so give him a cheer and your best support as always Billericay! I'll see you there!

Run Director

The Billericay core team are:
David Hayday : Rachel Varnam : Samuel Hill : Dave Sweet : Maggie Topliss : Alexa Joel

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