Profile #5 – Paul Allen and Lisa Reader

As we're not able to be together in the park right now, we're running a series of profiles about some of the amazing people that make up our community.

This week our profile is from Paul and Lisa :)

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parkrun vital statistics
Number of runs: 41 for Paul, 49 for Lisa
Number of parkrun events visited: 2 - Billericay and Bushy!
Number of volunteering stints: 6


How did you find out about Billericay parkrun?
We always walk our dog Alfie in Lake Meadows and have our breakfast in the Park Café at weekends. Whilst sitting outside the café enjoying our coffee we saw the first run take place. We spoke to one of the runners and asked how we could participate. They explained we had to register online for a barcode which we did and have enjoyed taking part ever since, whether running or marshalling.

It has such a great community spirit and we have met some good friends. It's great to see everyone come together no matter what age or ability to take part.
46523548_1132069686964109_3307286325870198784_o lisa

Paul, we heard you like football a bit. Can you tell us about some of the highlights from your career?
It was my dream from a very young age to become a professional footballer. I have lots of great memories but the ones that stand out for me are playing for West Ham in the 1980 Cup Final at the age of 17 against Arsenal and being on the winning side.

I was also lucky to play in two further Cup Finals this time for Spurs in 1987 when they lost to Coventry City and again in 1991 when Spurs beat Nottingham Forest.

west ham cup final
paul professional

But being Billericay parkrun's 10,000th ever finisher was even better than all of that right? ;)
Ha ha, believe it or not that was a great moment for me as it was shared with the late Kevin Brushett who laughed as much as I did when I was presented with a certificate from David Hayday and yes I do still have the certificate! It is coming up to the anniversary of Kevin's passing and he is very much in our thoughts.


Lisa, can you tell us about your fitness routine during lockdown and your next goals?
I am still working out most days. I do a circuit or HIIT class in the garden in the mornings before I start work and then Paul, Tilly and I go for a walk late afternoon. It is not the same as working out in the gym or doing boot camp or parkrun in the park but at least I am keeping active. My next parkrun will be my 50th and although I know I will not get a PB that is my goal for future parkruns.


What are your favourite moments from Billericay parkrun?
Paul: There have been lots of great moments but I really enjoyed and looked forward to running with Kevin Brushett and Keith Walker. On the back of us running together at parkrun they talked me into joining Billericay Striders.

Lisa: For me, being a quite competitive person it is achieving those PBs, such a great feeling!

38405023_1046648685506210_8330652802229469184_o quiz

What do you do outside of parkrun stuff?
We both work full-time so what spare time we have is spent exercising and socialising with friends and family. Since lockdown we have mastered many new things such as hairdressing, dog grooming, cooking and Zoom!

Name one thing that’s different for you since Billericay parkrun started
Before we participated in parkrun we did not comprehend how much work was involved in making this great event happen every week. There are so many good people who give up their time week in week out.


What are you most looking forward to when we get back?
Lockdown has made us really think about all the things we take for granted, coming together as a group to do parkrun is one of them and we cannot wait for the lockdown to be lifted so we can see all our parkrun friends again.



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