Profile #7 – Shane White and Judith Campbell

Thanks very much to Shane and Judith, two very familiar faces from our event, for this week’s profile! :)

parkrun vital statistics
Number of parkruns: 102 for Judith, 105 for Shane
Number of different events visited: 11
Number of volunteering stints: 40 by Shane, 24 by Judith


How did you find out about Billericay parkrun and come along for the first time?
Judith and her sister Sally had already been running at Hadleigh and Basildon parkruns but were contemplating giving up as Basildon was having car parking issues. That same week, Judith heard that Billericay was starting so they both took part in event #1. I followed 2 weeks later at event #3 and the "armography" started the week after!

Shane Armography

Are you from Billericay originally?
Judith: I grew up in Thundersley, and then spent a short time in Kent before moving to Billericay about 24 years ago.

Shane: I grew up down the road in Stock but have called Billericay home for over 20 years now.

Verona Parkrun

What are your favourite memories from the event?
One of our favourite memories is driving all the way to Barry Island in Wales and the delight in seeing the core team and several other regulars (as well as other people from all over the country) had been mad enough to do the same, just for one parkrun!

Organising the trip to Bushy was a pleasure and we think it was a success (other than the weather which wasn't what we ordered!)

We've also enjoyed the birthday events (and the uplifting messages that people wrote and hung up), the fancy dress efforts and seeing all the milestones clocking up!

coach 45245976_1117393871765024_7180855942165037056_o
maggie 84109187_1507185566119184_5489022849156907008_o

You’ve visited lots of different events, what have been your best trips?
We loved visiting Padua in Italy - after deciding not to parkrun on holiday in the Italian Lakes, Shane lasted two days before researching Farfalle parkrun, only a two hour drive for a parkrun in the Butterfly Park! A similar course to Billericay (4 laps), nice and flat with a lovely little cafe. They average 23 runners per week and about 40% of them are usually tourists.

Farfalle Parkrun i

We also enjoyed running in Copenhagen, Denmark. This one was planned, we went to watch our niece compete in the Ironman Triathlon and had the choice of four parkruns. We decided on Amager Faelled parkrun but finding it was slightly difficult as they don't have a David Hayday setting up at 7am with signs/flags! Another flat course with a friendly set of volunteers, and you just follow the flour arrows on the ground for two laps.

Amager Faelled Parkrun i

The other one that stands out was Durham - this one was needed, after celebrating our nephew’s wedding in the castle until the early hours, we managed to drag ourselves out of the hotel for this parkrun hangover cure! A great run along the riverbank finishing by the bandstand with a perfect photo opportunity, followed by a walk back to the start to enjoy a much deserved bacon roll.

Durham Parkrun ii

We have also taken part in the Billericay November tourism events to Barry Island (so lush) and to Bushy (the home of the first ever parkrun), and look forward to another tourism event in November.

1F40FAC1-33E0-42A3-938E-D2F1F2AB5E83 Bushy Group

what do you do outside parkrun?
Judith: Up until very recently I worked full time in the City and during my precious free time love seeing friends and family and having the odd G&T!

Shane: I work in the industrial computing sector providing services for the food industry, outside of that I enjoy going to gym, running with the Billericay Striders, eating out with friends, cinema and watching motorsport.


What’s the best thing about parkrun?
Feeling fitter and healthier of course but more importantly feeling part of the community and seeing lots of new parkrun friends whether it be during parkrun or whilst out and about in Billericay.

BP Volunteering i Crazy Marshal
Barry Parkrun iii

What are you most looking forward to when we get back?
Seeing everyone again and having a bacon and egg "sarnie" at the cafe!


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