Profile #9 – Sinéad Clarke

This week's profile comes from Sinéad :)

Since coming to Billericay parkrun for the first time at event #9, Sinéad has rarely missed a week and has now racked up a total of 120 runs at Billericay - more, we think, than anyone else.

In that time she has also reduced her PB by more than 15 minutes.

Thanks very much Sinéad!

parkrun vital statistics
Number of parkruns: 123
Number of different events visited: 2 - Billericay and Chelmsford Central
Number of volunteer stints: 1


How did you first hear about Billericay parkrun? And how did you feel when you came along for the first time?
The internet - I looked for parkruns near me and Lake Meadows, Billericay popped up!

The first time I went I just came to look to see where to go and how it worked. People were welcoming and friendly and far from questioning whether I’d be good enough to take part, and encouraged me to get involved. So I came back to give it a try. I was nervous, not sure if I would get round but I got to the finish and left elated.


What's your parkrun routine and do you have any particular rituals?
Not really, I get up, put on my running gear, have some breakfast, check I have my key, barcode and a bottle of water and go. I usually walk to and from the park and often see others jogging, cycling or walking to the start.

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What have been your favourite memories from Billericay parkrun?
Particularly during the first year getting PBs was always good and helped me gain confidence about being able to do it. When I did my hundredth run my daughter and my three grandchildren turned up to cheer me on which made that extra special.


What's one thing that's different for you since taking part in Billericay parkrun?
Mainly it’s been a confidence boost, overcoming long held assumptions that sport wasn’t for someone like me.

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What do you do outside of parkrun stuff?
Like a lot of people family is central to my life, I have grown up children in their 20s/30s, 3 grandchildren aged 5, 3 and 1 1/2, and a mum aged 89. Since taking early retirement just over 4 years ago I have been helping my daughter and son-in-law with child care. That normally keeps me on my toes and I’m really looking forward to being able to have a cuddle again!

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Many of us sometimes find it hard to leave the duvet behind and go for a run, especially when it's cold and rainy! What's the key to consistency?
It probably helps that I’m not really a lie-in kind of person, so getting up on a Saturday morning is fine. I’m not a fan of cold and miserable weather and running in the rain isn’t always easy when you wear glasses! But for me the positives more than offset the negatives.

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It’s a friendly, supportive environment and the effort involved always leaves me feeling good. For 30/40 minutes every Saturday morning, I am repeatedly told that I’m doing fantastic, that I should keep going and that what I am doing is great, and that isn’t something that happens anywhere else!


What would you say to someone who's considering coming along to parkrun for the first time but isn't sure whether it's for them?
Definitely come and give it a try, you will be welcomed and encouraged whatever your level of ability, and with the tail walkers in place you won’t be last or left behind.


What are you most looking forward to when we get back? And do you have any particular goals / aims for when we do?
Looking forward to my weekly dose of positivity.

In terms of goals I’d love it, even if it was only once, if I could get round in under 30 minutes, but it won’t spoil it for me if that doesn’t happen. Getting my age-graded score back over 60% might be more easily achieved, even if it just means getting older and trying not to slow down!


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