Please do not attend parkrun if you display any COVID-19 symptoms

Birkenhead parkrun Future volunteer roster

Here is the volunteer roster for the next few weeks. If you'd like to take a particular spot, simply email To find out more, visit the volunteer page. Details about what particular roles do on the day can be found by clicking on the role name below, or visiting the volunteering section of the parkrun support site.

Future volunteer roster

 11 December 202118 December 202125 December 20211 January 2022
Run DirectorNaomi GRABEJon RUMLEYno eventStuart RICKERS
TimekeeperRuth BYERSKareen PORSCHKEno eventMike GREEN
TimekeeperGemma CLONEYRichard MCGRATHno eventNaomi GRABE
Barcode ScanningJon RUMLEYStuart RICKERSno eventPaul BRADLEY
Barcode ScanningLorna HUGHESJennifer MCGRATHno eventLorna HUGHES
Barcode ScanningKay STANDINGAndrew HUGHESno eventJon RUMLEY
Barcode ScanningPaul BRADLEYPaul BRADLEYno eventDave MARLAND
Barcode ScanningMike GREENRolf WESTRUMno eventGemma CLONEY
Barcode ScanningJohn ARMSTRONGDeborah PINKno eventAva- Rae CLONEY
Barcode ScanningKareen PORSCHKELily OSTno eventAndrew HUGHES
Finish TokensAmy BARRShelagh HEARTYno eventRobert PERRY
Finish Token SupportDave MARLANDPhillip STANLEYno eventPeter HUMPHREYS
Finish Token SupportPeter HUMPHREYSNaomi GRABEno eventRolf WESTRUM
Tail WalkerAnn CURRIEPeter GATELEYno eventShelagh HEARTY
Volunteer Co-ordinatorKareen PORSCHKEno event
First Timers BriefingKirsty GREENWOODGemma CLONEYno eventJon RUMLEY
Funnel ManagerKirsty GREENWOODGemma CLONEYno eventLisa OST
Funnel ManagerAndrew HUGHESLorna HUGHESno event
Funnel ManagerRolf WESTRUMPeter HUMPHREYSno event
Funnel ManagerRobert PERRYAnn CURRIEno event
MarshalDavid CAHILLTamsin CURRIEno eventGraham TURNER
MarshalLily OSTIan COCHRANno eventChristine SUTCLIFFE
MarshalAndrew MORANRichard LATTENno eventEdward SUTCLIFFE
Marshalno eventJames SUTCLIFFE
Marshalno eventSarah GREEN
Marshalno eventCarmel WRIGHT
Marshalno eventAnnette JONES
Marshalno event
Marshalno event
Results Processorno event
Token SortingLily OSTno event
Run Report WriterJon RUMLEYJon RUMLEYno eventJon RUMLEY