Run report #199

The volunteers were having a non uniform day today

"No way!" I hear you say.

No,not really,we* forgot the hi vis

Which put one volunteer in a tiz.

However they eventually arrived in the funnel and throughout the course

Delivered by Steve and Mollie,not on a horse.


gmKhoRF7Photo by Gembo C


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report.469 of you joined us this week,another excellent number,thank you very much for choosing our parkrun this morning.

The results.

Our first finisher (male) was James Kimber with a new pb of 17:17(Shenton) then Matthew Goodwin of UTS run club in 17:21 and Steven Leslie of Village Road Runners AC in 17:53.

Our first finisher (female) was Katie Bagley in 19:12(10th),then Sophie Hunt, a first timer with us,in 19:20(13th) and Charlotte Dillon of Durham City Harriers AC,another first timer ,in 19:55(19th)

PB`s this week for Ethan Brady-Jones 18:04,Jake Owen 19:04,Jack Talbot 19:35,Louis Hatton 20:12,Antony Foster 20:46,Marcus Trott 21:24,Jake Ellis 21:34,Cheryl Keen 21:50,Thomas Gilchrist 22:29,Theo Kaye 22:38,Peter Clarke 23:04,Norman Eves 23:05,Gemma Grose 23:13,Stephans Shiang 23:16,Giles Bresnen 23:49,James Sliwka 23:59,Nathan Roche 24:04,Matthew Gleave 24:14,Kathleen Cowdray 24:20,David Ashton 24:37,Patty Thom 25:05,Andrew Herndlhofer 25:18,Joanne Herndlhofer 25:20, Craig Laing 25:23,Ben Green 25:26,David Kelsall 25:53,Kerry Ashcroft 26:02,Mark McCall 26:03,Pieter Openshaw 26:05,Rachel Bright 26:30,Erin Courtney 26:49,Nicola Ringer 27:08,Rachel Holcroft 27:17,Andrew Jones 27:31,Beverley Billington 27:41, Peter Leather 27:53,Natalie Briggs 27:53,Keith Davies 27:57,Samantha Grose 28:27, Emma Smith 28:28,Graham Davies 28:29,Jack Routledge 28:30,Jason Lockley 28:37, Kathy McDonald 28:41,Lucy Ashcroft 28:56,Heather Tonks 28:57,Beau Dees 29:12,Jan McGrath 29:19,Catherine Merity 29:37,Emma Ashcroft 29:56,Benji Hatch 29:58,Denise Hagen 30:32,Andrew McInnes 30:47,Andrew Wright 30:56,Marie Tonks 31:01,Justin Bell 31:38,John Joe Chiasson 32:21,Claire Hopkins 33:42,Helen Ritchie 34:12,Tony Sullivan 38:29,Edwina McHugh 38:36,Christine Jones 38:43,Andrea Peers 34:44, Leeanne Lockley 43:10

Thanks very much to our first timers who joined us today.For those of you who ran their first ever parkrun today you will look back in 6 months,a year or two,maybe longer and won`t believe how far you've come.So if you`re feeling a bit tired and parts of the body are aching that have never ached before,be proud of what you`ve done today.See you next week!

If you were visiting us we hope you enjoyed your first time at Birkenhead and hope you enjoyed the experience. Look forward to seeing you the next time you`re in the area!

Our first timers this week were Claire Howard,Rodolfo Alcachupas,Isis Humphreys-Green,Suzanne Kellett,Peter Neagle,Ruby Fleckney,Andy Liggett,Danny Liggett,Emily Barr,Jessica McHugh,Richard Holt,Teresa Nightingale,Carl Morgan,Liz Williams,Laura Meehan,Michelle Tarpey,Benedict Dunning,Andrew Gerrard,Michael Sullivan,Charlie Liggett,Kirsty Willets,Sean Johns,Jonathan Webb,Matthew Cowell,Rosemary Rogers, Jenny Fitzmaurice,Jo Houghton-Davies,Craig Davies,Nick Smyth,Henry Kellett,Keith Lincoln,Andrew Duff,Zac Lincoln,Stephen Lively,Andy Dowling,Jimmy Cross,Philip Grose,Malcolm Smith,Rob Ringer,Richard Dillon,Rachael Theobald,Graham Cheers, Charlotte Dillon,Sophie Hunt

Shenton`s Reality - James Kimber 17:17,Robert Welsh 23:23,Tom Smith 25:25,Keith Douglas 26:26,Emma Smith 28:28,Marion Barker 35:35

Will Platts ran his 50th parkrun.

Aine Hayes ran her 50th parkrun.

Alex Yem ran his 50th parkrun.

Congratulations to Will,Aine and Alex!

Our incognitothenfullyclothedidontmeanthathonestlybehavetastic volunteers were led by run director Mike "Didn`t scoop" Green,timekeepers were Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum and Ruth* "Have I got everything?" Byers.Barcode scanning was one by Ruth "Photo Yoda" Pritchard,Ultan "Shades" Mulhern and John "Folk Doctor" Armstrong.Matthew "Vikings Green dished out the finish tokens assisted by Mark "You can never have enough NHS people in the finish funnel" Pritchard.Tail walker was Mel "Happy anniversary" Heale. Our funnel managers were Peter "Stay in line" Humphreys,Andrew "Punmaster General" Hughes,Steve "Mollie`s minder" Smith,James "T`Pal" Hurley.Our fantastical marshals were Margaret Ray,Emma Brown,Phil Stanley,Amelia Booth,Peter Barham, Russell Jacques,Emily Jacques,Sue Foster,John Nolan,Helen Stansfield,Brian "To Shenton" Shenton,Stuart "Stubo" Rickers and Gemma "Hopalong" Cloney.Karl Hamel was a pacer and John Armstrong processed the results.

RcTdVu2uPhoto by Mel Heale

We are on the facebook,the instagram and the flickr "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

See you next week and thanks for reading!







Run report #198

Our run director Steve,he went with the wellies and shorts combo

Which surprised a lot of people,especially former Crystal Palace winger Attilo Lombardo

The first runner home was a surprise to both volunteers who were down to timekeep

It wouldn`t have happened if it had been Sooty and Sweep.

We had a new water feature which you may have splashed through

Thankfully it wasn`t deep enough for you to need a canoe.


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report.Well done to everyone who turned up this morning for another example of our lovely weather. The fact that we got nearly 400 in those wet conditions this morning is a big statement from all of you about what you think about parkrun.Anyway,enough of that and onto the results.

Our first finisher (male) was Jack Pickett of Wolverhampton and Bilston AC who ran 16:24,then it was Harley Henshaw of Wirral AC in 16:31 and Peter Bird of Wallasey AC in 18:13.

Our first finisher (female) was Katie Bagley in 19:27(8th),then Cheryl Keen,a first timer in 22:09(44th) and Grace Bird of Wallasey AC in 22:16(48th)

PB mentions go to Shaun Caldwell 20:28,Aiden Hampson 21:42,Jake Ellis 21:44,Aaren Hampson 21:45,Jamie Jones 23:16,Rachael Corcoran 23:50,Giles Bresnen 24:17, Matthew Gleave 24:30,Tim Jones 24:53,Kate Roberts 25:08,Peter Smith 25:14,Ged Howard 25:29,Steve Singleton 25:37,Phil Malone 25:44,Christopher Johnston 25:52, Jonathan Gregson 25:57,Patty Thom 25:59,Emma Longford 26:04,Jake McCarthy 26:10,Adam Gillmore 26:12,Daniel McDermott 26:37,Nicholas Gunatilleke 27:03, Lisa Curnow 27:11,Mel Heale 27:21,Sarah Meagan 28:03,Phil Clark 28:11,Rachel Holcroft 28:17,Jack Berry 28:23,Gareth Hughes 28:58,Ian Rothwell 29:50,Daniel Eccles 31:03, Nicky McCarthy 31:18,Andrew McInnes 31:32,Zachary Roberts 31:55,Emma Gunatilleke 32:17,Jennifer Huxley 33:05,Simon Copestake 33:27,Laura Weir 33:44, Sophie Haq 34:02,Rachel Scott 35:38,Joanne France 35:48,Nick Rae 36:32,Claudette Roberts 37:18,Ellie Randall 37:23,Becky Neish 39:06,Don Scotton 39:58,Clare Jones 42:24,Lynne Harris 42:34,Leeanne Lockley 43:23

Thanks to all our first timers today,whether it was your first time ever at parkrun or if you were visiting us. You picked a good day weather wise! We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you are in the area.

Our first timers this week were Maddison Jones,Christine Jones,Tony Sullivan, Samantha Mills,Helen Holt,Chloe Holt,Sophie Holt,Rachel Handley,Alastair Quinn,Emily Parry,Helen Darley,Leo Hopkins,Sarah Rogers,Rhian Nettle,Peter Nettle,Justin Bell, Graham Davies,David Hughes,Gareth Goodall,Jenni Murphy,Joseph Copeland,Daniel McGuigan,Andy Jobson,Nicola Fitzgerald,Denise Hagan,Tom Bettridge,Eilidh Gillespie, Pieter Openshaw,Cathy Meagan,Sam Lamen,Joshua Gunatilleke,Sharon Wilson, Charles Makepeace,Sean Devlin,Peter Gallienne,Cheryl Keen,Nick Byrne,Tom Meagan,Thomas Parry,Clive Alley

Shenton`s dream - The unthinkable happened this week, the Shenton himself,Brian Shenton,actually got a Shenton. I don`t know what this means. Do we carry on with the feature? We`ve discovered the holy grail of Shentonism.I`ll have to think about this. Our full list was Luke Hampshire 18:18,Andrew Boyd 21:21,Peter Barham 22:22,BRIAN SHENTON 23:23!!!!!!!!,Adam Todd 24:24,Vikki Rothwell 34:34

Peter Humphreys volunteered for the 100th time.

Nick Flynn ran his 50th parkrun.

Steven Armstrong ran his 50th parkrun.

Dave Berry ran his 100th parkrun.

Congratulations to Peter,Nick,Steven and Dave!

Our wetwetwetwishingtheywereluckytastic volunteers were led by run director Steve "Farmer Giles" Smith,timekeepers were Gemma "The bag lady" Cloney,Jon "Take that" Rumley,the barcode scanners were Andrew "The Punmaster general" Hughes,James "The wrong way" Hurley and Matthew "Vikings" Green.Finish tokens were handed out by Peter "Stay in line" Humphreys with assistance by Dave "Double Dave" Bibby who is also sorting the tokens for next week.Paula "Not missed off this time" Hartharn-Evans was our tail walker.Kareen "Numbers" Porschke did the first timers briefing. John "Beardwatch rating 8/10" Armstrong,Mike "Jolene" Green,Ann "Number 1 Scottish funnel manager" Currie,Ruth "PC" Byers and Chloe Byers were our funnel managers. Lorna "Duck monitor" Hughes,John Henderson,Richard Williams,Lisa Ward,Stephen Cole,Lizzie Cole,Jennifer Gill,Elaine Opara,Robert Perry,Kenneth Noble,Paul Cashin and the birthday boy Stuart "What`s that coming out of the trees? Is is a Stubo? Is it a Stubo?" Rickers.

We are on the facebook, the instagram and the flickr "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

See you next week and thanks for reading!






Run report #197

It was supposed to be sunny but the forecaster turned out to have the talent of jive bunny

However 535 of you lovely people came along today

And we had ducks and runners taking part in their own way

But not Shakespear`s Sister who couldn`t stay

Dr John was back on the run and having fun

But still no sight of either parkrun volunteer appeal bun

And there was lots of cake which the tail walker reluctantly had to take

Fortunately he doesn`t live in Liverpool and so didn`t have to use the tunnel

Sorry,this week I`m not going to mention Sally Gunnell.


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report.Another excellent turnout on an overcast morning. I will be emailing the met office later about the few drops of rain. I understand they were meant for Chester but were delivered here by mistake.Apologies. Before I forget,well done all who ran in races last weekend!

The results

Our first finisher (male) home was Dave Bennett of Ellesmere Port RC with a new pb of 16:15(Almost a Shenton!) then John Stone of Ellesmere Port RC , a first timer with us,with a time of 16:46 and Tom Williams of Wirral AC,also a first timer,who ran 16:52.

Our first finisher (female) home was Jayne Price of Pensby AC with a new pb of 20:19 (Almost a Shenton!) (34th),then Helen Stansfield of Wallasey AC in 20:40(42nd) and Meg Hoshiko in 21:19 (54th)

PB mentions go to Dave Bennett 16:15,Brad Critchley 18:31,Ben Cronshaw 18:43,Mark Thorne 18:47,David Bridge 18:53,Daniel Holbrook 19:33,Jayne Price 20:19,David Oxborough 20:23,Matthew Edwards 20:26,Matt Graham 20:43,Emmet Murphy 21:00, Tom Smith 21:31,Paul Whyatt 21:39,Mark Pickard 22:19,Louie Hazlehurst 22:22,Kevin Eves 22:31,Matthew Acheson 22:54,Norman Eves 23:11,Nick Corran 24:39,Richard Potts 24:51,Christina Oakes 24:52,Andrew Meadows 24:57,Sally Bell 25:11,Naomi Carey 25:13,Simon Hartharn-Evans 25:22,Stephanie Griffiths 25:24,Peter Smith 25:21, Patty Thom 26:03,Adam Graney 26:39,Kevin Lowe 27:19,Ricardo Hoshiko 27:23, Katherine Flanagan 27:33,Alexandra Jones 27:42,Beverley Billington 27:48,Eric Danson 27:58,Alice Farmiloe 28:07,Claire McCann 28:17,Megan Lewis 28:23,Kathy McDonald 28:46,Valerie Hickey 28:56,Callum Logan 29:03,Kate Partridge 29:10,Lucy Burdett 29:14,Alison Mallucci 29:25,Lawrence Cowdray 29:27,Gordon Barker 29:36, Harriet Emery 29:48,Mel Brennan 29:51,Laura Scott 30:02,Sharon Challinor 30:37, Rebecca Bibby 30:40,Brigitte Hunt 30:40,Paul Cashin 30:59,Caroline Clift 31:01,Emma Ashcroft 31:28,Stephanie Glover 31:54,Ronald Barber 32:06,Janet Wallace 32:07,Kelly Chesters 32:40,Emily McArdle 32:46,Sandie Sowerbutts 32:50,Lisa Richmond 32:53, Rebecca Britten 33:02,Curtis Wilson 33:03,Simon Copestake 33:38,John Traynor 34:23,Graham Pugh 34:24,Jennifer Huxley 34:30,Graham Maddock 34:57,Dave Marshall 36:22,Emma Dennis 36:31,Liz Caton 39:16,Stacey Carr 39:45,Leeanne Lockley 43:47,Jenny Davies 44:11

Thanks to all our first timers today,whether you were doing parkrun for the first time or visiting us for the first time.We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area. We hope you enjoyed your first time briefing,delivered by the former Australian test cricket captain,Steve "Sandpaper" Smith.

Our first timers this week were John Stone,Tom Williams,Simon Dunk,Paul Steen,John Harris,Andy Smith,Chris Gaskin,Jay Cofax,George Flynn,Shaun Caldwell,Clive Sampson,Marcus Trott,John Duckworth,Ben Williams,Theo Kaye,Andrew Lifford,Dean Palmer,Taryn Robinson,Jake Ellis,Heidi Finlay,Thomas Gilchrist,Jonathan Fisher,Gary Pengelly,Nathan Roche,Lee Thompson,Edward Mawdsley,Louisa Thompson,Katie Colvin,James Bradshaw,Rosemary Chalker,Gemma Malcolm,Rob Malcolm,Kayley Moore,Anna Mackie,Julie Dawson,Mike Bennett,Nick Orr,Sophie Hoxby,Stuart Gascoyne,Carolyn Craigen,Chloe Malcolm,Aly Malcolm,Melissa Orr,Bryan Conlan,Vikki O`Neill,Thomas Wyatt,Phil Clark,William Groombridge,Steph Breheny,Jane Campbell, Melanie Murray,Jessica Fisher,Denise Groombridge,Susan Glover,Sharon Acheson, Isobel Murray,Charles Webster,Michael Webster,Siobhan Leith,Robert Brennan,Dylan Jones,Emma Gunatilleke,Alex Sinnott,Kathy Jones,Kathy Parsons,Catherine Sampson, Dave Michael,Sarah Joseph,Nick Rae,Gabi Jobson,Edwina McHugh,Don Scotton,Eric Duberry,Amy Pulford,Christine Pengelly,Clare Jones,Aleesa Pulford,Lynn Ridgway, Jean Moore.

Shenton`s dream this week - Neil Burdett 19:19,Louie Hazlehurst 22:22,Ben Williams 22:22,Jake Ellis 23:23,Andy Stewart 24:24,Helen Measures 25:25,Laurence Tottle 28:28,Lucy Jones 34:34,Nicola Thomas 36:36,

Isaac Simmons ran his 50th parkrun.

Anna Kenny ran her 50th parkrun.

Mark Hyland ran his 50th parkrun.

Jon Rumley ran his 50th parkrun and volunteered for the 150th time.

Congratulations to Isaac,Ann,Mark and!

Our loudlovelyduckfriendlybrightandhappytastic volunteers were led by run director Stuart "I won`t hug you" Rickcies,timekeepers were Andrew "The punmaster of oz" Hughes and Ruth "PC" Byers.Peter "99 red balloons" Humphreys,Matthew "The Vikings" Green and Rolf "Loves a good wine" Westrum were our barcode scanners. Kareen "Marathon" Porschke dished out the finish tokens with help from Chloe Byers. Jon "Sub 4 but I don`t like to talk about it" Rumley was the tail walker,Steve "G`day" Smith gave the first timers briefing,arrived really early and was a funnel manager along with Mike "Jolene" Green,James "Gates" Hurley and Paul "Pinky" Bradley. Our fantastic marshals were Shelagh Hearty,Lorna "Duck monitor" Hughes,Amelia Booth,Emma Brown,Neil Oakes,Robert Perry,Gemma "Hopalong" Cloney,Jan McArd and Helen Symonds.Our lovely rd processed the results as well.

If you would like to wear a hi vis but don`t work in a job where one is required and coincidentally you would like to volunteer with us, please check out the roster on our website and email us if you can help at

We are on the facebook, the instagram and the flickr "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

See you next week and thanks for reading!






Run report #196

We were back in the park and we hadn`t lost our spark.

What we lacked in culture we made up in smiles according to golfer Matt Kuchar

The sun shone down and visitors came from far and wide

Not though,boxer Herbie Hide.

The timekeepers,they matched phone and stopwatch and were perfectly in sync.

"Bravo!" shouted former Dutch footballer Robbie Rensenbrink

427 of you triumphantly crossed into the finish funnel

Yes! Another mention for Sally Gunnell!


Hello and welcome back to the run report! We hope you all had a good time today whether a regular,first timer or a visitor.Good luck if you`re running in Liverpool tomorrow!

Our first finisher (male) was Harley Henshaw of Wirral AC in 16:26,then Robert Deller of Wirral AC in 17:28 and Ashley Crawford in 17:30

Our first finisher (female) was Zara White of Wirral AC with a new pb of 20:11 (15th) then Jayne Price of Pensby Runners with a pb of 20:34 (20th) and Freya Wood of Village Road Runners in 20:53 (26th)

PB mentions go to Daniel Holbrook 19:39,Martyn Jones 19:41,Zara White 20:11,Jayne Price 20:34,Liam Jones 21:07,Rob Hillock 21:10,Philip Thomas 22:09,Eoin Donnelly 23:04,Louie Hazlehurst 23:10,Jan Taylor 24:05,Claudia Pagoula 24:08,Giles Bresnen 24:23,Kirsty Mackenzie 24:25,Ciaran Gregory 24:34,Andrew Crowe 25:04,Sally Bell 25:21,Stephanie Griffiths 25:52,Adam Gillmore 26:24,Adam Howarth 26:28,Andrew Gibson 26:32,Noah Leeson 26:36,Dawn Williams 26:39,Ged Smith 26:54,Lisa Curnow 27:26,Philippa Kidd 27:27,Helen Mitcheson 27:32,Jessica Bemrose 27:43,Leo Wilson 27:45,Gaynor Simpson 28:22,Megan Lewis 28:39,Katherine Flanagan 28:48,Tim Jones 29:17,Mike Holbrook 29:32,Nicky Teare 29:32,Andrew Cairns 29:44,Victoria Bradley 30:09,Andrew Broadbent 30:21,Ian Rothwell 30:23,Callum Logan 30:39,Tommi Hoshiko 31:32,Sharon Mahoney 31:39,Sarah Moss 31:41,Janet Wallace 32:14,Ronald Barber 32:53,Joanne Pugh 33:14,Sally Griffiths 33:15,Laura Mallaghan 33:34,Simon Copestake 34:46,Haydn Cook 35:19,Nicola Thomas 35:24,Nicole Woodward 36:43, Graham Maddock 36:49,Emma Dennis 37:07,Claire Rice 38:28,Liz Caton 39:52,Sue Bradley 39:55,Andrea Davies 43:46,Leanne Lockley 44:16,Fiona Crellin 44:53,Jenny Davies 48:24

Thanks to all our first timers today,whether it was your first time ever at parkrun or you were visiting us.We hope you enjoyed your first timers briefing delivered by Gemma "Ask me what time I got!" Cloney.We hope you had a fantastic time with us and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first timers this week were Dominic Casey,Matthew Madill,Tim Igoe,Sean Fagan, Craig Ebbrell,Jonathan O`Neil,Benjamin Twist,Amanda Sterling,Andy Bees,Camille Askins,Emma Greer,Clara Browning,Spiros Aristodemou,Paul Williams,Darren Palmer, Nick Venables,Alan Wilkinson,Ellie Page,Matthew Gleave,Damian Pedge,Henrietta Graham,Declan Fulton,Andrew Herndlhofer,Joanne Herndlhofer,Phil Bees,Gary Light, Robert Cheetham,Simon Thomas,Andy Pennington,Jack Bowden,Chris Eaves,Andy McDougall,Jane Woodhead,Ian Heather,Ann Dearden,Julie Parry,Stephen Eaves, Matthew Bowden,Robbie Green,Suzanne Slater,Eoin Brown,Feilim Brown,Kev Whitehead,Wendy Tiernan,Paul Bissett,Edel Cunningham,Michelle Baxter,Angela Purdue,Brigitte Hunt,Vickie Venables,Beverley Hardie,Derek Welch,Lynda Murray, Wayne Walker,Jane Chambers,Tim Dabek,Beverley Billington,Hazel Smith-Bunday, Alyson Davenport,Sofie Haidon,Chris Massey,Ben Foster,Helen Turley,Peter Pasternicki,Sophie Haq,Nik Preston,Rachel O`Neil,David Foster,Craig McCavish, Donna McKeown,Jane Roberts,Lisa Cumiskey,Teresa Taaffe,Hilary Stone,Sam Maddock,Clare Norman,Claire Newns,Paul Taaffe,Madeleine Brooks,Chloe Brooks, Gillian Light,Sarah Woodfine.

Shenton`s dream - Camille Askins 23:23,Shiraz Ziya 24:24,Lisa Jones 25:25,Helen Aexander 25:25,Keth Clarke 25:25,Sam Stringer 26:26,Phillippa Kidd 27:27,David Wiggins 28:28,Niall Keating 29:29

Carla Smith ran her 50th parkrun.

Mike Smith ran his 100th parkrun.

Congratulations to Carla and Mike!

Our brightandbreezytastic volunteers were led by run director Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum. Timekeepers were Andrew "Punmaster general" Hughes and Jon "Sign on his face" Rumley.Our barcode scanners were Peter "Eye,eye" Gateley,Ruth "PC" Byers and James "T`Pau" Hurley.Finish tokens were dished out by Kareen "Numbers" Porschke with assistance from Phil "Number 1 Welsh volunteer" Stanley.Our tail walker was Alex "The original buggy man" Holland.Gemma "PB and yes another PB" Cloney gave a standing ovation received first timers briefing.Our funnel managers were John "The Beard" Armstrong,Dave "Dave" Bibby,Ult "Admiral" Mulhern and Rebecca "Manchester" Lewis.Our brilliant marshals were Peter Humphreys,Michael Close,Amanda Curtis-Wilson,Carol Williams,Keith Lewis,Chloe Byers,Helen Measures,Liz Jones,Colin Lamprey,Jim Fedigan,Gillian Irving,John Nolan.

If you would like to volunteer,please take a look at the roster and contact us at Amazingly we are almost full in the funnel positions for the whole of June but there are marshal opportunities still available.

We are on the facebook,the instagram and the flickr "Birkenhead parkrun" and are almost at 1100 followers on the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

See you next week and thanks for reading!




























Run report #195

Milestones galore down at the park today,achieved by top top people

In both volunteering and running

I wonder if they`ll ever have a t shirt for punning?

We have no parkrun next week,alas

Nothing to do with former Man City winger Jesus Navas.

There is a cultural event in the park

I bet Mollie the dog will be attending to have a bark

See you all in 2 weeks,don`t miss our parkrun too much

Oh and thanks for all the cake today,that was a nice touch.


Right enough of that,onto the results.

Our first finisher (male) was Phil Langan of Wirral AC in 16:50,followed by Matthew Goodwin of UTS run club in 17:16 and Daniel McParland of Tri Preston, a first timer with us,in 17:27.

Our first finisher (female) was Maggie Cooper of Wirral AC in 21:07(30th),then Imogen Dunning with a new pb of 21:55(42nd) and Claire Campbell in 22:09(46th),a pb as well!


A plethora of pb`s this week

Neil Oakes 18:17,Laurie Hill,19:16,Henry Timewell 19:41,Mark Burkett 20:32,Matthew Edwards 20:47,Tyler Piercy 21:34,Matthew Van Miert 21:45,Imogen Dunning 21:55, Charlie Anderson 22:02,Claire Campbell 22:09,Peter Barham 22:20,Liam Walsh 22:33, Toby Graham 22:34,Ian Dobson 22:36,Jonathan Leeson 23:06,Louie Hazlehurst 23:14, Norman Eves 23:20,Sophie Marsden 23:47,Philip Booth 23:54,Anthony Williams 24:05, Pete Klemperer 24:21,Adam Todd 24:24,Patrick Hadfield 24:25,Rachel Keenan 24:28, James Miller 24:30,Kathleen Cowdray 24:56,Rhys Owens 25:14,Angela Peerless 25:23 Craig Laing 25:24,Tim Jones 25:25,Paul Johnson 25:26,Lana Wright 25:35,Raymond McEvoy 25:52,Kate Roberts 26:01,Paul Tam 26:01,Paul Ezard 26:03,Sally Bell 26:14, Patrick Cuthbert 26:20,Isabella Cuthbert 26:21,Saul Blacklock 26:23,Lauren Rossi 26:30,James Dillon 26:33,Peter Smith 26:40,Clive Reeder 27:15,Kevin Duberry 27:46, Lisa Hayes 27:53,Jenny Cotterell 28:02,Gill Irving 28:04,Lisa Curnow 28:17,Ruby Noon 28:19,Dave Leach 28:34,Aine Hayes 28:44,Gaynor Simpson 28:47,Emma Smith 28:48, Andy Kenny 28:53,Alice Farmiloe 28:54,Clare Beney 28:57,Penny Cooper 29:18, Danielle Fox 29:25,Lucy Burdett 29:29,Rachel Philpotts 29:35,Benjamin Champness 29:37,Fiona Champness 29:37,Tim Jones 29:42,Louise Gorry 29:57,Andrew Broadbent 30:23,Neil Tabor 30:41,Sue May 30:51,Colin Hale 30:53,Nicola McDaid 31:08,Ian Rothwell 31:11,Nicola Chambers 31:23,Sharon Vernon 31:28,Conor Lockley 31:31, Gillian Smith 31:53,Stephanie Glover 32:03,Paul Quigley 32:46,Debra Fieldsend 33:07, Natasha Keeling 33:09,Kelly Chesters 33:13,Sarah Wallace 33:14,Alice Broadbent 33:18,Elizabeth Dulhanty 33:36,Joanne Pugh 33:38,Vikki Rothwell 34:14,Jasmine Pugh 34:25,Jacqui McIlroy 34:30,Jennifer Huxley 34:33,Andrea Dulhanty 34:48,James Warren 34:52,Matthew Jones 35:11,Nicola Thomas 35:36,Stephen Grey 37:32,Jo O`Toole 39:12,Daniel Eccles 39:24,Katerina Vogiatzi 39:52,Liz Caton 41:28,Sue Bradley 41:37,Geraldine Keay 42:48,Lynne Harris 42:58,Joanne Davies 49:26


Thanks to all our first timers today,whether it was your first time ever at Birkenhead parkrun or you were visiting us for the first time.We hope you enjoyed your parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first timers this week were Stacey McDonnell,Andrea Davies,Jenny Davies,Michelle Johnson,Suzanne Batchelor,James Walklett,Rachel Scott,Nicole Woodward,Graham Maddock,Deborah Swift-Anderson,Curtis Wilson,Hannah Leeson,Ian Clark,Fiona Fleming,Jake McCarthy,Josh Bailey,Callum Logan,Rachel Burns,Hannah Davis,Simone Wilson,Emily Ashworth,Daniel McAdam,Rosie Winter,Karen Morgan,Peter Leather, Helen Mitcheson,Carol Bairsto,Stephanie Blakeley,Sophie Barbat,Jane Rossiter,Oliver Brennan,Shinobu Seddon,Joseph Batchelor,Darrin Smith,Robert Burns,Andrew Hemsley,Costas Karamaniis,Rachel White,Richard Field,Daniel McParland


Shenton`s dream this week - Adam Todd 24:24,Andrew Hemsley 24:24,Tim Jones 25:25,Jan McArd 26:26,Pauline Roberts 27:27,Carla Smith 28:28,Lucy Burdett 29:29, Conor Lockley 31:31,Grace Pickles 35:35


Paul Humphries ran his 150th parkrun.

Ruth Pritchard ran her 100th parkrun.

Jan McArd ran her 100th parkrun.

Kathy McDonald ran her 50th parkrun.

Joseph Chalmers ran his 50th parkrun.

Derek Jones ran his 50th parkrun.

Emily Wix ran her 50th parkrun.

Nigel Foster ran his 50th parkrun.

Congratulations to Paul,Ruth,Jan,Kathy,Joseph,Derek,Emily and Nigel!


Stuart Rickers volunteered for the 150th time.

Mike Green volunteered for the 150th time.

Ultan Mulhern volunteered for the 100th time.

Congratulations to Stu,Mike and the Ult!


Our blessedwithgiftsofawesomenesstastic volunteers were led by run director Jon "Sirens" Rumley,Mike "One hundred and fifty!" Green and Ultan "2 watches/100!" Mulhern were timekeeping.Matthew "The Vikings" Green, Sue "We`re a long way back" Sturgeon and Kareen "The holding barcode scanner role" Porschke were barcode scanners.Andrew "The punmaster general" Hughes was dishing out finish tokens assisted by Sue "Strictly" Foster.Stuart "Onnnnnnnnne hundred and fifty!" Rickers processed the results and was our tail walker.Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum,James "T`Pau" Hurley,Peter "Stay in line" Humphreys,Paul "Pinky" Bradley and Dave "Dave" Bibby were our funnel managers.Our marshals were Shelagh Hearty,Lorna Hughes,John Henderson,Liz Danson,Emma Brown,Helen Stansfield,Eric Danson,Jim Fedigan,Lisa Ost,Chloe Byers,Ruth Byers,Amelia Booth.Steve Smith played the role of Other, a position which he has perfected.

If you would like to volunteer,please have a look at the roster and email us at

We are on the facebook,flickr and instagram "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"



We shall see you on May 25th. Thank you very much for reading this and joining us this morning!








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