Birkenhead parkrun is cancelled on 11 April 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Run report #237

It was good to get out in the fresh air this morning

With no hint of a weather warning.

The Ult was in charge with his orange paper roster

However there was no sign of Diego Costa

The timing was done half stopwatches,half phone

Not far away from the nearest orange cone.

Stay healthy and we`ll see you soon

Now,on ITV2 are there repeats of Boon?

ETEz27GXkAgEdKjPhoto from Gemma Cloney


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report! Thanks very much for joining us today for another great parkrun. We didn`t know how many of you would be along today but 528 was a terrific turnout.


Our first finisher (male) was Adam Peers of Wakefield District Harriers & AC with a time of 16:26,then Ben Taylor of Pensby Runners who ran a pb of 17:07 and Richard Davies of Wirral AC with a time of 18:02.

Our first finisher (female) with a new pb of 21:27 was Ella Rose Cowan of Wirral AC (27th) then Hyacinthe Caldwell of BTR Road Runners with a pb of 21:51(35th) and and first timer with us, Hayley Louise MacGugan of Widnes Running Club who ran 22:18(43rd)


Congratulations to all our first timers today,whether you were visiting us for the first time or you were taking part in your first ever parkrun. We hope you very much enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to see you next week or the next time you`re in the area!

Our first timers this week were Ellis Gold,Kurt Christian,Tim Munns,Pete Carey,Andy Dale,Danielle Perkins,Katie Baker,Jenny Holt,Kathryn Daintee,Wendy Johnstone,Sue Murray,Sally Barber,Zach Dowdeswell,Erin McCausland,Sara Teare,Sapphire Webster, Clare Webster,Steve Dodgson,Chris Webster,Alex Pickard,Daniel Pennington,George Nevin,Winifred Williams,Amy Gillespie,Mia Davies,Georgia Heathman,Charlie Bradshaw,Emma Watterson,Sarah White,George Clark,Jasmine Kirlew,Yvonne Cooper,Megan White,Linda Cochrane,Ian Martin,Tim Cochrane,Richard Blanshard, Katie Peers,Hayley Louise MacGugan,Jan Lee,Clare Jennings,Alex Mason,Paul Hawgood,Peter Jones,Karen Riley


PB awesomeness from Ben Taylor 17:07,Jonathan Light 18:57,Christian Allen 19:30, Ella Rose Cowan 21:27,Hyacinthe Caldwell 21;51,Daniel Craddock 22:30,Sarah Theobald 22:34,Emma Theobald 22:36,Mark Richmond 22:45,Adam Curran 23:09, Marcin Bula 23:24,Steve White 23:27,Kevin Carberry 23:31,Carl Jones 23:42,Andrew Dowdeswell 23:45,Brian Williams 24:24,Adrian Blackie 24:36,Mike Moss 24:38,Danny Jones 24:44.Laura Mitchell 24:44,Matthew Forrest 25:11,Adam Howarth 25:26,Mica Russell 25:42,Paul Jones 25:44,Lisa Moore 26:02,Jack Hall 26:08,Katie Theobald 26:46,Charlie Scudder 26:48,Lily Scudder 26:50,Paul Lester 26:52,Louise Dyer 26:56, Danielle Williamson 27:25,Nicola Seller 27:29,Silinganiso Mbanini 27:34,Rory Stuart 27:40,Caroline Feeney 28:12,Jenna McElhoney 28:16,Jane Kelly 28:17,Max Schenker 28:32,Sam Reardon 28:36,Tony Sullivan 28:42,Kelly Chesters 28:46,Nicola Butler-Forrest 29:03,Paula John 29:36,Jonathan Scott 30:07,Natalie Baker 30:18,Carol Mitchell 30:21,Margaret Davenport 30:41,Jeanette McElhoney 31:01,Max Dyer 31:09, Maggie Gaskell 31:14,Beth McLean 31:16,Matthew Thomas 31:26,Alexander Reardon 31:53,Darren Smith 32:00,Lucy Banks 32:02,Connie Sheridan 32:58,Nicola Thomas 33:36,Joyce Green 34:49,Laura Whiteley 37:04,John Hall 37:16,Edwina McHugh 38:24, Joanne Kelly 38:41,James Sutcliffe 39:16,Gemma Bulmer 43:46,Margaret Blakeborough 45:49,Rebecca Cain 46:08,Erin Gelling 47:28,Gemma Cain 48:20, Christine Stuart 52:01,Sue Henderson 57:51,Ron Henderson 57:52,Maureen Jacques 61:44.

Congratulations to Mike Moss,who achieved our 15,000th pb today!


Shenton`s 20:20

Katie Peers 22:22,Miranda Melling 23:23,Brian Williams 24:24,Lewis Morris 26:26,Mia Davies 28:28,Daniel Pennington 28:28,Ben Chase 30;30,Sue Roberts 32:32,Victoria Gibson 33:33,Jackie Harwood 34:34


Magnificent Milestones!

Grainne Donnelly ran her 50th parkrun

Stephen Hope ran his 100th parkrun

Congratulations to Grainne and Stephen!

ETD2vLVXQAIvw7qPhoto from Richard Latten

Our cleanhappyloudandsmileytastic volunteers were led by run director Ultan "What`s that coming out of his loft,its an Ultan,its an Ultan!" Mulhern,timekeepers were John "The beard" Armstrong and Jon "Multi tasking" Rumley. Barcode scanning was done by Mike "Jolene" Green,Stuart "The Vale" Rickers,Kareen "Numbers" Porschke,Lisa "Puddle manager" Ost. Finish tokens were handed out by Andrew "Marvin`s dad" Everett,Phil "2 from the top,3 from the bottom" Stanley and Peter "Palm out" Humphreys,our tail walker was Adam Leary,James "T`Pau" Hurley took the volunteers around the course and funnel managed along with Andrew "Punnyman" Hughes,Dave "Double Dave" Bibby,Robert "Tokens" Perry,Steve "Brian" Smith and Ann "Clipboard monitor" and Peter "Numbers" Hampshire.Gemma "Toe tapper" Cloney took a break in her long run to deliver the first timers briefing.Our lovely marshals were Kenneth Stocker,Ann Rodgerson,Anna Kenny,John Nolan,Ana Roslan,Ian Chalmers,Greg Smith,Derek Holcroft,Benjamin Willis,Sam Harvey,Francesca Taylor,Amy Chalmers,Maria Hunter. The Folk doctors processed the results.

If you would like to join them,please take a look at the roster on our website and if you can help,email us at


We are on the flickr,the facebook and the instagram "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Thanks for reading.Please check parkrun`s and our social media during the week for news.

See you soon
























Run report #237

Another big crowd down at the park

636 of you and more indeed who can bark

It was a lovely morning with the sun shining bright

But still no Gunnell,try as we might.


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report.Another great attendance and decent weather which was nice.Lets hope for more of the same next week!


Our first finisher (male) was Robert Deller of Wirral AC in 17:32,then David Lilley in 18:27 and first timer Callim Plimley in 18:44

Our first finisher (female) was Molly Carvell of Liverpool Harriers & AC with a new pb of 19:50(7th) then Jayne Price of Pensby Runners in 20:11(10th) and Sarah Price of Loftus AC,a first timer with us who ran 21:44(32nd)


Congratulations to all the first timers today,whether you were taking part in parkrun for the first time or were visiting us for the first time. We hope you very much enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you again next week or the next time you`re in the area!

Our first timers were Callim Plimley,Christian Allen,Matthew Forrest,Andrew Holt, Thomas Davies,Elaine Davies,Danielle Williamson,Ben Taylor,Nicola Butler-Forrest, Adam Mokhtar,Mark Doherty,Georgia Smithwick,Nia Coppack,Iain Webster,Nancy Biagetti,Angie Kemp,Jessica Edwards,Matthew Thomas,Lucy Banks,Sarah Belger, Esme Mercer,Joyce Green,Julia Ferrebe,Gemma Sturgess,Anita Downey,Elizabeth Clarke,Claire Evans,Joanne Kelly,Vicky Wheeler,Jemima Bond,Veronica Manning, Susan Clewlow,Sue Henderson,Rob Henderson,Andrea Herbert,Megan Coppack, Ian Davis,Andrew Dowden,Lisa Davis-Lindholm,Sarah Price,Matt Lunt,David Pearce, Kenton Lawson,Paul Roberts,Kate Downes,Carrie Abbott,Elizabeth Lawton,Dave Barratt,Andrew Barratt,Anne Oxbrough,Mike Eyre,Helen Eyre,Andrew Prestidge, Eunice Nopondo,Roisin Walker,Maggie McKenna,Joanne Sutherland,Jane Woods, Jane Nicholson,Pam Giles,Jamie Barry


PB perfection this week from Neil Cameron 19:36,Molly Carvell 19:50,Alan Heath 20:48,Stephen Smyth 20:55,Howard George 21:00,David McElroy 22:19,Paddy Flashman 22:36,Richard Field 22:40,Harry Findlay 22:41,Jess Schofield 22:42, Paul Browne 22:44,Sarah Theobald 22:46,Iain Findlay 22:48,Rachel Holcroft 23:02,Michael Delafield 23:05,Mark Richmond 23:08,Andrew Noon 23:17,Lucy Pennington 23:27,Wayne Allen 23:28,Charles Makepeace 23:33,Jack Routledge 23:35,Adam Todd 23:44,Noah Travers 23:51,Daniel Travers 23:52,Corey Allen 23:54,Daniel Smernicki 24:30,Alan Houghton 25:13,Paul Murphy 25:14,Nick Lockley 25:34,Shahid Hannan 25:36,Sheila Smout 25:44,Joanna Evans 25:46,Daniel Barr 25:49,Eleanor Barlow 25:52,Paul Davies 25:54,Ching Pong Poo 25:58,Jack Hall 26:21,Isla Neal 26:39,Phil Ainslie 26:43,Tanya Leary 27:11,Daniel Batchelor 27:19,Steve Haydn 27:22,Gabriel Mercer 27:34,Rory Stuart 27:43,Suzie Murray 27:56,Samantha Bentall 28:04,Emma Harrison 28:06,Jennifer McGrath 28:07,Nancy Evans 28:13,Jeff Ainslie 28:15,Ozkan Tuncer 28:19,Sam Kippen 28:21,Catherine Court 28:55,Mark Fraser 28:57,Greg Murphy 29:04,Jane Kelly 29:19,Dawn Murphy 29:25,Claire Baccino 29:31,David Clark 29:42,Richard Parry 29:46,Bev Highton 29:52,Max Schenker 30:00,Mike Yassin 30:29, Tamsin Currie 30:32,Margaret Davenport 30:49,Carol Mitchell 30:51,Paula Cotgrave 31:28,Maisie Rogers 31:37,Jonah Pickering 31;38,Fiona Kirwin 31:40,Ben Parker 31:42,Zaakera Allen 31:51,Beth McLean 31:52,Craig Kerr 31:56,Jo Manning-Browne 31:59,Nick Wilde 32:11Lisa Lumb 32:30,Vicki-Lee Fozard 32:48,Darren Smith 33:13,Lucy Williams 33:57,Debbie Kippen 34:08,Julie Le Feuvre 34:45,Sean Miller 35:17,Innes Robertson 35:42,Eleanor Heathman 35:46,Suzanne Kelly 35:50,Jessica Razbully 37:57,Leigh Weaver 40:09,Gemma Bulmer 44:34,Margaret Blakeborough 47:35,Emma Weaver 64:15


Marvellous milestones this week!

Dave Reeves ran his 50th parkrun

Sharon Fulton ran her 50th parkrun

Howard George ran his 100th parkrun

Congratulations to Dave,Sharon and Howard!

Shenton`s 20:20

Andy Wright 21:21,Ian Fewtrell 24:24,Colin Lamprey 25:25,Mark Daniels 28:28,Leanne Cordingley-Wright 29:29,Mike Turpin 33:33,Abi Trott 45:45


Our warmerlesswetandwindswepttastic volunteers were led by run director Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum.Our timekeepers were Ruth "PC" Byers and Ultan "The Power" Mulhern. Barcode scanning was done by Andy "Marvin`s dad" Everett,Andrew "The Punmaster General" Hughes,Alex "Roast dinners" Yem,Peter "EFC" Barham.Finish tokens were handed out by Mel "Come on the Bulls!" Heale with assistance from Mike "Jolene" Green and Shelagh "Russell" Harty. Richard "Crackers" Jacobs was our tail walker. Kareen "Numbers" Porschke gave the first timers briefing.Our funnel managers were Phil "Number 1 Welsh funnel manager" Stanley,John "The beard" Armstrong and Robert "Tokens" Perry.Our marvellous marshals were Helen Symonds,Benjamin Willis, Amy Barr,Kirsty Greenwood,Carol Williams,Francesca Taylor,Barry McDonnell,Mylo Williams,Aiden Hampson,Matthew Thomas,Callum Logan,Isabella Cuthbert,Chloe Byers,Evan Thomas.Pacers were Alex "Erwin Koeman" Holland,Ruth "Coolsun Warmair" Pritchard,Mark "Numbers 2" Pritchard,Karl "With a K" Hamel,John "Thistle" Henderson,Matt "Hew" Routledge,Brian "Adamski" Seal and Rob "Judith" Chalmers

If you would like to join them,please take a look at the roster on our website and if you can help us, email

We are on the flickr,the instagram and the facebook "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

We have fantastic photos taken by Chloe Byers on our flickr page. Check out the link on our twitter and facebook.

Thanks for reading and see you next week!




Run report #236

Sometimes I am easily confused

That`s not hard really hard,I often look a little bemused

Today though we had a tourist running at Birkenhead

Who has the surname of Birkenhead.

But isn`t from Birkenhead


We do however have several runners named Hampshire

And Jack Poland finished just ahead of one of them

We also had a Lincoln or two,a Richmond and a Hesketh finished just ahead of Hall

Alas no runner with the name of Porthcawl.

However to keep it local,a mention must go to Andrea Woodside

All of our runners took part with a lot of pride.

I`ll bring this geographical wondering to a close

Wishing we could have had someone called Montrose.

ER8P-tzXsAE9PIcPhoto from Jane Tew


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report. A fantastic 656 of you turned out for the third in our storm themed trilogy of parkrun events. I know I say this a lot but thanks very much for coming along today.All the volunteers love wearing their hi vis but it makes more sense if we have all you lovely runners,joggers and walkers taking part!



Our first finisher (male) was TJ Jones of Wirral AC with a new pb of 16:01,our 15th quickest run evs.Next was Rob Pearse of Wallasey AC in 16:43 and Jack Poland of Wallasey AC in 17:11

Our first finisher (female) was Kate Green of Bournville Harriers who achieved the holy grail of Shentonism,a 20:20(33rd) on her first visit to us! Next was Lucinda Goddard of Buckley RC with a new pb of 20:32(37th) and Jayne Price of Pensby Runners who ran 20:50(42nd)


Congratulations to all of our first timers today,whether you were taking part in your first ever parkrun or you were visiting us for the first time. We hope you very much enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area!

Our first timers were Andrew Jackson,Josh Parsley,Georgina Harris,Daniel Barr, Khadiza Begum,Phil Ainslie,Michael Santos-Pires,David Richardson,Nick Lockley, Gabriel Mercer,Adrian Mercer,Louise Dyer,Ben Green,Rachel Woodworth,Carol Mitchell,Craig Boylan,Natalie Fields,Shaun Cumming,Janey Cabrera,Vicki-Lee Fozard, Craig Kerr,Gemma Barber,Darren Smith,Vanessa Poustie,Stephen Cotton,Suzanne Kelly,Max Dyer,Bethany Lewis,Nina Hastie,Liz Kerr,Tracy Murphy,Simon Rae,Victoria Sullivan,William Fildes,Louise Parsley,Jennifer Thomas,Atiya Alam-Jones,Liz Goodier, Fraser Campbell,Silviu Sabou,Rebecca Wright,Alex McDonnell,Joe Mackenzie,Matthew McDonnell,Fiona McLean,Jen Pleasance,James Bowman,George Belfield,Kate Green, Debbie Goodier,Glen Hamblett,Jacob Foy,Valerie Denieul,Colin Mair,John Lambert, Jane Tew and Kate Birkenhead.


PB (Ultan) Power from TJ Jones 16:01,Luke Hampshire 17:17,Joe Alkins 17:47,Richard Banks 18:39.John Harrison 19:01,Jack Talbot 19:29,Noel Ford 19:51,Lucinda Goddard 20:32,Jack Smith 21:08,Claire Wyn-Jones 21:10,Yao Lin 21:12,Todd Humphreys 21:19, Fred Lucas 21:24,Otto Glover 21:36,Zac Lincoln 22:31,David McAllister 22:34,Paul Browne 23:01,David McElroy 23:05,Giuseppe Serra 23:06,Dave Marland 23:08,Keith Lincoln 23:17,Huw Garrod 23:21,Sarah Theobald 23:24,Mark Richmond 23:26, Jonathan Smout 23:30,Tommi Hoshiko 23:31,Rachel Holcroft 23:34,Rebecca Bancroft 24:18,Stuart Fick 24:19,Charley Topping 24:31,Josh Quigley 24:32,Jennifer Barker 24:53,Wayne Allen 25:02,Zach Craze 25:26,Sekhar Karyampudi 25:39,Annemarie Cotton 25:48,Mia Browne 26:10,Sam Leah 26:27,Joanna Evens 26:29,Simon Thomas 26:46,Lee Fulton 26:57,Charlie Scudder 27:09,Philippa Kidd 27:14,Lily Scudder 27:19,Jack Hall 27:35,Sherry Carter 27:36,Emily O`Connell 27:47,Ian Anderson 28:04,Tom Kelly 28:23,Charlotte McKie 28:30,Lawrence Cowdray 28:45,Harry Warrell 28:55,Kenneth Stocker 29:29,Jack Campbell 29:33,Steve Dawson 30:58,Natalie Baker 31:06,Kelly Ogley 31:48,Beth McLean 32:36,Nick Wilde 32:58,Diane Birss 33:01,Amy Pemberton 33:17,Michelle Heighton 33:39,Debbie Kippen 34:32,Paul Suckley 35:08, Rebecca Boulger 35:18,Rachel Patten 35:42,Melissa Fearnley 36:04,Stephane Warrell 36:06,John Hall 37:26,Graham Hill 37:33,Jane Davies 38:51,Lesley Hill 41:13,James Sutcliffe 42:34,Andrea Borrer 42:57,Mia Parkins 43:10,Margaret Blakeborough 48:43, Gemma Cain 49:12,Christine Stuart 52:48.

ER8GtlWWAAInn6rPhoto from Ruth Wilson


Marvellous milestones this week!

Zara White ran her 50th parkrun

Paul Johnson ran his 50th parkrun

Neil Harvey ran his 50th parkrun

Dale Hamblett ran her 100th parkrun

Congratulations to Zara,Paul,Neil and Dale!!


Shenton`s 20:20!

Luke Hampshire 17:17,KATE GREEN 20:20!!!!,Patrick Burke 21:21,Peter Hampshire 22:22,Mark Wilmshurst 23:23,Colin Mair 26:26,Sybil Leeman 29:29,Kenneth Stocker 29:29,Andrew Davies 30:30,Joel Cross 31:31,Jill Wright 32:32,Andrew Sutcliffe 36:36, Adam Jennings-O`Toole 38:38,Clare Pratten 45:45

Big day for the Shenton`s!

Our marvellousbynowusedtothewindsweptlooktastic volunteers were led by run director Mike "Jolene" Green.Our timekeepers were James "T`pau" Hurley and Stuart "The Vale of Shorts" Rickers,barcode scanning was done by Gemma "The real GC" Cloney, Lorna "OMP" Hughes,Peter "EFC" Barham and Andrew "PMG" Hughes.Finish tokens were dished out by Peter "The Gatekeeper" Gateley with help from Kevin "Nation street" Gorry and Amanda "Tin can lady" Curtis-Wilson.Kareen "Numbers" Porschke was our tail walker.Peter "Palm out" Humphreys,Ruth "PC" Byers,Paul Franklin,Dave "Double Dave" Bibby,John "Thistle" Henderson,Don "Dot" Scotton,Ultan "Power" Mulhern,John "The beard" Armstrong and Steve "Other" Smith.Our magnificent marshals were Benjamin Willis,Alison Engle,Francesca Taylor,Greg Smith,Sean Sales,Tim Plested, Ana Roslan,Richard Williams,Ruth Wilson,Malcolm Davies,Jacqui McIlroy,Colin Hale, Callum Logan,Catherine Cuthbert,Isabella Cuthbert,Keith Rodgerson,Mylo Williams, Rennell Smith.Ken Noble was a pacer,Robert Perry sorted the tokens last week,Gemma Cloney did the first timers briefing and Mike Green processed the results.

ER794B1WsAAzsLYPhoto from Ruth Pritchard

If you would like to join them,book early and get yourselves on the roster. Take a look at it on our website and if you can help us,please email Thank you to everyone of our volunteers for all your amazing work this morning.


We are on the flickr ,the instagram and the facebook "Birkenhead parkrun" and the now over 1400 followers (I`m on one Jaffa cake for every 1500 so I`m getting a bit excited) twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Thanks for reading and see you next week!





Run report #235

It was a bit blustery and wet overnight and earlier today

But would we cancel? No way! Way! No way!

Wayne and Garth would've been down the park in their own little world

But not Northampton boss Keith Curle,he would have h....not been well

The weather in the end was good although a bit parky in the funnel

Rolf`s ok though,he`s warmed up now

Still no 2020 appearance from Sally Gunnell.

ERX40TcXsAASU1XPhoto from Michelle O`Reilly

Hello and welcome to this week`s run report.542 of you despite hearing that overnight wind and rain correctly predicted that the sun would come out and it would be excellent conditions for parkrunning. Thanks all for coming along to take part,watch or volunteer!


Our first finisher (male) was Tom Gillbanks of Wallasey AC in a new pb of 16:42,next was Rob Pearse of Wallasey AC in 16:44 and Jamie Mackie of Wirral AC with a new pb of 16;59!

Our first finisher (female) was Charlotte Towers in 18:19(16th),then Jayne Price of Pensby Runners in 20:15(33rd) and Helen Stansfield of Wallasey AC in 22:17(71st)


Congratulations to all our first timers today,whether you were experiencing parkrun for the first time or were visiting us.We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first timers this week were Joe Rees,Robert Wood,Craig Welch,Soshi Plaistow, Stephane Margat-Cresson,David McAllister,Jamie Plant,Craig Pickthall,Corey Allen, Stewart Plaistow,Jessica Fisher,Jeff Ainslie,Lucca Moran,Sherry Carter,Emma Malam, Kate Douglas-Dala,Elitsa Kamenova,Paula Cotgrave,Lois Murray,Nicola Borrows,Layla Allen,Caiomhe O`Neill,Edward Sutcliffe,Wayne Allen,Faye Lightfoot,James Sutcliffe,Neil Davies,Luke Elston,Claire Piercy,John Bailey,Flynn Bellinger,Hazel Lloyd-Williams,Josh Lyon,Jayne McIvor,Tiernan Moore,Victoria Williams,Eli Saetnan,Steven Taylor,Richard Curren,Hannah Mathews,Jonathan Cole,Nick Bellinger,Steve Logan,Steven Clark,Trish Prady

PB marvelousness from Tom Gillbanks 16:42,Jamie Mackie 16:59,Ian Wallace 17:00, Ethan Brady-Jones 17:05,Daniel Hayes 17:08,Matthew Hughes 17:18,Tom Sirett 17:38,Chris Towers 18:10,Matthew Nicholson 18:15,John Harrison 19:09,Robert Hough 20:00,Nathan Roche 21:21,Nick Byrne 21:42,Otto Glover 21:52,Oliver MacDonald 22:19,Simon Locke 22:23,Paddy Flashman 22:50,Peter Gallienne 22:55,Emma Theobald 23:21,Andrew Noon 23:28,Mark Richmond 23:37,Simon Cheung 23:43, Chris Thomson 23:48,Carl Jones 23:49,David McElroy 23:55,Jack Routledge 24:12,Adam Curran 24:42,Jennifer Barker 25:07,Daniel Smernicki 25:27,Emma Weyman 25:54, Neil Wyn Jones 25:59,Kelly Atkinson 26:08,Rachel Rick 26:13,Milo Hughes 26:23,Zach Craze 26:43,Marie Motley 27:09,Kirsty Walsh 27:45,Charlie Scudder 27:46,Lily Scudder 27:51,Craig Hebden 27:55,Jeffrey Daniels 28:28,Andrew Davies 28:34,Jenna McElhoney 28:41,Colette McGrath 28:57,Quinn McCaul 29:05,Tony Sullivan 29:07, Catherine Smith 29:15,Gareth Wyn Jones 29:17,John Ryan 29:30,Jennifer McGrath 29:40,Thomas Kerrigan 30:14,Jane Callaghan 30:15,John Traynor 30;43,Anna Pluck 31:04,Natlie Baker 31;08,Mike Yassin 31:21,Miya Plaistow 31:22,Masako Plaistow 31:42,Rebecca Bradford 31:54,Anthony Reardon 32:08,Kelly Ogley 32:18,Nicola Beamish 32:45,Sue Hillan 32:46,Lisa Roberts 33:53,Rebecca Breen 33:53,Paul Stuart 34:47,Emily Willett 35:12,Stephanie Warrell 36:09,Liam Walsh 38:00,Joe Carlsen 39:12,John Hall 39:15,Chalene Robinson 40:27,Samantha Bill 40:31,Grace Vesey 42:07,Mia Parkins 46:17,Rebecca Cain 46:46,Gemma Cain 52:55,Peter Jacques 62:21, Maureen Jacques 62:21


Magnificent milestones this week !

Andrew Hughes volunteered for the 150th time

Daniel Hayes ran his 50th parkrun

Kelly Chesters ran her 50th parkrun

Lucy Wood ran her 50th parkrun

Ruaraidh Gillies ran his 100th parkrun

Congratulations to Andrew,Daniel,Kelly,Lucy and Ruaraidh!


Shenton`s 20:20

Nathan Roche 21:21,Chris Allen 26:26,Jeffrey Daniels 28:28,Beckie Waterton 29:29, Gaynor Simpson 30:30,Liz Simpson 31:31,Euan Bradford 32;32,Helen Keay 33:33, Charlotte Bradford 36:36,Margaret Whitfield 37:37,Rebecca Cain 46:46


Our windywindsweptwinderfultastic volunteers were led by run director John "The Beard" Armstrong,timekeepers were Jon "Cold spray" Rumley and Rolf "Cold hands" Westrum, Our barcode scanning was done by Ultan "Sold out" Mulhern,James "T`Pau" Hurley,Kareen "Numbers" Porschke and Phil "Number 1 Welsh volunteer" Stanley. Finish tokens were dished out by Mike "Jolene" Green with help from Peter "Palm out" Humphreys and Kevin "SWA" Gorry. Ruth "We`ll tweet when the photos of today are ready on the flickr" Pritchard was our tail walker. Our funnel managers were Gemma "Glove lady" Cloney,Stuart "The Vale not the veil" Rickers,Andrew "150" Hughes, Francesca Taylor,Dave "Double Dave" Bibby and Paul "Can`t park there Paul" Bradley. Our marshals were Benjamin Willis,Heidi Rogers,Ana Roslan,Greg Smith,Brian Shenton,Christine Sutcliffe,Keith Blackwell,Nick Flynn,Kate Carter. Ken Noble paced for us.The Folk Doctors processed the results ahead of their big gig tonight.

If you would like to them (the volunteers,not the FD) in the hi vis,please take a look at the roster on our website and email us at

We are on the flickr,the facebook,the instagram "Birkenhead parkrun " and the almost 1400 followers twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Thanks for reading and see you next week!









Run report #234

Unlike his cousin Elizabeth,James knows how to use safety pins wisely

And as far as I know,he`s never been to Guiseley.

He`s volunteered 200 times at the world famous Birkenhead parkrun

One of the first to arrive each week and one of the last to leave

He was deserving of the applause and he took a bow

But the numbers today unfortunately didn`t include any members of T`Pau

The threat of Storm Dennis was in the air

But we are hardy souls at Birkenhead,we didn`t care.

Next Saturday is allegedly a storm free week*

Oh a windless parkrun,that we do seek.


*Still wet and windy but who cares!

One note before I start.We are always on,unless we`re off. Obviously if the course was blocked or under water or was iced over then yes,we`d be off.We keep our eye on the weather forecasts and members of the core team did check the course out during the week.We will let you know as soon as we can if we have to cancel,just keep your eyes on our social media.We are very fortunate that the park is well maintained and looked after.We`ve only had to cancel for the lake by the benches (which has never flooded since) and the ice on the roads a year ago. Fingers crossed we never have to again.

EQz7PMmX0AAW8JfPhoto from Ruth Pritchard

Hello and welcome to the run report. Thankfully Windy Uncle Dennis didn`t get an earlier train and missed out on the activities at the park this morning, There was a mild breeze and a little shower but we`ve had worse. Thanks to all 563 of you for coming along and taking part,you are all legends for today!


Our first finisher was Ethan Brady-Jones of Wirral AC in a new pb of 16:36,then William Strickley,also of Wirral AC,in 17:21 and then Keira Brady-Jones,again of Wirral AC,our first lady home ,in a new pb of 17:24! Congratulations all three!

Our next three finishers (male) were Steven Leslie of Village Road Runners in 17:41, Jay "Olaf" Walker of Wallasey AC in 17:59 and Jamie Dumbarton of Wirral AC with a new pb of 18:05.

Our next three finishers (female) were Meg Hoshiko who ran 19:52(21st),then Alison Cole of Ellesmere Port RC with a new pb of 20:43(26th) and Jodi Bemand of West Cheshire AC in 20:49(29th).


An even bigger congratulations to all our first timers today who saw the weather forecast and decided that it was,in the words of Adam Ant "Nothing to be scared of". Kudos to you all.We hope you all enjoyed your first Birkenhead parkrun experience whether you were parkrunning for the first time or visiting us from afar. I know from facebook we had several tourists this week.We look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our amazingly awesome first timers this week were Sam Crowe,Josh Quigley,Nicola Seller,Craig Hebden,Harry Warrell,Zach Craze,Colette McGrath,Claire Baccino,Martin Barker,Sean Grey,Jenny Paton,Grace Paton,Steven Webb,Robin Wingate,Beth McLean,Holly Wright,Judith Mitchell,Stephanie Warrell,Innes Robertson,Joe Carlsen,Eve Bentley,Coral Hobbs,Jane Davies,Kathryn Graham,Erin Gelling,Niall Hayes,Jayne Rogers,Nathan Palmer,Phil Hayden,Sarah Schofield,Sharon Scanlon, Jonathan Spain,Charmian Abbott,Neil Schofield,Shaun McDonnell,Wendy McDonnell, Alan Wilcox


Pb klaxon sounding fantasticness from Ethan Brady-Jones 16:36,Keira Brady-Jones 17:24 (only 12 seconds off our ladies course record),Jamie Dumbarton 18:05,Henry Timewell 19:20,Alison Cole 20:43,Toby Lemon 21;11,Todd Humphreys 21:24,Fred Lucas 21:40,Debra Bemand 21:52,Zac Lincoln 22:32,Keith Lincoln 23:29,Lloyd Fisher 23:36,Benji Hatch 23:42,Rachel Nolan 23:52,Sammy Harwood 23:53,Steve White 23:55,Michael Pickstock 23:57,Andrew Noon 23:57,Amy Heron 24:17,Haley Barnett 24:37,Jade Edmonds 25:12,William Thompson 25:39,Emma Smith 25:42,Paul Davies 26:21,Daniel Smernicki 26:23,Gemma Carolan 26:56,Anna Holsgrove 26:56,Helen Beddow 27:04,Eryn Murphy 27:32,Emma Weyman 27:36,Daniel Batchelor 27:37, Kathy McDonald 27:48,David Forrester 27:50,Phil Chan 27:52,Jennie Grocutt 27:53,Craig Luukas 27:53,Aiko Hoshiko 28:49,Suzie Murray 28:49,Emma Harrison 29:02,Kirsty Walsh 29:18,Caroline Feeney 29:22,Tony Sullivan 29:23,Catherine Court 29:30, Pete Marland 29:31,Helena Grimwood 29:34,Rose Hindley 29:40,Elizabeth Madden 30:11, Lucy Barrett 30:13,Jack White 30:16,Thomas Kerrigan 30:24,Jane Callaghan 30:34, Joanne Pugh 30:34,Harry Grey 30:35,Gill Lightfoot 30:46,Rebecca Hughes 31:03, Alexandra Williams 31:21,Isobel Hughes 31:31,Margaret Davenport 31:51,Amy Green 32:07,Lucy Ball 32:07,Joshua Green 32:07,Catherine Thursby 32:08,Andrew Green 32:09,Kelly Ogley 32:35,Mike Yassin 32:42,Lisa Cooke 33:00,Sue Bearman 33:09,Nick Wilde 33:14,Kate Grey 33:19,Ashley Lee 33:26,Nicola Thomas 33:38,Ammi Lee 33:41, Amy Pemberton 34:03,Victoria Savage 34:42,Emily Willett 35:24,Claire Stranger-Ford 36:05,Nicola Mays 36:08,Patricia Breen 36:45,Donna Downey 36:52,Paul Suckley 38:21,Leigh Weaver 40:22,Libby Hall 42:02,Grace Vesey 42:51,Claire Hamilton 42:58, Abi Trott 43:01,Andrea Borrer 44;33,Jess Weaver 59:35.


Marvellous milestones this week!

Joe Johnson ran his 50th parkrun

Sharon Scanlan ran her 50th parkrun

Paul Cowdray ran his 50th parkrun

Brian Lawless ran his 50th parkrun

John Harrison ran his 100th parkrun

Warren McNally ran his 100th parkrun

Paul Franklin ran his 100th parkrun

Congratulations to Joe,Sharon,Paul,Brian,John,Warren and Paul on their fantastic achievements!


Shenton`s 20:20

Patrick Hadfield 25:25,Josh Quigley 27:27,Emily Daly 29:29,Kay Standing 30:30,Clare Pennington 31:31,Isobel Hughes 31:31,Mike Holbrook 32:32,Louise Shields 33:33, James Roberts 34:34,Graham 35;35,Gemma Cain 59:59

EQ0E1aWWkAAYZPTPhoto from Ann Currie

Our pinkslightlysoddenbutstilloudinsomecasesveryloudtastic volunteers were led by run director James "200" Hurley,Timekeepers were Stuart "The Shoes" Rickers and Gemma "Have you finished Jon?" Cloney.Barcode scanning was done by Mike "Jolene" Green,Peter "Palms out" Humphreys,Andrew "Punnyman" Hughes and Dave "Double Dave" Bibby funnel managed (I presume when the scanner wouldn`t work).Finish tokens were dished out by Kareen "Numbers" Porschke with help from Lorna "OMP" Hughes and Graham "& Lyle" Tate.Tail Walker was Lisa "On course puddle inspector" Ost.The first timers briefing was done by Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum who also funnel managed along wth Ruth "PC" Byers,Amanda "The Voice" Curtis-Wilson,Robert "Tokens" Perry,John "The beard" Armstrong and Kevin "Give this man a goal Tranmere!" Gorry.Our marvellous marshals were Ben Willis,Kerry Ashcroft,Kirsty Greenwood,Mark Hyland,Jane Good,Don Scotton,Alison Sait,Malcolm Davies,Derek Holcroft,Helen Keay,Robert Deller,Francesca Taylor,Judith Barnes,Mylo Williams and Rennel Smith.Chloe Byers was our photographer and Alex "Koeman" Holland and David Lilley paced for us.

Thanks to them for their efforts today.If you would like to join them in looking good in pink hi vis,please take a look at the roster on our website and email us at if you can help.


We are on the flickr,the facebook and the instagram "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Thanks for reading and see you next week!





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