Important information regarding safety – Please read all but especially 3 & 4.Thank you!

Hello ! Happy Sunday!

In light of something that happened at parkrun yesterday we felt as a team I should repost this article I did a while back.Points 3 and 4 are the ones I`m focusing on more than the others but all are extremely important.

1,Please pay attention to the pre-run briefing.

We have a new megaphone but unfortunately our ladder is absent without leave so we know some of you find it difficult to see the run director let alone hear them.We know some of you like to chat when you see your friends but if you could stay quiet once the run director has started the briefing and maybe bunch in a bit more before the start that would be fantastic and much appreciated.We have information we need to tell you,especially regarding safety issues for example and we need you to listen.We are working on raising the profile of the run director i.e a replacement ladder,a box or stilts but bear with us.Communication is key but as well as us improving with sound and visibility we need you lovely people to listen.The new megaphone is louder and seems to have had a good start.

2,Respect everyone`s right to participate in their own way.

Everyone must be respected at parkrun.Every runner, no matter what speed,pace,experience,needs to be shown respect by ALL other runners.There is ZERO tolerance for any pushing,shoving,barging,whatever word you want to use.If you want to overtake someone say something like "on your right" before and "thank you" after you`ve passed.We know pb`s are important for some of you but a few seconds lost to be polite isn`t the worst thing and lets be clear on this,parkrun is a "run" not a race or a time trial. In narrow areas like around the lake if runners keep to the left so others can have space to overtake that would help as well.Its all about all runners showing respect and awareness to all other runners.We know some of you like to listen to music but if you could keep that at a low enough volume you can hear marshals or other runners that would be great for everyone.The new course has been excellent and we thank you for your comments on this.

If you are barged or shoved please contact the run director and explain what happened.They`ll be able to get the details,talk to the other runner (if they can be located) and try and sort the situation out.Also please email us and tell us exactly what happened.On the few occasions this has happened the first we`ve found out about it is on facebook which although I check it a few times over the weekend,you`re more likely to get a quicker and better response if you email us and we can document clearly the whole process.

3,Under 11s always within arm`s reach of a parent or guardian.

Yesterday we had a very young child who said they were under 11,finish on their own and told us they`d been told by their mum to wait for her. This is unacceptable.I`ll quote from the parkrun wiki as that explains the situation much better than I can

"We are committed to providing the safest possible environment for children to participate in parkrun and we fully accept our duty of care over these individuals. Its important to remember that the ultimate responsibility for their welfare remains with their parents or guardians"

Children under 11 must be kept within arms reach of their parent,guardian or responsible adult of their parents choice.We do have very quick 11 year olds who finish very quickly but as long as the above rule is followed in terms of someone finishing close to them or a parent/guardian/agreed adult etc waiting for or with them as they cross the line that is not a problem.

We are not babysitters. We are very busy in the finish funnel as the runners come in and we do not have the volunteer numbers to be able to keep track of any unaccompanied children.

So what we will be doing is as follows - Again I`ll quote from the parkrun guidelines

"State in the first timers and pre run briefing,that all children under the age of 11 must be accompanied (within arms reach) throughout the event by a parent,guardian or appropriate adult.

If we think an under 11 might have been unaccompanied we will enquire in a positive and friendly manner ,and if appropriate explain our policy to the parent/guardian/adult and ask them to abide by it next time.We will explain that we have the authority to remove the under 11s result if this is repeated"

A the end of the day we have to ensure high standards of safety for all. Thank you for your help every week in assisting with this,

4,No barcode,no time,no exception.

Sorry,this is a rule we have to be strict with.You don`t need to show your barcode before the start,keep it safe and between getting the finish token and getting to the scanners,get it out and we can scan it.I`m not going to try and flog you parkrun gear but the wristbands in particular are very good and extremely durable.We have also had people wanting the barcode on their phones scanned. We don`t have the technology to do this yet (maybe one day). Also please do not ask the run director or indeed any of the core team who you may know, to add you into the results if you've forgotten your barcode. That is just not fair to those who have forgotten their barcodes and accepted the rules.

5,One dog on a short lead,per person.

Woof,woof,woof,bark,bark bark (Translation,we`ve never had a problem with dogs,they and the owners have been very well behaved,some of the dogs have directional issue but that`s why they are on a lead.)

6.Be mindful of your local environment and other park users.

We`ll be doing some more plogging soon and the other park users are used to us now and I think we co-exist pretty well.Always be polite and respectful to them,you are but please continue to do so.

7.Have fun.It`s only a walk,jog or run.

PB`s are fantastic but at the end of the day parkrun is there to be enjoyed.We want everyone to come along with a big smile on their faces and leave with a big,sweaty smile on their faces.We are doing everything we can behind the scenes to improve your parkrun but please remember we are all volunteers.If your post or email doesn`t get answered quickly its not because we can`t be bothered,we`ve just got life stuff to do first.So keep being awesome and help us to build up our parkrun to be even better than it is at the moment,please continue to show respect and show awareness to all runners

8,Thank the amazing volunteers

You lot are wonderful at this,week in week out.We have a great time on the volunteer team but a thank you at the end of the run means so much to us.


Thanks for reading,please continue to enjoy parkrun and see you Saturday!