Run report #213

The squirrels were in a combative mood

Throwing their nuts around,not just at anyone from Bude.

This of course happened in the finish funnel

They were of course,disappointed by the absence of Sally Gunnell

The pink welly lady had us all worried about Len Goodman

But after the next runner crossed over the line....I think their finish number was SEVEN!

We were assured that he was ok,he`s just been visiting Devon.

Another fantastic number of you ran around the park

And a load of woofs having a bark.

Hark! Enough of this malarkey,on with the run report!


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report. A lovely day in the park,except for the finish funnel where both timekeepers had frostbitten fingers but neither of them mentioned it much,well one of them did,a lot.Anyway we had James in charge,lots of fabulous first timers,visitors,regulars and dogs and thanks all for coming!

EE-63_lXkAAvHFfJames being in charge.Photo from Ruth Pritchard.

Our first finisher (male) was Rob Pearse of Wallasey AC in a time of 16:50,then Matthew Goodwin of UTS Run club in 17:00 and Ian Wallace of Wirral AC with a new pb of 17:33

Our first finisher (female) was Ellen-Mary Kearney of Wirral AC with a new pb of 18:38(8th),then Katie Bagley in 20:00(28th) and Gabrielle Phelan of Wirral AC with a new pb of 20:17(31st)

Bundles and bundles of pb`s this week.Mentions go to Ian Wallace 17:33,William Strickley 17:46,Ellen-Mary Kearney 18:38,Phil Bacon 19:19,Lee Bower 19:39,Kevin Hall 19:45,Chris Boardman 19:51,Gabrielle Phelan 20:17,Matt Graham 20:18,Liam Budd 20:24,Rachael Theobald 20:25,Paul "Pinky" Bradley 20:33,Mark Hyland 20:33,Will Redding 20:40,Graham Cheers 20:43,Malachi Harty 20:52,Evie Smith 21:00,John Tierney 21:12,Karl Bunnell 21:14,Scarlett Liddy 21:26,Chris Gee 21:46,Steve Stuthridge 21:49,Noah Leeson 21:53,Richard Garnett 22:16,David Parkinson 22:23,Freddie Gain 22:24,Robert Davies 23:12,Mike Aspinall 23:14,Adam Leary 23:16,Ged Howard 23:33, Olanna Quinn 23:38,David McConechy 23:42,Stephanie Gain 23:44,Andrew Crowe 23:57,Catherina Quinn 23:58,Neil Crowden 24:11,Simon Boyd 24:36,Tim Plested 24:40,Kate Moore 24:42,William Quinn 24:48,Sue Smith 25:00,Richard Latten 25:09, Sean Halpin 25:13,Ed Rice 25:14,Dave Marland 25:16,Kerry Ashcroft 25:18,Paul Ezard 25:44,Dawn Williams 25:54,Terry Finlay 25:58,Alice O`Connell 26:06,Sarah Bibby 26:22,Mike Devlin 26:23,Julie Pinnington 26:51,Mally Wright 26:55,Amy Bowness 26:55,Phil Alcock 27:25,Aidan Glover 27:30,Oscar Boardman 27:34,Thomas Ehrlich 27:42,Gillian Brown 27:49,Nigel Abel 27:52,Nicky Teare 28:05,Sue Barton 28:17, Paula McGrath 28:20,May Leeson 28:45,Craig Denmade 28:49,Helen Asher 28:58,Abigail Manley 28:58,Jane Egan 29:06,Mimi Moss 29:07,Faye Dwerryhouse 29:09,Eryn Murphy 29:13,Shelly Kilshaw Yates 29:32,Alexander Keggin 29:46,Jennifer Scott 29:52, Sandie Sowerbutts 30:10,Emily-Faye Dixon 30:18,Hannah Gorman 30:20,Jennifer Moss 30:33,Sarah Lees 31:33,Simon Copestake 31:37,Anna Graham 31:54,Richard Thomas 31:54,Petra Schenker 32:34,Andrew Wright 32:38,Helen Holt 32:55,Megan Fawkes 33:22,Jordan Fawkes 33:23,Luke McGowan 33:30,Emily Barr 33:37,Jane Callaghan 33:40,Joanne France 33:40,Paula Thompson 33:41,Ian Thompson 33:43, Sarah Tait 33:47,Graeme White 33:55,Max Schenker 35:46,Hannah Paddon 36:31, Mohammed Wilkinson 37:15,Francesca Taylor 40:06,Carolyn Moore 42:04,Geraldine Keay 42:21,Sharon Doorey 44:12,Robert Wilson 45:01,Alison Johnston 45:28,Nicola Woods 46:14,Cath Turpin 48:54,Diana Woodfinden 50:06,Mary Torpey 52:37


A big warm welcome to all our first timers this week,whether you were doing parkrun for the first time or visiting us for the first time. We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first timers this week were Jenny Parkins,Claire Parkins,Grace Thomas,Fionnuala Potts,Sydney Caraher,Richard Hammond,Samantha Onslow,Rachel Harrod,Vicki Stiles,Claire Oldham,Sarah El-Sheikh,Tyler Liccia Byrne,Amanda Fisher,Catherine Smith,Danny Cooper,Fiona Titcombe,Keith Brunton,Andrea Pearce,Derek Fawkes, Stella Doherty,Haider Shah,Rob Machen,Andrew Gould,Greta Gilchrist,Tom Gilchrist, Edward Byrne,Danuel Walton,Charlie Thompson,Trevor Vale,Ben Wright,Naomi Fellows,Samantha Van der Struys,Julie Gould,Joseph Field,Tania Sparks,Janet Dove, Leah Coburn,Michael Perry,Amy Heron,Adam Bishop,Joshua Myers,Just Training,Sam Lodge,Andrew McKinnon,Andy Theobald,Robin Sharp,Andrew Robertson,Sarah Phelan,Stephen Gordon,Pete Lees,James Fowler,Dougie Potter

EE-qHPaXsAEREvfDebutant marshal Henry.Photo from Lorna Hughes.


Shenton`s Reality - Phil Bacon 19:19,Mark Pickard 23:23,Yvette Porter 24:24,Graham Turner 29:29,Sidney Molyneux 29:29,Kayley Moore 31:31,Ann Holmes 35:35,Jennie Stiles 38:38


Sarah Bibby ran her 50th parkrun.

Mark Scudder ran his 50th parkrun.

Congratulations to Sarah and Mark!


Our strictlycomefantastic volunteers were led by run director James "T`PAU" Hurley. Timekeeping was by Gemma "I can`t feel my fingers" Cloney and Jon "A face for podcasts" Rumley,barcode scanning was done by Steve "Ashes" Smith,Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum and John "The beard" Armstrong,finish tokens were handed out by Andrew "Kevin Costner" Hughes and Peter "The Cone" Humphreys.Shelagh Hearty was our tail walker.Mike "Jolene" Green gave the first timers briefing then funnel managed along with Stuart "The Vale,the Voice" Rickers,Ruth "PC" Byers",Chloe Byers and Kevin "Chicago" Gorry. Our toptastic marshals were Steven Leslie,Derek Jones,Charlotte Jones,Lorna Hughes,Henry,Jane Everett,Marvin,Nick Flynn,Margaret Ray.

If you would like to join them,please have a look at the roster on the website and email us at if you can help.


We are on instagram,flickr and facebook "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Thanks for joining us this morning and also for reading this.See you next week!