Run report #216

There was no mud and there was no sand

But for birthday boy James there was China in your hand.

He even got a great message from distant relative Liz

Happy birthday to Mr James Hurley!!

Another 500+ turnout from you lovely people today

I have no more to say but its now time for ex Wimbledon striker Carl Cort

To say "Get on with the run report!"


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report. Here are the results!

Our first finisher (male) was Richard Williams who equalled his pb of 17:45 and was a second quicker than last week.Next was David Dunning in 18:49 and Paul Sant of Mornington Chasers with a new pb of 18:59!

Our first finisher (female) was Meg Hoshiko in 20:54(22nd),then Jessica McKinlay of Wallasey AC in 20:59(24th) and Jayne Price of Pensby Runners in 21:01(26th)


A positively uplifting number of pb`s this week. Congratulations to Paul Sant 18:59, Phil Bacon 19:09,Michael Green 19:38,Stephen Gordon 19:47,Craig Ebbrell 19:49,Liam Budd 20:15,Grzegorz Adamczewski 20:17,Stephen Lindsay 20:40,Chris Gee 21:33, Nathan Roche 21:34,David Dodgson 21:36,David Parkinson 21:41,Jonathan Gray 22:04,Craig Laing 22:07,Phil Lloyd 22:17,Otto Glover 22:24,Adam Hall 22:28,Kieran Grey 23:08,Iain McDonald 23:24,Olanna Quinn 23:29,Andrew Monks 23:30,Sarah Theobald 23:35,Emma Theobald 23:41,Tommi Hoshiko 23:43,Richard Latten 23:46,Cole Hayden 23:55,Dave Marland 23:59,Stephen Christian 24:11,Adam Landrum 24:19,Robert Perry 24:25,Simon Locke 24:57,James Belmar 24:59,Kevin Lowe 25:04,Nicholas Gunatilleke 25:22,David Cranny 25:26,Ticki Clark 25:29,Helen Mitcheson 25:47,Gemma Devaney 25:48,Ben Evans 25:49,Nick Sanderson 25:52, Laurence Tottle 26:01,Sophie Hoxby 26:07,Helen Titu 26:24,Amy Bowness 26:26,Chris Keggin 26:51,Danny Jones 26:58,Eleanor Smith 26:58,Craig Denmad 27:01,Catherine Sumner 27:05,Andrew Jones 27:07,Abigail Manley 27:20,John Mason 27:28,Andrew Carleton 27:38,Lesley Lawson 27:42,Joanna Evans 27:42,Gary Walsh 27:46,Yvette Turner 28:25,Kathy McDonald 28:30,Andy Kenny 28:50,Richard Thomas 29:35,Will Jones 29:37,Paul Jones 29:40,Kelly Chesters 30:08,Paul Cashin 30:09,Andy Weinronk 30:14,Stacey Rodgers 30:24,Orla Caldwell 30:25,Alisha Twist 30:32,Alice Caldwell 31:19,Derek Fawkes 31:22,Jordan Fawkes 31:22,Megan Fawkes 31:23,Jenna McElhoney 32:14,Jemima Riley 32:14,Jacqui McIlroy 32:16,Roisin Bailey 32:18, Amanda Hoey 32:26,Aggie Boardman 32:27,Catherine Smith 33:01,Sarah Tait 33:01, Max Schenker 33:05,Natalie Baker 33:12,Amanda Fisher 33:33,Amanda Louise Payne 33:36, Haydn Cok 34:28,Christian Light 35:00,Mike Brown 35:07,Ella Evans 35:11, Aleesa Pulford 35:24,Sharon Doorey 35:50,Cath Gould 35:56,Sonny Boardman 36:06, Esme Cotton 36:45,Annemarie Cotton 36:45,Adi Chapman 39:49,Jackie Briscoe 46:20, Cathy Tollady 53:02


A big warm parkrun welcome to all our first timers today,whether you were taking part in your first parkrun or you were visiting us for the first time. We hope you enkoyed or even enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you are visiting the wonderful Wirral.

Our first timers this week were Caroline Southern,Abi Trott,James Ryan,Holly Southern, Tom Southern,Michelle Evans,Katie Robinson,Ann Waring,Jennifer Dodd,Charlotte Mackie,Katrina Burns,Nicola Burns,Kate Howard,Katie Lane,Lottie Dowling,Nigel Hobson,Josh Gomersall,Neil Harling,Kate Smith,Ros Beard,Linda Gomersall,Gill Lightfoot,Wayne Morgan,Abbie Goodwin,Matt Hadfield,Tony O`Neill,Byron Hennessy, Mark Titley,Hannah Dupre,Marcin Bula,Anne Kiley,Brian Williams.Chris Cotton,Rory Cotton,Chris Redwood,Si Cole,Chris Thomson,Paul Duckers,Mark Griffith,Isabel Walsh, Richard Boyes,Charles Meacham,Ben Evans,Will Dupre


Shenton`s Reality - Mark Wilmshurst 22:22,Peter Barham 22:22,Amy Bowness 26:26, Iain Copsill 27:27,David Evans 28:28,Mel Heale 30:30,Stephen Cole 30:30,Amanda Fisher 33:33


Hayley McNicholas ran her 100th parkrun.

Adam Gillmore ran his 50th parkrun.

Stephans Shiang ran his 50th parkrun.

Alan Wood ran his 50th parkrun,

Chris Falls ran his 350th parkrun.

Congratulations to Hayley,Adam,Stephens,Alan and Chris!


Our growinginnumberseachweekweneedmorehivistastic volunteers were led by run director Ruth "PC" Byers.Timekeepers were John "The beard" Armstrong and Andrew "Arrowe" Hughes.Mike "Jolene" Green,Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum,Alex Yem were our barcode scanners.Peter "The Cone" Humphreys was dishing out finish tokens with assistance from Peter Hampshire. Ann "Number 1 Scottish volunteer" Currie was our tail walker.James "Happy Birthday,Happy Birthday!" Hurley gave the first timers briefing and James "Altered Images" Hurley funnel managed along with Dave "Double Dave" Bibby and Paul "Chester marathon" Bradley.Our wonderful marshals were Khaleda Yasmeen,Michele Alty,Margaret Ray,Connor Bethel,Charlotte Jones,Debbie McCurry, Maizie Carter,Lorna "Orchestral manoeuvres in the park" Hughes,Cameron Farroll, David Gawne,Liz Danson,Nick Flynn,Susan Reynolds,Derek Jones.John Armstrong processed the results.

If you would like to join them in the hi vis please have a look at the roster on our website and email us at if you can help. I think we are almost full for next week but we are taking bookings for the 26th of this month and November.


We are on the flickr,the instagram and that facebook "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

Thanks for reading and see you next week!