Run report #217

Jay ran really quick in his new pink daps

But he couldn`t get past Rob who was quick out of the traps.

The squirrels were protective of their nuts

But they also ensured there were no short cuts.

Ult was in charge,his briefing was fairly brief

No one had time to brush their teeth.

Congratulations to all the milestones,pb`s and first timers today

I have nothing left to say.


Not really,here`s the rest of it. Welcome to the run report. Another 500+ attendance today,thank you all very much for coming along.

We had a runner collapse on the course today,thanks to everyone who helped him and a member of his family drove him home.We are reviewing what happened and if changes are needed to our procedures,they will happen. We also would ask that all runners ensure their ice details are up to date.

Pacers day is coming up on November 2nd. If you would like to pace,please let us know what time you can do.Post on twitter or facebook and also email the volunteer email to ensure you get on the roster. We have pacer bibs! They look really smart. I`ll check my list and on twitter and facebook who we have down so far and post again this week. If you aren`t sure whether you`ll be able to make it this far out,you can always come and see us on the day and we can add you on. We`ve got so many pacer bibs,Kipchoge could come and run with us!

The results

Our first finisher (male) was Rob Pearse of Wallasey AC in a time of 16:38,followed by Jay Walker also of Wallasey AC with a new pb of 16:56 and Robert Deller of Wirral AC who ran 17:28.

Our first finisher (female) was Jessica McKinlay of Wallasey AC with a time of 20:52(29th),just ahead of Jennifer Houghton of Kirkby Milers AC in 20:53(30th) and Helen Stansfield of Wallasey AC in 20:58(33rd)

Another amazing pb week! - Jay Walker 16:56,Ian Rowlands 19:07,Ben Evans 19:46, James Fowler 19:57,Paul Bradley 20:28,David Parkinson 21:14,Olanna Quinn 21:58, William Hampshire 22:05,Liam Bratley 22:18,Mike Vernon 22:31,Andy McShane 23:19, Adam Landrum 23:20,Chris Ashcroft 23:49,Jessica Kennedy 24:02,Isabel Walsh 24:09, Helen Symonds 24:11,Onnor Hampson 25:02,Amy Heron 25:16,Pauline Green 25:18, Marcin Bula 25:24,Simon Smith 25:30,Matt Bridges 25:33,Terry Finlay 25:47,Ben Wright 26:00,John Mason 26:49,Oscar Boardman 26:54,Natasha Gregory 28:15,Andy Kenny 28:34,Richard Thomas 28:41,Beki Smith 28:46,Sian Loftus 28:53,Dennis Mahar 29:06,Olivia Graham 29:41,Stella Doherty 29:42,Michelle O`Reilly 29:48,James Butcher 29:51,Alisha Twist 29:55,Kelly Chesters 30:00,Jordan Fawkes 30:35,Derek Fawkes 30:38,Richard Parry 30:58,Roger Lyon 31:23,Sarah Tait 31:59,Mollie Swadkins 32:25, Amanda Fisher 32:40,Paul Duncan 32:57,Luke McGowan 32:59,Adam Latten 33:05, Melissa Esnouf 33:10,Tom Southern 34:25,Cath Gould 34:56,Amy Barr 35:15,Mickey Lowe 35:32,Katrina Burns 36:47,Jennifer Dodd 37:09,Charlotte Jones 37:44,Francesca Taylor 39:05,Chloe Holt 39:43,Claire Parkins 43:11,Jenny Parkins 43:11,Abi Trott 43:55,Leo Doorey 43:58,Clare Stroud 44:48

A big warm welcome to all our first timers today,whether you were running with us for the first time ever or were visiting us for the first time.We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you are visiting the area.

Our first timers this week were Maria Craven,Lisa Pullan,Barbara Cahill,Louise Hughes, Amelie Hughes,David Cahill,Pat Steadman,Keith Rodgerson,Angela Malcolmson,Himali Heenatigala,Senuli Heenatigala,Andrea Woolford Gomez,Charin Heenatigala,Michelle Moss, Alexandra Costigan,Lucy Taylor,Neil Hunter,Linda Kahar,Ruth Hosker,Berry D`Arcy,Gill Swadkins,David Tebbs,Steve Rutter,Lauren Adamson,Philip Jones,Paula Bevan,Jo Bridge,Pierre Wysocki,Sian Berkson,Carme Mias,Adel Fattah,John Machan, Paula Jones,Elaine Coulter,Emma Carey,Philip Woodrow,Phil Chan,Helen Mawson, Clara Jane Burton,Graeme Harris,Jenny Cox,Rachel Collins,Daniel White,David Collings,Luke Jones,Graham Swadkins,Philip Craven,Joanne Boyle,Nick Ballam,Finley McDonald,Fiona Hares,Christopher Mountford,David White,Alistair Fisher,Paul Robinson,Aiden Moyles,Chris Thomas

Jo Porteous ran her 100th parkrun.

Neil Armstrong ran his 100th parkrun.

Shenton`s Reality - Special mention to Cath Gould who ran a 34:56.Not a Shenton but consecutive numbers is good. Shenton`s for Karl Bunnell 21:21,Nina Karyampudi 27:27,Graeme Harris 27:27,Kevin Garvey 31:31,Andy Doorey 33:33,Louise Fury 39:39

Our notcheckingtherugbyscoreinthefunnelandloudandcheerytasticonthecoursetastic volunteers were led by Ultan "Ultmania" Mulhern.Timekeepers were Jon "times 3" Rumley and Mike "And so is" Green.Barcode scanning was done by Peter "The Cone" Humphreys,Lorna "OMP" Hughes and John "The ex beard" Armstrong. Steve "G`day" Smith handed out the finish tokens with assistance from Stuart "SWA?" Rickers. Valerie "Come on home" Clark was our top tail walker.Ruth "PC" Byers,Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum, James "Backstop" Hurley,Kareen "Numbers" Porschke,Cameron "Numbers assistant" Farroll and Andrew "Front funnel" Hughes were our funnel managers.Our top marshals were Jennifer Scott,Iain Scott,Sue Barton,Kate Moore,Paula McGrath,Carole Ellis,Ann Hatton,Michelle Heighton,Diana Woodfinden,Debbie McCurry,Maizie Carter,Mary Torpey and Ann Currie.John Armstrong processed the results.

If you would like to join them in the hi vis please have a look at the roster on our website and email us at if you can help.

We are on the flickr,the instagram and the facebook "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

Thanks for reading and see you again next week!