EFf7qhHXkAE4zaVPhoto by John Henderson

As you may or may not know we having a pacing parkrun at er...parkrun on November 2nd. We have brand new blue bibs ,some with numbers on(woooooo!! I know!) and they really need lovely people to wear them and pace other runners to fantastic pb`s. We have bibs for every minute from 20 to 36 and also a 40 minute one (there are some blank ones as well)

If you can help us out by pacing on that day please contact us via the twitter or facebook letting us know what time you`d like to pace and also email in to birkenheadhelpers@parkrun.com so we can add you to the roster (Don`t worry if you forget to do the latter,we can add you on the day.) Also if you can`t commit in advance and you still want to pace if you can get to parkrun that day,just come up and tell us on the day and we can add you to the roster and get you connected with a lovely bib) We`ll introduce you to the massive crowds beforehand and let everyone know what times you`re running as well as posting on our social media.

So far we have Karl Hamel(28), Paul Bradley(40) and Kenneth Noble(30) down to pace.(If those times are wrong,let me know)