Run report #2019

You have to search for the hero inside yourself

Said Heather Small

Or was it Johnny Ball,or even Stuart McCall?

Anyway,there were 400 heroes at parkrun today

Both on the course and off it but a special word must go to our pacing team

Who all deserved a large ice cream

Also a special mention to our tail walker, a tall bloke from Stoke

That`s enough poetical meanderings for now says Carl Cort

It`s time for the run report!


Welcome to this week`s run report.Uncle Path Lake had returned down south to wreak havoc and it was back to 2 laps which celebrated its first anniversary recently so happy birthday to the 2 lap course and thank you to the 3 lap for filling in so well last week.It was still wet but thankfully not the monsoon we had 7 days ago.A special thank you to all our pacers this week. All of them are normal runners like yourselves and all were brilliant on the day! Our next pacers day will be December 7th and then the first weekend of every month. Our pacer bibs are available for hire each week though so if you want to pace,just get in touch through the usual volunteer channels. (That bit was slightly grown up wasn`t it?!)

No lost keys this week but we did get a finish token handed in which er...wasn`t ours!


The Results

Our first finisher (male) was Mark McKeown, a first timer with us from Colchester AC in a time of 18:11,then another first timer, Parkgate`s finest,Mike Evennett,a recent signing for Pensby Runners,in a time of 18:19 and David Dunning who was very close to his pb with a time of 18:27.

Our first finisher (female) was Jayne Price of Pensby Runners in 20:32(16th) then Jodi Bemand of West Cheshire AC,a first timer in 20:43(19th) and Helen Stansfield of Wallasey AC in 21:13(24th)

A magnificent number of pb`s this week - Jack Heap 20:27,Mike Vernon 21:07,Thibault Poujol 21:15,Jack Musgrove 21:31,Russell Jacques 22:27,Tim Plested 22:38,Adam Landrum 22:58,Emma Theobald 23:31,Jonathan Le Feuvre 23:37,James Hatton 23:51, Joshua Gunatilleke 23:53,Helen Symonds 23:55,Adam Gillmore 24:16,Mark Daniels 24:19,Rachel Holcroft 24:21,Amy Heron 25:12,Lesley Lawson 26:03,Sekhar Karayampudi 26:31,Yvonne McDonough 26:42,Harry Evens 27:13,Olivia Denman 27:45,Clare McCormack 27:48,Sarah Shaw 27:52,Jennie Grocott 27:58,Ann Fidge 28:01,Chris Munt 28:02,Olabunjo Sulaiman 28:42,Sian Berkson 29:09,Benjamin Champness 29:16,Mike Johnston 29:22,Kate Smith 29:25,Kate Lewis 29:26,Sandy Hodson 29:39,Ashley Johnson 29:49,Philip Jones 29:51,Shelly Marie Kemp 29:56, Kelly Chesters 29:58,Steve Rutter 30:01,Hannah Simpson 30:50,Megan Fawkes 31:21, Catherine Smith 31:29,Jenna McElhoney 31:43,Nancy Evans 32:19,Nicola Burns 32:58, Joanne Pugh 33:10,Mike Brown 33:32,Stacey Jones 34:48,Amy Barr 35:12,Michelle Evans 40:36


A very warm welcome to all our first timers today,whether you were with us for the first time or were visiting us or the first time. We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first timers this week were Mike Evennett,John Ellison,Samantha Owen,Rachael Denmeade,Patrick Mulvey-Fanneran,Phil Carvell,Mark Roberts,Rachel Rogers,Maisie Rogers,Thomas Evans,Ethan Thomas,Batiste Fidge,Bithov Vinu,Angela Ransome, Andrew McGonigle,Jeni Clegg,Hannah Dines,Jane O`Neill,Sean Meaney,Jodi Bemand, Mike McGrath,Anne Budenberg,Will Hay,Mark McKeown,Leanne McAnespie,Debra Bemand,Tom Elcock,Lee Hopkins


Shenton`s Reality - No one this week.Shentonless! Apart from Brian who was with us today.


Jessica McKinlay ran her 50th parkrun

Roy Bethel ran his 50th parkrun

Kathleen Cowdray ran her 50th parkrun

Olivia Denman ran her 50th parkun

Edward Kenny ran his 100th parkrun

Matthew Van Miert ran his 100th parkrun

Keith Weston ran his 300th parkrun

Congratulations to Jessica,Roy,Kathleen,Olivia,Edward,Matthew and Keith!


Our brilliantfunnyshortswearinginsomecasesandmusicallypraisedtastic volunteers were led by run director Rolf "Good,good,good,good vibrations" Westrum,timekeepers were Ultan "Nick Knowles" Mulhern and James "T`Pau" Hurley.Barcode scanning was done by Stuart "M people" Rickers,Jon "Big thumb" Rumley and Gemma "Lyla" Cloney. Andrew "The importance of being punnest" Hughes dished out the brand new finish tokens with help from Margaret Ray.Ash "Stoked to be here" Wilks was our tail walker. Jon gave the first timers briefing and Stu took the marshals for a nice walk but didn`t come back with any of them! Our funnel managers were John "We miss the beard" Armstrong,Steve "Mollie`s dad" Smith,Ruth "CCTV" Byers and Peter "Conan the funnel managarian" Humphreys were our funnel managers,Lorna "OMP" Hughes, Kate Carter,Liz Jones,Charlotte Jones,Lyn Ebbrell,Debbie McCurry,Susan Adams,Peter Barham and Maizie Carter were our fantastic marshals and Rolf processed the results. Our fantastic pacers were Paul Bradley,Karl Hamel,Neil Armstrong,Terry Finlay,Alex Holland,Bill Preston,Tom Elcock and Jon Hogg.

If you would like to join them in the hi vis,please take a look at the roster on the website and email us at Despite that rugby thing being on,we still filled the roster very quickly so thanks to all our volunteers for their tremendous support.

We are on the flickr,the instagram and the facebook "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun".

Thanks for reading this and see you next week!