Run report #220

It was a bit parky down the park today

Take that! (Said the temperatures,probably here to stay)

Did the trees offer protection,a lot of love and some affection? (Asked a worried Port Vale fan)

Shussh Robbie,they didn`t.Thank you though for your concern

But we have a resident Vale fan and wear the shorts with style he can but never in Lucerne.

The former pink welly lady,she was the run director, in command with the backing of all

A lovely morning but still no sight of Stuart McCall.


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report. Hopefully you've all warmed up now,thanks for another amazing turnout today! Not far off 500 for a freezing cold morning is fantastic,congratulations to all of you today for coming along and taking part!

Lost key watch this week - None.


The Results

Our first finisher (male) was Luke Hampshire of Wallasey AC in 17:52 then Chris Shaw, a first timer with us from Buckley AC in a time of 18:05 and Andrew Dunning in 18:06.

Our first finisher (female) was Jayne Price of Pensby Runners in 20:38(21st) then Zara White of Wirral AC in 20:52(24th) and Jennifer Brady, a first timer with us from Liverpool Running Bugs who ran 21:04(28th)


PB mentions this week - David Dunning 18:15,Paul Sant 18:27,Ian Cannings 19:34, Joshua Hatton 20:22,John Tierney 20:59,David Dodgson 21:30,William Hampshire 21:41,Nick Blair 21:49,Morgan Roberts 21:50,Michael Wright 22:32,Mylo Williams 22:46,Chris Vernon 22:48,Adam Landrum 22:54,Adam Leary 22:57,Richard Latten 23:00,Isabel Walsh 23:37,James Hatton 23:44,William Gauller 24:51,Frances Parsons 24:56,Jack Kerrigan 25:41,Andrew Jones 25:44,Lewis Morris 26:17,Graham McEnaney 26:20,Harry Evens 26:25,Chris Munt 27:23,Benjamin Chalmers 27:31,Sian Berkson 27:33,Claire Bear 27:36,Eryn Murphy 27:42,Olivia Denman 27:44,Gemma Fairclough 27:45,Megan Gorry 27:51,Hannah Irvine 27:53,Lindsey Moore 28:08,Olabanjo Sulaiman 28:09,Jennifer Scott 28:16,Hannah Dines 29:00,Jeni Clegg 29:02,Andy Weinronk 29:24,Denise Hignett 29:27,Derek Fawkes 29:28,Jordan Fawkes 29:30,Hazel Shingler 29:32,Kelly Chesters 29:37,Hannah Gorman 29:55,Rachel Rick 30:06,Nigel Hobson 30:41,Linda Gomersall 30:47,Derek Welch 31:05,Josh Gomersall 31:13, Anna Pluck 31:14,Ange McLoughlin 31:14,Sharon Mahoney 31:19,Nicola Burns 31:27,Stuart McConville 31:30,Alexia Light 31:36,Johanna Roberts 31:50,Chris Massey 32:04,Ann Hatton 32:50,Sally Matthews 32:52,Amy Brown 32:55,Natalie Baker 33:03,Jane Callaghan 33:24,Rachel Rogers 33:40,Haydn Cook 34:27,Sandra Hamel 34:47,Ealla Evens 34:57,Thomas Evans 35:13,Lisa Roberts 35:27,Jennifer Ashton 35:54,Catherine Wall 36:19,Casper Gustafsson-Green 36:26,Keith Rodgerson 37:14,Andrea Davies 38:24,Michelle Evans 38:51,Margi Ez 39:32,Carolyn Moore 41:32,Jenny Parkins 41:54, Richard Woosnam 46:25,Barbara Cahill 49:04

A big massive fantastic welcome to all our first timers today,whether you were taking part in parkrun for the first time ever or were visiting us for the first time. We hope you very much enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first timers this week were Chris Shaw,Alex Mitchell,Paul Shannon,Jennifer Brady, Adrian Leach,John Paul Dale,Nick Snowdon,Philippa Cass,Robert English,Alex Pink,Noel Matthews,Helene Gilmour,Lee Quirk,Jade Teeder,Peter Davies,Peter Lloyd, Alexandra Lloyd,Benen O`Donoghue,Ben McGovern,Kate Dyer,Lee Birkett,Stephanie Lockwood,Suzanne Hall,Catherine Howell,Rosie O`Hagan,Edward Jones,Darron Callaghan,Andy Coombes,Aakhila Fayaz,Hala Burhan,Alice Hopper,Claire Birkett,Carl Williams,Graham Ashton,Luke Hall,Joseph McLachlan,Tim Marshall,Lyn Jones,Laura Fallon,Abigail McLachlan,Hayley Maney,George Hollowell,Louise Hollowell,Steve O`Donoghue,Paul Lloyd,Elizabeth Chantler,Wendy Gallimore,Alexandra Fraser,Mark Fraser,Alison Sait,Hollie Mack,Jane Gethin

Shenton`s Reality - Mike Green 18:18,Mike Burns 23:23,Helene Gilmour 23:23,Stephen Llewellyn 25:25,Andrew Everett 25:25,Lee Birkett 26:26,Shelly Marie Kemo 30:30,Jane Berry 31:31

Philippa Cass ran her 50th parkrun

Heather Bentley ran her 50th parkrun

Robert Perry ran his 50th parkrun

Congratulations to Philippa,Heather and Robert!

Our butcoldbutstillhappyandlovelytastic volunteers were led by run director Gemma "The Real GC " Cloney with timekeeping by Andrew "Punmaster general" Hughes and John "Ex beard" Armstrong.Barcode scanning was done by Peter "The Cone" Humphreys,Ruth "PC" Byers and Mike "Shenton" Green.Finish tokens were dished out by Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum with help by Shelagh Hearty.Stuart "Vale" Rickers was our tail walker and he also gave the first timers briefing. Ultan "The Folk Doctors have a big gig soon" Mulhern took the marshals to their positions and funnel managed along with Lorna "OMP" Hughes,Amanda "Tin can maestro" Curtis-Wilson and Cathy "50 parkruns" Armstrong. Our magnificent marshals were Michele Alty,Maizie Carter,Susan Carter,Liz Jones,Charlotte Jones,Ana Roslan,Peter Barham,Cameron Farroll,Nick Laing,Helen Stansfield,Yaqub Allen,Zaakera Allen, Cornelia Lane.

If you would like to join them in the hi vis,please have a look at the roster on our website and email us at

We are on the flickr,the instagram and the facebook "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

Thanks for reading and see you next week!