Run report #221

Pay your respects to the scanners and funnel managers

Send your congratulations to run director James

Give your regards to the timekeepers

They always did the best they could

And thank you to the finish tokens department

Rolf taught us everything we know.

(Hum the next bit)

Our start and finish signs are vital

Our hands were very cold

A few hand warmers would have been great,they definitely would have sold

Wave goodbye to the footballers of Rostock,yes Hansa

This is parkrun,that`s your answer.

EJfXLx_XYAAB5BORun director James,with his security detail.Photo from Ann Currie.


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report,a brilliant 524 of you joined us this week, thank you all very much! No rain which was nice,hopefully more of the same next time.

The results

Our first finisher (male) was Jay Walker of Wallasey AC with a new pb of 16:48,a second ahead of Harley Henshaw of Wirral AC in 16:49,with Simon Tinkler, a first timer, running 17:08.

Our first finisher (female) was Katie Bagley who ran 19:04(17th),just ahead of Vicky Unsworth of Liverpool Harriers and AC who ran a pb of 19:09(18th) and Jayne Price of Pensby Runners who also ran a pb in 20:07(28th).


PB mentions go to Jay Walker 16:48,Steven Leslie 17:23,David Dunning 17:50,David Lilley 17:55,Mark Dodd 18:08,Chris Hewson 18:26,David Gain 18:48,Vicky Unsworth 19:09,Lee Bower 19:22,Phil Dunning 19:37,Andrew Fraser 19:40,Jayne Price 20:07, Andy Wright 20:15,Paul Holmes 20:19,Aiden Hampson 20:31,Jodi Bemand 20:39, Jamie Davies 20:51,Thomas Clegg 21:36,Toby Lemon 21:38,Debra Bemand 22:14, Robert English 22:20,David Millard 22:21,Daniel Craddock 22:38,Mark Ingarfield 22:42, Adam Landrum 22:45,James Campbell 22:55,Hannah Seddon 23:34,Rachel Holcroft 23:46,Max Devany 23:57,Andrew Scattergood 24:23,Marcin Bula 24:31,Jack Berry 25:15,John Nolan 25:24,Helen Titu 25:55,Sophie Hoxby 26:00,Ricardo Hoshiko 26:00, Carl Jones 26:06,Darron Callaghan 26:34,Chris Munt 26:59,Gemma Fairclough 27:16, Sophie Keenan 27:39,Olabanjo Sulaiman 27:42,Clare Greenwood 28:06,Jordan Fawkes 28:36,Lawrence Cowdray 28:48,Lydia-Anne Wilson 28:49,Alexander Keggin 28:52,Hazel Shingler 29:20,Shelly Marie Kemp 29:34,Alisha Twist 29:38,Derek Welch 29:44,Sarah Lees 29:45,Jemima Riley 29:47,Kath Talbot 29:55,Phil Carvell 30:19, Pierre Wysocki 30:26,Tony Sullivan 30:45,Chris Massey 30:49,Amy Brown 30:58,Alexia Light 31:03,Catherine Smith 31:10,Jenna McElhoney 31:22,Mark Roberts 31:33,Jane Callaghan 31:57,Roisin Bailey 32:04,JanineParry 32:10,Cath Gould 32:25,Natalie Baker 32:34,Joanne Pugh 32:40,Natalia Wqtrobska 32:45,Luke McGowan 32:54,Elizabeth Williams 33:02,Penny Brown 34:24,Ammi Lee 34:27,Esme Cotton 34:35,Annemarie Cotton 34:39,Katrina Burns 34:53,Catherine Wall 35:06,Alexandra Fraser 36:54,Adi Chapman 38:22,Mark Fraser 38:29,Graham Hill 39:08,Sean Miller 39:30,Alison Sait 40:40 (DEUCE!),Lesley Hill 42:33,Louise Hughes 43:22,Lisa Nuttall 44:35


A warm welcome to all our first timers today,whether you were running with us for the first time or you were visiting us for the first time.We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first timers this week were Simon Tinkler,Joel Hughes,William Ebbrell,Alice Brown, Leanne Cordingley-Wright,Judith Blair,Jordan Routledge,Andrew Moran,Grace Garner,Chris Shaw,Lee Fulton,Jisun Lee,Daniel Batchelor,Katrina Millen,Julia Murphy, Johnathan Fountain,Jonah Pickering,Michael Batchelor,Susan Garner,MerylRushworth, Maureen Fountain,Joanne Hartley,Clare Jones,Piper Martin,Cleo Martin,Miranda Woolhouse,Niamh Gregory,Clair O`Shaughnessy,Stephen Samosa,Bodhi Samosa


Shenton`s Reality - Ian Lawson 20:20,David Quirk 23:23,David Craddock 23:23,Ian Chalmers 28:28,Mike Holbrook 30:30,Zachary Roberts 32:32,Gary Roberts 32:32, Alison Sait 40:40 (DEUCE!)


David Dunning ran his 50th parkrun.

Katie Bagley ran her 50th parkrun.

Phil Malone ran his 100th parkrun.

Congratulations to David,Katie and Phil!

EJfsV5tXYAEYXsfThe tokens mid sort.Shout out to token 267 who didn`t make it back today. Photo from the distraught token sorter.


Our coldbutatleastdrythistimeandmonitoredbysquirrelstastic volunteers were led by run director James "Budgie delivery service" Hurley,Stuart "The Vale" Rickers and Jon "One glove" Rumley were timekeepers,Ultan "Who is Bono anyway?" Mulhern who also gave the first timers briefing,Mike "Jolene" Green and Andrew "007" Hughes were our barcode scanners.Rolf "Rolfie" Westrum was handing out the finish tokens with assistance from Lorna "Sign folder" Hughes. Ruth "PC" Byers was our tail walker. John "Bring back the beard" Armstrong,Ann "Number 1 Scottish funnel manager" Currie, Malcolm Sutton and Sue "Strictly" Foster. Our top marshals were Robert Perry,Pat Salisbury,Maizie Carter,Connor Bethel,Tim Plested,Mark Hyland,Paul Bentley,Heather Bentley,Claire Rice and Alison Engle.Kenneth Noble was a 30 minute pacer.

If you would like to join them in the volunteer ranks,please take a look at the roster on our website and email us at

We are on the flickr,the facebook and the instagram "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

Thanks for reading and see you next week!