Run report #224

We had a lot of fantastic pacing today throughout the park

And the sound of the odd bark.

Times were chased with success or a near miss

But as far as I know,no one from Diss.

There was a rabbit volunteer at Bushy,but in that they are very much second best

Hattie and Simba led the way in that respect,they are number 1 and er...2,yes!


The Results

Our first finisher (male) was Luke Hampshire of Wallasey AC in 17:38,followed by David Lilley with a pb of 17:43 and Chris Jones of Penny Lane Striders,also with a pb,this one was 18:29!

Our first finisher (female) was Zara White of Wirral AC in 20:57(24th) then Hayley Fairclough of Liverpool RC with a new pb of 21:34(35th) and Helen Stansfield of Wallasey AC in 21:49(41st)

PB perfection from David Lilley 17:43,Chris Jones 18:29,Jamie Davies 20:33,James Miller 20:37,Patrick MacDonough 20:45,Jonathan Blackburn 20:52,Andy Jones 20:53, Noah Leeson 21:14,Greg Sinnott 21:15,Nathan Roche 21:23,William Hampshire 21:31, Hayley Fairclough 21:34,Nico Weider 22:11,Adam Leary 22:24,Dawn Fairclough 22:25, Alan Heath 22:26,Adam Landrum 22:29,Andrew Beastall 22:45,Richard Latten 22:50, Benjamin Sharp 23:45,Robert Perry 23:47,Dean Garrity 23:49,Adam Jennings-O`Toole 23:58,David Morris 24:05,Marcin Bula 24:20,Jack Berry 24:23,Samantha Owen 24:27, Kevin Lowe 24:56,Carl Jones 25:21,Sammy Harwood 25:30,Alistair Jones 25:31,Lewis Morris 25:33,Philip Arnold 25:36,Liz Willis 25:46,Ricardo Hoshiko 25:54,Laura Cross 25:58,Darron Callaghan 25:59,Adam Howarth 26:01,Lisa Curnow 26:14,George Wilson 26:20,Abbie Richmond 26:44,Jenny Danher 26:56,Chris Jack 27:00,May Leeson 27:06, David Barden 27:31.Andrew Wright 27:32,Richard Thomas 27:37,Rob Brown 27:49, Jemima Riley 28:03,Lee Fulton 28:05,Kathy McDonald 28:13,Dennis Mahar 28:39, Alisha Twist 28:45,Anthony Olsson 28:50,Daniel Batchelor 28:55,Jennifer Warburton 28:59,Kelly Chesters 29:01,Vickey Walberg 29:05,Andy Weinronk 29:11,Nithin Karyampudi 29:11,Tony Sullivan 29:25,Pierre Wysocki 30:03,Ronald Barber 30:55, Laura Fallon 30:57,Phillip Davies 31:00.Lorna Smithies 31:28,Michelle Evans 31:30, David Tebbs 31:42,Charlotte Mackie 31:43,Jonah Pickering 31:45,Cath Gould 31:54, George Hollowell 32:02,Nicholas Hollowell 32:03,Mark Fraser 32:13,Michael Batchelor 32:25,Ann Hatton 32:26,Peter Flynn 32:32,Johnathan Fountain 32:41,Mickey Lowe 32:41,Ella Evans 33:01,John Traynor 33:20,Giselle Drouillard 33:25,Bethany Heath 33:39,Nicola Thomas 33:55,Jenny Carter 34:18,Catherine Wall 34:21,Jane Sheehy 34:21,Nicola Beamish 35:53,Katie Garrity 36:15,Jackie Harwood 36:33,Kathryn Cleminson 37:03,Andrea Davies 37:24,Anais Hadland 38:01,Sean Miller 39:03,Lony Gibb 39:39,Geraldine Keay 42:17,Carla Walker 42:24,Chalene Robinson 42:32, Samantha Bill 42:32

A warm welcome to all our first timers today,whether you joined us for the first time ever or you were visiting us for the first time.We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first timers this week were Daniel Bojarski,Clare Goodwin,Victoria Flynn,Paul Caley Lee Elwell,Jo Smyth,Liam Sheehy,Eugene Sheehy,Louise Hanson-Gardner,Gill Dumbarton,Elliot Edwards,Angie Galer,Rohin Thaker,Lisa Kattou,Kelly McCarthy,Chris Roberts,Lisa Smalley,Jack Hall,Michelle Stanton,Teresa Hardy,Gary Swift,Jo Dodgson, Esme Joynson,Tony Breen,Michael Sandelands

Shenton`s Reality (In advance of the year of the Shenton,2020) - Harry Kaye 21:21, Howard Garde 22:22,Alison MacDonald 23:23,Andrew Kitchinson 26:26,Peter Flynn 32:32,Angie Galer 35:35,Lony Gibb 39:39

Laura Reese ran her 50th parkrun

Donna Roddan ran her 50th parkrun

Amanda Parkinson ran her 50th parkrun

Congratulations to Laura,Donna and Amanda!

Our Decembernotlongtillcrimbonowhopetheyvebeengoodtastic volunteers were led by run director Rolf "Gladiator" Westrum,timekeepers were Gemma "Bin bag lady" Cloney and Ruth "PC" Byers.Barcode scanning was done by Kareen "Numbers" Porschke, Stuart "The Vale" Rickers and Steve "The wizard of Oz" Smith.Peter "Ice cream" Humphreys dished out the finish tokens support from John "Hertha or Union" Armstrong who also gave the first timers briefing. Shelagh "Russell" Hearty was our tail walker.Dave "Double Dave" Bibby took the marshals out onto the course and marshalled as well.Andrew "The Prime Minister of Puns" Hughes,Mike "Jolene" Green,James "T`Pau" Hurley and Keith "Zaha" Blackwell were our funnel managers. Our marshals were Mylo Williams,Malcolm Davies,Sybil Leeman,Greg Smith,Dave "DD" Bibby,Don Scotton,Graham Tate,Peter "Big Dunc" Barham,Lisa "Puddle liason marshal" Ost.Our plethora of pacers were Ruth "35" Pritchard,Mark "Numbers 2" Pritchard,Alex "Gullit" Holland,Karl "Spells his name right" Hamel,Neil "Buzz" Armstrong,Mike "Another mention" Green,Neil "Holly" Oakes,John "Number 1 Scottish pacer" Henderson and Peter "Bright yellow hat" Hampshire.

Our next pacer day will be the first Saturday next year.

If you would like to join our volunteer ranks,please take a look at the roster on our website and email us at

We are on the flickr,the facebook and the instagram "Birkenheadparkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

No photos this week,work night out last night and work today means not tonight but Ill try and add some during the week.

Anyway,thanks for reading and see you next week!