Run report #232

Nearly got replaced

By neither Hale nor pace

This run report writing business is tough

Just ask former Scotland keeper Alan Rough

Another beautiful morning in Birkenhead park

Another 700+ providing a spark

Don`t get blown away the rest of today

Chill,relax,have some dinner,perhaps some ice cream near the Wirral way

Our tail walker was not George Burley

It was the one and only James Hurley!

EPrmkeSW4AAwrR3Photo from Chris Jack

Hello and welcome to this week`s run report. Another glorious morning in the park. Bit windy but hey ho,it wasn`t snowing so swings and roundabouts. Thanks for turning up in such great numbers again!


The results

Our first finisher (male) was Rob Pearse of Wallasey AC in 17:06,followed by Steven Leslie of Village Road Runners AC in 17:29 and Matthew Goodwin of UTS run club in 18:12.

Our first finisher (female) was Jayne Price of Pensby Runners in 19:58(17th) then Maggie Cooper of Wirral AC in 21:58(40th) and Traci Shipley of Chester Triathlon Club in 22:11(47th),a new pb!

EPrn4lOXkAA-R96Photo from Mel Heale

Congratulations to all our first timers today,whether you were taking part in parkrun for the first time ever or if you were visiting us for the first time. We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first timers this week were Bastien Weinberger,Liam Kearns,Jan Moffett,Finley Borrer,Simon Cheung,Paul Davies,Philip Ainslie,Matt Williams,Silinganiso Mbanini, Katie Halton,Erin Huxley,Spencer Reynolds,Clive Pleasance,Emma Weyman,Tom Kelly,Rebecca Hughes,Pete Marland,Clare Wright,Adam Katzer,Thomas Kerrigan, Florence Evennett,Rachel Halloran,Steve Dawson,Jonathan Scott,Mark Dawson,Sarah McLaren,Rachel Patten,Lhana Orr,Emily Butterworth,Laura Whiteley,Lucy Ball,Joshua Green,Isla Jacques,Amy Green,Andrew Green,Henry Slack,Lorraine Nelson,Holly Donnelly,Mike Parkins,Andrea Borrer,Mia Parkins,Peter Jacques,Maureen Jacques, Brian Pennington,Eleanor Love,Mark Jarvis,Yao Lin,Patrick Pogue,Caroline Feeney, Donna Downey,Valerie Oen,Kate Walton,Tim Smith,Chris Cotton,Rebecca Bancroft, Stephen Maddock,Sam Grace,David Dockerty,Nicola Maddock,Richard Coulby,Paula Jones,John Clark,Peter Morris,James Dean,Tim Grace,Felicity Towns.

So many pb`s,far too many to mention so I won`t bother this week.

Just kidding! Here they are - Matthew Gibbs 18:27,Henry Timewell 19:24,Nick Smyth 21:15,Daniel Curry 21:57,Traci Shipley 22:11,Rachael Patterson 22:44,Jack Berry 22:45,Jonathan Smout 23:40,Jessica Kennedy 23:44,Ian Huntley 23:55,Ellie Fraser 24:10,Andrew Dowdeswell 24:13,Paul Duckers 24:27,Elaine Coulter 24:35,Alice O`Connell 24:37,Danny Jones 24:51,Sammy Harwood 24:58,Erin Courtney 25:38, Alexandra Jones 25:48,Adam Howarth 26:00,Alan Houghton 26:06,Patrick Mulvey-Fanneran 26:09,Annemarie Cotton 26:13,Neil Harvey 26:23,Michael Dunleavy 26:24,Lucy Smout 26:33,David Temple 26:39,Joanna Evans 26:52,Emily Kealey 27:00, Tanya Leary 27:16,Emma Smith 27:16,Claire Bear 27:22,Finley Dean 27:25,Vickey Walberg 27;26,Gillian Brown 27:29,Tommy Harper 28:07,Alan Craze 28:30,Emily O`Connell 28:32,Grainne Garvey 28:35,Ben Yang 28:37,Rory Stuart 28:39,Nigel Hobson 28:53,Stuart McConville 29:03,Lorna "OMP! PB!"Hughes 29:04,Jack Sibeon 29:08,Nancy Evans 29:18,Greg Murphy 29:22,Charlie Scudder 29:29,Sarah Austin 29:37,Joel Cross 29:48,Melanie Gelling 29:50,Jenna McElhoney 29:56,Ray Carr 29:58,Ian Anderson 30:02,Bev Highton 30:03,Jane Kelly 30:09,Anthoney Mulvey- Fanneran 30:25,Michael Batchelor 30:56,Natalia Wqtrobska 31:00,Elizabeth Madden 31:06,Jack White 31:07,Sam Kerrigan 31:10,Corina Rennie 31:12,Ann Lincoln 31:22, Natalie Baker 31:25,Lesley Woods 31:58,Lynsey Phillips 32:14,Jillian Dawson 32:24, Rachael Cottington 33:02,James Warren 33:07,Jack Anderson 33:30,Luke Jones 33:30,Kelly Ogley 33:32,Emmajane Webster 33:35,Victoria Hollywood 33:36,Diane Birss 33:42,Andy Chase 33:46,Anthony Reardon 34:18,Josie Hartharn 34:22,Muireann Settle 34:23,Callum Kilbride 34:24,Miya Plaistow 34:43,Amy Barr 34:44,Siona Awsare 34:45,Amy Pemberton 34:56,Alexandra Williams 35:03,Kate Grey 35:41,Lucy Williams 35:58,Kathy Hogg 36:07,Barry Nelson 37:22,Amelia Nelson 37:24,Oliver Nelson 37:25, Maria Medeiros 40:35,Ninaad Awsare 41:00,Anoushka Awsare 41:00,Tallulah Murphy 42:06,Rosie Harland-Smy 42:09,Oliver Parkins 44:44,Gemma Bulmer 46:40,Lisa Lewis 53:17,Patricia Owen 53;23,Gemma Cain 55:08

EPr7i9nXUAAG17LPhoto from Lorna Hughes

Matthew Acheson ran his 50th parkrun

Lisa Jones ran her 50th parkrun

Paul Whyatt ran his 50th parkrun

Valerie Nagle ran her 50th parkrun

Richard Shayle ran his 100th parkrun

Congratulations to Matthew,Lisa,Paul,Valerie and Richard on your fantastic achievements!!

Shenton`s this week,including two family Shenton`s on the same time! Breaking all kinds of Shenton records this week.No other parkrun can Shenton like we can.

Edward Kenny 21:21,Sean Dyer 22:22,Mike Moss 25:25,Charlie Scudder 29:29,Mark Scudder 29:29,Jasmine Rogan,33:33,Paul Rogan 33:33.


Our haircutadjustedbythewindstillsmilingtastic volunteers were led by run director Ultan "Folverbrief" Mulhern. Our timekeepers were Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum and Mike "Jolene" Green.Barcode scanners were Jan Taylor,Peter "Carlo" Barham,Phil "Number 1 Welsh volunteer" Stanley,Kay "I`m still" Standing.Finish tokens were dished out by Kareen "Numbers" Porschke,John "The Beard" Armstrong with help from Paula "Don`t need even need a reminder to remember now" Hartharn-Evans.Tail walker was James "T`Pau" Hurley who also took the marshals for a walk, Mike Green also did the first timers briefing.Our funnel managing was done by Margaret Ray,Andrew "Hughesssssy" Hughes,Amanda "Tin can lady" Curtis-Wilson and Peter "That area needs coning off mate,I`ve got a cone if you need one" Humphreys.Our marshals were Tim Plested,Mylo Williams,Charlotte Jones,Isabella Cuthbert,Malcolm Davies,Christine Sutcliffe,Sarah Shaw,Derek Jones.The results were processed by the Folk "Got a big gig this month,check out the website" Doctors.We had loads of pacers this week,can`t think of a group name for them,any ideas let me know. They were Matt "Overtook me in a marathon" Routledge,Alex "Van der Sar" Holland,Neil "Buzz was overated" Armstrong,Mark "On your marks" Hyland,Ken "Barnes &" Noble and Mark "Coolsun Warmair" Pritchard. Ruth "PC" Byers sorted out all the tokens last week. Think that`s everyone,let me know if I`ve missed you off.

Thanks to all of them for their efforts this week.We are very fortunate to have the best volunteers around.If you would like to join them please have a look at the roster and email us at All training is provided and you get to wear a hi vis which gives you special powers (not really,have to say that for legal reasons)

We are on the flickr,the facebook and the instagram "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

Those for reading and see you next week!