Run report #237

Another big crowd down at the park

636 of you and more indeed who can bark

It was a lovely morning with the sun shining bright

But still no Gunnell,try as we might.


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report.Another great attendance and decent weather which was nice.Lets hope for more of the same next week!


Our first finisher (male) was Robert Deller of Wirral AC in 17:32,then David Lilley in 18:27 and first timer Callim Plimley in 18:44

Our first finisher (female) was Molly Carvell of Liverpool Harriers & AC with a new pb of 19:50(7th) then Jayne Price of Pensby Runners in 20:11(10th) and Sarah Price of Loftus AC,a first timer with us who ran 21:44(32nd)


Congratulations to all the first timers today,whether you were taking part in parkrun for the first time or were visiting us for the first time. We hope you very much enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you again next week or the next time you`re in the area!

Our first timers were Callim Plimley,Christian Allen,Matthew Forrest,Andrew Holt, Thomas Davies,Elaine Davies,Danielle Williamson,Ben Taylor,Nicola Butler-Forrest, Adam Mokhtar,Mark Doherty,Georgia Smithwick,Nia Coppack,Iain Webster,Nancy Biagetti,Angie Kemp,Jessica Edwards,Matthew Thomas,Lucy Banks,Sarah Belger, Esme Mercer,Joyce Green,Julia Ferrebe,Gemma Sturgess,Anita Downey,Elizabeth Clarke,Claire Evans,Joanne Kelly,Vicky Wheeler,Jemima Bond,Veronica Manning, Susan Clewlow,Sue Henderson,Rob Henderson,Andrea Herbert,Megan Coppack, Ian Davis,Andrew Dowden,Lisa Davis-Lindholm,Sarah Price,Matt Lunt,David Pearce, Kenton Lawson,Paul Roberts,Kate Downes,Carrie Abbott,Elizabeth Lawton,Dave Barratt,Andrew Barratt,Anne Oxbrough,Mike Eyre,Helen Eyre,Andrew Prestidge, Eunice Nopondo,Roisin Walker,Maggie McKenna,Joanne Sutherland,Jane Woods, Jane Nicholson,Pam Giles,Jamie Barry


PB perfection this week from Neil Cameron 19:36,Molly Carvell 19:50,Alan Heath 20:48,Stephen Smyth 20:55,Howard George 21:00,David McElroy 22:19,Paddy Flashman 22:36,Richard Field 22:40,Harry Findlay 22:41,Jess Schofield 22:42, Paul Browne 22:44,Sarah Theobald 22:46,Iain Findlay 22:48,Rachel Holcroft 23:02,Michael Delafield 23:05,Mark Richmond 23:08,Andrew Noon 23:17,Lucy Pennington 23:27,Wayne Allen 23:28,Charles Makepeace 23:33,Jack Routledge 23:35,Adam Todd 23:44,Noah Travers 23:51,Daniel Travers 23:52,Corey Allen 23:54,Daniel Smernicki 24:30,Alan Houghton 25:13,Paul Murphy 25:14,Nick Lockley 25:34,Shahid Hannan 25:36,Sheila Smout 25:44,Joanna Evans 25:46,Daniel Barr 25:49,Eleanor Barlow 25:52,Paul Davies 25:54,Ching Pong Poo 25:58,Jack Hall 26:21,Isla Neal 26:39,Phil Ainslie 26:43,Tanya Leary 27:11,Daniel Batchelor 27:19,Steve Haydn 27:22,Gabriel Mercer 27:34,Rory Stuart 27:43,Suzie Murray 27:56,Samantha Bentall 28:04,Emma Harrison 28:06,Jennifer McGrath 28:07,Nancy Evans 28:13,Jeff Ainslie 28:15,Ozkan Tuncer 28:19,Sam Kippen 28:21,Catherine Court 28:55,Mark Fraser 28:57,Greg Murphy 29:04,Jane Kelly 29:19,Dawn Murphy 29:25,Claire Baccino 29:31,David Clark 29:42,Richard Parry 29:46,Bev Highton 29:52,Max Schenker 30:00,Mike Yassin 30:29, Tamsin Currie 30:32,Margaret Davenport 30:49,Carol Mitchell 30:51,Paula Cotgrave 31:28,Maisie Rogers 31:37,Jonah Pickering 31;38,Fiona Kirwin 31:40,Ben Parker 31:42,Zaakera Allen 31:51,Beth McLean 31:52,Craig Kerr 31:56,Jo Manning-Browne 31:59,Nick Wilde 32:11Lisa Lumb 32:30,Vicki-Lee Fozard 32:48,Darren Smith 33:13,Lucy Williams 33:57,Debbie Kippen 34:08,Julie Le Feuvre 34:45,Sean Miller 35:17,Innes Robertson 35:42,Eleanor Heathman 35:46,Suzanne Kelly 35:50,Jessica Razbully 37:57,Leigh Weaver 40:09,Gemma Bulmer 44:34,Margaret Blakeborough 47:35,Emma Weaver 64:15


Marvellous milestones this week!

Dave Reeves ran his 50th parkrun

Sharon Fulton ran her 50th parkrun

Howard George ran his 100th parkrun

Congratulations to Dave,Sharon and Howard!

Shenton`s 20:20

Andy Wright 21:21,Ian Fewtrell 24:24,Colin Lamprey 25:25,Mark Daniels 28:28,Leanne Cordingley-Wright 29:29,Mike Turpin 33:33,Abi Trott 45:45


Our warmerlesswetandwindswepttastic volunteers were led by run director Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum.Our timekeepers were Ruth "PC" Byers and Ultan "The Power" Mulhern. Barcode scanning was done by Andy "Marvin`s dad" Everett,Andrew "The Punmaster General" Hughes,Alex "Roast dinners" Yem,Peter "EFC" Barham.Finish tokens were handed out by Mel "Come on the Bulls!" Heale with assistance from Mike "Jolene" Green and Shelagh "Russell" Harty. Richard "Crackers" Jacobs was our tail walker. Kareen "Numbers" Porschke gave the first timers briefing.Our funnel managers were Phil "Number 1 Welsh funnel manager" Stanley,John "The beard" Armstrong and Robert "Tokens" Perry.Our marvellous marshals were Helen Symonds,Benjamin Willis, Amy Barr,Kirsty Greenwood,Carol Williams,Francesca Taylor,Barry McDonnell,Mylo Williams,Aiden Hampson,Matthew Thomas,Callum Logan,Isabella Cuthbert,Chloe Byers,Evan Thomas.Pacers were Alex "Erwin Koeman" Holland,Ruth "Coolsun Warmair" Pritchard,Mark "Numbers 2" Pritchard,Karl "With a K" Hamel,John "Thistle" Henderson,Matt "Hew" Routledge,Brian "Adamski" Seal and Rob "Judith" Chalmers

If you would like to join them,please take a look at the roster on our website and if you can help us, email

We are on the flickr,the instagram and the facebook "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

We have fantastic photos taken by Chloe Byers on our flickr page. Check out the link on our twitter and facebook.

Thanks for reading and see you next week!