The lost run reports #9 aka parkrun #57

The park was in all its August glory

And the not then but now run report writer was the tail walker (then runner)

231 of you did three laps,yes three! Those were the days

No baseball players though from the Toronto Blue Jays

After last week`s shocking athletic substitution in the funnel

I can admit this week there wasn't a sign of Tessa Sanderson.


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report from the past. This one is from Saturday 20th August 2016.

Our first finisher (male) was Richard Evans of Liverpool Harriers AC, a first timer who ran 16:56. Then Greg Jones of Wallasey AC in 17:07 and Harley Henshaw of Wirral AC in 17:14

Our first finisher (female) was Sarah Kearney of Wirral AC in 19:35 (19th),then Ellen-Mary Kearney of Wirral AC in 21:08 (34th) and Zoe Brunton of Mersey Tri in 22:19 (48th)


Congratulations to all our first timers today,either taking part in parkrun for the first time or visiting us for the first time. We hope you remember the day fondly and have been back loads since!

Our first timers were Richard Evans,Elizabeth Partridge,Sonya Hartley,Rachael Nulty, Catherine Lancaster,Sheilagh Pierre-Louis,Heather Hastewell,Ben Bragg,Pam Hogan, Donna Redgrave,Sam Riley,Lynda Bayley,Gary Hastewell,Sue Holmes,Tom James,Joe Cormack,Simon Lecozannet,Juliette Ward,Dave Peers,Owen Peers,Rich Strutt,Simon Ward,Andrea Peers,Janet Quirk,Leanne Storey,Luke Crocker,Holly Peers,Rick Forster, Steven Jackson,Tom Partridge,Mike Taylor,Michael Wills,Margaret Hockney,Iain Wakefield,Julie Fairclough,Steve Fairclough

PB magnificence from Paul Bradford 17:47,Daniel Nuttall 18:01,Ray Clark 19:16,Corin Willis 19:36,Jack Birss 20:04,Mark Maguire 20:26,Clive Beasor 20:58,Phil Leighton 21:36,Dave Jones 21:50,Dan White 21:55,Edward Kenny 22:16,Jessica Lovell 22:35, Rob McDougall 23:12,Leanne McKinley 23:13,Bradley Plimley 23:28,Trudi Mercer 23:36,Debbie Keating 24:17,Greg Smith 24:51,Mark Humphreys 25:12,Nicola Byrne 25:20,John Wright 26:12,Sarah Drummond 26:23,Nick Lown 26:29,Chloe Muirhead 26:38,Guy Hope 26:47,Mary Sinnott 26:55,Linda Duffy 27:11,Jane Cavanagh 27:30, Lisa Todd 27:45,Tony Tarpey 27:49,Joy Bamford 28:11,Simon Bamford 28:12,Sharon Remmington 28:19,Jessikha Ellison 28:31,Chris Byrne 28:44,Amanda Willis 29:23, Isabel Remmington 30:07,Hannah Leeman 30:46,Erika Brennan 31:27,Helen Allan 32:45,Kay Standing 34:10,Hazel Chapman 34:23,Becky Doherty 34:41,Kelly Troake 35:12,Clare Smith 35:37,Adam Potts 36:35,Richard Potts 36:35,Erin Wilkinson 38:39, Sarah Parry 39:18


Congratulations if you had a milestone today!!


Historical Shentons for Jonathan Carter 18:18,Hideo Takano 21:21,Keith Wood 24:24, Joy Irvine 27:27


Thanks very much indeed to all our volunteers on this day! - John "Before the beard" Armstrong,Mike "Before the scoop" Green,James "Before the T`Pau" Hurley,Sharon Lamont,Colin "Circuits" Lamprey,Liz Leay,Louise "Ultan`s boss" Mulhern,Ultan " No A" Mulhern,David Nalder,Colin Palmer,Stuart "A brief history of shorts" Rickers,Jon "Gunnell" Rumley,Rachel Saunders,Steve "Sandpaper" Smith,Helen "Sweep`s mum" Stansfield,Sue "Cowbell queen" Sturgeon and Rolf "Wolfy" Westrum.


We are on the facebook,the flickr and the instagram "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Stay safe and well,we`ll see you soon.

Thanks for reading.