The lost run reports #11 aka parkrun (not parkrum as I wrote last week,oops) #59

There are many confusing things in life at the moment

For example,thhe parkrun website being updated or not being able to find the river Derwent

Football crowds cheering goals when they aren't in the ground

Derby ones especially,but that`s sound.

All of this is nothing to do with parkrun 59 which gets a run report today

Was it the first one in September 2016 I hear you say?

It was and it was really very super duper

But no sighting of Bradley Cooper

Or Sally the funnel.


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report from the past. Firstly thanks to everyone who read this for not mentioning I put "parkrum" instead of " parkrun" in the title last week.I assure this wasn`t some kind of strange ego trip or a plot to take over parkrun. It was just a typo which my supposedly top quality proof reading team failed to spot.cVTj4eZuThe run report proof reading team on their lunch break.

Anyway,this report is for Saturday September 3rd 2016. 286 lovely people came along and we had 18 fantastic volunteers in hi vis.

Our first finisher (male) was Unknown. This is a popular surname at parkrun and they never seem to have a first name. Our proper first finisher (still male) was Phil Langan of Wirral AC who ran 16:25. He was followed by Connor McArdle of West End Runners who ran 16:47 and Nick Brownbill who finished in 17:47.

Our first finisher (female) had a name. She was Jessica McKinlay of Wallasey AC in 21:17 (37th). Then it was Caroline Hall of Wirral AC in 21:40 (42nd) and Lynda Bayley of Pensby Runners who finished in 22:46 (57th).


Congratulations to everyone who was a first timer today,either first time ever ever ever at parkrun or visiting us for the first time. We hope you had a good time and have been back loads since.

Our first timers were Ian Cuthbert,Nirmal Eswar,Lucy Le Feuvre,Ben Edwards,Bavna Sreeram,Matthew Pennington,Marie Pennington,Radhika Manohar,Yvie Alston,Chris Lowe,Rob Waterman,Alex Kaye,Christopher Alston,Leila Alston,Finley Alston,Stephanie Taylor,Grace Kedzior-Macdonough,Derek Owen,John Green,Charlotte Everitt,Mark Colling,Lewis Lecozannet,Graham Pomphrey,Chris Gibbs,Paul Martin,Polly O`Gorman, Graeme Hayes,Chris Morgan,Reece Dent,Tom O`Gorman,John Walsh,Jenny Wood, Becca Shute,Michelle Hawthorne,Zak Hayes,Adam Marsh,Tim Callaghan,Matt Graham, Lynn Cox,Iain Findlay,Nigel Hoult


PB perfection this week from Ray Clark 19:01,Darren Dowdall 19:02,Corin Willis 19:19, Peter Clarke 19:28,Stephen Bromley 19:34,Daniel Hayes 19:43,Andie Gow 20:26,Dillon Dowdall 20:47,Gary Lamb 20:53,Anthony McDevitt 20:59,Michael Carroll 21:04,Chris Williams 21:07,David Longford 21:10,Andrew Waring 21:15,Stephen Worsley 21:42, John Clegg 21:44,Tom Forshaw 22:22,Abs Ali 22:40,Lynda Bayley 22:46,Martin Donnelly 22:55,Sue Green 23:09,Ann Kent 24:19,Anthony Brockway 24:26,David Wynne 24:36,Daniel Peers 24:54,Nicholas Lewis 25:16,Ian Davidson 25:25,Nick Lown 25:29,Mark Collings 25:53,Alison Jones 25:53,Paul Butler 25:54,Mary Sinnott 26:35, Jane Cavanagh 27:14,William Gaullier 27:32,Paul Lester 27:51,Neil Le Feuvre 28:19, Christopher Byrne 28:22,Gill Potter 28:25,Sarah Daly 28:40,Clare Gauller 28:59,Tom James 29:25,Bill Preston 29:37,Kate Baker 29:49,Paul White 29:50,Christine Roberts 30:07, Paula Hayes 30:11,Harriet Spicer 30:31,Juliette Ward 30:37,Jan Davies 30:38, Simon Ward 30:38,Anna Costello 30:42,Sue Wigfield 30:53,Erin Wilkinson 31:16, Ronnie Ashworth 31:48,Jane Roberts 32:20,Hazel Chapman 32:26,Jessica Walklett 32:52,Julia Jensen 34:13,Clare Peers 35:27,Mal Spicer 36:56,Paul Geoghegan 36:57, Ronald Spicer 40:02,Sarah Medeiros 40:16,Georgina Jones 40:48


Congratulations if you had a milestone today!


Historical Shentons for Corin Willis 19:19,Tom Forshaw 22:22,Graham Pomphrey 24:24,Ian Davidson 25:25,Patrick James 29:29,Christopher Harrison 36:36,Patricia Wright 48:48

Thanks very much to all our volunteers on the day - John "The beard" Armstrong, Keith "The Eagle" Blackwell,Gemma "The Innovator" Cloney,Martin "Wallasey" Connell,Mike "Jolene" Green,Sallie Holt,Mark "Jet`s dad" Humphreys",Peter "Jet`s Grandad" Humphreys,James "No relation to Jet" Hurley,Liz Leay,Sam Newns,Zara Prescott,Julian Priest,Jon "Apples" Rumley,Steve "G`day" Smith",Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum,Margaret Whitfield,Patricia Wright.


We are on the facebook,the flickr and the instagram "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Stay safe,we miss you loads and thanks for reading.