The lost run reports #12 aka parkrun #60

2 weeks into September now,the weather was getting wetter

However there was no sign of David Guetta

219 runners,joggers and walkers with 20 others clad in hi vis

Cheering and clapping all of you around the course

Thanks to all of you for turning up then

And we will,one day be together again

For now,carry on and read the rest of this report

And if you`re going to play cricket,don`t get caught


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report from the past. This one is for Saturday 10th September 2016 when it was probably wet and windy,but I`m sure we had a good laugh anyway.

Our first finisher (male) had a name this week,it was Graham Jones of Marshall Milton Keynes AC in 16:31.Graham was a first timer with us. Next was Ethan Ackroyd of West Cheshire AC in 17:05 and Matthew Gawne of Altrincham and District AC who ran 17:59.

Our first finisher (female) was Caroline Hall of Wirral AC in 21:50 (24th),then Elaine Opara of Wallasey AC with a pb of 22:16 (32nd) and Jessica Lovell of Wallasey AC in 22:56 (44th)


Congratulations to everyone who was a first timer with us on this day,either a first time ever at parkrun or a first time with us at Birkenhead. We hope you had a good time and have been back loads since.

Our first timers were Jack Haworth,Allan Cooper,John Munt,Ava Plimley,Daniel Nettleton,Karl Murphy,Kevin Doogan,John Gately,Joanne Johnston,Lisa Rice,James Milligan,Tessa Munt,Isla Barnes,Pui Kee,Joyce Roberts,Joanne Roberts,Cecilia Lewis, Anna O`Connor,Ella Wootton,Lyndsay Plimley,Catherine Peers,Helen Newman,Lucy Smout,Christopher Smalley,Chris Munt,Benjamin Newman,Catherine Jones,James Barnes,Christopher Barnes,Sam Endeacott,Graham Jones,Carl Mountain,Malene Wurtz,Sally Bell,Andy McCullough,Catrin Owen


PB pride for Thomas Carroll 19:33,Steve Jolly 19:35,Jeremy Richards 19:59,Chris Gibbs 20:01,Stephen Gauller 20:54,Steven Jackson 21:24,Daniel Johnston 21:42, Richard Costain 21:58,Kobus Donnelly 22:08,Elaine Opara 22:16,Martin Donnelly 22:38,Michael Pink 22:43,Henry George 22:49,Sue Green 23:08,Paul Bradley 23:10, Howard George 23:14,Ian Ackroyd 23:38,John Walsh 23:51,Ann Kent 24:12,Martin Jones 24:19,Sam Bailey 25:10,Adam Marsh 25:19,Anthony Bailey 25:49,Mark Colling 26:15,Andrew Fong 26:32,Sarah Bibby 26:49,Phil Lewis 27:07,Caroline Noonan 27:17, Neil Le Feuvre 27:32,Debbie Lloyd 28:02,Lucy Shayle 28:24,Amanda Willis 28:30,Kate Baker 28:42,Sybil Leeman 28:44,Kirsty Britton 29:32,Reece Dent 29:46,Charlotte Everitt 29:47,Adam Potts 33:27,Richard Potts 33:27,Mal Spicer 33:50,Michelle Hawthorne 33:54,Graham Turner 34:03,Christopher Harrison 34:14,Rachel Hoey 34:52, Sarah Medeiros 36:43,Andrew Burrows 37:39,Ronald Spicer 39:37,Peter Humphreys 43:46


Congratulations of you had a milestone today!


Historical Shentons for Dave Bibby 22:22 and Allan Cooper 27:27


Thanks very much to all our volunteers on the day - Cathy Armstrong, John "The beard" Armstrong,David Berry,John Cannon,Kathryn Clarke,Gemma "Pink welly lady" Cloney, Sarah Corran,Jem Flashman,Mike "Jolene" Green,Mark "Jet`s dad" Humphreys,James "T`pau" Hurley,Annette Jones,Kareen "Numbers" Porschke,Stuart "Tickets" Rickers,Ian Rowlands,Jon "Apples" Rumley,Brian "Shenton" Shenton,Steve "G`day" Smith,Helen Stansfield,Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum.


We are on the facebook,the flickr and the instagram "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Have a good week and thanks for reading.