The lost run reports #14 aka parkrun #62

There was a 2 week gap between the last parkrun and this one

The steam engines were in the park

Full of steam enginey noises and the odd spark

But no Mollie the dog as there would have been a bark

And no Jones the steam or indeed golfer Rich Beem

273 of you completed the course

I heard that from a source

Well the events history on the results page

Not from a wise old sage

Definitely not Nicolas Cage.


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report from the past. Today`s one is from Saturday 1st October 2016,back in the days when the steam engine rally,fair thingy used to kick us off the park for a week.


Our first finisher (male) was Phil Robertson from Sale Harriers Manchester who ran 16:11,then it was Joe Boden of Wallasey AC who finished in a pb of 16:28 and Andy McQue of Stoke AC who ran 16:33.

Our first finisher (female) was Lisa Grantham of Pensby Runners who ran a pb of 19:12 (13th) followed by Elaine Opara of Wallasey AC who did a pb of 21:56 (40th) and Sue Green who also ran a pb of 22:25! (55th)


Congratulations to everyone who was a first timer with us on the day. We hope you had a great first parkrun with us,whether it was your first parkrun evs or you were visiting us for the first time. We hope you have had a lot of fantastic parkruns since!

Our first timers on this day were Robert Calvert,Sam Jackson-Twist,Megan Horrocks, Chris Binks,Annie Fraser-Armstrong,Amelia Parfitt,Lindsay Horrocks,Michael Adrio, Peter Jones,Julieanne Maddocks,Sharron Smith,Maddy Allen,Michael Phillips,Paul Harrington,Mike Biddulph,Ashley Georgeson,Jessica Bayley,Chris Seaton,Jayne Bell, Ian Gardner,Ian Stott,Tom Potter,Elaine Jones,Graham Elliott,Thomas Ward,Graham Howell,Sharon Ainscough,Viv Morrison-Pipe,Ruaraidh Gillies,Angeline Dejong,Philip Dolding,Joseph Connor


PB brilliance from Joe Boden 16:28,Thomas Carroll 19:10,Lisa Grantham 19:12,Brian Seal 19:17,Adrian Thuraisingam 19:23,Alex Tarpey 19:59,Andy Everett 20:47,Steven Jackson 20:51,Michael Stone 21:25,Damien Parrington 21:43,Paul Bradley 21:54, Elaine Opara 21:56,Kevin Doogan 21:57,James Carroll 22:05,John Cannon 22:12,Zak Hayes 22:20,Sue Green 22:25,Chris Smalley 22:55,Howard George 23:07,John Walsh 23:08,Eve Parrington 23:19,Benjamin Newman 23:59,David Wynne 24:05,Martin Jones 24:05,Chris Morgan 24:17,Graeme Davies 24:55,Mark McMillen 24:57,Adam Marsh 25:01,Stan Williams 25:02,John Wright 25:16,Rory Williams 25:35,Alison Jones 25:37, Reece Dent 25:43,Henry Graham 25:45,Julie Smylie 25:45,Lewis Lecozannet 25:52, Paul Rawlinson 25:54,Andy McCullogh 26:22,Selina Howell 26:24,Tony Tarpey 26:33, Jane Cavanagh 26:59,Kate Render 27:13,Frank Griffiths 27:17,Amanda Green 28:02, Carl Ellison 28:38,Paula Hayes 28:57,Paul White 29:06,Lorna Quigley 29;47,Paula Ojok 31:04,Lynn Tarpey 31:10,Emily Stevenson 31:27,Helen Newman 31:41,Heather Reid 32;33,Niamh Walklett 32:45,Michelle Hawthorne 33:35,Sarah Medeiros 35:09,Claire Smith 35:13,Sam Endeacott 35:34,Graham Tate 36:10,Nithin Karyampudi 37:50, Shainaz Campbel 41:09,Peter Humphreys 42:20


Congratulations if you had a milestone today!


Historical Shentons for Liz Simpson 30:30 and Cheryl Harrington 36:36.


Our magnificent volunteers for this week were John "Folk Doctor" Armstrong,Steven Armstrong,David Berry,Gemma "Innovator" Cloney,Kelvin Dickinson,Caroline Hall, Natacha Holt,Nick Holt,Mark "Jet`s dad" Humphreys,James "T`Pau" Hurley,Kareen "Numbers" Porschke,Jo Porteous,Stuart "Shorts" Rickers,Carola Robinson,Jon "Apples" Rumley,Steve "G`day" Smith,Phil "Number 1 Welsh volunteer Stanley,Helen Stansfield, Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum",Margaret Whitfield,Patricia Wright.


We are on the facebook,the flickr and the instagram "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun".


Apologies,the crowd noise option wasn`t available this week but there is a Bulgarian translation available if you`re interested.

Have a good week,miss you loads and thanks for reading and indeed all other British places (Always wanted to do that!!)