The lost run reports #15 aka parkrun #63

We`re getting deeper into October now

Our numbers are beginning to rise

Popularity beckons I can only surmise

I know for sure,we`ve never had an appearance from Denise Wise

Or given away a prize

Oh there was that bottle for someone reaching a numbers milestone

NO!! NO!! That was strictly under the table

Or a made up fable

The subject is quickly changed by a commotion in the finish funnel

Could it be ? Could it be ? No,even going back in time there`s still no Sally Gunnell.


Hello! Good morning! Today`s parkrun is going back in time to Saturday October 8th 2016 when given the usual climatic conditions in Birkenhead at that time of year,I`m guessing it would`ve been wet but mild. We had 274 runners and 19 volunteers which is 14.42 of you per volunteer. Stat.


Our first finisher (male) was Phil Langan of Wirral AC in 16:18,then Andy McQue of Stoke AC with a new pb of 16:27 and David Brockway of Wirral AC with a pb of 16:34.

Our first finisher (female) was Lisa Grantham of Pensby Runners in a time of 19:43 (21st),then Carola Robinson of Mersey Tri in 22:10 (56th) and Zara White of Wirral AC in 22:20 (61st)

Today`s top 3 finisher time/date from history thing (new feature!) is 16:18. So what amazing thing happened in 1618? Fans of the dredger,you are in for a treat. Captain John Gilbert patented the first dredger in Britain this month!

Can`t say you haven't enriched your knowledge today.


Congratulations to everyone who was a first timer on this day. We hope you had a great morning whether it was your first parkrun evs or it was your first time visiting our wonderful park. We hope you've had loads of brilliant parkruns since!

Our first timers on this day were Stephen Waite,Keira Dunning,Polly Dunning,Matthew Lee,Craig Rowan,Owen Clarke,Diane Ennis,Werner Zimmermann,Kim Atkinson,Andy Egerton,Isaac Rimmer,Conrad Haynes,Cathy Earps,Ian Hilton,Joanne Cook,William Mansell,Philip Leighton,Connel Murphy,Nadine Murphy,Emma Beasor,Tom Euers,Ian Fulton,Jack Fryatt,Naomi Gallichan,Suzanne Symonds,Michael Delafield,Danny Woodworth,Debi Loveland,Margaret Catlow,David Klonowski,Rob Grantham,Richard Smith,Scott Eves,Keith Clarke,Stewart Foster,Hayley McNicholas,Ruth Pritchard,Stuart Blackburn,Anna Watkin,Stephen Watkin,Phil Dorr

It was the first parkrun today for our top snapper

Of photos that is,many of runners and people in hi vis,all looking dapper

Of runners giving their all around the park

And of unsuspecting volunteers and their bestsides

And also dogs about to bark

Thanks to Coolair for coming along and all the photos since

None of which featured a Prince or mince.


Pb awesomeness on this day from Andy McQue 16:27,David Brockway 16:34,Andrew Patterson 17:12,Ben Costello 18:13,Daniel Green 18:35,Greg Smith 19:17,Christopher Barnes 19:28,Steve Jolly 19:30,Ian Atkinson 19:47,Jon Hogg 19:57,Chris Brampton 20:02,Keith Brand 20:03,Chris Green 20:13,Neil Salt 20:20,Clive Beasor 20:38,Mark Wilmshurst 21:23,Benjamin Newman 21:50,Colin McPherson 21:55,Edward Kenny 21:56,Tom Gawne 21:57,Henry George 22:00,Howard George 22:13,Rob Waterman 22:24,James Barnes 22:30,Ian Gardner 22:32,John Walsh 22:38,Graham Elliott 22:58, Martin Gilmour 23:07,Richard Mathias 23:45,Ruaraidh Gillies 23:56,Claire Lester 24:27, Paula Hartharn-Evans 24:56,Trevor Chapman 24:58,Alison Jones 25:19,Tony Tarpey 25:30,Reece Dent 25:41,Henry Graham 25:42,Paul Harrington 25:51,Alison Engle 26:05,Elaine Jones 26:07,Joy Irvine 26:08,Peter Jones 26:09,Melanie Bartley 26:13, Vincent Hessey 26:32,Paul White 27:36,Kate Snell 27:44,Steve Bowers 28:09,Beth Chilvers 29:03,Carolyn Gillmore 29:05,Ian Stott 29:07,Zara Prescott 29:15,Sandra Birch 29:18,Helen Newman 29:57,Helen Measures 30:00,Jean Jameson 30:15,Lesley Bridson 30:17,Paula Ojok 30:18,Sharron Smith 30:19,Joyce Roberts 30:34,Joanne Roberts 30:35,Paul Gaines 30:45,Tessa Munt 30:54,Lynn Tarpey 30:59,Dave Peers 31:13,David Jolley 31:17,Lisa Rice 31:28,Sharon Ainscough 32:36,Graham Turner 33:02,Ben Green 33:25,Claire Smith 33:29,Amy MacDonald 33:32,Malene Wurtz 35:44, Ronald Spicer 39:30,Shainaz Campbell 40:48,Valerie Clark 50:36


Congratulations if you had a milestone today!


Historical Shentons for Brian Beecroft 19:19,neil Salt 20:20,Louise Powney 23:23, Anthony Brockway 25:25,Gill Potter 30:30


Our relentlessly fantastic volunteers were John "The Beard" Armstrong,Michael "Baywatch" Armstrong,Steven "Unrelated to the first two Armstrong`s" Armstrong, Sarah Briscoe,Gemma "The pink welly tail walker & innovator" Cloney,Peter Fraser, Mike "Jolene" Green,James "T`pau" Hurley,Liz Leay,Elaine Opara,Zoe Pearse,Kareen "Numbers" Porschke,Julian Priest,Stuart "Stubo" Rickers,Brian "El Presidente" Shenton, Helen Stansfield,Michael Stone,Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum.


We are on the facebook,the flickr and the instagram "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Hope you are well,miss you loads and still keep being safe,thank you. Thanks for reading as well.