The lost run reports #16 aka parkrun 64

`Twas parkrun number 64

Better than any that had gone before

It had time travel,aliens and ghosts that went "BOO!"

Oh no,my mistake, that was an episode I saw of Doctor Who.

Who? Doctor Who. Who? Who? Doctor Who,oh I give up!

Thankfully(depending on your opinion,you may think otherwise) not

Although we had a no show from NFL wide receiver Cooper Kupp

We had 268 of you through the funnel,not one was Terry Wogan

And no sign of either McColgan.


Hello! Good morning,afternoon or evening! Hope you are well! 140 days since our last parkrun but I`m not counting. Keep the faith! We`ll be back and hopefully the mandatory bringing of cakes for the volunteers will be something we can all get behind! No fruit ones though. And I`m not even kidding. Today`s parkrun is from Saturday 15th October 2016. It was cold with a slight rain, a fine rain which etc etc.


Our first finisher (male) was Phil Langan of Wirral AC in 16:27,then Peter Bird of Wallasey AC in 17:28 and Mike Green,Mike Green,Mike Green,Mike Greeeeeeeen of Wallasey AC and slightly more importantly,our core team joint,assistant,deputy,wotsit event director person thing.He ran a time of 18:08.

Our first finisher (female) was Amelia Ratcliff with a new pb of 19:56! (15th) Followed by Helen Stansfield of Wallasey AC with a Shenton of 21:21 (27th) and Vicky Kehoe of Wallasey AC in 22:14 (39th)

Today`s top 3 finisher time/date from history feature (which got rave reviews last week....well one clever person liked it) is Mike Green`s 18:08.What happened in 1808 or nearly 10 past 6? There was a Rum rebellion ("albeit short lived"),the only successful armed takeover of the government in Australia! On a lighter note,the 1st practical typewriter was finished by the an Italian,Pellegrini Turri. So the next few words typed are dedicated to him.

He also invented carbon paper as well.Respect.

That`s enough knowledge for now.Onto the amazing first timers from this day. Congratulations to all of you who came and did their first parkrun with us,whether it was your first parkrun evs or if you were visiting us for the first time.We hope you`ve had a great time at parkrun ever since!

Our first timers on this day were Josh Riser,Carys Barber,Falk Zimmermann,Alamor Zimmermann,Carmon Orosco,Rory O`Gorman,John Davies,Michael Barker,Kevin Harvey,Kate Edwards,Grace Harvey,Andrew Jex,Mel Schless,Danny McCrorie,David Wood,Roisin Foran,Sue Gardner,Karen Faloon,Claire Hazlehurst,Matthew Forshaw, Marion Barker,Neil Oakes,Mike Grundy,Carla Smith,Sarah Wood,Andrew Thomas, James Thomas,Robert Greenhalgh.


PB marvelousness on this day from Simon Fox 18:10,Adrian Thuraisingham 19:13, Chris Brampton 19:27,Philip Bird 19:39,Amelia Ratcliff 19:56,Philip Leighton 20:20, Chris Murphy 20:59,Paul Holmes 21:02,Ian Jones 21:16,Benjamin Newman 21:20, David Hodgson 21:59,Vicky Kehoe 22:14,Jac Chapman 22:42,Charlie Anderson 23:01, Richard Mathias 23:05,Paul Webster 23:15,Michelle Bennett 23:43,Mike Biddulph 24:04,Michele Alty 24:30,Paul Rawlinson 24:33,Adam Marsh 24:45,Elaine Jones 24:57,Conrad Haynes 25:05,Reece Dent 25:29,Henry Graham 25:36,Paul Harrington 25:45,Dickon White 25:48,Ian Chalmers 25:50,Melanie George 26:41,Kate Render 27:06,Paul White 27:16,M Kennedy 27:30,Paul Lester 27:30,Chris Byrne 27:33, Lucy Shayle 27:33,Mark Lightfoot 28:08,Ian Stott 28:31,Andrew Nolan 28:32,Carolyn Gillmore 28:56,Jean Jameson 29:08,Helen Measures 29:08,Naomi Gallichan 29:51, Ronnie Ashworth 30:09,Paula Ojok 30:17,Matthew Green 31:01,Heather Reid 31:57,Werner Zimmermann 32:20,Ben Green 32:36,Helen Allan 32:44,Connel Murphy 34:01,Nadine Murphy 34:01,Yasmin Ojok 34:30,Sarah Medeiros 34:50,Leon Walklett 35:14,Sarah Louise Parry 36:55,H Jones 37:08,Abigail Cragg-James 37:27,Cecilia Lewis 37:29,Georgina Cragg-James 38:31,Valerie Clark 50:19.


Congratulations if you had a milestone today!


Historical Shentons for Philip Leighton 20:20,Helen Stansfield 21:21,Zara White 22:22, Tom Potter 34:34.


Our upbeat,hilarious and downright jaunty volunteers on this day were Cathy Armstrong, John "The Folk Doctor" Armstrong,Julie Brownbill, Gemma "Gembo!" Cloney,Jem " Lord" Flashman,Mike "Jolene" Green,Sarah "Jolene Jolene" Green, Harry Greenhalgh,Isabella Greenhalgh,James "T`Pau" Hurley,Annette Jones,Liz Leay,Ultan "No A" Mulhern,Stuart "Stubo" Rickers,Jon "Apples" Rumley,Brian "Shenton" Shenton, Greg Smith,Phil "Number 1 Welsh volunteer" Stanley,Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum,Margaret "June" Whitfield.


We are on the facebook,the flickr and the instagram "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Hope you are all keeping well and tell your friends about Pellegrini Turri.

Thanks for reading!