The lost run reports #17 aka #parkrun 65

Before we get started this week I very rarely get requests but I was having a run down the park this morning with the pink welly lady aka Gemma C and we saw lots of parkrunners including our event director Steve who asked to be included in the run report.Seeing as he`s the boss,I am happy to oblige.Mollie the dog was soooooo ashamed.

So here`s a pre poem poem.


It was very hot down the park this morning

And whilst waiting for the on time challenged Gemma to arrive I wish there`d been a nearby awning

We saw lots of familiar faces including Steve,Jess and the legend that is Mollie

Also,2 running and 2 cycling from the Chalmers family.

We saw Jay and Hayley and lots from the run in Wirral group

We had a chat by the finish funnel and discussed a framework

But didn`t see Michael Buerk.


Enough of that malarkey.


The historical run reports haven`t got many to go

We`re now well into October,nearly 4 years ago

We had nearly 300 runners on that cold,freezing morn

But none possessed a French horn

There was no sign of Wogan,McColgan or even Hulk Hogan

Nor even Jamie Carragher aka Carra

Although could the unknown 2nd placed runner be Mo Farah?



Hello! Hope you are well! Good to see so many familiar faces in the park this morning. Loads of space to run and the car free roads are very nice indeed.Today`s historical run report is from Saturday 22nd October 2016. There`ll be three more of these,possibly 4 as my first one showed all the sophistication and quality of an England middle order batsman ,then a best of the run report feature,then a week later who knows? I might just put some repeats on, let me know if you`ve got any ideas.


Our first finisher (male) this week was Andrew Gawne in a time of 16:53,next was Mr Unknown then Jay "New job" Walker of Wallasey Ac in 17:53 and Bryan Stevenson of Wallasey AC in 18:04. Mike "Jolene" Green of volunteer fame was next in 18:20

Our first finisher (female) was Bryony Seed in 21:57(37th) then Elaine Opara of Wallasey AC in 22:01 (39th) and Eve Duret of West Cheshire AC in 22:17 (42nd)


Today`s top 3 finisher time/date from history feature is Eve Duret`s 22:17. Hmm, according to this,Tranmere Rovers win the Premier League,Port Vale the Europa League and Derby County the Champions League whilst Liverpool and Everton languish in League 2. Time travel eh?


Congratulations to all the first timers who joined us on this day! Whether it was your first time evs or you were visiting us for the first time, we hoped you had a great time and you`ve been to loads of parkruns since.Shout out to Merseyside`s number 1 bus driver,Dave Moore!

Our absolutely wonderful first timers on the day were Richard Lyons,Jack Harvey,Ryan Bennett,Harry Harvey,Catherine Dutton,Ruth Simpson,Rachael Dodson,Amelia Cushing,Trudy Bedford,Joanne Green,Nikki Matthews,John Cronin,Peter Hart,Jonny Smith,Emily Williams,Kirsty Buckley,John-Lloyd Quayle,Anna Simpson,Toby Chanin, Elizabeth Butler,Maria Stephenson,Eve Duret,Sarah Cronin,Denis Duret,Mary Ritchie, Claire Hopkins,David Roper,Charlene Bimpson,Paul Morton,Trish Monks,Dave Parry, Tracy Sherlock,David Gain,Michael Rimmer,Ian Cochran,Antony Smith,David Moore, Wendy Jones,Matt Gillbanks,Tom Gillbanks,Vicky Osayande,Laura Boyes


PB superbness from Michael G Waring 18:40,Matthew Dowsett 18:41,Steve Jolly 19:27,Laurie Hill 19:35,Benjamin Newman 21:05,Phil Matthews 21:06,David Berry 21:27,Edward Kenny 21:54,John Walsh 21:58,Graham Elliott 22:33,Charlie Anderson 22:46,Michelle Bennett 23:32,Paul Rawlinson 23:40,Richard Jacobs 23:56,Luke McCullough 24:14,Dermot Ferguson 24:15,Anne Fleming 24:31,Kate Edwards 24:35, Sam Treanor 24:42,Brunhild Wilson 25:11,Danny McCrorie 25:33,Melanie Bartley 26:04,Paul White 26:18,Chris Seaton 26:22,Anne Kirby 26:26,Mike Smith 26:26, Kate Render 26:47,Norman Seddon 26:51,Paula Walker 26:52,Grace Harvey 27:15,Victoria Roberts 27:29,Roy Wood 27:39,Jason Scott 27:43,Stewart Foster 27:48,David Byrne 27:56,Rhona Walklett 28:14,Helen Measures 28:25,Dijon Gledhill 29:06,Emily Burdett 29:22,Jake McGinity 29:24,Naomi Gallichan 29:29,Mary Magee 29:38,Joanne Roberts 29:46,Joyce Roberts 30:17,Tom Potter 30:38,Emily Stevenson 31:03,Heather Reid 31:19,Amy MacDonald 31:47,Helen Allan 32:19,Kevin Harvey 32:41,Hannah Cragg- James 33:12,Sam Endeacott 35:18,Sarah Parry 35:19,H Jones 36:48,Cecilia Lewis 36:54,Abigail Cragg-James 37:00,Sue Gardner 37:05,Marion Barker 37:42,Michael Barker 37:53,Georgina Cragg-James 38:20,Martha Newns 39:07,Zara Ogedengbe 39:47


Congratulations if you had a milestone today!


Historical Shentons for Anne Kirby 26:26,Mike Smith 26:26,Naomi Gallichan 29:29, Amelia Cushing 36:36,Shainaz Campbell 42:42,Liz Leay 52:52


Our worthy of much appreciation volunteers were Jason Abbott,John "The Folk Doctor "The beard" Armstrong,Gemma "Innovator,She was right and she will mention it repeatedly" Cloney,Mike "Jolene" Green,James "T`Pau" Hurley,Liz "Shenton" Leay, Ultan "The Caravan man" Mulhern,Kareen "Numbers" Porschke, Louise Powney,Stuart "Surf dude" Rickers, Jon "Lovely" Rumley,Brian "Shenton" Shenton,Steve "Bright shoes" Smith,Kay "I`m still" Standing,Helen Stansfield,Sue "Cowbell queen" Sturgeon.


We are on the facebook,the flickr and the instagram "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Hope you are all keeping well and if you`re reading this in the summer of 2217,you`ll be thinking,he was right with those predictions!

Stay safe and thanks for reading,I do like doing this.