The Brian Shenton “Shenton” Database


So here it is. You didn`t ask for it and I know some people will be thinking what? why? how? really? Woof? (Thanks Marvin!) All the Shentons in one place.Worked on it along with the historical run reports which I hope you`ve enjoyed.

First though,a few words from the man himself!

"A few years ago,after parkrun, I was chatting about an alternative to chasing elusive PB`s. The time of 23:45 came to mind,followed by 23:23 ,then I was told about the Fibonacci sequence so 23:58 came into play. I tried to run these times but they proved as elusive as a pb!

Chatting about these times on a dm group on twitter,others threw their respective times into the pot,28:28,30:30 etc. Somebody in the group gave them the title of a "Shenton", Then to my surprise Jon unleashed the term into the parkrun run reports. "Shentons" can apply to any race,distance or training run although they`re yet to be ratified by the UKA. My all time favourite  was run by a #teamgreen friend,Alison....a 50 mile ultra in a time of 11:11:11! The recent 5k record of 12:35 was so close to a "Shenton",he`ll just have to go out and try again!

Cheers and enjoying your running.

Brian err what`s my name?"


Thanks Brian!

A few facts for you - Our first Shenton was Al Currie with his 20:20 at our first ever parkrun and Jackie Harwood with a 34:34,ran our most up to date one at our last parkrun.

The most Shentons and surely worthy of a place in the inevitable Shenton Hall of Fame, take a bow Nick Laing with 7 just ahead of Stephen Lllewellyn and Mark Wilmshurst on 6 with Brian Seal and Alex Holland on 5.The Shenton of Shenton,Brian has 3.

Helen Stansfield  and Carola Robinson have 3 Shentons.

Beckie Waterton has the biggest gap between Shentons,running them at parkrun 2 and 235.

If you've spread your Shentons over several different times, you can have a look below,count them up and let me know if you've got multiple ones.I`ll add you to this bit.

On the core team volunteer front,Mike Green leads the way with 3 ,not very closely followed by Stu Rickers,Gemma Cloney and Jon Rumley with 1.None for Steve,James, Ultan,Ruth,John or Steve.

Unfortunately,no dog Shentons have been counted.Sorry woofs.



17:17 - Richard Webster (3),Rob Pearse (30),Phil Langan (151),Matthew Gawne (157), Jay Walker (169),James Kimber (199),Jay Brittles (205),Luke Hampshire (236),

18:18 - Jake Goodwin (32),Peter Simpson (35),Jonathan Cater (57),Paul Ainsworth (85),David Lilley (99),Liam Gawne (105),Steve Welsh (130),Daniel Hayes (151,160), Mike Green (161,220),Luke Hampshire (198),Chris Towers (227),

19:19 - Juliet Hodder (13),Gary Parker (29),Matthew Dowsett (42),Corin Willis (59), Brian Beecroft (63),Chris Brampton (67),Sean Britton (70),Chris Nisbet (74),Jack Bernhem (76),Michael Carroll (96),Chris Cooper (119),George Bateman (139),Lee Cookson (152),Kevin Charleston (158),Joe McDevitt (160),Paul Skipper (166),Mike Green (171),Paul Sant (177),Dave Alcock (180),Charlotte Towers (180),Derri Henderson (181),Neil Burdett (197),Phil Bacon (213),Andrew Fraser (227),

20:20 - Al Currie (1),David Taylor (8),Dominic Roberts (11),Maggie Cooper (27),Tom Murphy (31),David Nalder (40),Jon Hogg (40),Andy Pritchard (52),Neil Salt (63), Philip Leighton (64),Chris Simmonds (67),Stephen Norton (68,81,183),Stephen Bird (70),Keith Brand (82),Helen Stansfield (104,131),Brian Seal (112,156,190,212),Philip Bird (119,189), Darren Dowdall (129),Paul Bentley (131),Katie Bagley (137,186),Mike Green (140), Zoe Brunton (141,192),Amber Neal (153),Richard Burrows (159),Nestor Salazar (162),Brian Middleton (164),Darren Dowdall (166),Robert Neary (167),Matthew Rutherford (180),Emily Jeacock (184),Neil Cameron (185),Yvie Ryan (206),Chris Boardman (207),Chris Ball (215),Rachael Theobald (218),Ian Lawson (221),Kevin Hall (226),Nick Mansell (227),Kate Green (236),

21:21 - Mark Franey (7),Rolf Bernhem-Parter (11),Philip Williams (12),Alex Holland (14,101),Neil Blakemore (28),Darren Dowdall (34),Stephen Cole (37),BRIAN SHENTON (46),Hideo Takano (57),Michael Carroll (58),Ciaran Lynch (61,129),Helen Stansfield (64), Ian Rowlands (66),Keith Brand (67),Joseph Ryan (74),Phil Naylor (83,117),Henry Timewell (90,100,115),Jamie Davies (93),Rob Courtney (104),Ian McNeill (105), Alan Wood (106),Mark Griffiths (108),Caroline Hall (109),Gareth Langford (111),Paul Taylor (125),Grant Henderson (125),Jack O`Connell (126),Edward Kenny (140,232),David Nalder (142),Patrick MacDonough (143),Michael Stewart (146), Noel Ford (151),Danny Lawson (153,183),Matt Routledge (156),Lucy Hignett (159),Brian Seal (160),Sean Deehan (163),David Allison (164),Jeremy Richards (169),Mark Hyland (178),Andrew Cole (188),Freya Wood (190),Toby Gribbin (193),Andrew Boyd (198), Tallulah Brady-Jones (200),Rachael Theobald (202),Gareth Langford (203),Joshua Hatton (205),Martyn Jones (206),Duncan Redpath (210),Paul Collins (212),Karl Bunnell (217),Nick Smyth (218),Harry Kaye (224),Stephen Norton (225),Brian Beecroft (231),Chris Jones (233),Nathan Roche (235),Patrick Burke (236), Andy Wright (237),

22:22 - Robert Aldcroft (2),Neil Rees (5),Les Kennedy (7),Darren Thomas (16),John Cannon (26),Stephen Cole (29),David Berry (30),Carola Robinson (32,38),Matt Routledge (32),Isabel Hodder (46),Alan Mellor (49),Gary Johnstone (52),Tom Forshaw (59),Dave Bibby (60),Paul Holmes (61),Zara White (64),Caroline Hall (67),Chris Morgan (70),Daniel Ruygrok (77),David Berry (77),Mark Gibbons (94,129),Alex Hogg (99),Adam Warren (103),Gary Robertson (105),David Dodgson (106),Peter Lee (109),Brian Steen (110),Henry Smith (112),Neil Morgan (117),David Mellor (121),Katherine Andrews (125),Phil Naylor (127),Josh John (128),Ian McNeill (130),Mark Downie (136),Luke McCullough (138),BRIAN SHENTON (139),Mike Dyson (140),Mark Hyland (151), Chris Falls (154),Stuart Jackson (154),Craig Reilly (159),Jack Bendrey (159),Karl Bunnell (160),Sam Jackson (162),Clive Beasor (169),Peter Holbert (172),Greg Smith (173), Gary Johnstone (175),Richard Shayle (177),Alex Holland (180,229),Claire Campbell (184), Emma Fildes (192),Gary Svennson (194),Louie Hazlehurst (197),Ben Williams (197), Peter Barham (198,216),Sean Deehan (198),Martyn Jones (200),Mark Wilmshurst (216),Howard Garde (224),Mark Griffiths (225),Paul Collins (227),Richard Sample (228),Sean Dyer (232),Matthew Van Miert (233),Peter Hampshire (236),Katie Peers (238),

23:23 - William Green (1,2),Mark Cooper (3),Jan Fridriksson (12),Luke Williams (12), John Cannon (17,27),Mike Studley (18),Jo Porteous (28),Jason Abbott (36),Sarah Corran (37),Louise Powney (39,63),Geoff Robson (42),Maria Brockway (48),Mark Wilmshurst (75,87,155,236),Carola Robinson (76),Ian Reid (79),Eleanor Dobson (79),Nick Laing (86,94,122,133,149),Gary Johnstone (90),Lee Trett (90), Liz Danson (91),Jacey Clark (93),Michael Clay (95,97),Ruaraidh Gillies (98),Alex Yem (101),Elaine Cuthbert (108),Nicola Griffiths (112),Graham Mitchelson (116),Stewart Foster (117,184),Zak Hayes (124),Matt Routledge (128,215),Alex Holland (130),Paul Stuart (137),Russell Jacques (148), Mark Baxter (153),Stephen Llewellyn (157,179,214),Barry McDonnell (166),Thomas Stocker (167),Joshua Edwards (168),Richard Shayle (169),Michele Alty (173),Philip Ringrose (174),Pete Darwent (177),Andy Everett (181),Jane Dasgupta (183),David Berry (183),Olivia Catterall (191),Camille Askins (196),Jake Ellis (197), BRIAN SHENTON (198),Robert Welsh (199),Dean Palmer (200),Cairan Piercy (204), Alison MacDonald (210,224),Alan Routledge (211),Mark Pickard (213),Martin Gray (215), Josh John (218),Mike Burns (220),Helene Gilmour (220),David Quirk (221),David Craddock (221),Shaun Duffy (222),Howard Garde (223),Ian McNeill (226),Adam Leary (228),Matthew Billinge (228),Jack Turner (229),Jessica Relf (230),Miranda Melling (238),

24:24 - Malcolm Davies (6),Uyai Ikpatt (11),Andrew White (14),Ali Heath (15),Alan McGarrity (20),Neil Plested (22),David Hemmings (24),James Kent (25),Chris English (26),James Kent (30),Jem Flashman (35),Raul Mur (49),Keith Wood (57),Graham Pomphrey (59),Miriam Collister (68),Ryan Davies (71),Ben Moore (78),David Tarpey (81),Jim Fedigan (82,180),Andrew Stewart (84),Louise Powney (87),David Moore (88), Keith Wood (90),Jamie Myles (93),Charlie Anderson (94),Roger Smith (98,105),Alison MacDonald (112),David McAlister (112),Kerry Graves (117),Millie Mercer (119),Les Kennedy (126),Stephen Cole (130),Susan Reynolds (135,187),Andrew O`Connell (136), Amy Gee (137),Paul Webster (141),Kristopher Lewis (142),Paul Moran (142), Ruaraidh Gillies (143),Russell Jacques (153),Andrew Corscaden (154),Nick Laing (155,205),Mark Baxter (157),Helen Kemp (158),Anthony Bailey (159),Sarah Smith (160),Jamie Bennett (165),John Taylor (167),Jo Porteous (168),Toby Graham (170),Dan Seddon (174), Thomas Clegg (174),John Henderson (176),Martin Gray (182),Andrew Almond (183), Stephen McKeown (185),Harry Clark (186),Mark Daniels (194),Giles Bresnan (194),Adam Todd (195,198,209),Andrew Hemsley (195),Shiraz Ziya (196), Andy Stewart (197),John Devlin (204),Colin Thomson (206),Delilah Harty (207), Ged Howard (209),Peter Wesley (210),Toby Graham (211),Yvette Porter (213), Francis Slavin (215),Amber Neal (218),Paul Whyatt (222),Alan Todd (226),Mark Richmond (227),Sallie Holt (229),Nick Holt (229),Thomas Smout (233),Ian Fewtrell (237),Brian Williams (238),

25:25 - David Taylor (7),Ian Teale (17),Paul Cunningham (18),Katharine Robertson (19),Ellie Tilston (23),Richard Tessyman (27),David Gawne (31),Ben Moore (32), Philip Oates (34),Malcolm Davies (40),Debbie Keating (47),Alice Wilson (49),Ian Teale (50),Ian Davidson (59),Anthony Brockway (63,94),Geoff Robson (75),Warren McNally (76), Roger Smith (78),Karl Delamar (84),Wendy Moore (88),Ben Parsons (90),Thomas McCabe (99),Trevor Strickley (104,105),Peter Hampshire (110),Richie Franklin (111), Keith Weston (114),John O`Neill (122),Jon Mason (125),John Peerless (127),Dave Freeman (130),Dan Seddon (137),Jennifer Price (142),James Sliwka (144),Dave Hughes (152),Michael Chan (156),Kerry Graves (159),Donna McKeown (165), Christopher Matthews (166),Catherine Lucadello (167),Andy Everett (171,220),Terry Adams (176),Phil Stanley (177),Andrew Almond (178),Phil Naylor (182),Stephen Christian (183),Neall MacLeod (184),David Simmons (186),Jill Wright (187),Jane Dasgupta (188), Michael Roberts (188),Rachel Greaves (189),Kerry Graves (191),Paul Johansen (194), Tim Jones (195),Lisa Jones (196),Helen Alexander (196),Keith Clarke (196),Helen Measures (197),Tom Smith (199),Paul Webster (200),Tony Holmes (201,203,233), Alexandra Brennan (203),Andrew Beastall (204),Rosemary Rogers (205,206),Andrew Budd (206),Patrick Davis (206),Ian Fewtrell (209),Laura Reese (212),Adrian Blackie (212),Angela Burke (218),Stephen Llewellyn (220),Alan Jones (222),Benji Hatch (226),Peter Galienne (228),David Limbrick (228),Rennell Smith (229), Natalie Stavrou (231),Mike Moss (232),Patrick Hadfield (234),Colin Lamprey (237),

26:26 - Richard Campbell (3)(6),Stephen Forster (5),Freya Burns (11),Wendy Morton (13),Alex Hogg (15),Matthew Acheson (27),Russell Madden (31),Graham Ledgerton (33),Phil Malone (35),Laura Potter (36),James Taylor (38),Thomas Britton (39,45),Jordi Saez Dominguez (44),Evie Smith (50),Sarah Smith (50),Katherine Andrews (55),Anne Kirby (65),Ian Kirby (70),David Wood (75),Pete Glavin (76),Ann Kent (79),Mark Baxter (83).David Gray (84),Phil Lewis (93),Ged Shannon (96),Carol Bedwell (103),Louise Powney (109),Sam Darby (115),Blaise Davies (118),Russell Jacques (118),Patrick Allen (121),Catherine Burke (124),Mark Wilmshurst (128),Alan Daanoy (135),Tessa Lupton (137),Lucy Wood (138),Jill Wright (140),David Hughes (144),Finlay McGrath (152),Ian Teale (155),Paula Hayes (158),Alfred Morris (159),Wendy Morton (163),Barry Farley (163),Abs Ali (165),Nathan Bartley (167),Niamh Penni (168),Ian McCormack (172),Ian Fewtrell (175),Karl Horgan (185),Mark Simmons (186),Ian Knowles (188), Helen Titu (188),Richard Jacobs (190,208),Jan McArd (195),Sam Stringer (196),Keith Douglas (199),Heidi Rogers (201),Paul Bentley (202),Roger Smith (203),Teck Chon (209),Mark Simmons (212),Amy Bowness (216),Lee Birkett (220),Simon Ellis-Jones (222),Stephen Christian (222),Andrew Kitchinson (224),Matthew Goodwin (225), David Kimpton (228),Phil Allison (229),Laura Reese (230),Callum Logan (233),Derek Holcroft (233),Chris Allen (235),Colin Mair (236),Lewis Morris (238),David Morris (238),

27:27 - Jan McArd (7),Susan Frowe (12),Sally Miller (15),Tom France (29),Wendy Morton (29),William Hampshire (33),Toby Anderson (41),Lindsay Hitchmough (48), Joy Irvine (57),Allan Cooper (60),Ged Shannon (67),Andrew Beaumont (74),Claire Batty (78),Ashton Smith (79),Robyn Wright (83),Darren Jones (96),Ian Chalmers (100,101), Charlie Kennedy (103),Jennifer Harbord (108),Logan Wade (118),Steven Armstrong (126),Martin Simmons (128),Robin Kingsbury (131),Hayley McNicholas (133),Isaac Simmons (136),Amy Freeman (142),Derek Freeman (142),Christopher Byrne (150), Colin Peckham (151),Lloyd Fisher (152),Cara Loughran (156),Laura Smith (158), Gabi Shanahan (159),Emily Daly (160),Jayne Gibson (163),John Brown (167),Jamie Jones (170),Mo Osborne (171),Adam Landrum (175),Adam Leary (176),Sue Williams (179), David Lewtas (180),Gemma Cloney (183),Danny de Brabander (184),Nadia Kaye (188),Ricardo Hoshiko (189),Kevin Brown (191),Janet Downward (192),Geoffrey Lamb (194),Pauline Roberts (195),Philippa Kidd (196),Nigel Sperring (202),Sarah Bibby (207), Karl Horgan (208), Mark Easton (209),Paul Tam (211),Iain Gopsill (216),Nina Karyampudi (217),Graeme Harris (217),Mark Baxter (218),Derek Jones 225),Melanie George (226),Lee Fulton (227),Kerry Dunning (228),Sarah Lees (229),Richard Shayle (230),Josh Quigley (234),

28:28 - Benjamin Lindfield (11),Nick Corran (27),Declan Whelligan-Woodworth (34), Dylan Jones (36),Laura Johns (49),Alison Leach (53),John Skyner (74),Danielle Rowe (80),Ashley Newnham (82),Howard Garde (83),Anders McGivern (84),Samantha Crane (85),Sarah McDonnell (85),Sarah Bibby (89),James Dillon (94),John O`Neill (104),David Light (105),Rachel Leah (106),Andy Taylor (107),Elizabeth Horsfield (108),Nick Lown (118),Carly Evans (131),Andrew Fisher (132),Phil Mason (134),Helen Alexander (134), Tessa Lupton (135),Helen Titu (135),Paddy Flashman (137),Ian Body (139),Paul Clarke (143),Tash Mealor (144),Jane Good (144),Samantha Lacey (148),Andrew Cain (151), Warren Davidson (152),Lucy Hampshire (155),Diane McArdle (159),Jane Dasgupta (160),Sally Williamson (163),Lynne Corley (164),Paul Tam (165),Simon Smith (177), Aiden Hampson (178),Aaren Hampson (178),David Evans (183,216),Peter Buzzard (185), Carrie-Ann Berry (191),Carla Smith (195),David Wiggins (196),Laurence Tottle (198), Emma Smith (199),Paulina Balicka (200),Melinda Kinsman (202),Greg Smith (202), Anthony Hogan (204),Angelica Noorpuri (205),Christina Clark (206),Aidan Glover (207), Steven Armstrong (209),Lucy Sedgewick (212),Sandra Freeman (218),Ian Chalmers (221),Derek Jones (223),Joshua Britten (228),Adrian Blackie (231),Kerry Ashcroft (233),Jeffrey Daniels (235),Stephen Lllewellyn (235),Mark Daniels (237), Mia Davies (238),Daniel Pennington (238),

29:29 - Beckie Waterton (2,235),Nick Flynn (11),Roy Dexter (23),Sue Rimmer (28),Julie Humphreys (29),Rosie Hughes (36),Ellis Fisher (39),Michael Nolan (52),Amanda Schofield (54),Patrick James (59),Naomi Gallichan (65),Jennifer Devine (77),Doug Haynes (85),Liz Simpson (88),Andrew Hughes (93),Phil Wood (94),Tim Pemberton (95),Mary Sinnott (100), Christina Oakes (100),Peter Barham (101),Malcolm Sutton (103),Samantha Crane (108),Marie Bower (111),Lorraine Davies (118),Keith Lewis (122),Sarah Kirkbride (133), Niamh Walklett (135,136), Abs Ali (137),Tamsin Hatch (138),Katrina Brady-Jones (138), Ann Holmes (144),Lynda Powell (158),Carrie Duckworth (159),Ricardo Hoshiko (167), Darren Smith (169),Gina Jacques (171),Gareth Morris (171),Donna Roddan (172,178),Sam Corkill (176),Barbara Gregory (179),Jane Cavanagh (180),Lewis Morris (181),Matt Kerrigan (181),Paul Ezard (182),Joseph McArdle (184),Jenny Higgins (185), Mike Grundy (185),Rachel Holcroft (189),Andrew Atkinson (194),Lucy Burdett (195), Niall Keating (196),Paulina Balicka (204),Aidan Glover (206),Amanda Parkinson (209), Kathy McDonald (210),Rachel Leah (211),Helen Asher (212),Graham Turner (213), Sidney Molyneux (213),Sarah Shaw (215),Chris Munt (218),John Brown (223),Rachel Hatton (226),Jennifer Warburton (227),Patrick Sanderson (229),Nick Sanderson (229), Viv Samuelson (231),Charlie Scudder (232),Mark Scudder (232),Olivia Denman (233), Emily Daly (234),Sybil Leeman (236),Kenneth Stocker (236), Leanne Cordingley-Wright (237),

30:30 - Debra Gallivan (5),Liane Lloyd (25),Dijon Gledhill (29,146),Elizabeth Davies (43), Sandra Birch (47),Tom Brady (49),Phil Hagan (51),Mary Sinnott (52),Christine Roberts (61),Phil Malone (61),Liz Simpson (62),Gill Potter (63),Paula Ojok (66),Ruth McCaul (77),Eleanor Stirrett (84),Devin Whelligan-Woodworth (84),Helen Measures (86), Kanella-Eleni Karamani (89),Donna McKeown (96),Chay Kewley (100),Julie Parsons (107),Victoria Matheson (111),Darren Jones (112),Catherine Cuthbert (126),Robert Griffin (126),Mark Lightfoot (129),Helen Leadbetter (134),Mark Pritchard (134),Rachel Trett (135),Ian Woodward (137),Mary Magee (139),Andrew Nickson (144),Gill Colling (145),Jane Gawne (151),Frank Griffiths (152),Matthew Acheson (158),Kathy McDonald (163),Graham Tate (167),Gaynor Simpson (168,235),Lucy Hampshire (175),Alison Collier (176),Mike Howarth (178),Clive Reeder (182),Nina Howarth (183),Joe Delaney (183),Carolyn Gillmore (185),Justin Bell (205),Andy Jones (207),Lesley-Anne Cucksey (207),Simon Higgs (209),Victoria Bradley (210),Isla Neal (212),Kelly Clark (212),Clare Pennington (212),Mel Heale (216),Stephen Cole (216), Shelly Marie Kemp (220),Mike Holbrook (221),Graham Turner (226),Nigel Hobson (230),Kay Standing (234),Andrew Davies (236),Ben Chase (238),

31:31 - Joanne Whelan (5),Sheila McCann (6),Claire Robson (9),Margaret Whitfield (28),Eleanor Brady (34),Ann Robson (39),Lindsey Hitchmough (45),Margaret Ray (80), Darren Jones (81),Angela Gray (83),Joseph Barham (94),Mark Pritchard (109),Kevin Stock (113),William Whitehurst (116),Derek Ralphs (121),Susanne Burns (132),Kris Hodgson (132),Laura Jane Davidson Smith (135),Jamie Denyer (147),Oscar Wilson (147),Sally Williamson (148,204),Jan Davies (161),Harry Finlay (165),Abs Ali (168),Stephen Walker (169),Ruth Wilson (171),Sandy Hodson (174),Jane McGee (175),Stephen Hope (177),Ben Green (183),Dugald Moore (191),Conor Lockley (195),Andy Jones (202), Rachel Scott (202),Paul Mooney (203),Helen Perkins (209), Ashley Johnson (209),Phillip Davies (212),Kayley Moore (213),John Millward (214), Kevin Garvey (217),Jane Berry (220),Kay Standing (222),Wendy Newton (230),Jan Foley (231),Clare Pennington (234),Isobel Hughes (234),Liz Simpson (235),Joel Cross (236),

32:32 - Andrea Bradbrook (4),Eleanor Brady (30),Kenny Moon (34),Lauren Mooney (54),Helen Measures (54),Jake McGinty (61),Kanella-Eleni Karamani (67),Colin Tyrer (67),Catherine Merity (75),Helen Allan (85),Karuna Karyampudi (101),Samantha Harrison (103),Michelle Hawthorne (109),Samuel Forshaw (119),Christopher Jones (133),Katt Thomas (134),Jean Hughes (147),John Klepka (149),Marcella Sait (153),Carol Williams (156),Julia Wright (158),Sally Brunt (162),Heather Reid (164),Anne Hayward (167),Rosie O`Sullivan (170),Joanne Timewell (174),Diane Duret (178), Natalie Garrod (181),Helen Keay (183),Paul Ezard (185),Florence Ost (185),Sue Euers (190),Aaron McDaid (194),Julie Clarke (200),Lynn Tarpey (201),John Milward (202), Paul Quigley (206),Jill Feathers (206),Andrew Hamill-Stewart (207),Alison Gibbons (210),Zoe Dunning (211),Richard Dunning (211),Alan Smail (215),Zachary Roberts (221),Gary Roberts (221),Peter Flynn (224),Lucy Ashcroft (227),Carmel Wright (231), Ronald Barber (231),Mike Holbrook (234),Euan Bradford (235),Jill Wright (236), Sue Roberts (238),

33:33 - Sarah Jones (33),James Smith (44),Gabrielle Ineson (44),Ellenor Morris (53), Sara Morris (53),Gayle Redman (71),Tamsin Hatch (85),Ian Skill (85),Peter Edwards (92),Amy Leeman (95),Jane Roberts (104),Anna Culkin (105),Neil Toner (106), Catherine Merity (111),Amy Quinn (126),Andrew Cross (128),Dawn Strachan (144), Rebecca Britten (145),Sarah Moss (145),Lisa Ost (152),Mark Spooner (158),Zara Prescott (158),Andrea Cameron (160),Stuart Rickers (170),Lushanthi Edirisooriya (187),Patricia Mooney (194),Carol Noorpuri (207),Kevin Stock (210),Amanda Fisher (216),Andy Doorey (217),Irene Ward (228),Jasmine Rogan (232),Paul Rogan (232), Louise Shields (234),Helen Keay (235),Mike Turpin (237),Jan Lee (238),Victoria Gibson (238),

34:34 - Benjamin Lindfield (2),Gareth James (2),Lizzie Elliott (16),Liz Morfett (25), Ailis Murphy (30),Susan Cooil (34),Thomas Kingsbury (39),Jenny Carter (50),George Everett (52),Tom Potter (64),Michael Hawkyard (67),Adam Potts (77,102),Tansy Forrest-Takano (89),Joseph Barham (91),Georgia Hatton (100),Sandra Freeman (105),Isabelle Clark (109),Hollie Freeman (110),Aaren Hampson (111,116),Steve Mack (123),Alix Gardiner (123),Luca Dawson (144),Jane Everett (166),Giles Bresnan (167),John Vargas (169),Judith Ebbrell (171),Debbie Griffin (177),Helen Keay (178),Katy Liddell (179),Sarah Gray (180),Josie Hartharn (183),Jennifer Hall (185),Shelly Kilshaw Yates (185),Lucy Jones (197),Vikki Rothwell (198),Kanella-Eleni Karamani (202),Nick Rae (205),Mel McArdle (223),Stephen Hope (226),Emma Phillips (231),Gill Lightfoot (231), James Roberts (234),Jackie Harwood (238),

35:35 - Christine Kirby (1),Dylan Hoey (12),Lesley Brown (34),Barbara Adamska (90), Josh Conroy (90),Andy Conroy (90),Carmel Edwards (101),Marion Toner (106),Julie Toner (137),Rebecca Moore (137),Olabanjo Sulaiman (152),Naima Rafferty (157), Rebecca Lewis (158),Jennifer Hall (171),Clare Peers (178),George Manning (179), Geoff Nuttall (181),Tony Dooley (183),Mike Rodgers (183),Moll Hodson (184),Marion Barker (189,199),Emily McArdle (194),Grace Pickles (195),Jan Thomson (201),Nick Rae (208),Ann Holmes (213),Michelle Heighton (222),Catherine Wall (223),Angie Galer (224),Sandra Hamel (226),Carol Williams (233),Graham Pugh (234),

36:36 - Alison Brady (34),Gill Edwards (37),Stephen Cole (44),Ann Robson (47),Chris Harrison (59),Amelia Cushing (65),L Sinnott (80),Janny Kelly (83),Hollie Freeman (103), Kim Lloyd Simmons (148),Jacqui McIlroy (154,163),Olabanjo Sulaiman (156),Colin Hale (163),Ben Green (167),Jan Murphy (168),Jennifer Hall (177),Joseph McArdle (178),Jan Thomson (181),Zachary Roberts (182),Gary Roberts (182),Nicola Thomas (197),Jenny Wood (203),Stephen Llewellyn (207),Jack Kiley (228),Charlotte Bradford (235),Andrew Sutcliffe (236),

37:37 - Sarah Gill (43),Melissa Bayley (43),Mel McArdle (53),Ben Chase (55),Kevin Gorry (69),Alexandra Denye (92),Helen Bower (99),Dylan O`Neill (103),Richard O`Neill (103),Rebecca Hulse (129),Keith Clarke (134),Lisa Ost (136),Ben Green (161),Emily James (162),Liam Prescott (162),David Parkin (169),Grainne Donnelly (169),Carla Emery (185),Sarah Bradford (188,233),Anastasia Cuthbert (188),Sinead Adams (189), Joanne France (190),Richard Holt (210),Simon Carter (214),Ammi Lee (222),Jordan Ezard (223),Joseph Chalmers (230),Margaret Whitfield (235),

38:38 - Linda Haynes (1),Clemmie Dilworth (52),Felipa Kingsbury (81),Shainaz Campbell (111),Girven McDaid (140),James Morris (149),Claire Scudder (150),Jennifer Hawcutt (159),June Keeling (170),Isabella Gorry (179),Francesca Wallace (179),Gary Roberts (181),Colleen Halpin (184),Paul Beddow (205),Tracey Meyers (209),Jennie Stiles (213),Jan Taylor (229),Adam Jennings-O`Toole (236),

39:39 - Robin Kingsbury (30),Joseph Chalmers (52),Melissa Roberts (100),Sharon Light (128),Andrew Fletcher (130),Giju George (139),Melissa Fletcher (183),Louise Fury (217),Lony Gibb (224),Martha Newns (225),

40:40 - Cathy Armstrong (3),Eleanor Cheah (6),Sue Foster (101),Valerie Nagle (148), Anne McArdle (153),Gill Edwards (192),Alison Sait (221),

41:41 - Alison Brady (17),Jane Roberts (91),Annette Jones (150),Bill Preston (177), Neeta Sherlock (233),

42:42 - Mandeep Singh (48),Shainaz Campbell (65),Ava Morrissey-Woollam (90),Sarah Green (152),Sue Foster (154),

43:43 - Alison Brady (16),Samantha Stevens-Clay (103),David Parkin (159),Geraldine Keay (185),Maureen Frizzle (215)

44:44 - Liz Danson (26),Tina Lawless (123),James Roberts (146),Oliver Parkins (232),

45:45 - Carla Emery (130),Keith Blackwell (177),Rachel Ward (206),Isaac Ward (206), Jennifer Gribbin (227),Sam Linge (233),Clare Pratten (236),Abi Trott (237),

46:46 - Dermot Ferguson (6),Susie Everett (67),Maureen Frizzle (190),Edward Taylor (191),Sharne Bennett (197),Rebecca Cain (235),

47:47 - Jon Rumley (40),Joyce Fick (209),

48:48 - Pat Wright (59)

49:49 - Jayne Morton (181),David Cahill (220),

50:50 - Gordon Hay (180)

52:52 - Liz Leay (65)

53:53 - Andrew Hughes (158)

54:54 - Liane Lloyd (77)

55:55 - Liz Leay (126)

59:59 - Richard Woosnam (190)