The lost run reports #22 aka parkrun #5

Another lovely day in the Birkenhead tropics

On this August day

The squirrels were still wondering just who we were

But were fairly happy and out to play

Just over 200 of you on our 5th parkrun

Stu`s shorts legend was in its infancy

(Cue 10 minutes gap while I think of a rhyme for infancy)


Stu`s shorts legend had just taken its first step

And there was no sign in the finish funnel

Of Johnny Depp.


Hello and welcome to the latest historical run report ,this week number 5,our fifth ever parkrun from August 15th 2018.It was August,it was a lovely day and 203 of you took part.


Our first finisher(male) was Joe Boden of Wallasey AC with a new pb of 16:59,just ahead of Mark Hulmston,also with a pb of 17:07 and Richard Davies of Wirral AC,again with a pb, this one was 17:14! Congratulations from the future to all of them!

Our first finisher(female) was Sarah Roberts of Ellesmere Port RC, a first timer with us who ran 18:12 (8th). Then it was Krystina Martindale of Wirral AC,also a first timer. Krystina ran 20:01 (19th) and Katie Bagley in 21:10 (34th)


Today`s historical time and date was 18:12,or just coming up to a quarter past 6. The 1812 overture wasn`t written in 1812.It was written in 1880 and Tchaikovsky didn`t like it. The first Spanish constitution was enacted and Canadian war heroine Laura Secord walked 32km to warn British troops of a surprise American attack at the Battle of Beaver Dams. There is no record of her Garmin time or if she put it on Strava (other watch options probably weren`t available at the time)


Congratulations to all the first timers on the day ,we hope you enjoyed your first parkrun with us,whether you were a first time parkrunner or were visiting us on the day. We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and have been back regularly or visited us since.

Our amazing first timers were Matt Guilder,Scott Briggs,Sarah Roberts,Benjamin Lamprey,Mark Kingsbury,Owen Jones,David Millington,Krystina Martindale,Dave Sculthorpe,Kevin Jones,Thomas Richards,Gareth Langford,Malcolm Irvine,Mark Leach, Roger Graham,Chris Tucker,Trevor Weston,Stephen Saunders,Max Meadows,Carl Yeates,Isabel Tilston,Matthew Seal,James Mangan,Patrick Lawler,Debbie Rothwell, Lou Sculthorpe,Tessa Lupton,Ellie Tilston,Tallulah Brady-Jones,Keira Brady-Jones, Chris Britton,Olivia Briggs,Niall Keating,Helen Stafford,Andrew Beaumont,Rob Hodson, Ben Taylor,Louisa Kingsbury,Jonathan Perera,Jana Bickova,Steve Mack,Debbie Keating,Rose Osler,Andrew Barnes,Marie Brunt,Rachel Sanders,James Campbell, Rachel Trett,Lily Clark,Sally Brunt,Emily Leach,Lindsey Camborne-Paynter,Isabelle Mangan,Thomas Mangan,Sarah Jane Tucker,Kevin Gorry,Joanne Whelan,Therese Hynes,Margaret Ray,Benjamin Willis,Gemma Greene,Joe Lawler,Eve Lawler,Anne Cannell,Roslyn Barrie,Emma Howard,Val Parkinson,Ben Johnson,Louise Johnson,Jan Taylor,Debby Lunt,Cerys Mack,Ann Mack,Helen Bush,Mary Evans-Ward,Dermot Ferguson,Mary Rees.


PB perfection from Joe Boden 16:59,Mark Hulmston 17:07,Richard Davies 17:14,Rob Pearse 17:34,Sean Britton 18:45,Nicholas Stone 19:06,Mark Newns 19:07,Richard Bargh 19:13,Jason Kingsbury 19:21,Kevin Hall 20:42,Caroline Hall 21:14,Alan Mellor 21:30,Roy Morris 21:36,Mark Franey 21:40,Robert Aldcroft 21:46,Mike Griffiths 22:05, Andy Jones 22:17,Liz Danson 22:30,David Limbrick 22:41,Andrew Carragher 22:42, Paul Holmes 23:05,Steve Cowen 23:14,Alan Whitehead 23:40,Clare Wright 24:07,Ali Heath 24:19,Andy Stewart 24:31,Dan Lodge 25:08,Alice Wilson 25:36,Andy Bush 25:46,Vanessa Rimmer 26:05,Ian Chalmers 26:10,Chris Green 26:17,Stephen Forster 26:26,Alex Cowen 27:10,Gemma Cloney 27:17,Peter Kerrigan 27:25,Sara Morris 27:55,Darren Tam 28:02,Robin Kingsbury 28:14,Fred Howard 28:25,Jan McArd 28:26,Jane Hickey 28:32,Amanda Green 28:37,Robyn Wright 28:39,Neil Harvey 28:40, Lesley-Anne Cucksey 28:46,David Byrne 28:56,Kayleigh Salem 29:34,Olivia Denman 29:45,Ana Roslan 29:55,Teoman Forshaw 30:01,Suzi Keating 30:09,Helen Measures 30:10,Yaqub Allen 30:31,Lorna Quigley 30:38,Jo-Anne Harrison 30:53,Nicola Morris 30:57,Heather Jones 31:23,Emily Edwards 31:44,Pat Salisbury 31:50,Bendan Thomas 31:56,Rachel Langley 32:20,Emma Britton 33:30,Antonia Kelly 35:02,Carol Bannon 35:05,Paula Cowen 36:34,Jessikha Ellison 37:02,Ruth Byers 39:47


Congratulations if you had a milestone today!


Historical Shentons for Neil Rees 22:22,Stephen Forster 26:26,Debra Gallivan 30:30, Joanne Whelan 31:31


Our startlingly amazing volunteers were Michele Alty,Tom Forshaw,Mike "One scoop" Green,Sarah "Not off Blue Peter" Green,Mark "Son of Coneman" Humphreys,Peter "The Coneman" Humphreys,James "T`Pau" Hurley,Ian Jones,Ultan "No A" Mulhern, Mary Rees,Stuart "The Shorts" Rickers,Jon "Derby 0" Rumley,Steve "G`day" Smith, Helen Stansfield,Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum,Deb Williams.


We are still on the facebook,the instagram and the flickr "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


We will hopefully see you soon. You may have seen the announcement this week about a possible return to parkrun at the end of October but please keep an eye out across our social media for any updates as obviously the current situation is changeable.


Look after yourselves and thanks for reading!