The lost run reports #23 aka parkrun #7

Please don`t despair,it isn`t all bad news

If you go for a run to New Brighton,there are fantastic views

I am fully stocked with baked beans and the odd Jaffa cake

So being socially distant I don`t have to fake

We will run,jog or walk together again soon

Probably without the famously moustachioed David Boon

Be patient,wash your hands,wear your masks and look after yourselves

It`ll be Christmas soon,I need to find some elves

We could put them by the funnel

We`d need an Olympian in charge of them?

Seb Coe? Geoff Capes? Oh no! Definitely Sally Gunnell.


This week`s historical run report is the last one from August 2015.It was a roasting hot morning in Birkenhead and we had 214 of you lovely people taking part.

Oh.while I remember. Apparently some parkruns are taking this #notparkrun thing very seriously and there is a league table of participants. I just wanted to stress that 1,we are not taking it seriously at all and 2, Although our position is around mid table league 1 we are not in danger of relegation.Or for none football fans,we`ve got 14 points after 12 rounds of Eurovision song contest voting with 7 countries below us. Or for non Eurovision get the message.


Our first finisher (male) this week was Alex McBain of Wirral AC, a first timer who ran 16:24! Next was the first appearance of our most achieved first place person,Phil Langan of Wirral AC who ran 16:42 and to complete a first timer first three,Connor McArdle of West End Runners, ran 16:45! Wonder if he works in a pet shop?

Our first finisher (female) was Emily Kearney,another first timer,again from Wirral AC (There`s a pattern developing here) in 18:08(6th)! Followed by Sarah Kearney of Wirral AC and a first timer in 18:23(7th) and Hannah Durrant of Wirral AC and yes, a first timer who ran 20:46(30th). A first timer sweep of both top 3`s!


Today`s historical time and date is 16:24/1624 or time to go home as I like to say Monday to Friday.The 1st submarine was publicly tested on the Thames in London for King James 1, there was lots of seizing and conquering of places going on around the world but on a more conciliatory note, King Bethlen Gabor and Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand 2 signed the treaty of Vienna,then went out for a curry,a few pints and an anim


A big woohoo and lots of congratulations to all our first timers on the day,we hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience,whether it was your first parkrun evs or you were visiting us to find out what all the fuss was about our wonderful park.We hope you`ve been back loads since,

Our first timers on this day were Alex McBain,Phil Langan,Connor McArdle,Emily Kearney,Sarah Kearney,Peter Bird,Matthew Green,Daniel Nuttall,Nick Holt,Gary Wilton, Roger Montgomery,Ronan Kearney,Wayne Lowe,Hannah Durrant,Philip Bird,Alan M Smith,Derek McArdle,Luke Hampshire,Rachel Rongong,Wayne Palethorpe,Gina Nuttall,Salehuddin Allen,Karen Hulme,Michael Simon,Paul Mannion,Paul West,Andy Liggett,Alex Hogg,Pete Jones,Peter Irwin,Mark Gibbons,Leanne McKinlay,James Kent, Chris Redmond,Stephen Llewellyn,Lucy Beth Horler,Ceit Bannon,Uyai Ikpatt,Debbie Aardvark Smith,Ian Croker,Matthew Gibbons,Willem Taylor,Ian Davidson,Charlotte Horler,Ann Kent,Andy Cockram,Phil Mason,Anne Hurrell,Richard Kirby,Lauren Old, Colin Attwood,Peter Hampshire,Annabel Collins,William Hampshire,Joy Irvine,James Dillon,Paula Redmond,Pasha Hudson,Luke Wilmhurst,David Gibbons,Peter Igoe,Elise Watson,Jack Liggett,Hannah Irvine,Lynne Potts,Laura Gill,Jem Rongong,Theo Rongong,Jane Roberts,Anna Jewell,Alison Gibbons,Adam Hulme,Eleanor Stirrett.


PB awesomeness from Al Robertson 16:57,Oliver McNee 18:44,Nicholas Stone 18:51, William Ferguson 18:51,Andy Smith 19:36,Kenneth Day 19:42,Kevin Jones 19:53,Kevin Gorry 19:55,Richard Vasey 20:03,Alan Mellor 20:35,John Jones 21:00,Malcolm Irvine 21:02,Matt Kerrigan 21:03,Matt Teale 21:10,Mark Franey 21:21,Mark Wilmshurst 21:43, Brian McGregor 21:44,Jim Melling 21:47,Andy Jones 22:03,Liz Danson 22:08,Steve Cowen 22:37,Phil Stanley 22:41,Malcolm Davies 23:27,John Cannon 23:28,Neall MacLeod 23:45,Jon Hogg 23:49,Ali Heath 24:06,David Gawne 24:34,Chris Morris 24:37,Dave Jones 24:40,Anton Stirrett 25:05,Michael Webster 25:11,David Hebden 26:06,Peter Kerrigan 26:42,Paula Hartharn-Evans 26:48,David Evans 27:05,Louise Marsden 27:09,David Edwards 28:09,Gemma Cloney 27:10,Sally Brunt 27:20,Rose Osler 27:26,Jan McArd 27:27,Francis Hesketh 27:50,Pradip Bardolia 27:55,Marie Brunt 28:02,Susan Frowe 28:12,Liz Sampson 28:16,Neil Harvey 28:20,David Byrne 28:38, Debbie Lloyd 29:11,Rachel Doyle 29:31,Tanya Leary 29:48,Yaqub Allen 30:09,Koby Abbott 30:33,Jason Abbott 30:34,Lucy Holgate 30:51,Margaret Ray 30:56,Therese Hynes 31:13,Sheila McCann 31:15,Liane Lloyd 32:25,Harry Branch 32:33,Sue Sturgeon 32:36,Richard Quayle 33:01,Roger Quayle 33:02,Val Parkinson 33:27,Jan Taylor 33:40,Carol Bannon 34:21,Jessica Salisbury 39:21,Kelsey Salisbury 42:54, Mary Rees 43:05


Congratulations if you had a milestone today!


Historical Shentons for Mark Franey 21:21,Les Kennedy 22:22,David Taylor 25:25,Jan McArd 27:27


Our masters of volunteering hi vis wearing volunteers were Michele Alty,Cathy Armstrong,John "The Folk Doctor(Not No `A`)" Armstrong,Michael "Baywatch" Armstrong,Rachel Armstrong,Elizabeth Cronin,Ian Ellis,Linda Haynes,James "T`Pau" Hurley,Ian Jones,Dave "Tokens" McAlister,Kareen "Numbers" Porschke,Mark Redman, Mary Rees,Stuart "Stubooooooooo!" Rickers,Jon "Derby 0" Rumley,Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum.


We are on the facebook,the instagram and the flickr "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Stay tuned for developments on when we`ll be back. Please keep an eye on our social media and parkrun`s as well.


Look after yourselves and thanks for reading!