The lost run reports #24 aka parkrun #13

We jump ahead a few weeks or indeed continue to go back in time

Mid October 2015,the 17th to be precise but that doesn`t rhyme

It was a breezy,cool day with a hint of rain in the air

But to really know the weather truth,you had to be there.

191 of you turned out and completed the three laps

A number of you were wearing caps.

And there were a lot of claps for those of you in daps.


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report from the past. This one is from the 17th October 2015, and it was a cracking morning,I think. Hope you are all keeping well and safe. Obviously the news from parkrun uk was disappointing this week but definitely the right decision. When the time is right to return, we`ll be ready!


Our first finisher (male) this week was Phil Langan of Wirral AC with a fantastic pb of 15:57, then it was Paul Skipper of Mersey Tri,a first timer who ran 16:58,inches ahead of another first timer, Greg Jones of Wallasey,in 16:59.

Our first finisher (female) was Juliet Hodder of Wirral AC with a first time Shenton of 19:19(15th)! Then it was Sarah Evans,another first timer, with a time of 20:51 (27th) and Helen Alexander,also a first timer, from Mersey Tri who ran 20:56 (28th)


Today`s historical time/date was 1557/15:57 who just coming up to 4. In this year, the first Russian embassy arrived in London,England declared war on France (again),famous births included Istvan Bocskay, the Prince of Transylvania (that`s what he put on his business cards anyway),composer Alfonso Fontanelli and Emanuel Philibert van Lalaing (Baron of Montigny and Marquis of Renty. Or Phil to his mates)


Congratulations to all our first timers on the day! We hope that you enjoyed your first time with us,whether it was your first time evs at parkrun or were visiting us for the first time.

Our first timers this week were Catherine Barnett,Emily Croston,Alyn Evans,Sarah Evans,Lily Croston,John Lee,Sally Miller,Natalie Matthews,Juliet Hodder,Orla Smout, Greg Jones,Sekhar Karyampudi,Sheila Smout,Catherine Mitchell,Jan Thomson,Chris Brooks,Helen Alexander,Jane McDonnell,Paul Skipper,Guy Roberts,Robin Johnson, Wendy Roberts,Ellie Crompton,Andrew Bullock,Kenji Crompton,Ian Taylor,Eve Taylor, Alex Threlkeld


PB absolute awesomeness from Phil Langan 15:57,Jay Walker 18:04, Matthew Gawne 18:05,Sean Britton 18:15,Andrew Starkey 18:51,Jason Kingsbury 18:59,Andy Smith 19:25,Stephen Norton 19:48,David Hurrell 19:54,Alan Mellor 20:03,Hideo Takano 20:19,Neil Burdett 20:31,Ian Kirby 20:43,Keith Brand 20:46,Alex Holland 21:05,Jim Melling 21:12,Alison MacDonald 21:40,Andy Jones 21:42,Mike Griffiths 21:45,Damien Parrington 21:55,Jason Abbott 21:58,Stephen Saunders 21:59,Liz Danson 22:01, Mike Studley 22:15,Joanne Porteous 22:15,Ian Reid 22:17,Phil Stanley 22:18,Jon Hogg 22:33,Tony Stewart 22:52,Alex Hogg 22:56,Ian McNally 23:15,Tim Clixby 23:45,Dave Jones 24:10,Ken Schofield 24:13,Helen Kemp 24:21,Matthew Van Miert 24:23,Phil Naylor 24:36,Tom Gawne 24:38,Ian Fennelly 24:59,Mike Kemp 25:03,Robin Kingsbury 25:36,Kate Wilson 25:30,Marie Belmar 25:56,Peter Kerrigan 26:05,Freya Burns 26:15, Wendy Morton 26:26,Thomas Miller 26:29,Charlotte Crompton 26:37,Nigel Crompton 26:37,Mo Osborne 26:38,Anne Hurrell 26:47,Alexandra Royden 26:53,Michaela Kee 26:57,Dan Miller 27:03,David Griffiths 27:09,Debbie Keating 27:15,Lauren Luxton 27:59,Jane Hickey 28:02,Laurence Whelan 28:50,Kayleigh Salem 28:57,Rebecca Miller 29:53,Claire Gwatkin 30;24,Chloe Byers 30:29,Therese Hynes 30:51,Hannah Irvine 31:26, Lauren Swinson 31:28,Duncan Swinson 31:30,Adam Hoey 32:07,Natalie Ellis 32:44,Kate Miller 32:49,Dijon Gledhill 33:00,Karen Franey 34:08,Susan Barrigan 34:51, Ruth Roxburgh 35:11,Carol Benyon 35:24,Lisa Ratcliffe 37:47,Karuna Karyampudi 37:56


Congratulations if you had a milestone today!


Historical Shentons for Juliet Hodder 19:19,Wendy Morton 26:26.


Our volunteering legends this week were Cathy Armstrong,John "The Folk Doctor" Armstrong,Michael "Baywatch" Armstrong,Simon Barrigan,Emily Edwards,James "T`Pau" Hurley,Elwood Jones,David "Tokens" McAlister,Ultan "NO A!" Mulhern, Ken Parkinson,Rob Pearse,Kareen "Numbers" Porschke,Mark Redman,Mary Rees,Stuart " The Vale" Rickers,Jon "Derby 0" Rumley,Steve "G`day" Smith.

We are on the facebook,the instagram and the flickr "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

Look after yourselves and thanks for reading!