The lost run reports #25 aka parkrun #14


Were wishing they were lucky

Or at least they weren`t in Kentucky

This report is for the parkrun from almost 5 years ago

We had 201 of you but no Albert and no Flo

And it was way too early for that fella who says ho ho ho

I hope it wasn`t as wet as it is today

We`d have needed a finish tunnel instead of a funnel

Yes,pass the crowbar,I`ve found another way to mention Sally Gunnell.


Hello,good morning,afternoon or evening and welcome to this week`s run report from the past,today it is.......The 24th October 2015,back in a time when we were all in different age categories. Good luck to everyone doing the virtual London marathon tomorrow and any other real or virtual races or just going for a run or not. Think that`s covered everyone.


Our first finisher (male) was (see if you can spot a theme in the top 3,no clues) Ieuan Kearney ,a first timer from Wirral AC in 16:59, then Arran Kearney of Wirral AC,another first timer,in 17:12 and our first finisher (female) Emily Kearney of Wirral AC was next with a new pb of 17:21,pretty sure that was our best ladies time at the time and is still the 2nd best time and only 9 seconds behind the best time today! The first non Kearney was Matthew Gawne of Altrincham and District AC in a new pb of 17:45.The next finisher (female) was Sarah Kearney of Wirral AC in a new pb of 18:08 (8th) and Lisa Grantham of Pensby Runners in 20:16 (27th).

1721,17:21 is our historical time/date today.A British government minister, the chancellor of the exchequer,was confined in the London Tower. Absolutely no comment on that.Not at all. Johan Sebastien Bach dedicated his Brandenburg Concertos to Christian Ludwig,Margrave of Brandenburg Schewdt and his and Prince Eugenius of Savoye unveiled a statue of himself and said "It`s not about me".


Congratulations to all our first timers on this day! We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience,whether it was your first time evs at parkrun or were visiting the wonderful Wirral and our fantastic park.

Our first timers were Ieuan Kearney,Aidan Barrigan,Natalie Johnston,Chris Bray,Nikki McCubbing,Alexandra Wilkinson,Kate Parr,Elaine Male,Arran Kearney,James Robinson,Esther Ledgerton,Nicola McWhannell,Jessica Goode,Matthew Grier, Katherine Culshaw,Judith Grier,Alison Butler,Heather Kelly,Mark Hughes,Jonathan Head,Matthew Kitchen,Dave Holley,Graham Ledgerton,Ella Head,Rob Biginton, Aileen Kearney,Hazel Chapman,Jeff Carew,Jane Berry,Esther Swaffield,Tom Bray,Mark Smith,Liam Gawne,David Thomas,Alan McNally,Chris Simpson,Sam Dobin,David Berry,Amanda Dobin,Clive Burrow,Martin Farrar,Kay Hayes,Richard Hayes,John Peerless,Andrew Chilcraft.


PB Kipchogeness from Emily Kearney 17:21,Matthew Gawne 17:45,Alyn Evans 17:59, Sarah Kearney 18:08,Ronan Kearney 19:09,Peter Fraser 19:17,Alan Mellor 19:53,Neil Burdett 20:22,Keith Brand 20:24,Stephen McConville 21:45,Ultan "No A" Mulhern 21:55,Ian Reid 22:04,Brian Shenton 22:36,Stephen Llewellyn 22:48,Gareth James 24:07,Helen Kemp 24:08,Matthew Van Miert 24:19,Andrew White 24:24,Phil Naylor 24:34,Rachel Bainbridge 24:45,Andrew Barnes 25:17,Catherine McNee 25:31,Thomas Miller 25:58,Jem Flashman 26:25,Stuart "Stubo!" Rickers 26:27,Mo Osborne 26:35, Louise Shields 26:44,Robyn Wright 27:11,Margaret McNelis 27:15,Jessica Pritchard 27:17,Orla Smout 27:37,Sheila Smout 27:48,Benjamin Lindfield 28:27,Sharon Remmington 28:32,Jane Wilcock 29:10,Sue Rimmer 29:22,Jake McGinty 29:45, Rachael Craven 30:08,John Lee 30:27,Isabel Remmington 30:32,Sian Rickers 30:34, Kate Miller 32:05,Ryan Turpin 32:09,Dijon Gledhill 32:10,Andrew Bullock 32:36,Antonia Kelly 34:41,Susan Barrigan 34:42,Karuna Karyampudi 36:49,Ken Parkinson 37:07


Congratulations if you had a milestone today!


Historical Shenton for Alex "Then the buggyman" Holland 21:21.


Volunteering superbness from Michele Alty,John "The Folk Doctor" Armstrong,Steven Armstrong,Simon Barrigan,Gemma "Free at last" Cloney,Martin "Wallasey" Connell, Jim "Pensby" Fedigan,James "China in his hands" Hurley,David "Tokens" McAlister,Helena "No A junior" Mulhern,Mark Redman,Mary Rees,Cathy Robertson,Phil "Number 1 Welsh volunteer" Stanley,Sue "Cowbell queen" Sturgeon,Rolf "Rolfie" Westrum.


We are on the flickr,the facebook,the instagram "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Look after yourselves and thanks for reading!