The lost run reports #27 aka parkrun #46 – The last one!

I hope you've enjoyed a journey back in time

Especially the odd rhyme

We`ve delved into our parkrun history

Initially as Toyah once said,it`s a mystery

All our parkrun run report archive is now up to date

But unfortunately,adding the next one will have to wait.

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There is nothing to scare you,or give you a fright.

That`s enough,its time for the last historical/missing run report.

Wait! Is that Sally Gunnell at the finish funnel?

No,but what an ending that would have been!!!


Hello and welcome to the final historical run report ,the 4th June 2016,when my brother was still the younger side of 50 and a certain East Midlands based football team hadn`t yet decided to go with a non scoring approach to attacking play.We had 248 of you taking part on that glorious summer day with 17 volunteers scaring the squirrels with their loudness and musical musings,


Our first finisher (male) was again Phil Langan of Wirral Ac, who ran a 15:47 new pb this week. Then it was Joe Boden of Wallasey AC,also with a new pb of 16:29 and Peter Bird of Wallasey AC in a time of 17:29.

Our first finisher (female) was Katie Bagley with a new pb of 19:46 (12th),then Helen Stansfield of Wallasey AC in 20:13(23rd) and Jennie Langston of Village Road Runners AC in a new pb of 21:27(34th)

Our final historical time/date is 19:46/1946/quarter to 7ish. The League of Nations had its final meeting until it became the Nations League a couple of years back. The United Nations held their first meeting.UNESCO was created and Derby County won the FA Cup,beating Charlton Athletic 4-1.


Congratulations to all our first timers on the day whether it was your first ever parkrun or you were visiting us for the first time.We hope you very much enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience.

Our first timers were Helina Marshall,Liam Jameson,Mark Moore,Karen Sumner,Sam Smith (Not the singer or the lad who has just signed on loan for Tranmere),Jack Middleton,Raymond Branscombe,Reece Monteith,Jack BaileyEmily Monteith,Rein Monteith,Alexandra Bateman,Anupam Garrib,Ben Jones,Colin Simpson,Amy Quinn, Carole Pritchard,David Meeten,Lynsey Thomas,Julian Priest,Alison Jones,Marion Turner,Mally Birch,David Hepworth,Hannah Methven,Melanie Bartley,Graeme Methven, Bill Ulyett,Graham Turner,Stewart Muir,Stephen Burr,Jennifer Gribbin,Clive Beasor, Toby Gribbin,John Skyner,


PB awesomeness today/then from Phil Langan 15:47,Joe Boden 16:29,Ian Crispin 18:15,Mike Jones 19:43,Katie Bagley 19:46,Philip Bird 19:51,David Phillips 19:59,Jon Hogg 20:07,Jennie Langston 21:27,Neil Kilcullen 21:29,Andy Cotgrave 21:34,Matthew Lloyd 21:46,Martin Simmons 22:08,Isabel Hodder 22:22,Ian Rowlands 22:25,Sarah Corran 22:26,Sam Naylor 22:29,Grace Bird 22:48,Paul Webster 23:25,Neil Thomas 23:29,Fergus Duncan 23:30,Ken Schofield 23:44,Richard Jacobs 24:17,Howard Garde 24:28,Robby Pritchard 25:04,Sandra Freeman 25:50,Rosie Hughes 25:57,Barry Langston 26:00,David Bourke 26:03,Martin Jones 26:10,Bruce Duncan 26:11,Joy Irvine 26:29,Katie Bellew 26:38,Sandra Ellison 26:48,Dan Brady 27:15,Bethan Toale 27:33, Nick Flynn 27:49,Neil Thompson 29:16,Andrew Nolan 29:21,Gill Potter 29:40,Joann Skillen 30:15,Lindsey Hitchmough 30:34,Karen Taylor 31:29,Hannah Leeman 31:30, Bethan Jones 32:44,Sarah Benyon 33:07,Julie Farrell 34:00,Mary Magee 34:13, Heather Reid 34:14,Lindsay Chase 34:48,Helen Monteith 34:58,Victoria Gibson 35:11, Carole Patricia 37:09,Jill Edwards 38:49,Emma Starkey 42:29


Congratulations if you had a milestone today!


Historical Shentons for BRIAN SHENTON!!!!! (Klaxon goes off,alarm goes off,stand and applaud now please) 21:21 and Isabel Hodder 22:22


Our wonderful volunteers this week were Cathy Armstrong,John " The Folk Doctor" Armstrong,Steven Armstrong,Gemma "Runner up,selfie at the start line of Chester metric marathon 2019" Cloney,James "Tutu" Hurley,Alan Mellor,Mark Newns,Sam Newns,Kareen "Numbers" Porschke,Jon "Derby 0" Rumley,Stephen Saunders,Steve "G`day" Smith,Sue "Cowbell queen" Sturgeon,


We are on the flickr,facebook and instagram "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Look after yourselves and thanks for reading! Back with the interviews next week