Run report #246

We had a wee dog problem before the start

But Hughesy persuaded him to depart

The real GC was in charge today with two deputies

Ava-Rae on the megaphone to start us off and Bonnie in charge of dog control

Hope she gets extra treats in her food bowl

The coolair of warmsun gave the first timers the info they needed to know

And added another string to her parkrun bow.

Jon`s timekeeping tapping touch resembled his football skills

Good job he doesn`t have to do that to pay the bills

545 of you came through the funnel

But no sight still of Sally Gunnell.


Hello and a very warm welcome to this week`s run report! Lovely weather to run in this morning and despite the pooch (not taking part by the way) mentioned above,no drama before the start. Another big number of you again ,cementing our position in the much coveted 8 to 12th placed parkrun in the country in the stats table.

Bonus stat for you - We must have been the only non south based parkrun in the country with not one but TWO Crystal Palace fans on the volunteering team today.

Bonus bonus stat - First timers.

July 24th (73) 31st (62),Aug 7th (67), Aug 14th (72), Aug 21st (52), Aug 28th (62), Sep 4th (57),Sep 11th (65) 510 people have tried parkrun for the first time or visited us for the first time since we restarted. Avg 63.75,make that 64.



Our first finisher (male) was Thomas Palmer, a first timer with us from Stourport AC in a time of 18:02,then it was the John "The Folk Doctor" Armstrong of Wallasey AC in 18:45 and Josh Cromblehome in 18:46.

Our first finisher (female) was Zoe Brunton of Mersey Tri who equalled her pb of 19:31(6th),then Rebecca Blacklock of Wallasey AC with a new pb of 21:17 (40th) and Helen Alexander of Mersey Tri in 21:24 (43rd)


Congratulations to all our first timers this week whether it was your first time ever at parkrun or your first time visiting us in Birkenhead.We hope you enjoyed your parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first timers this week were Thomas Palmer,Alfie Forsyth,Paul Corey,Seb Thorpe, Brendan Grealis,Tom Roberts,Lewis Greenhalgh,Bruce Elliott,Matthew Strange,Connor Shelley,Dylan Owen,Stuart Brighouse,James Derbyshire,Simon Blades,Rob Sneddon, Oliver Stobbart,Rachel Mannix,Joel Donnelly,Kerry Elliott,Joshua Wild,Rob Peters, Helen Shortall,Abigail Corfe,Stuart Glavin,Nathanael James,Matthew Jinks,Kyle Shelley,Luke Stoker,Angus Lawson,Michael Toner,Theo Cubbin,Sophie Woodall, Helena Swarbrick Lindgren,Brendan Doherty,Jenny Martin,Lucy James,Emma Strange, Jenson Jones,Ben Howard,Borys Rogala,Sue Cash,Christopher Mannings,Julia Collier,Deborah Riding,Alex Knight,Katie Amery,Jon Martin,Kate Parr,Ian Barrett,Gill Patterson,Scarlett O`Brien,Calum McKay,Rujina Bibi,Natalie Johnson,Efua Hoshiko, Susan Ollerhead,Rita Waters,Grace Glover,Jennifer Kanagala,Ethan Skelton, Christopher Skelton,Charlotte Laing,Andrew Bainbridge,Lacey Keating,Faisal Majeed


PB perfection from Robert Cichocki 19:39,John Sproule 19:55,Paul Grabe 20:03,Andy Murphy 20:25,David Aspey 20:39,Ben Hooley 20:40,Matt Tozer 20:52,Rebecca Blacklock 21:17,Crystal Dishman 22:04,Graham MacDonald 22:26,Anthony Williams 23:11,Marc Jones 23:37,Joel Smith 24:02,Jack Gronow 24:18,Sam Stringer 24:25, Linda Richmond 24:40,Sean Miller 24:48,Jason Lockley 25:05,Andrew Jones 25:24, Isabella Cuthbert 25:32,Anoushka Kapoor 25:35,Daniel Batchelor 25:51,Jenny Danher 26:05,Emily Oliver 26:09,Annabel Vose 26:38,Paul Knight 27:12,Olivia Perriam 27:34, Paul Gillen 27:37,Joseph Van Miert 27:38,Yiannis Giotakis 28:00,Crackson Mupakasa 28:04, Jonathan Scott 28:05,Ian Hobbs 28:14,Stephen Jones 28:18,Lesley-Anne Cucksey 28:33,Emily Burgess 28:35,Zachary Roberts 28:52,Tracey Forrester 29:19, Shirley Cotton 29:45,Laura Stern 30:01,Julie Oliver 30:57,Ian Renshaw 31:09,Nathan Clarke 31:25,Jane Thomas 31:26,Noah Leslie 31:34,Emma Leslie 31:35,Matha Newns 32:00,Peter O`Reilly 32:18,Alexandra Harris 33:10,Richard Marshall 33:11,Isabella Gallienne 33:38,Christine Bailey 33:47,Rachel Lavery 33:48,Stephen Gardner 35:10, Ethan Baddeley 35:33,Mark Baddeley 35:36,Inez Leslie 36:20,Caryn Davies 36:38, Emma Lincoln 37:02,Alastair Quinn 37:03,Emily Perry 37:28,Eve Bentley 37:31,Mark Wynne 39:05,Lisa Nuttall 40:12,Barb Maloney 40:30,Betty Myers 40:38,Caroline Newton 41:48,Julie Wynne 42:58


Marvellous Milestones this week!

Dylan Roberts ran his 50th parkrun.

Tara Fick ran her 50th parkrun.

Thomas Giles ran his 50th parkrun.

Ian Renshaw ran his 100th parkrun.

Stephen Cole ran his 250th parkrun.

Congratulations to Dylan,Tara,Thomas,Ian and Stephen!!



Alfie Forsyth 19:19,Sean McElhoney 25:25,Nathanael James 26:26,Jennifer Bradshaw 30:30,Jeanette McElhoney 33:33


The volunteers!

Our wonderful volunteers were led by run director Gemma "Before half past!?" Cloney. She was assisted by Ava-Rae "Number 1 starter" Cloney and Bonnie "Dog control" Cloney. Timekeepers were Jon "4 and 5" Rumley and Naomi Grabe.Ruth "That`ll be a yes" Byers,Lily "Deputy funnel puddle monitor" Ost,Lisa "Chief funnel puddle monitor" Ost, Mike "Only 2`s" Green,Stuart "The hand of Stubo" Rickers,John "The flying Folk doctor" Armstrong,Keith "Zaha" Blackwell were our barcode scanners. Andrew "Arrowe" Hughes, Peter "Coney Island" Humphreys,Robert "Tokens" Perry were our finish tokens team.Liz Leay was our tail walker.Ruth "Rosie" Pritchard gave our first timers briefing and also checked on how much longer the run report would be. Our funnel managers were Phil "The Voice" Stanley,Kevin "Other supermarkets are available" Gorry, Rebecca "My dog ate my homework" Lewis,Graham "Edouard" Burgess, Dave "Double Dave" Bibby and John "Not Mike" Nolan. Our marshals were Kenneth Stocker,Colin "He`s back" Lamprey,Carol Williams,Ann Rodgerson,Angela Burke,Roy Bethel,Giselle Drouillard and Max Schenker.Stu took the volunteers to their positions, Gemma processed the results,Ava started the run and provided persistent encouragement via the megaphone and I typed this.


We are on the facebook, the instagram and the flickr "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bhead parkrun"


Thanks for coming along and for reading this! See you next week!