Run report #247

Never gonna give you up

Never gonna let you down

Never gonna run around.......

RUN AROUND! Mike Reid`s here as well!

Who`d have thought we`d get Rickrolled?

And a Frank Butcher appearance,that`s bold.

Anyway,onto our parkrun this morning

And 486 of you came along

For the maths fans amongst you,you did 24.85 of the furlong

Now that`s a stat you never thought

You`d see in the run report.


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report! A woof out to first time barkrunner Clicquot Ost (see him with our sign on the twitter) and a big thank you to everyone who came along this morning.We were 6th most popular parkrun in the world last week.Stat!



Our first finisher (male) was Sean Truett of Buckley RC who also barcode scanned when he finished.He ran a new pb of 16:43! Next was Craig Phillips of Kent AC who also a ran a pb,his time was 16:59! Steven Leslie of Village Road Runners AC was next in 17:29.

Our first finisher (female) was Lucinda Goddard of Buckley RC who ran a new pb of 18:49(10th)! Then it was Crystal Dishman of Dockside Runners who ran a pb of 21:12(40th)! Next it was Sarah Theobald of Wirral AC who made it a 1-2-3 pb situation with a time of 21:48(49th)!


Congratulations to all our first timers today whether it was your first time ever at parkrun or it was your first time visiting us! We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first timers this week were Ciaran Curran,Daniel Byrne,Jamie MacFarlane,Jason Murray,Graham Williams,Judith Green,James Mwenechanya,Catherine Evans,Jordan Swift,Tommy Cooper,Sarah Clough,Ruth Neal,Jack Byrne,Jose Manuel Alvarez Picornell,Jill Wright,Oliver Jacques,Zareena Abdul,Gary Bergin,Mark Sutton,Ella Keele, Sophie Holmes,Robert Grisenthwaite,Jessica Reynolds,James Holmes,Jack Yang,Andy Miah,Edward Abrahamson,Kirsty Holcroft,John Connolly,Emma Murley,Andrew Coe, Paul Knowles,Ben Acheson,Ayo Mustapha,Alex King,Adele Freeman,Ola Mustapha, Shaun Camponi


PB splendifernous from Sean Truett 16:43,Craig Phillips 16:59,Gary Bergin 18:33, Lucinda Goddard 18:49, Michael Green 19:16, Robert Cichocki 19:25,Adam Caldwell 19:40,Andrew Thompson 19:45,Paul Grabe 19:57,Thomas Clegg 20:17,Matt Tozer 20:25,Sam Jackson 20:33,William Hampshire 20:39,George Corley 21:06,Crystal Dishman 21:12,Peter Griffiths 21:42,Srah Theobald 21:48,Lucy Pennington 22:15, Alex Rae 22:29,Nicola Byrne 22:35,Patrick Vaughan 22:40,Joshua Wild 22:46,Thomas McCabe 22:47,Gary Stanley 22:53,Nina Karyampudi,23:20,Josh Quigley 23:26,Stuart Fick 23:45,Sean Miller 23:49,Simon Hartharn-Evans 23:51,Isabella Cuthbert 23:57, Ricardo Hoshiko 24:00.Yvette Porter 24:04,Jon Payne 24:19,Linda Richmond 24:27, Andrew Rigby 24:29,Ian Pinnington 24:43,Jason Lockley 24:44,Andrew Jones 24:54,Anoushka Kapoor 25:14,David Parish 25:18,Catherine Reilly 26:36,Paul Knight 26:51,David Forrester 26:54,Jenna McElhoney 27:01,Matthew Weedall 27:09,Ruby Noon 27:23,Stephen Jones 27:51,Heather Turnbull 28:07,Stephen Haig 28:13,Dave Watson 28:52,Julia Collier 29:03,Elaine Bland 29:12,Emma Leslie 29:17,Debbie Mick 29:36,Elliot Swift 30:10,Anna Pugh 30:23,Anita Gillen 30:38,Katie Amery 30:41,Julie Oliver 30:54,Suzie Frost 31:27,Adam Latten 31:29,Martha Newns 31:31,Tyler Liccia Byrne 32:36,Dan Collins 32:42,Alexandra Harris 32:55,Elizabeth Williams 33:00,Jean Thomas 33:53,Charlotte Gregory 34:03,Pam Humphreys 34:39,Dave Walsh 34:43, Eve Bentley 34:45,Ellie Jones 35:02,Calum McKay 35:45,Sam Griffiths 36:21,Natalie Johnson 37:37,Helen Glover 37:56,Jennifer Kanagala 38:15,Margaret Brandon 38:26, Rebecca Cain 39:42,Ian Norman 40:07,Betty Myers 40:36,Caroline Newton 41:13,Julie Wynne 41:54,Eva Perrett 42:20


Magnificent Milestones this week!

Richard Williams ran his 50th parkrun.

Andrew Rigby ran his 50th parkrun.

Hannah Skillen ran her 50th parkrun.

Andrea Keenan ran her 50th parkrun.

Malcolm Davies ran his 150th parkrun.

Billy Douthwaite ran his 150th parkrun.

Shaun Camponi ran his 200th parkrun.

Congratulations to Richard,Andrew,Hannah,Andrea,Malcolm,Billy and Shaun!!



Andrew Scattergood 25:25,Ruaraidh Gillies 26:26,Catherine Cuthbert 30:30, Martha Newns 31:31,Jan Foley 32:32,Natalie Johnson 37:37


The Volunteers!

Our quitefranklyamazinglywonderfultastic volunteers were led by run director Stuart "Vale of Cheers" Rickers. Timekeepers were Andrew "Mr Social" Hughes and Naomi Grabe.Barcode scanning was done by Lorna "OMP" Hughes,Kareen "Numbers" Porschke,Gemma "Pink welly season soon" Cloney.Ava-Rae "The Voice" Cloney also did some barcode scanning as well as starting the run.Lily "Deputy puddle monitor" Ost, Dave Marland,Chloe Byers,Suzi Keating,John "Folk Doctors 2nd album recording soon" Armstrong and Sean "First placed finisher" Truett also barcode scanned.Our crack finish token team consisted of Ruth "Yes" Byers,Margaret Ray and Jan Taylor. Our tail walker was Jill Caldwell. Lorna Hughes took the volunteers to their positions. Ruth Byers gave the first timers briefing. Our funnel managers were Claire Scudder,Kevin "Tranmere won!" Gorry and Peter "Cone of dreams" Humphreys. Our marshals were Kathleen Cowdray,Lawrence Cowdray,Paul Cowdray,Ana Roslan,Gary Johnstone, Robert Perr and Stephen Cole. Stu processed the results and Jon "-21" Rumley did the run report.

If you admired their work and think you`d look good in our lovely hi vis bibs then email us at if you would like to volunteer. Thank you!


We are on the facebook, the instagram and the flickr "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Thanks for coming along and for reading this! See you next week!