Run report #248

Shout out to my fellow Derby fan in the first few runners home today

Surely the highest Rams based finishing position for some time

For that I have no rhyme

John from Frimley volunteered as a marshal

And tail walkers Tom and Natalie were here from Yorkshire

All in all we had 34 (THIRTY FOUR) volunteers today which is an amazing number

Must be the most north,east,west or south of the Humber

If you would like to join them please email us

This is definitely the earliest volunteer appeal GC


493 of you were with us on the course

Obligatory rhyme about no horse

Lots of famous pooches in the funnel

But none of them running alongside Sally Gunnell.


Spent way too much time on that poem. And yes I can hear you saying "Really?" Anyway

Hello and welcome to this week`s run report! A bit drizzly before the start and the rd was a bit concerned but thankfully it was dry and reasonable. This week`s celebrity pooch shout out goes to Jim Bob Hampshire!



Our first finisher (male) was a first timer, Ryan Greenwood who finished in 17:16 narrowly missing out on a coveted first timer/Shenton double. Next up was another first timer in Marcus Mumford of Evesham Vale Running Club in 17:57 and believe it or not,another first timer,Ben McGee,was next home and he ran 18:03.

Our first finisher (female) was Charlotte Towers who finished in 19:26 (9th) then Rachael Theobald of Wirral AC who ran 21:04 (27th) and Emma Theobald of Wirral AC who crossed the line in 22:01 (39th).


Congratulations and thanks to all our first timers (running and volunteering) whether it was your first time ever at parkrun or you were visiting our amazing park for the first time. We hope you very much enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area!

Our first timers this week were Ryan Greenwood,Ben McGee,Sam Walters,Paul Robinson,Abigail Hughes,Nik Quayle,Lauren Sommereux,Toby Stobbart,Lin Hogan, Sandie Bailey,Matt Biagetti,Alison Quick,Nicky Ng,Harry McAdam,Anna McAllister, Michelle Johnson,Ben Latten,Lynne Latten,Archie McCaffrey,Emily Burke,Niall McInnes,Alex Mampaey,Maria Mendoza-Puchades,Ken Tomlinson,Craig Broadley, Colin Andrews,Laura Spillers,Jonny Eldridge,Noel Schorah,Nicola Fitzgerald,Jo Scriven,Jonathan Evans,John Noonan,David Fitzgerald,Geoff Felton,Roland Archer, Kirsty McGaul,Jay Dudley,Katy Nelson,Jenny Evans,Justin Mumford,Elaine Murdoch, Marcus Mumford,Joanne Egerton,Natalie Wood,Tom Dickson,Jacob Smiles,Andrew Charlesworth.


PB perfection from Robert Wood 18:09,Nicola Byrne 22:25,Aidan Gott 24:29,Max Grabe 24:30,Eilidh Gillespie 24:31,Alan Woolley 24:35,Anoushka Kapoor 24:47, Andrew Jones 24:48,Dylan Roberts 24:50,Graham McEnaney 25:47,Benedict Dunning 26:32,Zoe Dunning 26:37,Catherine Evans 26:38,Kinnari Kapoor 26:48,Sarah McNulty 26:51,William Hadland 26:56,Paul Gillen 27:16,Amy Chalmers 27:18,Mel Heale 27:18, Paul Gott 27:25,Zachary Roberts 27:52,Lesley-Anne Cucksey 28:08,Johnathan Fountain 28:29,Edward Garner 28:59,Grace Garner 29:00,Sheela Ghosh 29:15,Laura Hart 29:32,Jose Manuel Alvarez Picornell 30:05,Katie Amery 30:06,David Jones 30:16, Alex Knight 30:22,Janine Parry 30:27,Adam Latten 31:07,Amanda Louise Payne 31:08, Beverley Hartley 31:10,Andrew Gifford 31:49,Charlotte Gregory 32:26,Lucie Wright 32:54,Julia James 32:58,Mo Ayers 34:00.Anais Hadland 35:09,Natalie Johnson 35:14, Sam Griffiths 35:33,Freja Dickinson 36:06.Susan Garner 37:08,Mark Wynne 38:01, Zareena Abdul 45:05


Marvellous Milestones!

David Ward ran his 50th parkrun.

Neil Wyn Jones ran his 50th parkrun.

Keith Clarke ran his 100th parkrun.

Congratulations David,Neil and Keith!



Stuart Glavin 26:26,Nicholas Guntatilleke 27:27,Stephen Roberts 30:30,Michelle Johnson 42:42,Ben Latten 42:42,Kirsty McGaul 48:48


Our franklyamazingsomerelatedtoeachothersomenottastic volunteers were led by run director Jon "The Rams" Rumley,timekeepers were Gemma "Pitch perfect" Cloney and Kay "Pitch perfect too" Standing,barcode scanners were Amy "Not a McGrath" Barr,Debbie "Not a Hartharn-Evans" Keating, Paula "Hi again" Hartharn-Evans,Simon "Left back in the formation" Hartharn-Evans,Jennifer "Joint best McGrath scanner" McGrath,Richard "Joint best McGrath scanner" McGrath,funnel managers were Jill "Transfer from barcode scanning" Caldwell, Mike "Birthday boy" Green",Brian Seal,Sandra Freeman, Phil "Number 1 Welsh volunteer" Stanley. Our top finish tokens team were Andrew "In charge next week" Hughes,Lorna "Enzo`s mum" Hughes and Margaret "Hughes" Ray. Lorna also took the volunteers to their positions. Stuart "False number 9" Rickers gave the first timers briefing and played a free role in attacking midfield. Our visiting tail walkers were Natalie Wood and John Dickson. Our marshals were Peter "Professor of Coning at Oxford" Humphreys,Annette Jones,Lisa "Puddle monitor" Ost,Lily "Deputy puddle monitor" Ost,Nell "The next generation of puddle monitoring" Ost,David Cahill, Margaret Whitfield,Kirsty Greenwood,John Murdoch,Max Schenker,Mark Baxter,Susan Reynolds,Ava-Rae "And started us as well" Cloney.I did this and processed the results.

If you admired their work and think you would like to volunteer,please email us at

Book early as places go faster than Usain Bolt in a hurry.


We are on the facebook,the instagram and the flickr "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Thanks for coming along and for reading this! See you next week!