Run report #249

Yet again we were blessed with a big team of volunteers

For that we which are thankful and say cheers!

We had Hughesy in charge on the megaphone

And he briefed the runners with a commanding tone

He pointed out one of the timekeepers who was doing his 200th

That`s me and I`ve mentioned it a bit

But I am very proud of it

Apart from the goals I `helped` concede in my Boys Brigade football team

That`s the first time I`ve reached the number 200 not in a sporting dream

I love volunteering at Birkenhead parkrun,we have the best people in hi vis

I`ve made fantastic friends and worn lots of different colour bibs

One day I even hope to meet in the finish funnel

The one the only Sally Gunnell


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report! We had visitors from Worcester,Nottingham and somewhere else Lorna told me about after her first first timers briefing. Thanks for all joining us today and don`t forget next week its our 250th and that means cake!



Our first finisher (male) was Daniel Hayes of Wirral AC with a new pb of 16:12! Next was Steve Hayes of Deestriders AC with a pb of 16:24 and Andrew Dunning who finished in 17:40.

Our first finisher (female) was Ellie Wood in 22:47 (56th) then Anoushka Kapoor with a new pb of 23:11 (68th) and Helen Simpson of Wallasey AC in 23:39 (77th)


Congratulations and welcome to all our first timers this week whether it was your first parkrun ever or your first time visiting us! We hope you very much enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area!

Our first timers this week were Ashley Smith,Nick Leach,Paul Griffiths,Tony McGeagh, Jeanette Robinson,Katherine Woodger,Chris Simons,Alex Carter,Charles Kingsland, Emma Hughes,Colin Patterson,Ben Livett,Jacqueline Kingsland,Lindsay Livett,Graham Ocego,Gillian Mundy,Ella Campbell,Chris Livett,Abigail Cowan,Mohammed Haneef, Ammar Al-Baldawi,David Gallagher,John Dunning,Su Hall,Joel Jackman,Elliott Bujac, Debs Gillooly,Liam O`Malley,Mark Pattison,Robin Kupsa,Graham Edwards,Tim Lee, Chloe Read,Catherine O`Brien,Louise Lee,Peter Armstrong,Alireza Esfandiari,Martin Jackman,Mick Anglim,Wendy Coxshall,Aoife Esfandiari,Eamonn O`Brien,Dianna Mannhart,Jan Anglim


PB awesomeness from Daniel Hayes 16:12,Steve Hayes 16:24,Mike Jones 18:08, Patrick Burke 19:17,Matt Tozer 19:56,Paul Robinson 20:07,Phil Weldon 20:51,Jack Berry 21:15,Tim Plested 22:19,Timothy Fellows 22:52,Matty Hughes 22:57,Anoushka Kapoor 23:11,Joel Giblett 23:17,Sean Miller 23:21,Joel Smith 23:39,Jon Payne 24:02, Graham Williams 24:22,Adam Howarth 24:50,Mark Cullen 25:51,Stuart Glavin 25:55, Katy Coulson 25:56,James Holmes 26:03,John Heap 26:10,Roy Caine 26:22, Stephanie Baxter 26:56,Jenna McElhoney 26:57,Nigel Hobson 27:01,John Sanders 27:22,Judith Green 27:32,Stephen Jones 27:50,Keziah Knight 28:09,Hazel Shingler 28:13,Elaine Bland 28:18,Julie O`Donnell 28:20,Eleanor Morgan 28:23,Julia Collier 28:59,Aine Kingsland 29:09,David Jones 29:17,Jose Manuel Alvarez Picornell 29:18, Andrew Gifford 30:26,Lewis Gray 30:36,Fiona Fellows 31:04,Joe Mick 31:05,Suzie Frost 31:11,Alexandra Harris 31:51,Diane Birss 31:56,Fiona Davies 32:31,Jill Wright 32:33,Paul Hartley 32:44,Mo Ayers 33:04,Amy Barr 33:27,Natalie Johnson 34:13, Olatunde Durowoju 35:38,Inez Leslie 36:02,Jennifer Kanagala 36:37,Lisa Nuttall 38:49, Harry McAdam 38:50,Barb Maloney 40:12,Andrew Bainbridge 40:28,Caroline Newton 40:31,Anna McAllister 40:56,Marie Knight 44:15,Anne McArdle 44:16,Archie McCaffrey 47:21


Magnificent Milestones!

Kevin Lowe ran his 50th parkrun.

Katherine Andrews ran her 100th parkrun.

Paul Bentley ran his 100th parkrun.

Nick Laing ran his 200th parkrun

Jon Rumley volunteered for the 200th time.

Congratulations Kevin,Katherine,Paul,Nick and Jon!



Steve Taylor 21:21,Stephen McConville 22:22,Andrew O`Connor 24:24,Richard Shayle 26:26,Paul Johnson 26:26,Sally Williamson 32:32,Leo Wilson 35:35


Our wettishbutnotaswetasthecouldhavebeentastic volunteers were led by Andrew "Arrowe park" Hughes,timekeepers were Kareen "Numbers" Porschke,Jon "Jonuts" Rumley,barcode scanning was done by Kay "Up" Standing,Phil "Number 1 Welsh volunteer" Stanley,Ruth "Sarge" Byers,Naomi "RD photo done" Grabe,Dave "The Train" Marland,Lorna "OMP" Hughes, Peter "Coned off the area" Humphreys,finish tokens were handed out by Stu "The Vale" Rickers,Kevin "Tranmere 0" Gorry and Kirsty Greenwood,Richard Jacobs was our tail walker (book early for that job),Ruth B took the volunteers to their positions and Lorna Hughes made her debut doing the first timers briefing.Our funnel managers were Lily "Funnel puddle monitor" Ost,Paul "8 miles" Bradley,Stewart "Not Stuart" Foster and Douglas "Best Hat in the volunteer team" Kuhrt, Our marshals were Thomas Giles,Richard Smith,Mark Baxter,Sarah Shaw,Jill Caldwell,David Cahill,Mike Grundy,Ruth "Rosie" Pritchard,Lottie Wood,Ian Cochran, Max Schenker,Giselle Drouillard,Dave "Double Dave" Bibby,Amanda "Tin can lady" Curtis-Wilson.Mel Heale sorted the tokens and Stu Rickers processed the results. I did this report thing.

Our roster is looking good for next week. If you can help us out by volunteering ,please email us at

Book early!


We are on the facebook,the instagram and the flickr "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Thanks for coming along and also for reading this! See you next week!