Run report #250

Well after a false start last week it was parkrun 250

With not a van or a lorry load of mud in sight

That was a bit of a fright!

Neither was it nifty,shifty,mifty or anything to do with Cliff Richard or Harry Webb

Or a future barkrunner, a dog called Seb.

11,381 finishers,90,025 finishes,15,948 pb`s,546 volunteers and lots of memories & miles

Which always match the smiles

That you can get from coming to parkrun each week

Whether running,walking or donning a hi vis

Thanks to all involved for making our event an important part of your lives

That`s my take

Did anyone leave me any cake?


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report which will not mention again that I wasn`t there and didn`t get any cake. Anyway thanks to all of you for turning up to our 250th parkrun. I`m sure you`ll all agree the dress rehearsal went very well the previous week. Thanks to all the guys who turned up with their vans and lorries full of mud and water. It was so much fun. Onto the results.



Our first finisher (male) was Josh Cromblehome in a new pb of 17:30! Next was Will Patterson of Wirral AC who finished in 17:38 and David Dunning who ran a time of 18:11

Our first finisher (female) was our course record holder from April 2016,Sarah Howard of Liverpool Harriers & ac who ran 19:57(10th) this week. Next was Zara White of Wirral AC in 21:26 (31st) and Ellie Wood who ran 22:23 (49th)


Congratulations and welcome to all our first timers this week whether it was your first time ever at parkrun or were visiting us! We hope you very much enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area!

Our first timers this week were Alex Winstone,Matthew Knight,Oliver Jones,Christopher Loftus,Lucy Carlin,Ivy Lee,Nathan Wakeham,Jennie Mullin,Chris Noble,Storm Woodward,Dave Warwick,Paul Andrew,Kevin Boyle,Holly Jessett,Alison Haynes,Lorna Carroll,Jasmine Ballard,Agnieszka McMichael,Sophie Lauro,Louie Mitchell,David Williams,Rosie Moore,Andrew Vick,Sally Barr,Rachel Williams,Susan White,Cerys O`Brien,Thea Morris,Cody Mitchell,Riley Mitchell,Kyle Mitchell,Sue Whittle,Jeanette Boyle,Pippa Hennessy,Naomi Grabe,Stuart Haselgrove,Alastair Bolton,Hugo Hebert, Lucy Wigglesworth,Emma Dadswell,Jan Dennis,Savannah Mannhart,Brendan O`Neill, Anna Rickers,Neil Wiggins,Patrick Horsefield,Jay Mannhart,Phillip McBride,Matthew White,Joss Brookes,Andy Coward,Leslie Abbott


PB fantasticness from Josh Cromblehome 17:30,David Green 20:05,David McAllister 20:33,Ian Marsden 21:21,Marc Jones 21:48,Tristan Townsend 22:02,Robert Davies 22:29,Brett Abram 22:32,Graham Williams 22:38,Sean Miller 22:46,Nik Quayle 23:01, David Morris 23:17,Sophie McGrath 23:20,David Simpkin 23:28,Jon Payne 23:34, Simon Hartharn-Evans 23:46,Dianna Mannhart 23:52,Charlie Scudder 23:53,Eilidh Gillespie 24:20,Jennifer McGrath 24:23,Linda Richmond 24:25,Jane Cavanagh 24:26, Erin Epton 24:29,Douglas Kuhrt 24:47,Andrea Keenan 24:58,Alan Houghton 25:00, Clive Reeder 25:09,Glen Wilkinson 25:40,John Sanders 25:51,Paul Knight 25:58,Roy Caine 26:01,Neil Harvey 26:01,Benedict Dunning 26:11,Matthew Weedall 26:24,Mark Doherty 26:32,Joseph Van Miert 26:41,Joanne Whitfield 26:43,Lesley-Anne Cucksey 26:48,Joel Williams 26:51,Nigel Hobson 26:52,David Patterson 27:14,Heather Turnbull 27:38,Eleanor Morgan 27:47,Olivia Graham 27:51,Johnathan Fountain 28:08,Sophie Woodall 28:18,Emily Burgess 28:19,Nicola Beamish 28:36,Ruth Neal 28:41,Matt Lunt 29:09,Martha Newns 29:15,Catherine Davies 29:16,Claire Jackson 29:19,Sabi Szanecka 29:24,Alex Knight 29:51,Andrew Gifford 29:55,Adam Latten 30:01,Janine Parry 30:25,Sam Dunning 30:38,Jed Dunning 30:41,Ian Renshaw 30:43,Beverley Hartley 30:52,Gillian Green 31:01,Paul Hartley 31:10,Emma Haselgrove 31:29,Dan Collins 31:32,Amy Green 31:48,Julia James 32:10,Calum McKay 32:32,Eve Bentley 33:06,Ben Latten 33:12,David McMichael 33:17,Inez Leslie 34:10,Graham Ocego 34:34,Amanda Curtis-Wilson 34:47,Claire Scudder 34:50,Mark Wynne 35:52, Benjamin Barr 35:53,Mohammed Haneef 36:24,Lynne Latten 37:38,Robert Morris 38:26,Zareena Abdul 44:39

Magnificent Milestones

Keith Wood was our 250th finisher in our 250th parkrun.

Lorna Hughes volunteered for the 50th time.

Simon Hartharn - Evans ran his 50th parkrun.

Paul Tam ran his 50th parkrun.

Julie Oliver ran her 250th parkrun at our 250th parkrun.

Congratulations to Keith,Lorna,Simon,Paul and Julie!!



Ian Marsden 21:21,Mark Evens 23:23,David Berry 24:24,Tony Holmes 25:25,Brendan O`Neill 26:26,Phil Hagan 30:30,Calum McKay 32:32,Graham Ocego 34:34,Jennifer Hall 37:37,Phillip Davies 39:39


Ourvitalvaluedandverywondferfultastic volunteers were led by run director Gemma "The only GC" Cloney. Timekeeping was done by Andrew "Arrowe" Hughes and Ann "Get it done" Currie. Barcode scanners were Mike "Jolene" Green,Ruth "PC" Byers,Lorna "50" Hughes,Victoria Williams,John "New Folk Doctors album currently being recorded" Armstrong,Phil "Number 1 Welsh volunteer" Stanley,Matt Tozer. Our finish tokens team were Stuart "The shorts get their 200th volunteering time next week" Rickers,Kirsty Greenwood,Peter "Rafa`s mate" Barham.Naomi Grabe was our tail walker.Ruth took the volunteers to their positions and Ruth "Rosie" Pritchard did the first timers briefing. Our funnel managers were John "Partick" Henderson,John "Thistle" Nolan,Mark Baxter, Peter "Silence of the Cones" Humphreys. Our marshals were Carmel Wright,Lottie Wood,Kevin Lowe,Emma Longford,Katie Bellew,Graham Burgess,Shelagh Hearty, Tamsin Currie,Anita Gillen,David Cahill,Jill Caldwell,Ruth Wilson,Ava-Rae Cloney.

If you would like to volunteer next week please email us at birkenh