Run report #255

Birkenhead parkrun number 255

Don`t think we any had visitors from Blyth

Or Richie and the other four from Five

The coolair of warmsun was here,there and everywhere with her camera lens

The photos of which must number in the hundreds not the tens.

Another McGrath did the "McGrath sign folding challenge" in a great time

And Hughesy was our leader today to complete the rhyme.

Tail walker Matt saw us to our conclusion,not distracted by any dogs named FENTON

And his time was an actual Shenton

Thank you all for coming along and we`ll see you next week coming towards the finish funnel

One day,one day,one of you will be Sally Gunnell.


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report! Another great turnout.If you missed the news last week, we will not be doing a parkrun Christmas day but we will be New years day. If you want to know more on that re local or indeed any parkruns,check out the "parkrun Christmas compendium" and you can find out which parkruns are on and when over Christmas and new year. And yes,Compendium was one of the Roman camps that surrounded Asterix the Gaul`s village. Bonus points if you know the other three,no googling.Answers at the end.



Our first finisher (male) was Jay Walker of Wallasey AC in 17:14,2 seconds ahead of Steven Leslie of Village Road Runners AC who ran a pb of 17:16 and Paul Skipper of Mersey Tri who finished in 17:29. 15 runners today under 19 minutes!

Our first finisher (female) was Meg Hoshiko with a new pb of 18:46(13th),then it was Sophie Haslam of West Cheshire AC,also with a pb,this one was 20:36(38th) and Abigail Hughes who got a pb as well,of 20:51(38th)


Congratulations to all our first timers this week whether it was your first parkrun ever or you were visiting us for the first time, We hope you very much enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience experience. We look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first time parkrunners ever were Sam Lunt,Jack Jones,Kyle Downey,Kevin Willis,Moira Gartland,Christopher Harris,George Shannon Lawson,Calvin Carey,Erin Pastor,Rachel Carey,Laura Taylor,Joseph Reilly,Alex Sinnott,Georgina Woods,Aimee Woods Moses,Isaac Leah,Hannah Shannon,Jane Favager,Kitty Russell,Anita Zuger, Lance Buzzard.

Our first time visitors were Jessie Campbell,Brian Moses,Henry Wood,Zoe Eaton, Mohammed Rizwan,Nicki Mountford,Lee Mountford,Hayley Astle,Dawn McIntyre, William Hargrave,Martyn Paul,Angela Stiff,Phyllis Flynn



Stephen Llewellyn ran his 100th parkrun

Gary Johnstone ran his 100th parkrun

Congratulations to Stephen and Gary!


PB perfection from Steven Leslie 17:16,Jamie Dumbarton 17:41,David Pastor 18:05, John Harris 18:20,Sam Walters 18:30,Meg Hoshiko 18:46,John Ellison 19:35,Daniel Bojarski 20:06,Thomas Evans 20:14,Mark Richmond 20:22,Sophie Haslam 20:36, Abigail Hughes 20:51,Paul Simmons 20:55,Daniel Hughes 21:16,Matthew Strange 21:29,Mia Walker 21:29,Jonathan Lear 21:37,Anna Mae Fraser 21:41,Imogen Carew 21:43,Isla Pastor 22:02,Sean Miller 22:18,Steve Thomas 22:27,Lorna Quigley 22:45, Benjamin Sharp 22:56,Susan Reynolds 22:58,Abigail Stewart 23:20,Joniece Thompson 23:34,Emily Thompson 23:41,Michael Shillito 23:49,Sophie Harris 23:56,Emily Webster 23:57,Ricky Chu 24:04,Linda Richmond 24:09,Tomas Haselgrove 24:12,Simon Thomas 24:13,David Parish 24:14,Graham McEnaney 24:45,Jamie Smith 24:58,Helen Titu 25:05,Catherine Evans 25:09,Paul Gillen 25:20,Jennie Mullin 25:38,Joanne Whitfield 25:54,Susie Cosgrove 26:34,Ian Walker 26:53,Mel Heale 26:55,Jenny Horne 27:01, Chris Davies 27:03,Paul Gott 27:04,Benjamin Chalmers 27:06,Crackson Mupakasa 27:12,Hugh Whalley 27:34,Malgorzata Bojarska 27:46,Martha Newns 28:18,Sheela Ghosh 28:59,Emma Haselgrove 29:46,Helen McGuinn 29:56,Stephen Formston 30:15, Julie Oliver 30:21,David Engwall 30:23,Sean Robinson 30:31,Noah Leslie 30:46,Alan Moore 31:06,Silvia Tang 31:10,Mike Hall 31:11,Sophie Barnoux 31:20,Lynda Brook 31:34,Charley Bowler 31:37,Richard Harrison 31:41,Hon Chung Kwong 33:33,Mark Wynne 33:35,Rujina Bibi 33:37,Graham Ocego 33:53,Matt Biagetti 34:49,Neil Fothergill 35:36,Olivia Sherlock 35:40,Judith Hoskin 36:34,Cerys O`Brien 36:45,Savannah Mannhart 37:12,Amelia Calveley 37:13,Marie Knight 41:15,Karen McHugh 41:17



Mark Wilmshurst 22:22,Hon Chung Kwong 33:33,Matt Routledge 53:53


Our marvellousmagnificentreallyquitewonderfultastic volunteers were led by run director Andrew "Mr Wirral Social Runs" Hughes. Timekeepers were Lorna "Top timing debut" Hughes and Jon "Kitchen sink" Rumley.Barcode scanning was performed by Richard "Joint Number 1 McGrath sign folder" McGrath,Amy "Chief barcode scanning photographer" Barr,Lisa "It was the cup this time" Ost,Lily "Remebered the bottle" Ost,Mark "Jim" Pritchard,Peter "Big Dunc" Barham,Vicky Kehoe.Jennifer "Joint number 1 McGrath sign folder" McGrath,Robert Perry and Shelagh Hearty were our finish tokens team.Jill Caldwell took the volunteers to their positions.Richard McGrath did the first timers briefing.Paul "Pinky" Bradley,John "The Folk Doctor" Armstrong,James "T`PAU!!!!!" Hurley and David "Manchester Victoria" Gawne were our funnel managers. Our marshals were Peter "King of Cones" Humphreys,Tamsin Currie,Anita Gillen,David Cahill,Katie Bellew,Richard Latten,Ian Wilson,Jill Caldwell and Mike Grundy.Stu Rickers processed the results,Ruth "Rosie" Pritchard took photographs before,during and after. I did the run report.


We have barcode scanning and marshal opportunities up for grabs next week. If you would like to volunteer then or any other week (especially new years day) please email us at


We are on the twitter "@bheadparkrun" and the facebook,the flickr and the instagram "Birkenhead parkrun"


Thanks for coming along this morning and also reading this!


Aquarium,Totorum and Laudanum were the other Roman camps.


See you next week!








Run report #254

Twas a lovely morning in the park

All around was expectant and you could hear the odd bark

Kareen was run director for the first time today

And was fantastic I hear you say

We have the best volunteers around

From north to south ,east to west and coast to coast

As more often than not the roster is filled before you can butter your Sunday toast

Parkrun is made up of the efforts of so many people

Running,walking,volunteering but above all smiling,encouraging and clapping

With the occasional "musical" instrument to get your toes a tapping

Anyone can come along as its free to run from the start to the finish funnel

Where one day you could get to meet Sally Gunnell.


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report! Another 500+ number which was fantastic to see. Thank you very much for coming along. We had visitors from a few places this week but a big shout out (It`s what the youth say,so I`m told) to runners from Bus run Dublin who said very nice things about us.



Our first finisher (male) for the second successive week was Steven Leslie of Village Road Runners Ac who was very close to his pb. Steven ran 17:21. Next up was David Dunning who achieved one of our highest Shentons for some time, finishing in 18:18 and then Phil Bacon of Prestwich AC who ran a pb of 18:32!

Our first finisher (female) was Helen Alexander of Mersey Tri who ran 20:52 (23rd)), then Mia Walker of Wirral AC in 22:43 (54th) and Anna Mae Fraser of Wirral AC who finished in 22:52 (60th)


A massive congratulations to all our first timers this week whether it was your first time ever at parkrun (we all know how nervy that can be) or your first time visiting our wonderful course. We hope you had a lovely time and enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience. We look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first timers ever ever ever this week were Josh Mitchell,Andy Davies,Claire Doherty,Emily Webster,Andrew Birss,Daniel Reilly,Chris Davies,Adam Johnson,Sean Jones,Kieran Reynolds,Laura Ashworth,Laura Davies,Ian Walker,Mandy Thomas-Reilly Silvia Tang,Louise Mora,Stephen Formston,Susan Allen,Alan Quilty,Hon Chung Kwong, Jagjeeth Naik,Sereena Naik,Beatrice Hanlon,Vickie Young,Debbie Leatt,Olivia Sherlock Emma Brooker,Jenny Webb,Evie Teare,Sue Anderton.

Our first timer visitors this week were Fabio Dias,Helen McGuinn,Robert Cartwright, Simon Harris,Ciaran Allman,Wayne Giles,Darragh Kitt,Andrew Woolacott,John Whitworth,Mary Martin,Rory Quinn,Amelia Hanson,Tricia Rutherford,Alan Davies, Simon Crine,Nicki Davies,Carla Houghton



Peter "Seb`s dad" Gately ran his 100th parkrun

John "Mr Marathons" Nolan ran his 100th parkrun

David Craddock ran his 50th parkrun

Ian Stevens ran his 50th parkrun

And a happy birthday to Keith "EAGLES!" Blackwell!

Congratulations to Peter,John,David,Keith and Ian!


PB awesomeness from Phil Bacon 18:32,Henry George 19:09.Jack Berry 20:14, Thomas Zuger 20:27,Mark Richmond 20:32,Chris Noble 21:19,Luke Watson 21:38, John Connolly 21:48,Daniel Templeton 21:50,Jack Yang 22:37,Dylan Owen 22:41, Mia Walker 22:43,David Morris 22:55,Benjamin Sharp 23:13,Linda Richmond 24:13,Sophie Harris 24:41,Tom Carver 24:46,Lewis Morris 25:03,Joe Butterworth 25:12,Paul Gillen 25:30,Jennie Mullin 26:02,Craig Butterworth 26:17,Richard Clements 26:28,Mike Grundy 26:29,Nicola Branscombe 26:52,Paul Andrew 26:52,Johnathan Fountain 27:02, Danielle Zuger 27:22,Philip Jones 27:24,Emma Harrison 27:26,Eleanor Morgan 27:30, Paul Hartley 29:01,Jixin Yang 29:17,Helen Neal 29:50,Noah Leslie 30:58,Curtis F Wilson 31:21,Robert Olsson 31:22,Sophie Barnoux 31:24,Alan Moore 31:46,Graeme White 31:52,Charley Bowler 32:20,Alison McGovern 32:21,Lynda Brook 32:26,Emily Irvin 32:36,Inez Leslie 32:48,Megan Allman 32:56,Mike Hall 33:27,Susan White 33:30, Mark Wynne 33:38,Rujina Bibi 34:14,Claire Scudder 34:35,Sara Owen 35:25,Maureen Fountain 35:42,Jayne Weaver 39:16,Amelia Calveley 39:17



David Dunning 18:18,Kinnari Kapoor 28:28,Margaret Davenport 29:29


Ourfranklywonderfultiptoptastic volunteers were led by our run director Kareen "First one there" Porschke. Timekeepers were Gemma "May have mentioned her little dog has sharp teeth" Cloney and Jon "Needs to follow his own advice" Rumley.Barcode scanners were Katherine Andrews,Dave "The Train" Marland,Peter "Good result for Everton today" Barham,Sue "Number 1 Sue" Foster,Vicky Kehoe,Andrew "Social run 10:30 tomorrow" Hughes,Paul "Dr Pinky" Bradley. Our finish tokens team were Peter "One of our cones is missing" Humphreys,Richard "Didn`t fold the sign" McGrath and Kay "Photo of the week" Standing. Tail walker was Kevin Lowe.Mike "New nickname soon" Green gave the first timers briefing and also funnel managed. Our other funnel managers were Lorna "You say cooking,I say baking" Hughes,Lily "Not the water bottle monitor" Ost,Ann "Get it done" Currie and Graham Tate. Our marshals were Ian Cochran,Lottie Wood,Tamsin Currie,Zoe Pearse,Sybil Leeman,Paul Mooney,David Cahill and Esther Lindesay. Stuart "Tranmere 0" Rickers processed the results,Mel "Is sorting or has sorted or will be sorting them" Heale is sorting the finish tokens for next week and I did this.

We have marshal positions and all the funnel manager positions available for next Saturday so if you would like to volunteer then please email us at

Right,I`m hungry so I`ll wrap this up. We are on the twitter "@bheadparkrun" and the instagram,the facebook and the flickr "Birkenhead parkrun".

Thanks for coming along this morning and reading this.

See you next week!











Run report #253

What a belter of a parkrun that was in the park

558 would be too many to fit on the Cutty Sark

However for our run today you provided the spark

And in the run briefing there wasn`t a bark.

Hang on,let me put a light on,its getting dark.

I ran then was able to watch the volunteer team in their work

I didn`t see Michael Buerk.

The timekeepers,the funnel managers,the finish tokens team,the rd and the scanners were all at their best

We definitely have the best team in the west.

The marshals always get rave reviews from you all

However we`d look pretty silly without you lot having a ball

So thanks for coming along and taking part,that was a good call.

There was one person missing from the funnel

She`ll be there one day, that Sally Gunnell.


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report. A brilliant 558 of you ran,walked or woofed with us today and we had 32 volunteers. Hope you all had a great time and thanks for coming along this morning!



Our first finisher (male) was Steven Leslie of Village Road Runners AC who finished in 18:28, next was Joe Alkins who ran 18:06 and John Armstrong of Wallasey AC who did 18:09.

Our first finisher (female) was Sarah Howard of Liverpool Harriers & AC in 20:28 (18th) then Sophie Haslam of West Cheshire AC with a new pb of 20:51 (27th) and Helen Alexander of Mersey Tri in 21:02 (30th)


Congratulations to all our fantastic first timers this week whether it was your first time ever ever at parkrun or you were visiting us from afar or close by.We hope you very much enjoyed your Birkenhead park experience and look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first timers ever ever this week were Ronny Pinto,Luke Watson,Eddie Cassidy, Steve McCoy,Paul Smith,David Bennett,Oliver Hickman,Malgorzata Bojarska,Beth Gibson,Tim Brunsden,Charley Bowler,Berenice Onillon,Erin Whyatt,Harry Buchanan, Andy Buchanan,Karl Russell,Lee Russell,Barry Russell,Claudia Fryer,Neil Fothergill,Oonagh Hughes,Prakruthi Naik,Eva Parkin,Joanne Parkin,Amelia Calveley, Jessica Parkin,Ben Parkin,Karen McHugh,Sara Owen,

Our first timer visitors this week were Christopher Lowe,Shelly Wiggins,Colin Jobber, Sally Whitworth,Robert Thurnell,Christopher Simpson,Georgia Croxford,Charlotte Brookfield,Sam Brookfield,Karen England,Caroline Bennett,Paul Adey,Sophie Barnoux, Jerry England,Steve Bennett,Bhincent Dineen,


Magnificent Milestones!

Paula Hartharn-Evans ran her 200th parkrun (and also did the first timers briefing)

Mark Lightfoot ran his 100th parkrun

Mark Simmons ran his 100th parkrun

Robert Wilson ran his 50th parkrun

Susan Reynolds ran her 50th parkrun

Kevin Gorry ran his 50th parkrun

Congratulations to Paula,Mark,Mark,Robert,Susan and Kevin!


PB excellence this week from Steven Cosgrove 19:04,Tim Jones 19:25,Thomas Smout 20:25,Mark Richmond 20:41,Jack Berry 20:42,Daniel Bojarski 20:44,Sophie Haslam 20:51,Marc Jones 21:25,Daniel Hughes 21:26,Max Grabe 21:57,Heidi Rogers 22:18, Jan McArd 22:30,Daniel Templeton 22:35,Graham Burgess 22:39,Stuart Fick 23:26, Dianna Mannhart 23:35,David Wade 23:41,Sheila Smout 23:58,Ethan Shannon Lawson 24:38,Andrew Gibson 24:39,Catherine Reilly 24:47,David Jones 24:54,Lauren Sommereux 24:57,Stuart Glavin 24:58,Jay Mannhart 25:08,Joe Butterworth 25:45, Stephen Jones 25:58,Faye Farlam 26:01,Joshua Foster 26:01,William Foster 26:05, Franklin Shannon 26:19,Craig Butterworth 26:23,Bethany Wilson 26:25,Catherine Evans 26:37,Richard Clements 26:38,Louise Higham 27:07,Eleanor Collingridge 27:17, Paul Cashin 27:21,Lawrence Cowdray 27:24,Eleanor Morgan 27:39,Ruth Neal 28:16, Dave Watson 28:26,Catherine Court 28:47,Andrew Moran 28:57,Kevin Boyle 29:03, Martha Newns 29:07,Laura Stern 29:15,Janine Parry 29:40,Elliot Longford 29:56, Beverley Hartley 30:08,Paul Hartley 30:13,Emma Strange 30:13,Claire Simpson 30:14, Jasmine Rogan 30:41,Robert Aspey 31:25,Alan Moore 31:52,Lucie Wright 32:10,Lynda Brook 32:30,David McMichael 32:57,Ruth Allman 33:08,Inez Leslie 33:17, Amanda Curtis-Wilson 33:18,Mark Wynne 34:12,Rujina Bibi 34:26,Cerys O`Brien 37:54,Judith Hoskin 38:05,Isla Wiggins 39:26,Finley Wiggins 41:27,Marie Knight 41:35,Julie Wynne 41:35,Archie McCaffrey 45:50



Richard Kinsman 20:20,Sandra Barker 27:27,William Thompson 28:28,Phil Hagan 31:31,Andy Chase 33:33


Our brightloudsparklycheeryandhaveimentionedamazingtastic volunteers were led by run director Stu "Think I`m going to need another layer" Rickers, Timekeepers were Jennifer "Number 1 sign folder" McGrath and Mike "One scoop" Green. Barcode scanning was done by Peter "No Cones were harmed in the making of this parkrun" Humphreys,Andrew "Flash mob" Hughes,Naomi "Little car" Grabe,Vicky Kehoe,John "The Folk Doctor" Armstrong,Peter "Seb`s dad" Gateley,Steven "First Finisher" Leslie. Our finish tokens team were Lorna "Sparkly shoes" Hughes,Richard "Folding the sign next week" McGrath and Dave "The Train" Marland. Our tailwalkers were Lisa "Joint chief puddle monitor" Ost and Lily "Joint chief puddle monitor" Ost. Lorna Hughes also took the volunteers to their positions and Paula "200!" Hartharn-Evans did the first timers briefing. Our funnel managers were Ann "Meols Milers" Currie,Paul Mooney, David "I did see him at Manchester Victoria" Gawne,Paul "Runnel manager" Bradley. Our marshals were Jill Caldwell,Ian Cochran,Tamsin Currie,Lottie Wood,Christine Sutcliffe,Craig Moran,James Sutcliffe,Sybil Leeman,Peter "Don`t mention the Rafa" Barham,Max Schenker. Stu processed the results and I did this.


Another great response from our volunteers.As I type this we need one barcode scanner,one funnel manager and a load of marshals for next Saturday. To have so many positions filled already is absolutely amazing and if you want to get in on the act  (to quote finish tokens team member Lorna) and feel a "sense of satisfaction" please email us at

We are on the twitter "@bheadparkrun",the facebook,flickr and instagram "Birkenhead parkrun"

That`s it. Thanks for coming along this morning and reading this.

See you next Saturday






Run report #252


After threatening to be a little wet

It turned out nice and bright

And because Halloween is happening,there could have been a fright

There wasn`t though and no sight of a cookie

That could have been (ahem....drum roll)....spooky!

Hang on,that rhyme has gone to VAR.....



The rhyme is allowed and all was good

Although whilst searching for an errant finish token,Jon`s knee got stuck in the mud

Naomi made her run director debut and all was sound from start to finish in the finish funnel

And all together now,there was no sign though of Sally Gunnell*

*If you want this explained,just ask.


Welcome to this week`s run report! We had visitors from Cheltenham,Brighton,Hereford and Warrington this morning! A big shout out (that`s what the young people say apparently) to all our visitors,first timers,regulars,dogs,squirrels,everyone really.There was some barking at the start and (woof,woof,woof,scratch nose,woof,paw).If you could pass that message onto your dogs it is appreciated.



Our first finisher (male) was TJ Jones of Wirral AC who finished in 17:04 then it was Mr Unknown,then Paul Bradford of Mersey Tri with a new pb of 17:37 and Michael Wilkinson of Wirral AC who ran 18:02.

Our first finisher (female) was Ella Roberts who ran a new pb of 18:23! Next was Rachael Theobald in 20:24 and Sophie Haslam of West Cheshire AC who ran a pb of 21:02!


Congratulations to all of our amazing first timers this week whether it was your first time ever at parkrun or you were visiting us for the first time. We hope you had a fantastic time and are busy telling your family and friends how ace it was! We look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you are visiting the wonderful Wirral.

Our first timers ever at parkrun this week were Adam Brunskill,Deborah Kewley,Ricky Chu,Tom Carver,George Heague,Gary Bradwell,Zac Hislop,Ellen Griffiths,Kenneth Ritchie,Lauren Boyle,Alison McGovern,Thomas Zuger,Danielle Zuger,Megan Allman, Ruth Allman

Our first timer visitors this week were Tomas Haselgrove,Jixin Yang,Michael Gun-Why, Sam Rowan,Andrew Quine,Joseph Lawlor,Heather Beeton,Alice Beacham,David Brown,Caroline Lawlor,Charlotte Bristowe,Darren Connaghan,Christine Beeton, Przemyslaw Wilanowski,Carol Newton,Mark Doyle,Lynn Newman


PB amazingness from Paul Bradford 17:37,David Pastor 18:16,Ben Williams 18:19,Ella Roberts 18:23,Henry Timewell 19:17,Sophie Haslam 21:02,Joshua Wild 21:39,Sarah Theobald 21:40,Claire Campbell 22:05,Sean Miller 22:31,Isla Pastor 22:45,Christopher Loftus 22:48,Joel Smith 22:57,Jack Yang 23:04,Melanie Bradford 23:28,Ewan Williams 23:53,Nathan Wakeham 24:29,Simon Thomas 24:58,Stuart Glavin 25:12,Niall McInnes 25:14,Jay Mannhart 25:39,Matthew Weedall 26:15,Emily O`Connell 27:03,Nikki Smith 27:06,Jennie Mullin 27:19,Richard Clements 27:54,Orla Caldwell 27:56,Charlotte Mackie 28:15,Paul Andrew 28:19,Nick Wilde 28:51,Eleanor Collingridge 28:53, Alice Caldwell 29:02,Andrew Moran 29:28,Janine Parry 30:04,Gemma Griffiths 30:08, Beverley Hartley 30:16,Paul Hartley 30:18,Emma Haselgrove 30:22,Julia James 30:54, Noah Leslie 31:01,Gillian Hughes 31:29,Sophie Lauro 31:37,Natalie Johnson 32:02, Lucie Wright 32:30,Lorna Carroll 32:56,Jean Thomas 33:24,Inez Leslie 34:07,Rachel Williams 35:18,Faye Sullivan 36:52,Lisa Nuttall 37:47,Isabelle Mackie 42:53, Jeanette Boyle 46:56,


Marvellous Milestones

Last week Abigail Cowan achieved our 16,000th pb at Birkenhead. (Only noticed this the other day.In my defence, the stats don`t update till Sunday)

Mark Woodworth ran his 50th parkrun.

Ian McCormack ran his 100th parkrun.

Warren Davidson ran his 100th parkrun,

John "The Folk doctor" Armstrong ran his 100th parkrun and it is also his birthday today,(his age is `significantly` lower than 100.)

Congratulations to Abigail for last week and Ian ,Mark,Warren and John today!



Neil Cameron 20:20,Nestor Salazar 21:21,Mark Wilmshurst 22:22,Kevin Hall 26:26


Our wereexpectingtogetabitwetbutinthendwereokreallytastic volunteers were led by debutant run director Naomi "Nailed it" Grabe, Our dynamic timekeeping duo were Peter "Seb`s dad" Gately and John "Mr Marathons" Nolan. Barcode scanning was undertaken by Jon "My jeans are muddy" Rumley,Andrew "First runner home scanner sweepstake winner" Hughes,Gemma "Mum of a total genius" Cloney,Ava "The total genius" Cloney,Lily "Number 1 Ost barcode scanner" Ost,Thomas "Flower pot monitor" Giles and Amanda "Barcode scanner dressing up competition winner" Curtis-Wilson. Our finish tokens team were Kareen "Numbers" Porschke,Peter "Don`t mention the Watford" Barham, Robert "Tokens" Perry. Peter "Professor of Cone distribution" Humphreys was our tail walker this week.Andrew Hughes also took the marshals for a walk to their posts. Jon "Cakes reunited" Rumley did the first timers briefing.Our funnel managers were Margaret Ray,Lyn Ebbrell,Ruth Wilson,Brian Seal and Kimberly Morris. Our marshal team were Shelagh Hearty,Annette Jones,Anita Gillen,Lottie Wood,Ana Roslan,Paul Mooney,David Cahill,Ian Cochran,Sybil Leeman,Alison MacDonald,Esther Lindesay. Stuart "Promotion push from the Vale" Rickers processed the results,Ava-Rae "Still a total genius" Cloney started us off and Jon "Bottom of the league" Rumley `did` the run report.

A massive massive thank you to all our volunteers. We are perhaps the most fortunate of parkruns in the country I reckon as we regularly fill the volunteer roster before the end of the weekend and rarely have to do a second appeal during the week. We have a great time and get so much out of it. If you would like to join us please email us at (If you have any questions about any of the roles just ask us)


We are on the twitter "@bheadparkrun", and the facebook,the instagram and the flickr "birkenheadparkrun"


That`s it, Thanks for joining us and reading this!

See you next week








Run report #251

Sorry this is a little late,I was hoping Derby might score

Overly optimistic perhaps, I think that will happen next in 2024

Today we welcomed the Stubo to the 200 volunteering at Birkenhead ranks

A club that 100% doesn`t include Tom Hanks

The fan of the Vale that always wears the shorts

I do not know though if he likes the liquorice allsorts.

If you would like the chance to wear the lovely coloured hi vis

You don`t need to get in a tiz

Or even drink some fizz

Just email us at

And we will add you to the roster with aplomb


Aplomb is a great word isn`t it? Anyway welcome to this week`s run report. Thanks for coming today,we really do appreciate it as if you didn`t we`d have to do a squirrel parkrun and that would be terrible. It`s time for the results I hear you say.


The Resuts!

Our first finisher (male) was Neil Oakes of Mersey Tri in a new pb of 17:30! Next up was Steven Leslie of Village Road Runners AC in 17:37 then Mike Jones of Victoria Park Harriers and Tower Hamlets AC who ran a new pb of 17:45!

Our first finisher (female) as Jen Ellison with a new pb of 20:11! (15th) Then it was Sophie Haslam of West Cheshire AC who ran 21:04 (28th) and Claire Campbell who finished in 22:25 (53rd).


Congratulations to all our first timers this week whether it was your first time ever ever ever at parkrun or if you were visiting us for the first time! We hope you had a fantastic time and we`ll see you next week or the next time you`re in the area.Thanks for joining us today!

Our first timers were James Hughes,Matthew Clarke,James Tebay,Peter Maynes,Tom Lear,Michael McMullan,David White,Clive Burgess,Jenny Horne,Claire Simpson,Trish White,Sian Kelly,Lynda Brook,Jenni Shaw,Isla Wiggins,Finlay Wiggins

Our first timer visitors were Sophie Haslam, Zoe Bennett,Julie Sankey,Samuel Measures,Emma Warburton,Laura D`Cruz,Thomas Quinton,Nicola Hawkins,Rchard Hawkins,Judith Hoskin,Wilf D`Cruz,Kirsty Howe,Mark Smith,Kieran Smallbone,Hannah Robertshaw,Richard Pedrick,Lindsay Tanner,Gemma Griffiths,Alison Clark,Michael Fisher,Michael Costick,Beverley Davies,Andrew Mogg, Mark Tanner,Neil Gooding, Debbie Jackson,Jason Hockridge,Daren Jackson,Pauline Mogg,Byron Edwards,Rachel Fargher


PB loveliness from Neil Oakes 17:30,Mike Jones 17:45,James Morris 19:05,Tim Jones 19:50,Jen Ellison 20:11,Phil Weldon 20:44,Matthew Knight 20:47,Ian Marsden 20:52, Chris Noble 21:21,Joshua Wild 21:44,Brett Abram 21:46,Oliver Jones 22:24,Sean Miller 22:39,Molly Bryce 23:08,Paul Davies 23:14,Hollie Gregory 23:32,Megan Gillen 23:49, David Parish 24:24,Paul Clarke 24:29,Mal Balmer 24:40,Nathan Wakeham 25:17,Paul Gillen 26:00,Joseph Van Miert 26:12,Nigel Hobson 26:16,Natalie Garrod 26:21,Emily Kealey 26:29,Joanne Whitfield 26:31,Stephen Jones 26:49,Grace Garner 27:13,Edward Garner 27:14,Rebecca Gillen 27:21,Emily Burgess 28:04,Nicola Branscombe 28:55, Shelly Kilshaw Yates 28:58,Paul Andrew 29:12,Kevin Boyle 29:59,Paul Hartley 30:30,Benjamin Babb 30:51,Julia James 30:55,Charlotte Gregory 31;27,David Williams 31:32,Katie Lane 31:38,Sophie Lauro 32;55,Louie Mitchell 33;42,Stephen Gardner 33:49,Susan White 34:04,Kyle Mitchell 34:19,Mark Wynne 35:37,Sarah McLaren 35:39, Mohammed Haneef 35:42,Rujina Bibi 36:15,Harry McAdam 37:22,Abigail Cowan 40:22, Zareena Abdul 42:30,Marie Knight 42:32,Jeanette Boyle 48:10,


Marvellous Milestones!

Stuart Rickers volunteered for the 200th time

Stuart Fick ran his 50th parkrun

Vicky Kehoe ran her 50th parkrun

John Brown ran his 50th parkrun

Kenneth Stocker ran his 50th parkrun

Angela Burke ran her 100th parkrun

Lynn Tarpey ran her 100th parkrun

Pauline Mogg ran her 150th parkrun

Mark Wilmshurst ran his 200th parkrun

Lisa Ost volunteered for the 25th time

Congratulations to Stuart,Stuart,Vicky,John,Kenneth,Angela,Lynn,Pauline,Mark and Lisa!



Chris Noble 21:21,David Parish 24:24,Jessica Chadwick 26:26,Gary McConville 27:27, Victoria Ford 28:28,Paul Hartley 30:30,Stephen Hope 32:32,Debbie Jackson 34:34


Ouralwayswonderfulalwayswisetastic volunteers were led by run director Ruth "PC" Byers.Timekeepers were Kareen "Numbers" Porschke,Mike "Jolene" Green. Barcode scanning was done by Phil "Number 1 Welsh volunteer" Stanley,Lisa "25" Ost,Lily "Promoted to Chief puddle monitor for the day" Ost,Peter "Not Rafa`s mate" Barham, Ann "Get it done" Currie who also did her debut first timers briefing,Lorna "OMP Hughes, John "The Folk Doctor" Armstrong. Our finish token trio were Peter "Game of Cones" Humphreys,Shelagh Hearty and Andrew "Arrowe" Hughes. Tail walkers were Amy Barr,Stephen Frizzle and Sally Barr. Our funnel managers were Ruth Wilson,David Gawne,Peter "Seb`s dad" Gateley,Ana Roslan,Carol Williams,Sybil Leeman,Ann Rodgerson,Ian Cochran,Caroline Newton,Tamsin Currie,Paul Mooney,Suzi Keating,Sue Foster,Mark Hyland,,Carmel Wright,Esther Lindesay.Stuart Rickers did the post event close down.

If you would like to volunteer with us,please email

We are on the twitter "@bheadparkrun" and the facebook,instagram and flickr "Birkenhead parkrun"


That`s it. Thanks for joining us this morning and for reading this!





Run report #250

Well after a false start last week it was parkrun 250

With not a van or a lorry load of mud in sight

That was a bit of a fright!

Neither was it nifty,shifty,mifty or anything to do with Cliff Richard or Harry Webb

Or a future barkrunner, a dog called Seb.

11,381 finishers,90,025 finishes,15,948 pb`s,546 volunteers and lots of memories & miles

Which always match the smiles

That you can get from coming to parkrun each week

Whether running,walking or donning a hi vis

Thanks to all involved for making our event an important part of your lives

That`s my take

Did anyone leave me any cake?


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report which will not mention again that I wasn`t there and didn`t get any cake. Anyway thanks to all of you for turning up to our 250th parkrun. I`m sure you`ll all agree the dress rehearsal went very well the previous week. Thanks to all the guys who turned up with their vans and lorries full of mud and water. It was so much fun. Onto the results.



Our first finisher (male) was Josh Cromblehome in a new pb of 17:30! Next was Will Patterson of Wirral AC who finished in 17:38 and David Dunning who ran a time of 18:11

Our first finisher (female) was our course record holder from April 2016,Sarah Howard of Liverpool Harriers & ac who ran 19:57(10th) this week. Next was Zara White of Wirral AC in 21:26 (31st) and Ellie Wood who ran 22:23 (49th)


Congratulations and welcome to all our first timers this week whether it was your first time ever at parkrun or were visiting us! We hope you very much enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area!

Our first timers this week were Alex Winstone,Matthew Knight,Oliver Jones,Christopher Loftus,Lucy Carlin,Ivy Lee,Nathan Wakeham,Jennie Mullin,Chris Noble,Storm Woodward,Dave Warwick,Paul Andrew,Kevin Boyle,Holly Jessett,Alison Haynes,Lorna Carroll,Jasmine Ballard,Agnieszka McMichael,Sophie Lauro,Louie Mitchell,David Williams,Rosie Moore,Andrew Vick,Sally Barr,Rachel Williams,Susan White,Cerys O`Brien,Thea Morris,Cody Mitchell,Riley Mitchell,Kyle Mitchell,Sue Whittle,Jeanette Boyle,Pippa Hennessy,Naomi Grabe,Stuart Haselgrove,Alastair Bolton,Hugo Hebert, Lucy Wigglesworth,Emma Dadswell,Jan Dennis,Savannah Mannhart,Brendan O`Neill, Anna Rickers,Neil Wiggins,Patrick Horsefield,Jay Mannhart,Phillip McBride,Matthew White,Joss Brookes,Andy Coward,Leslie Abbott


PB fantasticness from Josh Cromblehome 17:30,David Green 20:05,David McAllister 20:33,Ian Marsden 21:21,Marc Jones 21:48,Tristan Townsend 22:02,Robert Davies 22:29,Brett Abram 22:32,Graham Williams 22:38,Sean Miller 22:46,Nik Quayle 23:01, David Morris 23:17,Sophie McGrath 23:20,David Simpkin 23:28,Jon Payne 23:34, Simon Hartharn-Evans 23:46,Dianna Mannhart 23:52,Charlie Scudder 23:53,Eilidh Gillespie 24:20,Jennifer McGrath 24:23,Linda Richmond 24:25,Jane Cavanagh 24:26, Erin Epton 24:29,Douglas Kuhrt 24:47,Andrea Keenan 24:58,Alan Houghton 25:00, Clive Reeder 25:09,Glen Wilkinson 25:40,John Sanders 25:51,Paul Knight 25:58,Roy Caine 26:01,Neil Harvey 26:01,Benedict Dunning 26:11,Matthew Weedall 26:24,Mark Doherty 26:32,Joseph Van Miert 26:41,Joanne Whitfield 26:43,Lesley-Anne Cucksey 26:48,Joel Williams 26:51,Nigel Hobson 26:52,David Patterson 27:14,Heather Turnbull 27:38,Eleanor Morgan 27:47,Olivia Graham 27:51,Johnathan Fountain 28:08,Sophie Woodall 28:18,Emily Burgess 28:19,Nicola Beamish 28:36,Ruth Neal 28:41,Matt Lunt 29:09,Martha Newns 29:15,Catherine Davies 29:16,Claire Jackson 29:19,Sabi Szanecka 29:24,Alex Knight 29:51,Andrew Gifford 29:55,Adam Latten 30:01,Janine Parry 30:25,Sam Dunning 30:38,Jed Dunning 30:41,Ian Renshaw 30:43,Beverley Hartley 30:52,Gillian Green 31:01,Paul Hartley 31:10,Emma Haselgrove 31:29,Dan Collins 31:32,Amy Green 31:48,Julia James 32:10,Calum McKay 32:32,Eve Bentley 33:06,Ben Latten 33:12,David McMichael 33:17,Inez Leslie 34:10,Graham Ocego 34:34,Amanda Curtis-Wilson 34:47,Claire Scudder 34:50,Mark Wynne 35:52, Benjamin Barr 35:53,Mohammed Haneef 36:24,Lynne Latten 37:38,Robert Morris 38:26,Zareena Abdul 44:39

Magnificent Milestones

Keith Wood was our 250th finisher in our 250th parkrun.

Lorna Hughes volunteered for the 50th time.

Simon Hartharn - Evans ran his 50th parkrun.

Paul Tam ran his 50th parkrun.

Julie Oliver ran her 250th parkrun at our 250th parkrun.

Congratulations to Keith,Lorna,Simon,Paul and Julie!!



Ian Marsden 21:21,Mark Evens 23:23,David Berry 24:24,Tony Holmes 25:25,Brendan O`Neill 26:26,Phil Hagan 30:30,Calum McKay 32:32,Graham Ocego 34:34,Jennifer Hall 37:37,Phillip Davies 39:39


Ourvitalvaluedandverywondferfultastic volunteers were led by run director Gemma "The only GC" Cloney. Timekeeping was done by Andrew "Arrowe" Hughes and Ann "Get it done" Currie. Barcode scanners were Mike "Jolene" Green,Ruth "PC" Byers,Lorna "50" Hughes,Victoria Williams,John "New Folk Doctors album currently being recorded" Armstrong,Phil "Number 1 Welsh volunteer" Stanley,Matt Tozer. Our finish tokens team were Stuart "The shorts get their 200th volunteering time next week" Rickers,Kirsty Greenwood,Peter "Rafa`s mate" Barham.Naomi Grabe was our tail walker.Ruth took the volunteers to their positions and Ruth "Rosie" Pritchard did the first timers briefing. Our funnel managers were John "Partick" Henderson,John "Thistle" Nolan,Mark Baxter, Peter "Silence of the Cones" Humphreys. Our marshals were Carmel Wright,Lottie Wood,Kevin Lowe,Emma Longford,Katie Bellew,Graham Burgess,Shelagh Hearty, Tamsin Currie,Anita Gillen,David Cahill,Jill Caldwell,Ruth Wilson,Ava-Rae Cloney.

If you would like to volunteer next week please email us at birkenh







Run report #249

Yet again we were blessed with a big team of volunteers

For that we which are thankful and say cheers!

We had Hughesy in charge on the megaphone

And he briefed the runners with a commanding tone

He pointed out one of the timekeepers who was doing his 200th

That`s me and I`ve mentioned it a bit

But I am very proud of it

Apart from the goals I `helped` concede in my Boys Brigade football team

That`s the first time I`ve reached the number 200 not in a sporting dream

I love volunteering at Birkenhead parkrun,we have the best people in hi vis

I`ve made fantastic friends and worn lots of different colour bibs

One day I even hope to meet in the finish funnel

The one the only Sally Gunnell


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report! We had visitors from Worcester,Nottingham and somewhere else Lorna told me about after her first first timers briefing. Thanks for all joining us today and don`t forget next week its our 250th and that means cake!



Our first finisher (male) was Daniel Hayes of Wirral AC with a new pb of 16:12! Next was Steve Hayes of Deestriders AC with a pb of 16:24 and Andrew Dunning who finished in 17:40.

Our first finisher (female) was Ellie Wood in 22:47 (56th) then Anoushka Kapoor with a new pb of 23:11 (68th) and Helen Simpson of Wallasey AC in 23:39 (77th)


Congratulations and welcome to all our first timers this week whether it was your first parkrun ever or your first time visiting us! We hope you very much enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area!

Our first timers this week were Ashley Smith,Nick Leach,Paul Griffiths,Tony McGeagh, Jeanette Robinson,Katherine Woodger,Chris Simons,Alex Carter,Charles Kingsland, Emma Hughes,Colin Patterson,Ben Livett,Jacqueline Kingsland,Lindsay Livett,Graham Ocego,Gillian Mundy,Ella Campbell,Chris Livett,Abigail Cowan,Mohammed Haneef, Ammar Al-Baldawi,David Gallagher,John Dunning,Su Hall,Joel Jackman,Elliott Bujac, Debs Gillooly,Liam O`Malley,Mark Pattison,Robin Kupsa,Graham Edwards,Tim Lee, Chloe Read,Catherine O`Brien,Louise Lee,Peter Armstrong,Alireza Esfandiari,Martin Jackman,Mick Anglim,Wendy Coxshall,Aoife Esfandiari,Eamonn O`Brien,Dianna Mannhart,Jan Anglim


PB awesomeness from Daniel Hayes 16:12,Steve Hayes 16:24,Mike Jones 18:08, Patrick Burke 19:17,Matt Tozer 19:56,Paul Robinson 20:07,Phil Weldon 20:51,Jack Berry 21:15,Tim Plested 22:19,Timothy Fellows 22:52,Matty Hughes 22:57,Anoushka Kapoor 23:11,Joel Giblett 23:17,Sean Miller 23:21,Joel Smith 23:39,Jon Payne 24:02, Graham Williams 24:22,Adam Howarth 24:50,Mark Cullen 25:51,Stuart Glavin 25:55, Katy Coulson 25:56,James Holmes 26:03,John Heap 26:10,Roy Caine 26:22, Stephanie Baxter 26:56,Jenna McElhoney 26:57,Nigel Hobson 27:01,John Sanders 27:22,Judith Green 27:32,Stephen Jones 27:50,Keziah Knight 28:09,Hazel Shingler 28:13,Elaine Bland 28:18,Julie O`Donnell 28:20,Eleanor Morgan 28:23,Julia Collier 28:59,Aine Kingsland 29:09,David Jones 29:17,Jose Manuel Alvarez Picornell 29:18, Andrew Gifford 30:26,Lewis Gray 30:36,Fiona Fellows 31:04,Joe Mick 31:05,Suzie Frost 31:11,Alexandra Harris 31:51,Diane Birss 31:56,Fiona Davies 32:31,Jill Wright 32:33,Paul Hartley 32:44,Mo Ayers 33:04,Amy Barr 33:27,Natalie Johnson 34:13, Olatunde Durowoju 35:38,Inez Leslie 36:02,Jennifer Kanagala 36:37,Lisa Nuttall 38:49, Harry McAdam 38:50,Barb Maloney 40:12,Andrew Bainbridge 40:28,Caroline Newton 40:31,Anna McAllister 40:56,Marie Knight 44:15,Anne McArdle 44:16,Archie McCaffrey 47:21


Magnificent Milestones!

Kevin Lowe ran his 50th parkrun.

Katherine Andrews ran her 100th parkrun.

Paul Bentley ran his 100th parkrun.

Nick Laing ran his 200th parkrun

Jon Rumley volunteered for the 200th time.

Congratulations Kevin,Katherine,Paul,Nick and Jon!



Steve Taylor 21:21,Stephen McConville 22:22,Andrew O`Connor 24:24,Richard Shayle 26:26,Paul Johnson 26:26,Sally Williamson 32:32,Leo Wilson 35:35


Our wettishbutnotaswetasthecouldhavebeentastic volunteers were led by Andrew "Arrowe park" Hughes,timekeepers were Kareen "Numbers" Porschke,Jon "Jonuts" Rumley,barcode scanning was done by Kay "Up" Standing,Phil "Number 1 Welsh volunteer" Stanley,Ruth "Sarge" Byers,Naomi "RD photo done" Grabe,Dave "The Train" Marland,Lorna "OMP" Hughes, Peter "Coned off the area" Humphreys,finish tokens were handed out by Stu "The Vale" Rickers,Kevin "Tranmere 0" Gorry and Kirsty Greenwood,Richard Jacobs was our tail walker (book early for that job),Ruth B took the volunteers to their positions and Lorna Hughes made her debut doing the first timers briefing.Our funnel managers were Lily "Funnel puddle monitor" Ost,Paul "8 miles" Bradley,Stewart "Not Stuart" Foster and Douglas "Best Hat in the volunteer team" Kuhrt, Our marshals were Thomas Giles,Richard Smith,Mark Baxter,Sarah Shaw,Jill Caldwell,David Cahill,Mike Grundy,Ruth "Rosie" Pritchard,Lottie Wood,Ian Cochran, Max Schenker,Giselle Drouillard,Dave "Double Dave" Bibby,Amanda "Tin can lady" Curtis-Wilson.Mel Heale sorted the tokens and Stu Rickers processed the results. I did this report thing.

Our roster is looking good for next week. If you can help us out by volunteering ,please email us at

Book early!


We are on the facebook,the instagram and the flickr "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Thanks for coming along and also for reading this! See you next week!






Run report #248

Shout out to my fellow Derby fan in the first few runners home today

Surely the highest Rams based finishing position for some time

For that I have no rhyme

John from Frimley volunteered as a marshal

And tail walkers Tom and Natalie were here from Yorkshire

All in all we had 34 (THIRTY FOUR) volunteers today which is an amazing number

Must be the most north,east,west or south of the Humber

If you would like to join them please email us

This is definitely the earliest volunteer appeal GC


493 of you were with us on the course

Obligatory rhyme about no horse

Lots of famous pooches in the funnel

But none of them running alongside Sally Gunnell.


Spent way too much time on that poem. And yes I can hear you saying "Really?" Anyway

Hello and welcome to this week`s run report! A bit drizzly before the start and the rd was a bit concerned but thankfully it was dry and reasonable. This week`s celebrity pooch shout out goes to Jim Bob Hampshire!



Our first finisher (male) was a first timer, Ryan Greenwood who finished in 17:16 narrowly missing out on a coveted first timer/Shenton double. Next up was another first timer in Marcus Mumford of Evesham Vale Running Club in 17:57 and believe it or not,another first timer,Ben McGee,was next home and he ran 18:03.

Our first finisher (female) was Charlotte Towers who finished in 19:26 (9th) then Rachael Theobald of Wirral AC who ran 21:04 (27th) and Emma Theobald of Wirral AC who crossed the line in 22:01 (39th).


Congratulations and thanks to all our first timers (running and volunteering) whether it was your first time ever at parkrun or you were visiting our amazing park for the first time. We hope you very much enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area!

Our first timers this week were Ryan Greenwood,Ben McGee,Sam Walters,Paul Robinson,Abigail Hughes,Nik Quayle,Lauren Sommereux,Toby Stobbart,Lin Hogan, Sandie Bailey,Matt Biagetti,Alison Quick,Nicky Ng,Harry McAdam,Anna McAllister, Michelle Johnson,Ben Latten,Lynne Latten,Archie McCaffrey,Emily Burke,Niall McInnes,Alex Mampaey,Maria Mendoza-Puchades,Ken Tomlinson,Craig Broadley, Colin Andrews,Laura Spillers,Jonny Eldridge,Noel Schorah,Nicola Fitzgerald,Jo Scriven,Jonathan Evans,John Noonan,David Fitzgerald,Geoff Felton,Roland Archer, Kirsty McGaul,Jay Dudley,Katy Nelson,Jenny Evans,Justin Mumford,Elaine Murdoch, Marcus Mumford,Joanne Egerton,Natalie Wood,Tom Dickson,Jacob Smiles,Andrew Charlesworth.


PB perfection from Robert Wood 18:09,Nicola Byrne 22:25,Aidan Gott 24:29,Max Grabe 24:30,Eilidh Gillespie 24:31,Alan Woolley 24:35,Anoushka Kapoor 24:47, Andrew Jones 24:48,Dylan Roberts 24:50,Graham McEnaney 25:47,Benedict Dunning 26:32,Zoe Dunning 26:37,Catherine Evans 26:38,Kinnari Kapoor 26:48,Sarah McNulty 26:51,William Hadland 26:56,Paul Gillen 27:16,Amy Chalmers 27:18,Mel Heale 27:18, Paul Gott 27:25,Zachary Roberts 27:52,Lesley-Anne Cucksey 28:08,Johnathan Fountain 28:29,Edward Garner 28:59,Grace Garner 29:00,Sheela Ghosh 29:15,Laura Hart 29:32,Jose Manuel Alvarez Picornell 30:05,Katie Amery 30:06,David Jones 30:16, Alex Knight 30:22,Janine Parry 30:27,Adam Latten 31:07,Amanda Louise Payne 31:08, Beverley Hartley 31:10,Andrew Gifford 31:49,Charlotte Gregory 32:26,Lucie Wright 32:54,Julia James 32:58,Mo Ayers 34:00.Anais Hadland 35:09,Natalie Johnson 35:14, Sam Griffiths 35:33,Freja Dickinson 36:06.Susan Garner 37:08,Mark Wynne 38:01, Zareena Abdul 45:05


Marvellous Milestones!

David Ward ran his 50th parkrun.

Neil Wyn Jones ran his 50th parkrun.

Keith Clarke ran his 100th parkrun.

Congratulations David,Neil and Keith!



Stuart Glavin 26:26,Nicholas Guntatilleke 27:27,Stephen Roberts 30:30,Michelle Johnson 42:42,Ben Latten 42:42,Kirsty McGaul 48:48


Our franklyamazingsomerelatedtoeachothersomenottastic volunteers were led by run director Jon "The Rams" Rumley,timekeepers were Gemma "Pitch perfect" Cloney and Kay "Pitch perfect too" Standing,barcode scanners were Amy "Not a McGrath" Barr,Debbie "Not a Hartharn-Evans" Keating, Paula "Hi again" Hartharn-Evans,Simon "Left back in the formation" Hartharn-Evans,Jennifer "Joint best McGrath scanner" McGrath,Richard "Joint best McGrath scanner" McGrath,funnel managers were Jill "Transfer from barcode scanning" Caldwell, Mike "Birthday boy" Green",Brian Seal,Sandra Freeman, Phil "Number 1 Welsh volunteer" Stanley. Our top finish tokens team were Andrew "In charge next week" Hughes,Lorna "Enzo`s mum" Hughes and Margaret "Hughes" Ray. Lorna also took the volunteers to their positions. Stuart "False number 9" Rickers gave the first timers briefing and played a free role in attacking midfield. Our visiting tail walkers were Natalie Wood and John Dickson. Our marshals were Peter "Professor of Coning at Oxford" Humphreys,Annette Jones,Lisa "Puddle monitor" Ost,Lily "Deputy puddle monitor" Ost,Nell "The next generation of puddle monitoring" Ost,David Cahill, Margaret Whitfield,Kirsty Greenwood,John Murdoch,Max Schenker,Mark Baxter,Susan Reynolds,Ava-Rae "And started us as well" Cloney.I did this and processed the results.

If you admired their work and think you would like to volunteer,please email us at

Book early as places go faster than Usain Bolt in a hurry.


We are on the facebook,the instagram and the flickr "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Thanks for coming along and for reading this! See you next week!










Run report #247

Never gonna give you up

Never gonna let you down

Never gonna run around.......

RUN AROUND! Mike Reid`s here as well!

Who`d have thought we`d get Rickrolled?

And a Frank Butcher appearance,that`s bold.

Anyway,onto our parkrun this morning

And 486 of you came along

For the maths fans amongst you,you did 24.85 of the furlong

Now that`s a stat you never thought

You`d see in the run report.


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report! A woof out to first time barkrunner Clicquot Ost (see him with our sign on the twitter) and a big thank you to everyone who came along this morning.We were 6th most popular parkrun in the world last week.Stat!



Our first finisher (male) was Sean Truett of Buckley RC who also barcode scanned when he finished.He ran a new pb of 16:43! Next was Craig Phillips of Kent AC who also a ran a pb,his time was 16:59! Steven Leslie of Village Road Runners AC was next in 17:29.

Our first finisher (female) was Lucinda Goddard of Buckley RC who ran a new pb of 18:49(10th)! Then it was Crystal Dishman of Dockside Runners who ran a pb of 21:12(40th)! Next it was Sarah Theobald of Wirral AC who made it a 1-2-3 pb situation with a time of 21:48(49th)!


Congratulations to all our first timers today whether it was your first time ever at parkrun or it was your first time visiting us! We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first timers this week were Ciaran Curran,Daniel Byrne,Jamie MacFarlane,Jason Murray,Graham Williams,Judith Green,James Mwenechanya,Catherine Evans,Jordan Swift,Tommy Cooper,Sarah Clough,Ruth Neal,Jack Byrne,Jose Manuel Alvarez Picornell,Jill Wright,Oliver Jacques,Zareena Abdul,Gary Bergin,Mark Sutton,Ella Keele, Sophie Holmes,Robert Grisenthwaite,Jessica Reynolds,James Holmes,Jack Yang,Andy Miah,Edward Abrahamson,Kirsty Holcroft,John Connolly,Emma Murley,Andrew Coe, Paul Knowles,Ben Acheson,Ayo Mustapha,Alex King,Adele Freeman,Ola Mustapha, Shaun Camponi


PB splendifernous from Sean Truett 16:43,Craig Phillips 16:59,Gary Bergin 18:33, Lucinda Goddard 18:49, Michael Green 19:16, Robert Cichocki 19:25,Adam Caldwell 19:40,Andrew Thompson 19:45,Paul Grabe 19:57,Thomas Clegg 20:17,Matt Tozer 20:25,Sam Jackson 20:33,William Hampshire 20:39,George Corley 21:06,Crystal Dishman 21:12,Peter Griffiths 21:42,Srah Theobald 21:48,Lucy Pennington 22:15, Alex Rae 22:29,Nicola Byrne 22:35,Patrick Vaughan 22:40,Joshua Wild 22:46,Thomas McCabe 22:47,Gary Stanley 22:53,Nina Karyampudi,23:20,Josh Quigley 23:26,Stuart Fick 23:45,Sean Miller 23:49,Simon Hartharn-Evans 23:51,Isabella Cuthbert 23:57, Ricardo Hoshiko 24:00.Yvette Porter 24:04,Jon Payne 24:19,Linda Richmond 24:27, Andrew Rigby 24:29,Ian Pinnington 24:43,Jason Lockley 24:44,Andrew Jones 24:54,Anoushka Kapoor 25:14,David Parish 25:18,Catherine Reilly 26:36,Paul Knight 26:51,David Forrester 26:54,Jenna McElhoney 27:01,Matthew Weedall 27:09,Ruby Noon 27:23,Stephen Jones 27:51,Heather Turnbull 28:07,Stephen Haig 28:13,Dave Watson 28:52,Julia Collier 29:03,Elaine Bland 29:12,Emma Leslie 29:17,Debbie Mick 29:36,Elliot Swift 30:10,Anna Pugh 30:23,Anita Gillen 30:38,Katie Amery 30:41,Julie Oliver 30:54,Suzie Frost 31:27,Adam Latten 31:29,Martha Newns 31:31,Tyler Liccia Byrne 32:36,Dan Collins 32:42,Alexandra Harris 32:55,Elizabeth Williams 33:00,Jean Thomas 33:53,Charlotte Gregory 34:03,Pam Humphreys 34:39,Dave Walsh 34:43, Eve Bentley 34:45,Ellie Jones 35:02,Calum McKay 35:45,Sam Griffiths 36:21,Natalie Johnson 37:37,Helen Glover 37:56,Jennifer Kanagala 38:15,Margaret Brandon 38:26, Rebecca Cain 39:42,Ian Norman 40:07,Betty Myers 40:36,Caroline Newton 41:13,Julie Wynne 41:54,Eva Perrett 42:20


Magnificent Milestones this week!

Richard Williams ran his 50th parkrun.

Andrew Rigby ran his 50th parkrun.

Hannah Skillen ran her 50th parkrun.

Andrea Keenan ran her 50th parkrun.

Malcolm Davies ran his 150th parkrun.

Billy Douthwaite ran his 150th parkrun.

Shaun Camponi ran his 200th parkrun.

Congratulations to Richard,Andrew,Hannah,Andrea,Malcolm,Billy and Shaun!!



Andrew Scattergood 25:25,Ruaraidh Gillies 26:26,Catherine Cuthbert 30:30, Martha Newns 31:31,Jan Foley 32:32,Natalie Johnson 37:37


The Volunteers!

Our quitefranklyamazinglywonderfultastic volunteers were led by run director Stuart "Vale of Cheers" Rickers. Timekeepers were Andrew "Mr Social" Hughes and Naomi Grabe.Barcode scanning was done by Lorna "OMP" Hughes,Kareen "Numbers" Porschke,Gemma "Pink welly season soon" Cloney.Ava-Rae "The Voice" Cloney also did some barcode scanning as well as starting the run.Lily "Deputy puddle monitor" Ost, Dave Marland,Chloe Byers,Suzi Keating,John "Folk Doctors 2nd album recording soon" Armstrong and Sean "First placed finisher" Truett also barcode scanned.Our crack finish token team consisted of Ruth "Yes" Byers,Margaret Ray and Jan Taylor. Our tail walker was Jill Caldwell. Lorna Hughes took the volunteers to their positions. Ruth Byers gave the first timers briefing. Our funnel managers were Claire Scudder,Kevin "Tranmere won!" Gorry and Peter "Cone of dreams" Humphreys. Our marshals were Kathleen Cowdray,Lawrence Cowdray,Paul Cowdray,Ana Roslan,Gary Johnstone, Robert Perr and Stephen Cole. Stu processed the results and Jon "-21" Rumley did the run report.

If you admired their work and think you`d look good in our lovely hi vis bibs then email us at if you would like to volunteer. Thank you!


We are on the facebook, the instagram and the flickr "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Thanks for coming along and for reading this! See you next week!




Run report #246

We had a wee dog problem before the start

But Hughesy persuaded him to depart

The real GC was in charge today with two deputies

Ava-Rae on the megaphone to start us off and Bonnie in charge of dog control

Hope she gets extra treats in her food bowl

The coolair of warmsun gave the first timers the info they needed to know

And added another string to her parkrun bow.

Jon`s timekeeping tapping touch resembled his football skills

Good job he doesn`t have to do that to pay the bills

545 of you came through the funnel

But no sight still of Sally Gunnell.


Hello and a very warm welcome to this week`s run report! Lovely weather to run in this morning and despite the pooch (not taking part by the way) mentioned above,no drama before the start. Another big number of you again ,cementing our position in the much coveted 8 to 12th placed parkrun in the country in the stats table.

Bonus stat for you - We must have been the only non south based parkrun in the country with not one but TWO Crystal Palace fans on the volunteering team today.

Bonus bonus stat - First timers.

July 24th (73) 31st (62),Aug 7th (67), Aug 14th (72), Aug 21st (52), Aug 28th (62), Sep 4th (57),Sep 11th (65) 510 people have tried parkrun for the first time or visited us for the first time since we restarted. Avg 63.75,make that 64.



Our first finisher (male) was Thomas Palmer, a first timer with us from Stourport AC in a time of 18:02,then it was the John "The Folk Doctor" Armstrong of Wallasey AC in 18:45 and Josh Cromblehome in 18:46.

Our first finisher (female) was Zoe Brunton of Mersey Tri who equalled her pb of 19:31(6th),then Rebecca Blacklock of Wallasey AC with a new pb of 21:17 (40th) and Helen Alexander of Mersey Tri in 21:24 (43rd)


Congratulations to all our first timers this week whether it was your first time ever at parkrun or your first time visiting us in Birkenhead.We hope you enjoyed your parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first timers this week were Thomas Palmer,Alfie Forsyth,Paul Corey,Seb Thorpe, Brendan Grealis,Tom Roberts,Lewis Greenhalgh,Bruce Elliott,Matthew Strange,Connor Shelley,Dylan Owen,Stuart Brighouse,James Derbyshire,Simon Blades,Rob Sneddon, Oliver Stobbart,Rachel Mannix,Joel Donnelly,Kerry Elliott,Joshua Wild,Rob Peters, Helen Shortall,Abigail Corfe,Stuart Glavin,Nathanael James,Matthew Jinks,Kyle Shelley,Luke Stoker,Angus Lawson,Michael Toner,Theo Cubbin,Sophie Woodall, Helena Swarbrick Lindgren,Brendan Doherty,Jenny Martin,Lucy James,Emma Strange, Jenson Jones,Ben Howard,Borys Rogala,Sue Cash,Christopher Mannings,Julia Collier,Deborah Riding,Alex Knight,Katie Amery,Jon Martin,Kate Parr,Ian Barrett,Gill Patterson,Scarlett O`Brien,Calum McKay,Rujina Bibi,Natalie Johnson,Efua Hoshiko, Susan Ollerhead,Rita Waters,Grace Glover,Jennifer Kanagala,Ethan Skelton, Christopher Skelton,Charlotte Laing,Andrew Bainbridge,Lacey Keating,Faisal Majeed


PB perfection from Robert Cichocki 19:39,John Sproule 19:55,Paul Grabe 20:03,Andy Murphy 20:25,David Aspey 20:39,Ben Hooley 20:40,Matt Tozer 20:52,Rebecca Blacklock 21:17,Crystal Dishman 22:04,Graham MacDonald 22:26,Anthony Williams 23:11,Marc Jones 23:37,Joel Smith 24:02,Jack Gronow 24:18,Sam Stringer 24:25, Linda Richmond 24:40,Sean Miller 24:48,Jason Lockley 25:05,Andrew Jones 25:24, Isabella Cuthbert 25:32,Anoushka Kapoor 25:35,Daniel Batchelor 25:51,Jenny Danher 26:05,Emily Oliver 26:09,Annabel Vose 26:38,Paul Knight 27:12,Olivia Perriam 27:34, Paul Gillen 27:37,Joseph Van Miert 27:38,Yiannis Giotakis 28:00,Crackson Mupakasa 28:04, Jonathan Scott 28:05,Ian Hobbs 28:14,Stephen Jones 28:18,Lesley-Anne Cucksey 28:33,Emily Burgess 28:35,Zachary Roberts 28:52,Tracey Forrester 29:19, Shirley Cotton 29:45,Laura Stern 30:01,Julie Oliver 30:57,Ian Renshaw 31:09,Nathan Clarke 31:25,Jane Thomas 31:26,Noah Leslie 31:34,Emma Leslie 31:35,Matha Newns 32:00,Peter O`Reilly 32:18,Alexandra Harris 33:10,Richard Marshall 33:11,Isabella Gallienne 33:38,Christine Bailey 33:47,Rachel Lavery 33:48,Stephen Gardner 35:10, Ethan Baddeley 35:33,Mark Baddeley 35:36,Inez Leslie 36:20,Caryn Davies 36:38, Emma Lincoln 37:02,Alastair Quinn 37:03,Emily Perry 37:28,Eve Bentley 37:31,Mark Wynne 39:05,Lisa Nuttall 40:12,Barb Maloney 40:30,Betty Myers 40:38,Caroline Newton 41:48,Julie Wynne 42:58


Marvellous Milestones this week!

Dylan Roberts ran his 50th parkrun.

Tara Fick ran her 50th parkrun.

Thomas Giles ran his 50th parkrun.

Ian Renshaw ran his 100th parkrun.

Stephen Cole ran his 250th parkrun.

Congratulations to Dylan,Tara,Thomas,Ian and Stephen!!



Alfie Forsyth 19:19,Sean McElhoney 25:25,Nathanael James 26:26,Jennifer Bradshaw 30:30,Jeanette McElhoney 33:33


The volunteers!

Our wonderful volunteers were led by run director Gemma "Before half past!?" Cloney. She was assisted by Ava-Rae "Number 1 starter" Cloney and Bonnie "Dog control" Cloney. Timekeepers were Jon "4 and 5" Rumley and Naomi Grabe.Ruth "That`ll be a yes" Byers,Lily "Deputy funnel puddle monitor" Ost,Lisa "Chief funnel puddle monitor" Ost, Mike "Only 2`s" Green,Stuart "The hand of Stubo" Rickers,John "The flying Folk doctor" Armstrong,Keith "Zaha" Blackwell were our barcode scanners. Andrew "Arrowe" Hughes, Peter "Coney Island" Humphreys,Robert "Tokens" Perry were our finish tokens team.Liz Leay was our tail walker.Ruth "Rosie" Pritchard gave our first timers briefing and also checked on how much longer the run report would be. Our funnel managers were Phil "The Voice" Stanley,Kevin "Other supermarkets are available" Gorry, Rebecca "My dog ate my homework" Lewis,Graham "Edouard" Burgess, Dave "Double Dave" Bibby and John "Not Mike" Nolan. Our marshals were Kenneth Stocker,Colin "He`s back" Lamprey,Carol Williams,Ann Rodgerson,Angela Burke,Roy Bethel,Giselle Drouillard and Max Schenker.Stu took the volunteers to their positions, Gemma processed the results,Ava started the run and provided persistent encouragement via the megaphone and I typed this.


We are on the facebook, the instagram and the flickr "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bhead parkrun"


Thanks for coming along and for reading this! See you next week!





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