Run report #230

Run report 230 today

The favourite number of every dentist

And a percussion based instrumentalist

I don`t know that for sure,just made that up for a rhyme

It was about time.

Almost 800 of you joined us today as well as a near 40 strong volunteer team

And it wasn`t a dream.

Thank you all for joining us,either on the course or in and around the funnel

You missed a good one,Sally Gunnell.


Hello and welcome to (INSERT HERE - record breaking) Birkenhead parkrun. Number 230 saw us reach 793! The funnel double tape thing made its debut and we had 4 scanners. Thanks for your help in the funnel and although there is no core team pub based review planned of today,we think it went well.It was a wonderful sight watching the start from the finish funnel and seeing you all come down the road and then wind (rhyme with mind not er,wind) your way around the park.


The results

Our first finisher (male) was Ian Wallace of Wirral AC in 17:15,then Steven Leslie of Village Road Runners AC with a new pb of 17:19 and Robert Logan,also getting a pb, this one 17:55!

Our first finisher (female) was Charlotte Towers in a time of 18:19(4th) then Jayne Price of Pensby Runners in a new pb of 19:45 (20th) and Alison Cole, a first timer with us who ran 20:46(39th)!


Welcome to all our first timers and tourists today! Congratulations on joining us for the first time of it was your first ever foray into the parkrun world and thanks very much indeed for choosing us if you were doing some touristing. We hope you very much enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first timers today were Harry King,Mark Critchley,Steve White,Sean McElhoney, Jack Whitfield,Joanne Fitzgerald,Sophie Siner,Alexandra Duncan,Sam Linge,William Thompson,Gemma Carolan,Charlie Bragg,Philip Stevenson,Jake Clague,Craig Luukas, Emma Williamson,Alfie Harland-Smy,Denise Renner,Finn MacDonald,Harry Christey, Tom Christey,Ben Kibble-Smith,Jack White,Ian Richards,Victoria Hollywood,Diane Birss,Zoe Wainwright,Catherine Jackson,Rachael Cottington,Lynsey Phillips,Wendy Alderton,Freya Eves,Will Taylor,Laurie Taylor,Louise Bishop,Adam Bulmer,Stacey Lamb,Paul Suckley,Anna Fox,Caroline Coles,Lisa Smith,Kerry Belger,Natalie Power, Braya Saunders,Erin Dyas,Blake Fletcher,Carl Fletcher,Ashleigh Carruthers,Kate Lewis,Isaac Power,Esmai Carruthers,Amelia Lewis,Lisa Lewis,Jonathan Shaw, Martin Shaw,Melanie Gelling,Julie Cotterell,Justin Stewart,Emily Philpotts,Victoria Booth, Mark Chapman,Katy Tilston,Hannah Williams,Max Hobbs,Sarah Burke,Alison Ellis,Mark Whalley,Daniel Morgan,Vikki Casey,Jan Whalley,Nicola Rudd,Keith Shuker,Julia Shuker

A veritable abundance of personal best perfection today from Steven Leslie 17:19, Robert Logan 17:55,James Nuthall 18:48,Ben Evans 19:08,Jayne Price 19:45, Chris Boardman 19:49,James Morris 20:06,James Dunleavy 20:27,Nick Wynne 20:43, Dermot Gough 20:46,Todd Humphreys 21:31,Lee Osborne 22:09,George Wilson 22:18, Hyacinthe Caldwell 22:23,Patrick Hadfield 22:29,Simon Locke 22:40,Zac Lincoln 23:05, Heidi Rogers 23:10,Helen Symonds 23:21,David McConechy 23:27,Si Cole 23:29,Tino Mbanini 23:32,Karl Ellis 24:10,Paul Caley 24:16,Samantha Owen 24:21,Oscar Boardman 24:28,Paddy Flashman 24:35,Kimberly Morris 24:46,Paul Duckers 24:53, Karl Horgan 24:55,Abbie Richmond 25:05,Logan Wade 25:07,Harry Ellis 25:09,David Barden 25:35,Natalie Stavrou 25:55,Richard Thomas 25:58,Linda Richmond 26:02, May Leeson 26:03,Callum Logan 26:09,Yvonne McDonough 26:19,Chris Jack 26:20, Julie Pinnington 26:21,Steffan Smith 26:28,Sian Berkson 26:33,Sarah Lees 26:55, Jennifer Warburton 26:57,Leila Howard 26:58,Stephen Leadbetter 27:12,Sarah Shaw 27:18,Lee Fulton 27:22,Claire Bear 27:26,Jemima Riley 27:42,Huw Garrod 27:58,Emily Kealey 28:05,Steve Rutter 28:43,Mark Titley 28:48,Alan Craze 28:52,Steve Haydn 28:54,Joseph McLachlan 28:58,Hazel Shingler 29:09,Rachael Denmade 29:14,Jisun Lee 29:20,Patrick Sanderson 29:29,Caroline Chandler 29:30,Quinn McCaul 29:34, Hannah Simpson 29:36,Emily O`Connell 29:48,Rory Stuart 29:53,Emma Gunatilleke 29:58,Rita Mistry 30:03,Catherine Court 30:07,Mark Fraser 30:21,Linda Gomersall 30:22,Emma Harrison 30:24,Catherine Smith 30:34,Isaac Turner 30:47,Daniel Turner 30:48,Ian Anderson 31:07,John Ryan 31:10,Michael Batchelor 31:35,Robert Richardson 31:44,Hettie Miles 31:57,Sam Reardon 31:58,Carmel Wright 32:02, Amanda Fisher 32:05,Megan Rowlinson 32:47,David Clark 32:50,Bethany Richards 32:56,Megan Richardson 33:04,Margaret Davenport 33:16,Alexander Reardon 33:36, Bethany Heath 33:37,Claire Mounsey 33:38,Laura Corris 33:41,Jack Anderson 33:42, Jane Sheehy 33:45,Catherine Thursby 34:10,Thomas Brown 34:12,Jessica Billing 34:39,Susie Everett 34:40,Andrew Gifford 34:46,Daisy McNally 34:55,Bethany Reardon 35:04,Michelle Heighton 35:12,Kirsty Jarvis 35:14,Miya Plaistow 35:47,Maureen Fountain 35:47,Emily Willett 36:06,Joanne Roberts 36:20,Rita Cassidy 36:22,Hayley Lightfoot 36:46,Anthony Reardon 36:51,Nicola Strickley 38:02,Caillen Berry 38:39, David Berry 38:41,Jacquie Steele 39:08,Hilary Gould 42:08,Tallulah Murphy 42:38, Rosie Harland-Smy 42:38,John Hall 46:04,Libby Hall 46:05,Michelle Oates 47:12, Emily Wood 50:44,Gemma Bulmer 52:26,Heather Lafferty 53:46,Rebecca Cain 54:54,Gemma Cain 55:15


Rachel Philpotts ran her 50th parkrun

Martin Gray did his 50th parkrun

Grzegorz Adamczewski did his 50th parkrun

Sandra Hamel ran her 50th parkrun

Matt Graham ran his 100th parkrun

Congratulations to Matt,Sandra,Grzegorz,Martin and Rachel on their fantastic achievements!!


Shenton`s 20:20 Reality - Jessica Relf 23:23,Laura Reese 26:26,Richard Shayle 27:27, Patrick Sanderson 29:29,Nigel Hobson 30:30,Wendy Newton 31:31,Joseph Chalmers 37:37,Rebecca Cain 54:54


Our blooming marvellous volunteer team was led by run director Rolf "How`s the blood pressure?" Westrum.Our timekeeping team was comprised of Mike "There`s only one Jon Rumley" Green and Stuart "Thank the Lord for that" Rickers.Our barcode scanning quartet was Phil "Number 1 Welsh volunteer" Stanley,Margaret Ray,Ruth "Lick and stick" Byers and Gemma "Grumpy Colin" Cloney.Our finish token team was Andrew "The strip" Hughes,John "The Beard" Armstrong and Lorna "OMP" Hughes.Francesca Taylor was our tail walker and James "T`Pau" Hurley gave the first timers briefing and then funnel managed along with Jon "Random words" Rumley,Peter "The Lord of the Cone" Humphreys,Pete "Gatechecker" Gateley,Kay "I`m still" Standing,Ann "Number 1 Scottish volunteer" Currie,Ultan "Co number 1 Irish volunteer" Mulhern,Andrew "Marvin`s dad" Everett,Kareen "Numbers" Porschke,Dave "Double funnel Dave" Bibby" (Jaffa cake break).Our magnificent marshals were Ian Chalmers,Lisa "Puddle monitor" Ost,Sybil Leeman,Kerry Ashcroft,Benjamin Willis,Shelagh "Russell" Hearty, Amanda "Tin can maestro" Curtis-Wilson,John "Keith" Henderson,Sue "Cowbell maestro" Sturgeon,Dermot "Father" Ferguson,Liz Jones,Charlotte Jones,Sophie Marsden,Stewart Foster,Evan Thomas,Cameron Farroll,Matthew Thomas.Rolf processed the results and Ken Noble was a pacer.

Thanks to all of them for being fabulous today. As you will have noticed we are needing more volunteers with the increased numbers so if you would like to volunteer please email us at

If you haven`t volunteered before its an excellent way to see parkrun from another angle and appreciate the amount of hard work that goes into putting this free event on. And you get to wear hi vis,and I always have fruit pastilles.

We are on the flickr,the instagram and the facebook "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

Thanks for reading and see you next week!







Run report #229

It was the return of the Mark

The return of the Mark

The return of the Mark,but alas no Jet in the park.

The wind was on overtime today

It blew you this way and that way.

That`s fact and not hearsay

The marshals around the course were on top form

But that really is the norm.

Another record today without a single Gurkha

Is that record breakers book still written by a McWhirter?*

(*Yes,I am aware how old that last line makes me sound)


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report! We thought 648 was amazing,we almost had a little accident when it got to 654 and now its rocketed up to 738!!!! Seven hundred and thirty eight!!!! Thank you for all your patience at the finish,obviously numbers like this take a bit of getting used to,not just for you but for us and we`ll work hard to adapt to them. I ran today and it was fantastic to see so many of you around the park. All the marshals and volunteers were excellent and it was to great to see parkrun from that perspective.

The results

Our first finisher (male) was Robbert Deller of Wirral AC in a time of 17:34,then Steven Leslie of Village Road Runners AC in 17:56 and David Dunning in 18:46.Mike Evennett of Pensby Runners ran 19:07.

Our first finisher (female) was Meg Hoshiko in 19:48(10th),then Jayne Price of Pensby Runners in 20:09(17th),Stephanie Kirby of Southampton Triathlon club with a new pb of 23:35(87th) and Tommi Hoshiko with a new pb of 23:41.


It was an honour to do the first timers briefing this week and welcome more of you to the parkrun world. Welcome to all of you and to all our tourists today! We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first timers were Mark Sait,Phil Murray,Ben Scott,Joe Danson,Ashley Power,Huw Jones,Jennifer Perry,Tommy Harper,Jack Sibeon,Alan Craze,Adam Beattie,Lily Scudder,Edward Garner,Steve Haydn,Megan Rowlinson,Bethany Richards,Elle Harker, Robert Richardson,Laura Corris,Claire Mounsey,Daniel Turner,Isaac Turner,Jack Anderson,Megan Richardson,Matthew Howse,Amy Pemberton,Catherine Thursby, Emma Baldwin-Quirk,Wendi Baldwin-Quirk,Lucy Williams,Grace Cuthill,David Cuthill, Steven Gould,Donna Parkhill,Masako Plaistow,Miya Plaistow,Fiona Manley,Freya Crowder,Stephen George,Misty Grey,Libby Hall,John Hall,Francis Fish,Michelle Oates, Rebecca Cain,Gemma Cain,Christine Oates,Emily Wood,Gemma Bulmer,Heather Lafferty,Kate Roughley,Huw Garrod,Peter Banks,William Turner,Brett Abram,Charlie Scudder,Deborah Turner,Christine Darwen,Ella Merrie Lloyd Jones,Stacey Martin, Lacey Howard,Grace Lloyd Jones,James Young,Thomas Brown,Sarah Daly,Jordan Howard,James Forbes,Meagan Lau,Ewan MacNab,Ruth Appleton,Rebecca Carpenter, Raymond Murray,Andrew Swaffer,Fred Aird,Marie Motley,Samantha Bentall,Nigel Howard,Peter Darwen,Jamie Sircom


Pb`s next.Fantastic pb`s from James Fowler 19:56,Adam Caldwell 20:02,James Dunleavy 20:37,Nick Wynne 20:46,David O`Neil 20:57,Richard Latten 22:35, Jonathan Lear 22:47,Stephanie Kirby 23:35,Lee Osborne 23:41,Tommi Hoshiko 23:41,Zac Lincoln 23:42,Jack Berry 23:46,Lorna Siddons 24:11,Heidi Rogers 24:15,Sammy Harwood 25:04,Colin Bansor 25:13,Lewis Morris 25:14,Lucy Pennington 25:17, Paddy Flashman 25:33,Ricardo Hoshiko 25:41,Aidan Fothergill 26:29,Callum Maxwell 26:41, Joanne Whitfield 26:45,Danny Jones 26:48,Richard Thomas 27:07,Natalie Stavrou 27:21,Sarah Lees 27:27,Sarah Shaw 27:41,Rob Machen 29:35,Andrew Moran 29:40, Stuart Coleman 29:43,Pierre Wysocki 29:45,Dan Murphy 29:56,Sam Bradley 30:13, Fiona Fleming 30:25,Rory Stuart 30:26,Simon O`Connell 30:31,Emily O`Connell 30:40, Luke McGowan 31:02,Catherine Smith 31:04,Emma Harrison 31:09,Catherine Court 31:21,Ian Anderson 31:45,Roisin Bailey 31:57,Esme Cotton 32:17,Annemarie Cotton 32:17,Rachel Batchelor 32:55,Kay Jones 33:05,Rebecca Martin 33:07,Carmel Wright 33:23,John Ryan 33:26,David Clark 33:51,Lucy Taylor 34:10,Sam Reardon 34:12, Joanne Hartley 36:35,Clare Jones 36:38,Alexander Reardon 38:18,Hayley Lightfoot 38:40,Jenny Parkins 40:54,Robert Wilson 44:31


Rachel Rick ran her 200th parkrun

Brian Beecroft ran his 150th parkrun

Helen Titu ran her 100th parkrun

Geoffrey Lamb ran his 50th parkrun

Congratulations to Rachel,Brian,Helen and Geoffrey!


Shenton`s 20:20 Reality for Alex Holland 22:22,Jack Turner 23:23,Sallie Holt 24:24, Nick Holt 24:24,Rennell Smith 25:25,Phil Allison 26:26,Sarah Lees 27:27,Rachel Rick 38:38


Our heroic volunteer team were led by run director Gemma "The only GC" Cloney, timekeepers were John "The Beard" Armstrong and Stuart "Feed the Pope" Rickers. Barcode scanning was done by Mike "Jolene" Green,Andrew "Punnyman" Hughes and Colin "Circuits" Lamprey. Finish tokens were handed out by Peter "Palms out" Humphreys and Rolf "Hands up" Westrum with support from Ana Roslan. Ruth "The Socks" Pritchard was our tail walker,Jon "Sandwich" Rumley did the first timers briefing. Our funnel managers were Steve "Specs" Smith,Mark "Jet" Humphreys and James "T`Pau" Hurley.Our fantastic marshals were Ian Chalmers,Lyn Ebbrell,Bill Preston,John Cannon,Sophie Marsden,Richard Williams, Christine Sutcliffe,Debbie Keating,Helen Symonds,Mylo Williams,Connor Bethel and Cameron Farroll. John and Gemma processed the results and we had two pacers, David Lilley and Ken Noble.

Thanks to all of them for being amazing! If you would like to join them please take a look at the roster on our website and email if you can help.

We are on the flickr,the instagram and the facebook "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

Thanks for reading and see you next week!






Run report #228

Like the 0713 bus to Bromborough you wait ages for one to come along

But then amazingly two appear in the space of a week

That`s our attendance record,not the number 42 bus....that I still seek

6 up from last Saturday which made it a very busy funnel

Yes its the first run report appearance of 2020 for Sally Gunnell.

We managed to get you timed,tokened and scanned

Except for any cats,they are still banned.(Sorry cats fans)

Our pacers were again a big success,we thank them and the rest of the volunteers for their hard work

There was no need for Michael Buerk.


Hello and welcome to the run report for the 228th parkrun at Birkenhead park (I know,I`ve made changes to the rr,new year and all that) I have lots of new words to use.Where to start? Another new record,654 of you! Thanks for all your help in listening to the funnel managers,keeping moving as you finished. Can I ask a couple of favours? Please don`t stand in front of the timekeepers as we need to keep a track of everyone crossing the line. I can`t remember the other one...Never mind. We had lots of visitors, I heard South Africa mentioned by James in the briefing.And a big welcome to the first timers today,hope you had a great time as you began your parkrun journey and also if you were visiting us from afar.


The results

Our first finisher (male) was David Lilley in a time of 17:44,then Oliver George in 18:42 and David Dunning in 18:44

Our first finisher (female) was Flo Parsonson,a first timer with us, in a time of 21:47(37th),then Sarah Schneider,another first timer,who ran 22:36(54th) and Helen Alexander of Mersey Tri who ran 23:04(67th)

A loud and lovely welcome to all our first timers this week,in fact all of you who were doing their first (Saturday) parkrun of 2020! For the first timers with us who were actually first timers and who are reading this for the first time,welcome! We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience.We look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.Here are all our first timers who joined us this morning (Regular readers,the pb`s are coming soon,this is called freshening things up or as I like to call it,the same stuff,just in a different order)

Our first timers were Sarah Schneider,Todd Humphreys,Scarlett Quinn,Hannah Wilson, Laura Wilson,Tino Mbanini,Joseph Carew,Lee Osborne,Andy Murphy,David Holmes, Thomas Winterburn,Phil Haughton,Emily Green,Sophie Wilson,Caroline Chandler,Alice Williams,Ian Anderson,Hettie Miles,Rory Stuart,John Ryan,Caroline Hanson-Gardner, Colin Hornibrook,Helen Anderson,Sue Hillan,Sam Reardon,David Clark,Carmel Wright, Kirsty Jarvis,Rachel Batchelor,Kathy Hogg,Anna MacDonald,Emma Harrison,James Harrison,Rita Cassidy,Alexander Reardon,Connor McCormick,Bethany Reardon, Anthony Reardon,Lyndsey Berry,Irene Harwood,Louise Battison,Hayley Lightfoot, Tallulah Murphy,Rosie Harland-Smy,Leigh Weaver,Hayley Harper,Matthew Harper, Caillen Berry,Isla Berry,David Berry,Marcella Malpas,Shirley Cotton,Claire Douglas, Emily O`Connell,Fred Lucas,Joanne Roberts,Michael Rees,Stuart Coleman,Jack Telford,Bradley Jacques,Scott Linfoot,Vicky Linfoot,Mandy Albertyn,Tom Linfoot,Sam Linfoot,Nathaniel Glazier,Chris Prince,Anthony Dix,Christopher Willis,Elodie Glazier, Merryn Glazier,Simon Glazier,Alexander Spencer,Emily White,Vicki Glazier,Brad Hughes,Flo Parsonson,Matthew Chester,Chris Nicholson,Richard Sample,Lynne Webster.

Pb`s next! Before I list all you wonderful people, a big round of applause for all the pacers who took part in our pacers morning today. Giving up their time to do something which I know some were very nervous about is a brilliant thing to do.Anyway,here are today`s examples of personal best perfection.

Alan M Smith 19:12,Jamie Davies 20:06,Mike Goan 21:20,Paul Modern 22:33,George Birss 22:46,Simon Locke 22:57,Jonathan Lear 23:01,George Wilson 23:08,Steve Singleton 23:32,Paul Browne 23:36,David Morris 23:39,Michael Carew 23:42,Andrew Budd 23:48,Lorna Siddons 24:37,Benji Hatch 24:41,Alice O`Connell 25:18,Jake McCarthy 25:28,Darron Callaghan 25:30,Paul Ezard 25:30,Adam Graney 25:31, Emma Longford 25:39,Colin Wilson 25:57,Abbie Richmond 25:58,David Barden 26:06,Oscar Boardman 26:24,Jenny Danher 26:49,Sian Berkson 26:52,Alexandra Jones 26:54, Alisha Twist 27:07.Chrusty Tayllor 27:16,Colin Bansor 27:24,Kerry Dunning 27:27, Jennifer Warburton 27:45,Janette Halton 27:46,Caragh Bardolia 27:52,Andrew Cairns 28:01,Stephen Leadbetter 28:03,Olivia Graham 28:42,Joanne Whitfield 28:56,Eloisa Lippi 29:25,Kirsty Greenwood 29:46,Nancy Evans 29:50,Sam Bradley 30:52,Ava Houlihan 31:00,Rachel Rogers 31:07,Ann Hatton 31:09,Jane Callaghan 31:21,Joanne Pugh 31:27,Rosa Walklett 32:14,Louise Hanson-Gardner 32:35,Esme Cotton 32:43, Annemarie Cotton 32:47,Alan Moore 33:16,Margaret Davenport 33:17,Nicola Beamish 33:24,Jenny Carter 33:50,Catherine Wall 33:54,Bethany Gould 34:01,Jackie Harwood 34:26,David Ashworth 35:20,Sonny Boardman 35:46,Meryl Rushworth 37:53,Benjamin Barr 38:52,Jacquie Steele 40:29,Charlie Jarvis 41:11,Hilary Gould 42:44,Robert Wilson 44:41,Cath Turpin 46:20


Ian Fewtrell ran his 50th parkrun.

Richard Jacobs ran his 200th parkrun.

Congratulations to Ian and Richard!


The first Shenton`s Reality of 2020 - Richard Sample 22:22,Adam Leary 23:23,Matthew Billinge 23:23,Peter Galliene 25:25,David Limbrick 25:25,David Kimpton 26:26,Kerry Dunning 27:27,Joshua Britten 28:28,Irene Ward 33:33,Jack Kiley 36:36

Our coldbrightsomemoretannedthanothersimeanyouStevetastic volunteers were led by run director James "T`pau" Hurley,timekeepers were Gemma "Nicola Adams" Cloney and Jon "I have no feeling in my left hand" Rumley.Barcode scanning was done by Rolf "Rolfie,Ralphie,Wolfie" Westrum,Ruth "PC" Byers and Peter "Man with a marathon plan" Gateley. Andrew "Punster" Hughes,Ann "Number 1 Scottish finish tokens support person" Currie, Richard "The Cakes" Jacobs was our tail walker,Ruth also gave the first timers briefing and Rolf took the marshals out on to the course. Our funnel managers were Stuart "Hope City declare at 21" Rickers,Paul "#pinkieparkrunner" Bradley,Steve "G`day" Smith and Paula "I remembered" Hartharn-Evans were al excellent funnel managers but funnel manager of the day was Ava-Rae "Good morning parkrunners!" Cloney who also started the run.Our marshals were Ian Chalmers,Richard Shayle,Michele Alty,Jane Good,Laura Cross,Edward Barr,Keith Blackwell,Helen Symonds,Connor Bethel,Rob Chalmers,Benjamin Chalmers,Christine Sutcliffe,Francesca Taylor,Paul Thelwell. Chloe "Coolair junior" Byers took lots of photos. The pacer crew today were Ruth "Warmsun" Pritchard,Mark "Numbers" Pritchard,Matt "On the money" Routledge,Alex "Cocu" Holland,Karl "With a K" Hamel,Neil "Not from Ohio" Armstrong,Ken "Mr 30" Noble and Brian "Adamski" Seal.

Thanks to all of them for today. If you would like to volunteer with us,take a look at the roster on our website and please email us at if you can help.

We are on the flickr,the instagram and the facebook "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

This one has been a bit "Scorsese`s The Irishman" in its length so if you need to have an extra biscuit,go for it.Not far off a 1000 words today.

Thanks for reading and see you next week!







Run report #227

Dedication,dedication,dedication (or a brilliant parkrun) is what you need

If you want to be a record breaker,then sit back and have a read

Of the excellent numbers we had down the park this morning

It might give you a shock,I should really give a warning.

We had 648 including a return for Stanley the pooch

Although no sign of Turner and Hooch.

Thank you for coming and for all your cheer

One thing left to do,we wish you a Happy New Year!

(4 top rhymes in that one!)

EM30vOnWkAAEbdxPhoto from Andy Everett


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report. What a morning that was! 648 of you took park in parkrun 227 in our lovely park,beating our previous record by 11. Thanks for coming along,we`ll be starting 2020 (The year of the Shenton) off next Saturday but if you fancy a new years day parkrun checkout the Christmas compendium on the parkrun uk website and you`ll be able to find the local ones that are happening. Some members of the core team are planning a double run so if you see us about please say hello or "I have Jaffa cakes,would you like one?"

The Results

Our first finisher (male) was Chris Larkin of Halton and Frodsham Harriers with a pb of 16:13,then first timer Adam Whittaker who ran 16:49 and TJ Jones of Wirral AC who ran a pb of 16:50.

Our first finisher (female) was Keira Brady-Jones of Wirral AC who ran a pb of 18:07(15th) then Charlotte Towers,also with a pb of 18:09 (16th) and Katie Bagley who ran 19:22(36th)

Loads of pb`s this week - Chris Larkin 16:13,TJ Jones 16:50,Ian Wallace 17:03,David Lilley 17:38,Michael Wilkinson 17:59,Oliver George 18:05,Keira Brady-Jones 18:07, Charlotte Towers 18:09,Chris Towers 18:18,Colin Walsh 18:19,Jamie Dumbarton 18:22,Matthew Nicholson 18:26,Oberon Kearney 18:29,John Harris 18:44,Graham Sutherland 18:51,Matthew Larkin 19:16,Andrew Fraser 19:19,Ian Cannings 19:25, Henry Timewell 19:35,Joshua Hatton 19:38,Meg Hoshiko 19:43,Andy Walsh 20:17, Grace Bird 20:23,David Sutherland 20:50,Socha Shepherd 21:01,Mike Atkinson 21:43, Ron Pogue 22:11,Isaac Johnson 22:43,Simon Locke 23:04,Emma Theobald 23:25, Sarah Theobald 23:32,Si Cole 23:34,Pieter Openshaw 23:44,Ian Jones 24:10,Mark Richmond 24:24,William Gauller 24:28,Kimberly Morris 24:57,Ellie Fraser 25:01,John Greenwood 25:20,Benji Hatch 25:22,Stephanie Lockwood 25:29,Katherine Cullen 25:33,Helen Titu 25:44,Allen Boyd 25:49,Sekhar Karyampudi 25:51,Ruth Fox 25:53, Chris Jack 26:22,Olabanjo Sulaiman 26:28,Phil Alcock 26:34,Linda Richmond 26:48, David Barden 26:56,Lucy O`Connell 27:04,Sophie Keenan 27:06,Rachel Hatton 27:06, Emma Gauller 27:12,Lee Fulton 27:27,Andy Kenny 27:45,Janette Halton 27:54,Ange McLoughlin 28:19,Caragh Bardolia 28:21,Graeme Methven 28:25,Carmen Ha 28:43, Joanne Whitfield 29:12,Cath Gould 29:16,Emma Ashcroft 29:40,Georgina Cragg-James 30:06,Neil Tabor 30:12,Aiko Hoshiko 30:22,Laura Johnson 30:23,Mark Fraser 30:34, Isabelle-Grace Wilson 30:37,Averil Davies 30:43,Lorna Smithies 30:43,Charlotte Mackie 30:51,Abigail Stewart 31:23,Rachel Rogers 31:35,Elizabeth Norton 32:03,Nancy Evans 32:29,Mickey Lowe 32:34,Jenny Carter 33:57,Jane Sheehy 33:58,Finlay Lochrie 34:38,Lisa Kattou 35:10,Amy Barr 35:11,Anais Hadland 36:25,Chris Jones 37:26,Clare Jones 38:58,Alison Sait 40:05,Charlie Jarvis 42:36,Jean Moore 66:42.

A very warm welcome to all our first timers this week,whether you were taking part in parkrun for the first time or were visiting us for the first time. We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our amazing first timers this week were Adam Whittaker,Craig Phillips,Thomas Parker, Jacob Lemanski,Louis Lemanski,Jonathan Lear,Imogen Carew,Michael Carew,Chris Hebron,Freya Rivett,Kate Halsey,Ellis MacDonald,Graham MacDonald,Anna Fitzpatrick,Tess Davies,Jacob-Lee Wilson,Zoe Lemanski,Owen Parker,Colin Bansor, Sam Leah,Rosanna Williams,James Howell,Isla Corran,Nora Fleming,Derek Hogg, Steph Roberts,Katy Hayward,Sophie Elwell,Jillian Dawson,Marion Platts,Hannah Farrington,Helen Lunt,Alan Moore,David Ashworth,Joanna Johnson,Rosie Leah,Isabel Leah,Sophie Harris,Paul Carnaghan,Robert Fleming,Emma Hayward,Eslyn Walker, Jonah Gribbin,Jessica Williams,Eifion Thomas,Athena Carnaghan,Kerry Roberts,Emma Leah,Jeanette Davies,Ben Harris,Tim Mortimer,Rebecca Munro,Fiontan Shepherd, Matthew Kemp,Hannah Kemp,Mike Pendray,Ellen Bowers,Matt Smith,Karl Ellis,Davdi Fox,Dawn Murphy,Kenny Ross,Harry Ellis,Andrew Schoon,Kate Youd,Ania Kurek,Anna Holsgrove,Holly Davidson,Stuart Ellis,Paul Kennedy,Amy Anderton,Meriel Jones,David Pendray,Chi Hung Sung,Chaerlie Larkin,Liz Rimmer,Aidan Larkin,Carole Richardson, Matt Atkinson,Sarah Larkin,Rachel Shaw,Lyn Todd,Andrew Hughes

Shenton`s Last Shenton of 2019 - Chris Towers 18:18.Andrew Fraser 19:19,Nick Mansell 20:20,Paul Collins 22:22,Mark Richmond 24:24,Lee Fulton 27:27,Jennifer Warburton 29:29,Lucy Ashcroft 32:32,Jennifer Gribbin 45:45

Lyn Ebbrell ran her 50th parkrun

Mel Heale ran her 50th parkrun

Terry Finlay ran his 50th parkrun

Jane Good ran her 50th parkrun

Freya Wood ran her 50th parkrun

Ann Rodgerson ran her 50th parkrun

Stewart Foster ran his 100th parkrun

Congratulations to Stewart,Ann,Freya,Jane,Terry,Mel and Lyn!

Our recordbreakingmultitaskingfunnelsettingupingtastic volunteers were led by run director Ultan "Surprised us with a shorter than expected run briefing" Mulhern,our timekeepers were John "Beard back by popular demand" Armstrong and Mike "Ex scoop" Green,Andrew "Not the only one today" Hughes,Peter "Where`s my cone?" Humphreys and Jon "On the buses" Rumley were barcode scanners.Finish tokens were dished out by Kareen "Numbers" Porschke with help from Graham Tate.Our tail walker was Mel "50" Heale.Gemma "Record crowd" Cloney did the first timers briefing and also funnel managed along with Sue "Strictly" Foster,Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum,James "T`Pau" Hurley and Stuart "Ebbw" Rickers.Our wonderful marshals were Lisa Dennis, Ruth "Take cover,she`s got the camera" Pritchard,Charlotte Jones,Liz Jones,Jane Everett,Kay Standing,Jan Taylor,Robin Kingsbury,Felipa Kingsbury,Tomos Pritchard. The results were processed by the Folk Doctors,Ava-Rae "Bit Muddy" Cloney wished you a good morning and told you when to start.Kenneth Noble was our 30 minute pacer.

EM3JfwlXsAAipAOPhoto from Gemma Cloney

Next week is pacers week and we`ll have more information on that during the week. If you would like to volunteer with us please email us at Make it one of your new year resolutions to volunteer more perhaps? Go on,we have an unopened box of celebrations with all our gear,if that helps.

We are on the flickr (Ruth Pritchard has taken lots of photos today,we`ll let you know when they have been uploaded),the instagram and the facebook "Birkenhead parkrun" and the the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

EM4LvmEX0AIWnSkPhoto from Tomos Pritchard

Thanks for reading and see you next year/week!




Run report #226

Twas the last parkrun before Christmas

The weather was wonderful,it was warm and bright

The Herald Angels said "Hark!"

"Is that the sound of music ,the orchestral manoeuvres in the park?"

The funnel was a hive of activity,with plenty of mud

But not a single spud.

We got a bit excited with our 2nd best time ever

And a chocolate outbreak which was very nice.

A very Merry Christmas to you all,we hope you get lots of nice stuff

And to all our four legged canine friends,WOOF!

EMTmDtrX0AAK3g0Photo from Lorna Hughes


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report.That was a good one wasn`t it.A course record for two laps,lots of chocolates given to the volunteers........sorry,I`m back and another terrific turnout by you lovely people.Lots to get on with and I ran after and had beer so typo fans amongst you,you`re in for a treet (I`ll give you that one).


Our first finisher (male) was first timer with us,Dan Jarvis of Bedford & County AC,who ran an amazing time of 14:39,a second outside our course record! Next was Robert Deller of Wirral AC in 17:16 and Ian Wallace of Wirral AC with a new pb of 17:18.

Our first finisher (female) was Ellen-Mary Kearney of Wirral AC in 20:02(31st),then Jayne Price of Pensby Runners in 20:43(39th) and Yvie Ryan of Mersey Tri in 20:58(44th)

A veritable volume of perfect pb`s today! - Ian Wallace 17:18,Jack Strode 17:35,Mark Dodd 17:59,Michael Wilkinson 18:24,Dominic Poulston 19:37,Colin Rivett 20:31,Jack Anderson 21:52,Victoria Flynn 22:39,Simon Locke 23:22,Steve Singleton 23:47,George Wilson 24:04,Gill Edwards 24:17,Thomas Smout 24:31,Carl Jones 24:54,Mark Richmond 25:15,Si Cole 25:16,Andrew Dowdeswell 25:20,Luke Rawnsley 25:21,Benji Hatch 25:25,Lorna Siddons 25:31,Bithov Vinu 25:45,Jake McCarthy 25:53,Catherine Howell 26:37,Nicola Robinson 26:38,Callum Logan 26:43,Sian Berkson 27:07,Linda Richmond 27:18,David Barden 27:20,Olabanjo Sulaiman 27:22,Alisha Twist 27:46, Kathy McDonald 28:10,Linzi Tate 28:18,Caragh Bardolia 28:47,Tony Sullivan 29:24, Jessica Bayley 29:36,Carter Hatton 29:42,Conor Lockley 29:43,Nigel Hobson 30:05, Johnathan Fountain 30:47,Mark Fraser 30:56,Joseph McLachlan 31:06,Jane Callaghan 31:56,Ella Evens 31:59,Claire Hayes 32:11,Giselle Drouillard 32:25,Jackie Harwood 34:37,Claire Scudder 35:34,Margaret Davenport 35:37,Margi Ez 36:45,Maureen Fountain 37:44,Chloe Holt 38:50,Alison Sait 40:19

A wonderfully festive welcome to all our first timers today,whether you were taking part in the parkrun world for the first time or you were visiting us for the first time.We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you again next week or the next time you`re in the neighbourhood.

Ivan Yachnikov Hughes,Jonathon McEvoy,Sally Clarke,Colin Wilson,Matthew Ryan, Tom Ash,Anne Calvert,Jacob Openshaw,Louise Ash,Rachel Lavery,Charlie Jarvis, John Hunt,Elizabeth Norton,Kate Kinvig,Thomas Molloy,Joe Poole,Daniel Jarvis,Dave Simmonds,James Nuthall,Kern Hankins,Mark Grandy,Mica Russell,Anna Slade, Douglas Slade,Sarah Kelly,Sian Evans

Shenton`s Festive Reality - Kevin Hall 20:20,Ian McNeill 23:23,Alan Todd 24:24,Benji Hatch 25:25,Melanie George 27:27,Rachel Hatton 29:29,Graham Turner 30:30,Stephen Hope 34:34,Sandra Hamel 35:35

Liam Gawne ran his 50th parkrun

Laura Cross ran her 50th parkrun

EMTq56VWsAEtJopPhoto from Laura Cross

Karen Flockhart ran her 50th parkrun

Mica Russell ran her 50th parkrun

Giselle Drouillard ran her 50th parkrun

Mark Pritchard ran his 100th parkrun

EMUxAd-X0AM-4SfPhoto from Ruth Pritchard

Gill Edwards ran her 200th parkrun

Congratulations to Liam,Laura,Karen,Mica,Giselle,Mark and Gill! Fantastic achievements!!

Our thebestsimplythebestebetterthanalltheresttastic volunteers were led by Run director John "The beard is back" Armstrong.Timekeepers were led by Andrew "Arrowe park" Hughes and James "T`Pau" Hurley,barcode scanners were Gemma "My rabbit made me late" Cloney,Phil "Number 1 Welsh barcode scanner" Stanley and Peter "EFC" Barham. Our finish tokens were handed out by "Double Grinchy Dave" Bibby with assistance from Amanda "If you don`t like Bounty choccies,I`ll take them" Curtis-Wilson. Simon Hartharn-Evans was our tail walker.Gemma "Hattie`s mum" Cloney gave the first timers briefing. Our funnel managers were Jon "Two scoops" Rumley,Peter "Stay in order" Humphreys,Paul "Stay away from the ladder" Bradley,Ann "The Elf" Currie and Stuart "The Safety" Rickers.Our awesome marshals were Mylo Williams,Lorna "OMP" Hughes,Kareen "Numbers" Porschke,Shelagh "Russell" Hearty,Nigel Sperring,Kay Standing,Michele Alty,Charlotte Jones,Liz Jones,Tamsin Hatch,Connor Bethel. John Armstrong processed the results.

If you would like to join us in the volunteer ranks,please check out our roster and email us at if you can help.

We are on the flickr,the facebook,the instagram "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

Thanks for reading,see you all next week!



Run report #225

We had an all Celtic timekeeping duo today

Calm down any Rangers fans,I mean Celtic not Celtic,I didn`t mean that,no way

Ultan "Yoda" Mulhern with his experience,Ann "Scotland!" Currie,it was her first time

Ann was on the phone app,Ultan he taught

Perfect time tapping cohesion was what they sought.

And they achieved it,much to the gratitude of Carl Cort.

Last parkrun before Christmas next week,Santa he may come along

At least he scores more goals than Shane Long.

ELwON8lW4AEGJqRPhoto from Ann Currie.

Enough of that,onto the results.

Our first finisher(male) this week was William Strickley of Wirral AC with a new pb of 17:14,then Simon Tinkler in 17:18 and Robert Deller of Wirral AC in 17:30.

Our first finisher (female) was Jayne Price of Pensby Runners in 20:33(21st),then Heather Hatton of Steel City Striders RC in 20:38(23rd) and Evie Smith of Wirral AC in 21:32(37th)


Lots of PB`s again this week - They were obtained by William Strickley 17:14,David Gain 18:44,Peter Hoggard 18:53,Louis Hatton 18:54,Wayne Lowe 19:29,Ivan Edmonds 21:38,Jordan Ezard 21:40,Nick Wynne 22:01,Richard Latten 22:42,James Hatton 23:21,George Wilson 24:15,Jon Payne 25:40,Laurence Tottle 25:42,Abbie Richmond 26:21,Andrew Wright 26:42,Benji Hatch 26:45,John Greenwood 27:03,Sian Berkson 27:30,Daniel Batchelor 27:44,Lee Fulton 27:58,Dennis Mahar 28:35,Kelly Chesters 28:48,Ange McLoughlin 28:54,James Ashton 29:03,Robert Edwards 29:03,Rose Hindley 29:44,Jessica Bayley 29:49,Jack Hall 30:10,Cath Gould 30:38,Ozkan Tuncer 30:40,Janine Parry 30:45,Johnathan Fountain 31:14,Joanne Pugh 32:06,Ella Evens 32:27,Paul Duncan 32:39,Nicola Thomas 33:45,Sam Bradley 33:49,Josie Rabot 34:07, Nicola Beamish 35:45,Sean Miller 36:49,Maureen Fountain 39:18,Miranda Woolhouse 39:45,Stephen Samosa 40:13,Bodhi Samosa 40:14


A big warm welcome to our first timers today,whether you ran your first ever parkrun or you were visiting us for the first time.We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you again next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first timers this week were James Dunleavy,Michael Pickstock,Mark Richmond,Paul Williams,Phil Vaill,Linda Richmond,Tanya Fletcher,Margaret Davenport,Lynne Lowe, Bethan Leary,David Percival,Julia Uttley,Wendi Evans,Shirley Boyd,Rob Bricout


Shenton`s Reality - Stephen Norton 21:21,Mark Griffiths 22:22,Mathew Goodwin 26:26, Derek Jones 28:28,Martha Newns 39:39


Sarah Mitchell ran her 50th parkrun

David Thomas ran his 50th parkrun

Claire Salvatore ran her 50th parkrun

Anthony Percival ran her 50th parkrun

Helen Keay ran her 50th parkrun

Marvin Everett ran his 50th parkrun

Shainaz Campbell ran her 100th parkrun.

Congratulations to Sarah,David,Claire,Anthony,Helen,Marvin and Shainaz!!


Ourcoolnocoldnofreezingbutstillsmileytastic volunteers were led by run director Stuart "50% warm,50% very cold" Rickers. Our top timekeeping duo were Ult "Joint number 1 Irish volunteer" Mulhern and Ann "Number 1 Scottish timekeeper" Currie.Barcode scanning was done by Lorna "OMP" Hughes,James "OMG" Hurley and Mike "OBE" Green.Finish tokens were handed out by Andrew "The Terminator" Hughes with Peter "Cone man the destroyer" Humphreys assisting him.Ruth "PC" Byers was our tail walker.Mel "Could be her 50th parkrun soon" Heale did the first timers briefing. Jon "Rogue left sock" Rumley,Graham Tate, Phil "Number 1 Welsh volunteer" Stanley and Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum. Our marvellous marshals were Mylo Williams,Graham Boyd, Victoria "You dropped your phone" Bradley,Connor Bethel,Helen Symonds,Helen Measures,Liz Jones,Charlotte Jones,Gary Johnstone,Sue "Tesco,other supermarkets are available" Sturgeon,David Gawne,Cameron Farroll. Mark Hyland paced for us today.

If you would like to volunteer with us,please check out our roster on the website and email us at,thanks as always for your support!

ELvp7wwW4AEgTIAPhoto from Andy Everett

We are on the flickr,the facebook,the instagram "Birkenheadparkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

Thanks for reading and see you next week!



Run report #224

We had a lot of fantastic pacing today throughout the park

And the sound of the odd bark.

Times were chased with success or a near miss

But as far as I know,no one from Diss.

There was a rabbit volunteer at Bushy,but in that they are very much second best

Hattie and Simba led the way in that respect,they are number 1 and er...2,yes!


The Results

Our first finisher (male) was Luke Hampshire of Wallasey AC in 17:38,followed by David Lilley with a pb of 17:43 and Chris Jones of Penny Lane Striders,also with a pb,this one was 18:29!

Our first finisher (female) was Zara White of Wirral AC in 20:57(24th) then Hayley Fairclough of Liverpool RC with a new pb of 21:34(35th) and Helen Stansfield of Wallasey AC in 21:49(41st)

PB perfection from David Lilley 17:43,Chris Jones 18:29,Jamie Davies 20:33,James Miller 20:37,Patrick MacDonough 20:45,Jonathan Blackburn 20:52,Andy Jones 20:53, Noah Leeson 21:14,Greg Sinnott 21:15,Nathan Roche 21:23,William Hampshire 21:31, Hayley Fairclough 21:34,Nico Weider 22:11,Adam Leary 22:24,Dawn Fairclough 22:25, Alan Heath 22:26,Adam Landrum 22:29,Andrew Beastall 22:45,Richard Latten 22:50, Benjamin Sharp 23:45,Robert Perry 23:47,Dean Garrity 23:49,Adam Jennings-O`Toole 23:58,David Morris 24:05,Marcin Bula 24:20,Jack Berry 24:23,Samantha Owen 24:27, Kevin Lowe 24:56,Carl Jones 25:21,Sammy Harwood 25:30,Alistair Jones 25:31,Lewis Morris 25:33,Philip Arnold 25:36,Liz Willis 25:46,Ricardo Hoshiko 25:54,Laura Cross 25:58,Darron Callaghan 25:59,Adam Howarth 26:01,Lisa Curnow 26:14,George Wilson 26:20,Abbie Richmond 26:44,Jenny Danher 26:56,Chris Jack 27:00,May Leeson 27:06, David Barden 27:31.Andrew Wright 27:32,Richard Thomas 27:37,Rob Brown 27:49, Jemima Riley 28:03,Lee Fulton 28:05,Kathy McDonald 28:13,Dennis Mahar 28:39, Alisha Twist 28:45,Anthony Olsson 28:50,Daniel Batchelor 28:55,Jennifer Warburton 28:59,Kelly Chesters 29:01,Vickey Walberg 29:05,Andy Weinronk 29:11,Nithin Karyampudi 29:11,Tony Sullivan 29:25,Pierre Wysocki 30:03,Ronald Barber 30:55, Laura Fallon 30:57,Phillip Davies 31:00.Lorna Smithies 31:28,Michelle Evans 31:30, David Tebbs 31:42,Charlotte Mackie 31:43,Jonah Pickering 31:45,Cath Gould 31:54, George Hollowell 32:02,Nicholas Hollowell 32:03,Mark Fraser 32:13,Michael Batchelor 32:25,Ann Hatton 32:26,Peter Flynn 32:32,Johnathan Fountain 32:41,Mickey Lowe 32:41,Ella Evans 33:01,John Traynor 33:20,Giselle Drouillard 33:25,Bethany Heath 33:39,Nicola Thomas 33:55,Jenny Carter 34:18,Catherine Wall 34:21,Jane Sheehy 34:21,Nicola Beamish 35:53,Katie Garrity 36:15,Jackie Harwood 36:33,Kathryn Cleminson 37:03,Andrea Davies 37:24,Anais Hadland 38:01,Sean Miller 39:03,Lony Gibb 39:39,Geraldine Keay 42:17,Carla Walker 42:24,Chalene Robinson 42:32, Samantha Bill 42:32

A warm welcome to all our first timers today,whether you joined us for the first time ever or you were visiting us for the first time.We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first timers this week were Daniel Bojarski,Clare Goodwin,Victoria Flynn,Paul Caley Lee Elwell,Jo Smyth,Liam Sheehy,Eugene Sheehy,Louise Hanson-Gardner,Gill Dumbarton,Elliot Edwards,Angie Galer,Rohin Thaker,Lisa Kattou,Kelly McCarthy,Chris Roberts,Lisa Smalley,Jack Hall,Michelle Stanton,Teresa Hardy,Gary Swift,Jo Dodgson, Esme Joynson,Tony Breen,Michael Sandelands

Shenton`s Reality (In advance of the year of the Shenton,2020) - Harry Kaye 21:21, Howard Garde 22:22,Alison MacDonald 23:23,Andrew Kitchinson 26:26,Peter Flynn 32:32,Angie Galer 35:35,Lony Gibb 39:39

Laura Reese ran her 50th parkrun

Donna Roddan ran her 50th parkrun

Amanda Parkinson ran her 50th parkrun

Congratulations to Laura,Donna and Amanda!

Our Decembernotlongtillcrimbonowhopetheyvebeengoodtastic volunteers were led by run director Rolf "Gladiator" Westrum,timekeepers were Gemma "Bin bag lady" Cloney and Ruth "PC" Byers.Barcode scanning was done by Kareen "Numbers" Porschke, Stuart "The Vale" Rickers and Steve "The wizard of Oz" Smith.Peter "Ice cream" Humphreys dished out the finish tokens support from John "Hertha or Union" Armstrong who also gave the first timers briefing. Shelagh "Russell" Hearty was our tail walker.Dave "Double Dave" Bibby took the marshals out onto the course and marshalled as well.Andrew "The Prime Minister of Puns" Hughes,Mike "Jolene" Green,James "T`Pau" Hurley and Keith "Zaha" Blackwell were our funnel managers. Our marshals were Mylo Williams,Malcolm Davies,Sybil Leeman,Greg Smith,Dave "DD" Bibby,Don Scotton,Graham Tate,Peter "Big Dunc" Barham,Lisa "Puddle liason marshal" Ost.Our plethora of pacers were Ruth "35" Pritchard,Mark "Numbers 2" Pritchard,Alex "Gullit" Holland,Karl "Spells his name right" Hamel,Neil "Buzz" Armstrong,Mike "Another mention" Green,Neil "Holly" Oakes,John "Number 1 Scottish pacer" Henderson and Peter "Bright yellow hat" Hampshire.

Our next pacer day will be the first Saturday next year.

If you would like to join our volunteer ranks,please take a look at the roster on our website and email us at

We are on the flickr,the facebook and the instagram "Birkenheadparkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

No photos this week,work night out last night and work today means not tonight but Ill try and add some during the week.

Anyway,thanks for reading and see you next week!





Run report #223

Frosty the snowman was told to back off

Although there were traces of him around the park

And the sound of Marvin the pooch with his marvellous bark.

We`re made of tough stuff up here,we don`t look to cancel(apart from epic floods and the ice age)

And that time we had to hide from Nicholas Cage.

424 of you hardy souls turned up and took part on a cold but sunny morn.

Smiles on your faces as you came through the finish funnel.

Alas,still no sign of Sally Gunnell.

Photo from Amanda Curtis-Wilson

Hello and welcome to this week`s run report. Didn`t the park look amazing this morning? Lots of fantastic photos have been sent in and are on our twitter and you may have seen our funnel manager and star photographer Ruth with her camera so keep an eye out for her photos over the weekend on our social media content/pages/stuff. Brilliant to see so many of you with us on such a freezing morning and thanks to all our volunteers as well for their magnificent work.


The Results

Our first finisher (male) was Steven Leslie of Village Road Runners AC in a time of 17:42, then Ashley Crawford in 17:51 and David Lilley in 18:22

Our first finisher (female) was Lucy Hignett of Wirral AC in 21:05(28th) then Gail Stuthridge of Village Road Runners AC in 21:56(37th) and Jayne Price of Pensby Runners in 22:02(38th)


PB awesomeness shout outs to Joshua Hatton 19:55,David Hopwood 19:56,Chris Hall 20:25,Andrew Hewlett 20:56,Simon Hignett 21:06,Adam Landrum 22:39,Dave Galloway 22:55,Dave Marland 23:18,Chris Sharp 23:21,Kate Carter 23:24,James Hatton 23:34, Catherine Williams 23:42,Lauren Walker 24:01,Amy Heron 24:36,Andy Hewitt 24:47, Haley Barnett 24:58,Kimberly Morris 25:13,Laurence Tottle 25:49,Paddy Flashman 26:18,Alexandra Jones 26:55,Mike Butler 26:57,Kate Smith 27:28,Olabanjo Sulaiman 27:30,Dave Michael 28:55,Lee Fulton 29:01,Kelly Chesters 29:07,Tony Sullivan 30:03, Aiko Hoshiko 30:32,Joel Cross 31:06,Luke McGowan 31:29,Jason Fordham 31:33, Thomas Newell 31:59,Rachel Rogers 32:05,Christian Light 32:27,Katie Lane 32:57,Julia Murphy 33:23,Maisie Rogers 33:26,George Hollowell 33:57,Graham Pugh 33:59,Louise Hollowell 34:01,Ella Evans 34:06,Lisa Roberts 34:33,Jonah Pickering 34:45,Bethany Heath 36:19,Mark Fraser 36:24,Clare Jones 37:05,Jane Gethin 37:30

EKnXBjjXUAAiwRFPhoto from Andy Everett

A big parkrun welcome to all our first timers today,whether you joined us for the first time or were visiting us for the first time. We hope you enjoyed your time with us today and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first timers this week were Hilary Hart,Samantha Bill,Chalene Robinson,June Pickersgill,Jackie Harwood,Luke Rawnsley,Oscar Robertson,Josie Rabot,Luke Pearson Nicholas Hollowell,Averil Davies,Dino Walker,Richard Duddell,Helen Walker,Jane Marshall,Jennifer Warburton,Adam Swanick,Sheila Wetton,Mike Kirby,James Ashton, Ashleigh Cotton,Stephen Leadbetter,Matthew Whittaker,George Wlson,Abbie Richmond,Emily Dold,Patrick McKeown,David Barden,Sammy Harwood,Kelly Atkinson, Chris Jack,Vicki O`Connor,David Marshall,Jon Carter,David McElroy,Adrian Calvert, Helen Crook,Ian Richards,Wayne Millard,John Rae,Steve Thomas,Rachel Melluish,Dave Ayre,Jose Eduardo Vega Perez


Shenton`s Reality this week - Howard Garde 23:23,Derek Jones 28:28,John Brown 29:29,Mel McArdle 34:34,Catherine Wall 35:35,Jordan Ezard 37:37


Mike Burns ran his 50th parkrun.

Kareen Porschke ran her 50th parkrun.

Jade Edmonds ran her 50th parkrun.

Ultan Mulhern ran his 50th parkrun.

Audrey Stocker ran her 100th parkrun.

Congratulations to Audrey,Ultan,Jade,Kareen and Mike!


Our coldbutcoolloudandproudtastic volunteers were led by run director Steve "Man at work" Smith.Stuart "Shorts" Rickers and Mike "Jolene" Green were our timekeepers. John "The beard will never be forgotten" Armstrong,Peter "It`s beginning to feel a lot like Conemas" Humphreys and Jon "Not a pink welly person" Rumley were our barcode scanners.Andrew "Our Kelly" Hughes dished out the finish tokens with help from Lorna "OMP" Hughes.Alex "The Netherlands" Holland was our tail walker.Ultan "The Ult" Mulhern ensured the marshals were in the right places and Stuart "2 nicknames" Rickers gave the first timers briefing.Our funnel managers were James "T`Pau" Hurley, Ruth "She`s got the camera!" Pritchard,Mark "Numbers" Pritchard and Sue "Strictly" Foster. Our wonderful marshals were Margaret Ray,Lisa "Icy Puddle Marshal",Mylo Williams,Amanda "Tin can bashing lady" Curtis-Wilson,Andrew "Tunes" Everett, Stewart "Not Stuart" Foster,Peter "EFC" Barham,David Gawne,Sue Sturgeon,Helen Stansfield and Cameron Farroll. John Armstrong processed the results and Ken Noble and Mark Hyland were our pacers today.Next week is pacers week and we`ll have all the times being paced on our social media thingies during the week.

EKnSZFNXsAAolQUPhoto from Peter Hampshire

If you would like to join them,please take a look at the roster on our website.It has been proven by NASA scientists that volunteering at parkrun during December is 42% more likely to get you excellent Christmas presents.*

*Possibly true,probably not.

We are on the flickr (Keep an eye out for Ruth`s photos),the facebook and the instagram "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

Thanks for reading and see you next week.





Run report #222

86% chance of rain it said on the forecast

But it didn`t and we had a blast

There was a no show from that X factor guy,Ollie

But we had a super pooch finish 2nd,Stanley the border collie!

The former pink welly lady she had a run today

Ahead of tomorrow when its her birthday.

It was good to see recovered runners come off the injury bench

And if you are still there,fingers crossed you`ll be back with us soon

Oh no,Ollie`s arrived.Ollie we`ve gone home,we don`t want a tune!

EKDipHYXUAA7zpxPhoto from Ruth Pritchard

Hello and welcome to this week`s run report celebrating our 222nd run at Birkenhead. Thanks all for coming along today,things ran smoothly in the finish funnel. All the rules were followed although I have one request.When you have had your barcodes scanned please remember there are runners on the course so please be aware of that when you leave the area. Thanks.

The Results

Our first finisher (male) was Jack Poland of Wallasey AC with a new pb of 16:56,our 46th best time ever! Joint 2nd were Stanley the border collie and Peter Bird,also of Wallasey AC who ran 17:06 and Peter was running his 100th parkrun.Luke Hampshire,completing a Wallasey AC 1,joint 2 and 3 ran 17:41.

Our first finisher (female) was Elaine Opara of Wallasey AC who finished in 21:46(41st),then Maggie Cooper of Wirral AC in 22:21 (57th) and Claire Campbell in 22:34 (62nd)


PB mentions go to Jack Poland 16:56,Robert Logan 18:06,Matthew Nicholson 18:41, Simon Shaw 19:48,Alan Heath 22:53,Andy McShane 23:05,Harry Findlay 23:25,Kate Carter 23:37,Steve Singleton 23:55,Alexandra Brennan 24:21,Simon Smith 25:18, Alan Jones 25:25,Neil Wyn Jones 26:02,Darron Callaghan 26:12,Yvonne McDonough 26:34, Oscar Boardman 26:39,Patrick Mulvey-Fanneran 26:49,Callum Logan 27:18,Carrie-Ann Berry 27:38,Derek Welch 27:40,Rachel Scott 28:26,Janette Halton 28::33,Jemima Riley 28:41,Kelly Chesters 29:21,Kate Lewis 29:23,Steve Rutter 29:28,Lee Fulton 29:37, Jenna McElhoney 29:59,Zachary Roberts 30:34,Roger Lyon 30:46,Jisun Lee 31:06, Robert Oldsson 31:34,Nancy Evans 31:50,David Tebbs 31:53,Abigail McLachlan 32:03, Hayley Maney 32:05,Natalia Wqtrobska 32:20,Joanne Pugh 32:30,Ann Hatton 32:40, Rachel Rogers 33:15,Charlotte Mackie 33:43,Michael Batchelor 34:17,Nigel Currie 34:33,George Hollowell 35:14,Louise Hollowell 35:15,Lisa Roberts 35:26,Michelle Heighton 35:35,Bethany Heath 36:33,Mark Fraser 36:59,Andrea Davies 38:09,Emily Parry 38:18,Alastair Quinn 38:19,Jenny Davies 38:33,Margi Ez 38:40,Nicki Bryce 40:12,Alison Sait 40:22,Stephen Samosa 42:31,Bodhi Samosa 42:32,Niamh Gregory 45:09,Clair O`Shaughnessy 45:12

EKDipHeWkAEn5mGPhoto from Ruth Pritchard

A massive warm welcome to all our first timers today ,whether you were joining us for the first time or visiting us for the first time. We hope you very much enjoyed your first Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first timers were Carl Barnes,Peter Hoggard,Padraig Goggin,Chris Gee,Andrew Hewlett,Donald Logan,Antonis Alexiadis,Will Rowan,Stacey Clark,Harry Benjamin-Laing,Juan Sierra,Michael Russell,Barbara Johnson,Peter Smith,Daniel Taylor,Vickey Walberg,Rachael Little,Joseph Smith,Laura Hopwood,Lisa Jenkins,Thomas Newell, Oscar Brown,Nina Hornell,Peter Flynn,Peter Ryan,Sue Boyle,Isabelle Edwards,Adam Jennings-O`Toole,Kathryn Cleminson,Ameigh Haasbroek,Elise Fletcher,Stuart McAlpine,Sue McAlpine

EKDYP1kWwAEZhM1Photo from Ann Currie

Shenton`s Reality- Shaun Duffy 23:23,Paul Whyatt 24:24,Alan Jones 25:25,Simon Ellis-Jones 26:26,Stephen Christian 26:26,Kay Standing 31:31,Michelle Heighton 35:35, Ammi Lee 37:37


Neil Oakes ran his 50th parkrun.

David Longford ran his 50th parkrun.

Lorna Quigley ran her 50th parkrun.

Irene Ward ran her 50th parkrun.

Jacqui McIlroy ran her 50th parkrun.

Peter Bird ran his 100th parkrun.

Janette Halton ran her 100th parkrun.

James Downey ran her 100th parkrun.

Felipa Kingsbury ran her 100th parkrun.

Congratulations to Felipa,James,Janette,Peter,Jacqui,Irene,Lorna,David and Neil!


Our drybrightfunnysharpontheballslicktastic volunteers were led by run director Jon "Phone dropper" Rumley,timekeepers were Stuart "Legs" Rickers and Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum.Barcode scanners were Steve "Down under" Smith,Andrew "Ted" Hughes and Peter "EFC" Barham. Finish tokens were handed out by James "T`Pau" Hurley who also gave the first timers briefing. James was assisted by Stewart "Stew not Stu" Foster. Tail walker was Kareen "Numbers" Porschke.Our funnel managers were John "The right note" Armstrong,Peter "I love my cone!" Humphreys,Dave "Double Dave" Bibby,Sue "Strictly" Foster. Our fantastic marshals were Mylo Williams,Sybil Leeman, David Gawne,Ana Roslan,Helen Stansfield,Don Scotton,Derek Jones,Charlotte Jones. Stu Rickers processed the results,Karl Hamel paced 35 minutes and Ken Noble paced 27 minutes.

If you would like to join them,please take a look at the roster on our website and email us at

We are on the flickr,the instagram and the facebook "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

Thanks for reading and see you next week!






Run report #221

Pay your respects to the scanners and funnel managers

Send your congratulations to run director James

Give your regards to the timekeepers

They always did the best they could

And thank you to the finish tokens department

Rolf taught us everything we know.

(Hum the next bit)

Our start and finish signs are vital

Our hands were very cold

A few hand warmers would have been great,they definitely would have sold

Wave goodbye to the footballers of Rostock,yes Hansa

This is parkrun,that`s your answer.

EJfXLx_XYAAB5BORun director James,with his security detail.Photo from Ann Currie.


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report,a brilliant 524 of you joined us this week, thank you all very much! No rain which was nice,hopefully more of the same next time.

The results

Our first finisher (male) was Jay Walker of Wallasey AC with a new pb of 16:48,a second ahead of Harley Henshaw of Wirral AC in 16:49,with Simon Tinkler, a first timer, running 17:08.

Our first finisher (female) was Katie Bagley who ran 19:04(17th),just ahead of Vicky Unsworth of Liverpool Harriers and AC who ran a pb of 19:09(18th) and Jayne Price of Pensby Runners who also ran a pb in 20:07(28th).


PB mentions go to Jay Walker 16:48,Steven Leslie 17:23,David Dunning 17:50,David Lilley 17:55,Mark Dodd 18:08,Chris Hewson 18:26,David Gain 18:48,Vicky Unsworth 19:09,Lee Bower 19:22,Phil Dunning 19:37,Andrew Fraser 19:40,Jayne Price 20:07, Andy Wright 20:15,Paul Holmes 20:19,Aiden Hampson 20:31,Jodi Bemand 20:39, Jamie Davies 20:51,Thomas Clegg 21:36,Toby Lemon 21:38,Debra Bemand 22:14, Robert English 22:20,David Millard 22:21,Daniel Craddock 22:38,Mark Ingarfield 22:42, Adam Landrum 22:45,James Campbell 22:55,Hannah Seddon 23:34,Rachel Holcroft 23:46,Max Devany 23:57,Andrew Scattergood 24:23,Marcin Bula 24:31,Jack Berry 25:15,John Nolan 25:24,Helen Titu 25:55,Sophie Hoxby 26:00,Ricardo Hoshiko 26:00, Carl Jones 26:06,Darron Callaghan 26:34,Chris Munt 26:59,Gemma Fairclough 27:16, Sophie Keenan 27:39,Olabanjo Sulaiman 27:42,Clare Greenwood 28:06,Jordan Fawkes 28:36,Lawrence Cowdray 28:48,Lydia-Anne Wilson 28:49,Alexander Keggin 28:52,Hazel Shingler 29:20,Shelly Marie Kemp 29:34,Alisha Twist 29:38,Derek Welch 29:44,Sarah Lees 29:45,Jemima Riley 29:47,Kath Talbot 29:55,Phil Carvell 30:19, Pierre Wysocki 30:26,Tony Sullivan 30:45,Chris Massey 30:49,Amy Brown 30:58,Alexia Light 31:03,Catherine Smith 31:10,Jenna McElhoney 31:22,Mark Roberts 31:33,Jane Callaghan 31:57,Roisin Bailey 32:04,JanineParry 32:10,Cath Gould 32:25,Natalie Baker 32:34,Joanne Pugh 32:40,Natalia Wqtrobska 32:45,Luke McGowan 32:54,Elizabeth Williams 33:02,Penny Brown 34:24,Ammi Lee 34:27,Esme Cotton 34:35,Annemarie Cotton 34:39,Katrina Burns 34:53,Catherine Wall 35:06,Alexandra Fraser 36:54,Adi Chapman 38:22,Mark Fraser 38:29,Graham Hill 39:08,Sean Miller 39:30,Alison Sait 40:40 (DEUCE!),Lesley Hill 42:33,Louise Hughes 43:22,Lisa Nuttall 44:35


A warm welcome to all our first timers today,whether you were running with us for the first time or you were visiting us for the first time.We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first timers this week were Simon Tinkler,Joel Hughes,William Ebbrell,Alice Brown, Leanne Cordingley-Wright,Judith Blair,Jordan Routledge,Andrew Moran,Grace Garner,Chris Shaw,Lee Fulton,Jisun Lee,Daniel Batchelor,Katrina Millen,Julia Murphy, Johnathan Fountain,Jonah Pickering,Michael Batchelor,Susan Garner,MerylRushworth, Maureen Fountain,Joanne Hartley,Clare Jones,Piper Martin,Cleo Martin,Miranda Woolhouse,Niamh Gregory,Clair O`Shaughnessy,Stephen Samosa,Bodhi Samosa


Shenton`s Reality - Ian Lawson 20:20,David Quirk 23:23,David Craddock 23:23,Ian Chalmers 28:28,Mike Holbrook 30:30,Zachary Roberts 32:32,Gary Roberts 32:32, Alison Sait 40:40 (DEUCE!)


David Dunning ran his 50th parkrun.

Katie Bagley ran her 50th parkrun.

Phil Malone ran his 100th parkrun.

Congratulations to David,Katie and Phil!

EJfsV5tXYAEYXsfThe tokens mid sort.Shout out to token 267 who didn`t make it back today. Photo from the distraught token sorter.


Our coldbutatleastdrythistimeandmonitoredbysquirrelstastic volunteers were led by run director James "Budgie delivery service" Hurley,Stuart "The Vale" Rickers and Jon "One glove" Rumley were timekeepers,Ultan "Who is Bono anyway?" Mulhern who also gave the first timers briefing,Mike "Jolene" Green and Andrew "007" Hughes were our barcode scanners.Rolf "Rolfie" Westrum was handing out the finish tokens with assistance from Lorna "Sign folder" Hughes. Ruth "PC" Byers was our tail walker. John "Bring back the beard" Armstrong,Ann "Number 1 Scottish funnel manager" Currie, Malcolm Sutton and Sue "Strictly" Foster. Our top marshals were Robert Perry,Pat Salisbury,Maizie Carter,Connor Bethel,Tim Plested,Mark Hyland,Paul Bentley,Heather Bentley,Claire Rice and Alison Engle.Kenneth Noble was a 30 minute pacer.

If you would like to join them in the volunteer ranks,please take a look at the roster on our website and email us at

We are on the flickr,the facebook and the instagram "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

Thanks for reading and see you next week!




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