The lost run reports #27 aka parkrun #46 – The last one!

I hope you've enjoyed a journey back in time

Especially the odd rhyme

We`ve delved into our parkrun history

Initially as Toyah once said,it`s a mystery

All our parkrun run report archive is now up to date

But unfortunately,adding the next one will have to wait.

Next Saturday,season 3 of parkrun interviews will start

We have 3 already and they are all very good

If you would like to be a part of it, check out the questions on the website

There is nothing to scare you,or give you a fright.

That`s enough,its time for the last historical/missing run report.

Wait! Is that Sally Gunnell at the finish funnel?

No,but what an ending that would have been!!!


Hello and welcome to the final historical run report ,the 4th June 2016,when my brother was still the younger side of 50 and a certain East Midlands based football team hadn`t yet decided to go with a non scoring approach to attacking play.We had 248 of you taking part on that glorious summer day with 17 volunteers scaring the squirrels with their loudness and musical musings,


Our first finisher (male) was again Phil Langan of Wirral Ac, who ran a 15:47 new pb this week. Then it was Joe Boden of Wallasey AC,also with a new pb of 16:29 and Peter Bird of Wallasey AC in a time of 17:29.

Our first finisher (female) was Katie Bagley with a new pb of 19:46 (12th),then Helen Stansfield of Wallasey AC in 20:13(23rd) and Jennie Langston of Village Road Runners AC in a new pb of 21:27(34th)

Our final historical time/date is 19:46/1946/quarter to 7ish. The League of Nations had its final meeting until it became the Nations League a couple of years back. The United Nations held their first meeting.UNESCO was created and Derby County won the FA Cup,beating Charlton Athletic 4-1.


Congratulations to all our first timers on the day whether it was your first ever parkrun or you were visiting us for the first time.We hope you very much enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience.

Our first timers were Helina Marshall,Liam Jameson,Mark Moore,Karen Sumner,Sam Smith (Not the singer or the lad who has just signed on loan for Tranmere),Jack Middleton,Raymond Branscombe,Reece Monteith,Jack BaileyEmily Monteith,Rein Monteith,Alexandra Bateman,Anupam Garrib,Ben Jones,Colin Simpson,Amy Quinn, Carole Pritchard,David Meeten,Lynsey Thomas,Julian Priest,Alison Jones,Marion Turner,Mally Birch,David Hepworth,Hannah Methven,Melanie Bartley,Graeme Methven, Bill Ulyett,Graham Turner,Stewart Muir,Stephen Burr,Jennifer Gribbin,Clive Beasor, Toby Gribbin,John Skyner,


PB awesomeness today/then from Phil Langan 15:47,Joe Boden 16:29,Ian Crispin 18:15,Mike Jones 19:43,Katie Bagley 19:46,Philip Bird 19:51,David Phillips 19:59,Jon Hogg 20:07,Jennie Langston 21:27,Neil Kilcullen 21:29,Andy Cotgrave 21:34,Matthew Lloyd 21:46,Martin Simmons 22:08,Isabel Hodder 22:22,Ian Rowlands 22:25,Sarah Corran 22:26,Sam Naylor 22:29,Grace Bird 22:48,Paul Webster 23:25,Neil Thomas 23:29,Fergus Duncan 23:30,Ken Schofield 23:44,Richard Jacobs 24:17,Howard Garde 24:28,Robby Pritchard 25:04,Sandra Freeman 25:50,Rosie Hughes 25:57,Barry Langston 26:00,David Bourke 26:03,Martin Jones 26:10,Bruce Duncan 26:11,Joy Irvine 26:29,Katie Bellew 26:38,Sandra Ellison 26:48,Dan Brady 27:15,Bethan Toale 27:33, Nick Flynn 27:49,Neil Thompson 29:16,Andrew Nolan 29:21,Gill Potter 29:40,Joann Skillen 30:15,Lindsey Hitchmough 30:34,Karen Taylor 31:29,Hannah Leeman 31:30, Bethan Jones 32:44,Sarah Benyon 33:07,Julie Farrell 34:00,Mary Magee 34:13, Heather Reid 34:14,Lindsay Chase 34:48,Helen Monteith 34:58,Victoria Gibson 35:11, Carole Patricia 37:09,Jill Edwards 38:49,Emma Starkey 42:29


Congratulations if you had a milestone today!


Historical Shentons for BRIAN SHENTON!!!!! (Klaxon goes off,alarm goes off,stand and applaud now please) 21:21 and Isabel Hodder 22:22


Our wonderful volunteers this week were Cathy Armstrong,John " The Folk Doctor" Armstrong,Steven Armstrong,Gemma "Runner up,selfie at the start line of Chester metric marathon 2019" Cloney,James "Tutu" Hurley,Alan Mellor,Mark Newns,Sam Newns,Kareen "Numbers" Porschke,Jon "Derby 0" Rumley,Stephen Saunders,Steve "G`day" Smith,Sue "Cowbell queen" Sturgeon,


We are on the flickr,facebook and instagram "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Look after yourselves and thanks for reading! Back with the interviews next week




Parkrun interview series 3 – Questions

Hello! Thanks for reading this,if you`d like to take part,have a look at the questions below and send me something at the email address at the end. Or dm the parkrun twitter if that`s easier.


Who are you?

How long have you been taking part at Birkenhead?

When did you take up running/parkrunning?

Would you like to visit another parkrun? Have you visited others? What was your favourite?

What do you like most about parkrun? (In general and Birkenhead park)

What would you say to anyone thinking of taking part in a parkrun ,that hasn't yet?

What are your future running plans? (Parkrun and away from parkrun)


And this year related questions.


Where were you in your parkrun journey when parkrun had to stop in March?

What have you been doing running wise,instead of parkrun? For example #notparkrun or running round the park or elsewhere on a Saturday morning.

What have you missed most about parkrun?


Feel free to either answer these questions,add a question or two or write something yourself based around them. Whatever you feel most comfortable with. Feel free to be as detailed as you want (although if its Harry Potter length,I will edit it!) I`ll let you know when I`m going to post it.


Please email me at with your responses or dm me on the parkrun twitter.













The lost parkrun run reports #26 aka parkrun #45

We took a trip in the tardis this week away from October 15

We got diverted via the rehearsals for the first episodes of Eastenders

That should never again be seen

Then to Northern Ireland when the Ult was just a teen

Finally,after turning it off,waiting 10 seconds and turning it back on again

We reached our penultimate lost run report parkrun,don`t think there was any rain

It was at the end of May 2016,a warm and lovely morn

No sign though of Shane Warne

"Bowling SHANE!" was not a shout to be heard

Although we did have 239 of you being well supported,with Joe Boden finishing third.


Hello and welcome to the last but one missing/historical/lost run report,the 28th May,2016. One more next week and then they`ll all have their own questionable poem,first timers,pb mentions and volunteer nicknames.When our relatives discover these in future times,as well as being well and truly flummoxed,they`ll at least be able to find out when granddad or grandma got their 24:28 pb at Birkenhead parkrun.So there`s that.Hope you`ve enjoyed them anyway.

Can you all please log your #notparkruns please? After not being that fussed ,being paired against Liverpool in the World cup of UK towns and cities quarter final (fixed!.....allegedly) we`ve shifted our attentions to this competition as our way into European parkrun qualification and thanks to the efforts of Andy "Marvin`s dad" Everett,Run in Wirral and others we will be trying to crack the top 10. There`s still time to vote @worldcupoftowns on twitter for Birkenhead but we`re 10% behind and there isn`t much time left.

Commiserations to Stuart Rickers for not being knighted for his services to shorts. Shockingly overlooked.


Onto the results.

Our first finisher (male) was Phil Langan of Wirral AC in 15:52,then Andrew Gawne in 16:19 and Joe Boden of Wallasey AC in 16:43

Our first finisher (female) was Lisa Grantham of Pensby Runners in 19:47(15th),then Helen Stansfield of Wallasey AC with a pb of 20:10(18th) and Katie Bagley(19th),also in 20:10 and also a pb!

20:10 as two runners got it with pb`s,is our historical time/date. Sachin Tendulkar scored the first double century in one day international crickey,the Chilean miners were rescued and Germany won the Eurovision song contest,4-3 on penalties after extra time.


Congratulations to all our first timers on this day! We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience,whether it was your first time at parkrun or you were visiting our lovely park in our lovely town.

Our first timers were Jono Stewart,Thomas Skelton,Adam Pendlebury,David Tonks,Lee McComb,Leighanne Davies,Julian Sharrocks,David Phillips,Mark Squires,David Pastor, Emma Starkey,Harriet Greaves,Kate Pringle,Martin Jones,Jill Feathers,John McAllister, Seb Carrick,Matt Fazakerley,Rosa Walklett,Sandra Birch,Rachel Greaves,Lindsey Hitchmough,Sarah McGarrity,Heather Reid,Mary Magee,Scott Alder,Claire Doak, Richard Gover,Nicola Gover,Jen Milsom,Sue Wallis


PB perfection on this day from Ethan Ackroyd 16:59,Harley Henshaw 17:35,Michael Austin 19:02,Matt Teale 19:55,David McAlister 19:58,Helen Stansfield 20:10,Katie Bagley 20:10,Paul Collins 20:21,Shaun Park 20:34,Ciaran Lynch 21:07,Neil Kilcullen 21:31,Stu Pringle 22:02,Dave Reeves 22:13,Alex Woodall 22:19,Ian Rowlands 22:27, Roger Smith 23:00,Paul Webster 23:45,Toby Anderson 24:26,Pamela Ackroyd 24:37, Robin Kingsbury 25:15,Debbie Keating 25:16,Amy Clements 25:22,Russell Dickerson 25:45,David McKinlay 25:47,Phil Malone 25:52,Sandra Feeman 25:54,Julia Wright 26:17,Clare Dennison 26:31,Mike Smith 26:34,Andrew Kitchinson 26:37,Dawn Woodall 26:54,Joy Irvine 27:02,Brunhild Wilson 27:08,Howard Garde 27:11,Sarah Speight 27:24,Neil Harvey 27:40,Bethan Toale 27:45,Annette Kynaston 28:20,Lucy Shayle 28:48,Lee Shone 28:50,Rhona Walklett 29:15,Carolyn Gillmore 29:36,Zara Prescott 29:46,Kelly Barber 29:56,Ann Egerton 30:22,Bethan Nevin 31:19,Claire Dickerson 31:24,Pippa Airey 31:42,Gareth Davies 31:46,Hannah Mathias 32:17,Lynn Tarpey 32:29,Sam Naylor 32:43,Hannah Barrow 32:56,Laura McEwan 33:00,Jessica Walklett 33:43,Millie Jones 33:47,George Cornett 33:55,Paul Butler 34:39,Elliott Butler 34:40, Michelle Cox 35:03,Olivia Hart 35:05,Dave Tyler 35:25,Ken Parkinson 35:30,Claire Sumner 35:55,Felipa Kingsbury 36:49,Niamh Walklett 37:05,Leon Walklett 38:12, Alison Hobden 45:15


Congratulations if you had  milestone today!


Historical Shentons for Thomas Britton 26:26 and Lindsey Hitchmough 31:31.


Volunteering with the skills of Lionel Messi were Katherine Andrews,Cathy Armstrong, John "The Folk Doctor" Armstrong,Steven Armstrong,Gill Edwards,Jem "Lord" Flashman,Linda Haynes,Peter "Father of Jet`s dad" Humphreys,James "Tutu" Hurley, Kate Leah,Alan Mellor,Louise "No A" Mulhern,Ultan "Can`t use no A.....The Ult" Mulhern,Sam Newns,Mary Rees,Stuart "Sir" Rickers,Jon "In the pink" Rumley,Sue "Cowbell queen" Sturgeon,Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum,Margaret "June" Whitfield.


We are on the flickr,the facebook,the instagram "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Thanks to those who said they would so answer some questions for season 3 of parkrun interviews. I will get those posted as soon as possible.


Look after yourselves and each other. Thanks for reading!






The lost run reports #25 aka parkrun #14


Were wishing they were lucky

Or at least they weren`t in Kentucky

This report is for the parkrun from almost 5 years ago

We had 201 of you but no Albert and no Flo

And it was way too early for that fella who says ho ho ho

I hope it wasn`t as wet as it is today

We`d have needed a finish tunnel instead of a funnel

Yes,pass the crowbar,I`ve found another way to mention Sally Gunnell.


Hello,good morning,afternoon or evening and welcome to this week`s run report from the past,today it is.......The 24th October 2015,back in a time when we were all in different age categories. Good luck to everyone doing the virtual London marathon tomorrow and any other real or virtual races or just going for a run or not. Think that`s covered everyone.


Our first finisher (male) was (see if you can spot a theme in the top 3,no clues) Ieuan Kearney ,a first timer from Wirral AC in 16:59, then Arran Kearney of Wirral AC,another first timer,in 17:12 and our first finisher (female) Emily Kearney of Wirral AC was next with a new pb of 17:21,pretty sure that was our best ladies time at the time and is still the 2nd best time and only 9 seconds behind the best time today! The first non Kearney was Matthew Gawne of Altrincham and District AC in a new pb of 17:45.The next finisher (female) was Sarah Kearney of Wirral AC in a new pb of 18:08 (8th) and Lisa Grantham of Pensby Runners in 20:16 (27th).

1721,17:21 is our historical time/date today.A British government minister, the chancellor of the exchequer,was confined in the London Tower. Absolutely no comment on that.Not at all. Johan Sebastien Bach dedicated his Brandenburg Concertos to Christian Ludwig,Margrave of Brandenburg Schewdt and his and Prince Eugenius of Savoye unveiled a statue of himself and said "It`s not about me".


Congratulations to all our first timers on this day! We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience,whether it was your first time evs at parkrun or were visiting the wonderful Wirral and our fantastic park.

Our first timers were Ieuan Kearney,Aidan Barrigan,Natalie Johnston,Chris Bray,Nikki McCubbing,Alexandra Wilkinson,Kate Parr,Elaine Male,Arran Kearney,James Robinson,Esther Ledgerton,Nicola McWhannell,Jessica Goode,Matthew Grier, Katherine Culshaw,Judith Grier,Alison Butler,Heather Kelly,Mark Hughes,Jonathan Head,Matthew Kitchen,Dave Holley,Graham Ledgerton,Ella Head,Rob Biginton, Aileen Kearney,Hazel Chapman,Jeff Carew,Jane Berry,Esther Swaffield,Tom Bray,Mark Smith,Liam Gawne,David Thomas,Alan McNally,Chris Simpson,Sam Dobin,David Berry,Amanda Dobin,Clive Burrow,Martin Farrar,Kay Hayes,Richard Hayes,John Peerless,Andrew Chilcraft.


PB Kipchogeness from Emily Kearney 17:21,Matthew Gawne 17:45,Alyn Evans 17:59, Sarah Kearney 18:08,Ronan Kearney 19:09,Peter Fraser 19:17,Alan Mellor 19:53,Neil Burdett 20:22,Keith Brand 20:24,Stephen McConville 21:45,Ultan "No A" Mulhern 21:55,Ian Reid 22:04,Brian Shenton 22:36,Stephen Llewellyn 22:48,Gareth James 24:07,Helen Kemp 24:08,Matthew Van Miert 24:19,Andrew White 24:24,Phil Naylor 24:34,Rachel Bainbridge 24:45,Andrew Barnes 25:17,Catherine McNee 25:31,Thomas Miller 25:58,Jem Flashman 26:25,Stuart "Stubo!" Rickers 26:27,Mo Osborne 26:35, Louise Shields 26:44,Robyn Wright 27:11,Margaret McNelis 27:15,Jessica Pritchard 27:17,Orla Smout 27:37,Sheila Smout 27:48,Benjamin Lindfield 28:27,Sharon Remmington 28:32,Jane Wilcock 29:10,Sue Rimmer 29:22,Jake McGinty 29:45, Rachael Craven 30:08,John Lee 30:27,Isabel Remmington 30:32,Sian Rickers 30:34, Kate Miller 32:05,Ryan Turpin 32:09,Dijon Gledhill 32:10,Andrew Bullock 32:36,Antonia Kelly 34:41,Susan Barrigan 34:42,Karuna Karyampudi 36:49,Ken Parkinson 37:07


Congratulations if you had a milestone today!


Historical Shenton for Alex "Then the buggyman" Holland 21:21.


Volunteering superbness from Michele Alty,John "The Folk Doctor" Armstrong,Steven Armstrong,Simon Barrigan,Gemma "Free at last" Cloney,Martin "Wallasey" Connell, Jim "Pensby" Fedigan,James "China in his hands" Hurley,David "Tokens" McAlister,Helena "No A junior" Mulhern,Mark Redman,Mary Rees,Cathy Robertson,Phil "Number 1 Welsh volunteer" Stanley,Sue "Cowbell queen" Sturgeon,Rolf "Rolfie" Westrum.


We are on the flickr,the facebook,the instagram "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Look after yourselves and thanks for reading!






The lost run reports #24 aka parkrun #13

We jump ahead a few weeks or indeed continue to go back in time

Mid October 2015,the 17th to be precise but that doesn`t rhyme

It was a breezy,cool day with a hint of rain in the air

But to really know the weather truth,you had to be there.

191 of you turned out and completed the three laps

A number of you were wearing caps.

And there were a lot of claps for those of you in daps.


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report from the past. This one is from the 17th October 2015, and it was a cracking morning,I think. Hope you are all keeping well and safe. Obviously the news from parkrun uk was disappointing this week but definitely the right decision. When the time is right to return, we`ll be ready!


Our first finisher (male) this week was Phil Langan of Wirral AC with a fantastic pb of 15:57, then it was Paul Skipper of Mersey Tri,a first timer who ran 16:58,inches ahead of another first timer, Greg Jones of Wallasey,in 16:59.

Our first finisher (female) was Juliet Hodder of Wirral AC with a first time Shenton of 19:19(15th)! Then it was Sarah Evans,another first timer, with a time of 20:51 (27th) and Helen Alexander,also a first timer, from Mersey Tri who ran 20:56 (28th)


Today`s historical time/date was 1557/15:57 who just coming up to 4. In this year, the first Russian embassy arrived in London,England declared war on France (again),famous births included Istvan Bocskay, the Prince of Transylvania (that`s what he put on his business cards anyway),composer Alfonso Fontanelli and Emanuel Philibert van Lalaing (Baron of Montigny and Marquis of Renty. Or Phil to his mates)


Congratulations to all our first timers on the day! We hope that you enjoyed your first time with us,whether it was your first time evs at parkrun or were visiting us for the first time.

Our first timers this week were Catherine Barnett,Emily Croston,Alyn Evans,Sarah Evans,Lily Croston,John Lee,Sally Miller,Natalie Matthews,Juliet Hodder,Orla Smout, Greg Jones,Sekhar Karyampudi,Sheila Smout,Catherine Mitchell,Jan Thomson,Chris Brooks,Helen Alexander,Jane McDonnell,Paul Skipper,Guy Roberts,Robin Johnson, Wendy Roberts,Ellie Crompton,Andrew Bullock,Kenji Crompton,Ian Taylor,Eve Taylor, Alex Threlkeld


PB absolute awesomeness from Phil Langan 15:57,Jay Walker 18:04, Matthew Gawne 18:05,Sean Britton 18:15,Andrew Starkey 18:51,Jason Kingsbury 18:59,Andy Smith 19:25,Stephen Norton 19:48,David Hurrell 19:54,Alan Mellor 20:03,Hideo Takano 20:19,Neil Burdett 20:31,Ian Kirby 20:43,Keith Brand 20:46,Alex Holland 21:05,Jim Melling 21:12,Alison MacDonald 21:40,Andy Jones 21:42,Mike Griffiths 21:45,Damien Parrington 21:55,Jason Abbott 21:58,Stephen Saunders 21:59,Liz Danson 22:01, Mike Studley 22:15,Joanne Porteous 22:15,Ian Reid 22:17,Phil Stanley 22:18,Jon Hogg 22:33,Tony Stewart 22:52,Alex Hogg 22:56,Ian McNally 23:15,Tim Clixby 23:45,Dave Jones 24:10,Ken Schofield 24:13,Helen Kemp 24:21,Matthew Van Miert 24:23,Phil Naylor 24:36,Tom Gawne 24:38,Ian Fennelly 24:59,Mike Kemp 25:03,Robin Kingsbury 25:36,Kate Wilson 25:30,Marie Belmar 25:56,Peter Kerrigan 26:05,Freya Burns 26:15, Wendy Morton 26:26,Thomas Miller 26:29,Charlotte Crompton 26:37,Nigel Crompton 26:37,Mo Osborne 26:38,Anne Hurrell 26:47,Alexandra Royden 26:53,Michaela Kee 26:57,Dan Miller 27:03,David Griffiths 27:09,Debbie Keating 27:15,Lauren Luxton 27:59,Jane Hickey 28:02,Laurence Whelan 28:50,Kayleigh Salem 28:57,Rebecca Miller 29:53,Claire Gwatkin 30;24,Chloe Byers 30:29,Therese Hynes 30:51,Hannah Irvine 31:26, Lauren Swinson 31:28,Duncan Swinson 31:30,Adam Hoey 32:07,Natalie Ellis 32:44,Kate Miller 32:49,Dijon Gledhill 33:00,Karen Franey 34:08,Susan Barrigan 34:51, Ruth Roxburgh 35:11,Carol Benyon 35:24,Lisa Ratcliffe 37:47,Karuna Karyampudi 37:56


Congratulations if you had a milestone today!


Historical Shentons for Juliet Hodder 19:19,Wendy Morton 26:26.


Our volunteering legends this week were Cathy Armstrong,John "The Folk Doctor" Armstrong,Michael "Baywatch" Armstrong,Simon Barrigan,Emily Edwards,James "T`Pau" Hurley,Elwood Jones,David "Tokens" McAlister,Ultan "NO A!" Mulhern, Ken Parkinson,Rob Pearse,Kareen "Numbers" Porschke,Mark Redman,Mary Rees,Stuart " The Vale" Rickers,Jon "Derby 0" Rumley,Steve "G`day" Smith.

We are on the facebook,the instagram and the flickr "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

Look after yourselves and thanks for reading!






The lost run reports #23 aka parkrun #7

Please don`t despair,it isn`t all bad news

If you go for a run to New Brighton,there are fantastic views

I am fully stocked with baked beans and the odd Jaffa cake

So being socially distant I don`t have to fake

We will run,jog or walk together again soon

Probably without the famously moustachioed David Boon

Be patient,wash your hands,wear your masks and look after yourselves

It`ll be Christmas soon,I need to find some elves

We could put them by the funnel

We`d need an Olympian in charge of them?

Seb Coe? Geoff Capes? Oh no! Definitely Sally Gunnell.


This week`s historical run report is the last one from August 2015.It was a roasting hot morning in Birkenhead and we had 214 of you lovely people taking part.

Oh.while I remember. Apparently some parkruns are taking this #notparkrun thing very seriously and there is a league table of participants. I just wanted to stress that 1,we are not taking it seriously at all and 2, Although our position is around mid table league 1 we are not in danger of relegation.Or for none football fans,we`ve got 14 points after 12 rounds of Eurovision song contest voting with 7 countries below us. Or for non Eurovision get the message.


Our first finisher (male) this week was Alex McBain of Wirral AC, a first timer who ran 16:24! Next was the first appearance of our most achieved first place person,Phil Langan of Wirral AC who ran 16:42 and to complete a first timer first three,Connor McArdle of West End Runners, ran 16:45! Wonder if he works in a pet shop?

Our first finisher (female) was Emily Kearney,another first timer,again from Wirral AC (There`s a pattern developing here) in 18:08(6th)! Followed by Sarah Kearney of Wirral AC and a first timer in 18:23(7th) and Hannah Durrant of Wirral AC and yes, a first timer who ran 20:46(30th). A first timer sweep of both top 3`s!


Today`s historical time and date is 16:24/1624 or time to go home as I like to say Monday to Friday.The 1st submarine was publicly tested on the Thames in London for King James 1, there was lots of seizing and conquering of places going on around the world but on a more conciliatory note, King Bethlen Gabor and Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand 2 signed the treaty of Vienna,then went out for a curry,a few pints and an anim


A big woohoo and lots of congratulations to all our first timers on the day,we hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience,whether it was your first parkrun evs or you were visiting us to find out what all the fuss was about our wonderful park.We hope you`ve been back loads since,

Our first timers on this day were Alex McBain,Phil Langan,Connor McArdle,Emily Kearney,Sarah Kearney,Peter Bird,Matthew Green,Daniel Nuttall,Nick Holt,Gary Wilton, Roger Montgomery,Ronan Kearney,Wayne Lowe,Hannah Durrant,Philip Bird,Alan M Smith,Derek McArdle,Luke Hampshire,Rachel Rongong,Wayne Palethorpe,Gina Nuttall,Salehuddin Allen,Karen Hulme,Michael Simon,Paul Mannion,Paul West,Andy Liggett,Alex Hogg,Pete Jones,Peter Irwin,Mark Gibbons,Leanne McKinlay,James Kent, Chris Redmond,Stephen Llewellyn,Lucy Beth Horler,Ceit Bannon,Uyai Ikpatt,Debbie Aardvark Smith,Ian Croker,Matthew Gibbons,Willem Taylor,Ian Davidson,Charlotte Horler,Ann Kent,Andy Cockram,Phil Mason,Anne Hurrell,Richard Kirby,Lauren Old, Colin Attwood,Peter Hampshire,Annabel Collins,William Hampshire,Joy Irvine,James Dillon,Paula Redmond,Pasha Hudson,Luke Wilmhurst,David Gibbons,Peter Igoe,Elise Watson,Jack Liggett,Hannah Irvine,Lynne Potts,Laura Gill,Jem Rongong,Theo Rongong,Jane Roberts,Anna Jewell,Alison Gibbons,Adam Hulme,Eleanor Stirrett.


PB awesomeness from Al Robertson 16:57,Oliver McNee 18:44,Nicholas Stone 18:51, William Ferguson 18:51,Andy Smith 19:36,Kenneth Day 19:42,Kevin Jones 19:53,Kevin Gorry 19:55,Richard Vasey 20:03,Alan Mellor 20:35,John Jones 21:00,Malcolm Irvine 21:02,Matt Kerrigan 21:03,Matt Teale 21:10,Mark Franey 21:21,Mark Wilmshurst 21:43, Brian McGregor 21:44,Jim Melling 21:47,Andy Jones 22:03,Liz Danson 22:08,Steve Cowen 22:37,Phil Stanley 22:41,Malcolm Davies 23:27,John Cannon 23:28,Neall MacLeod 23:45,Jon Hogg 23:49,Ali Heath 24:06,David Gawne 24:34,Chris Morris 24:37,Dave Jones 24:40,Anton Stirrett 25:05,Michael Webster 25:11,David Hebden 26:06,Peter Kerrigan 26:42,Paula Hartharn-Evans 26:48,David Evans 27:05,Louise Marsden 27:09,David Edwards 28:09,Gemma Cloney 27:10,Sally Brunt 27:20,Rose Osler 27:26,Jan McArd 27:27,Francis Hesketh 27:50,Pradip Bardolia 27:55,Marie Brunt 28:02,Susan Frowe 28:12,Liz Sampson 28:16,Neil Harvey 28:20,David Byrne 28:38, Debbie Lloyd 29:11,Rachel Doyle 29:31,Tanya Leary 29:48,Yaqub Allen 30:09,Koby Abbott 30:33,Jason Abbott 30:34,Lucy Holgate 30:51,Margaret Ray 30:56,Therese Hynes 31:13,Sheila McCann 31:15,Liane Lloyd 32:25,Harry Branch 32:33,Sue Sturgeon 32:36,Richard Quayle 33:01,Roger Quayle 33:02,Val Parkinson 33:27,Jan Taylor 33:40,Carol Bannon 34:21,Jessica Salisbury 39:21,Kelsey Salisbury 42:54, Mary Rees 43:05


Congratulations if you had a milestone today!


Historical Shentons for Mark Franey 21:21,Les Kennedy 22:22,David Taylor 25:25,Jan McArd 27:27


Our masters of volunteering hi vis wearing volunteers were Michele Alty,Cathy Armstrong,John "The Folk Doctor(Not No `A`)" Armstrong,Michael "Baywatch" Armstrong,Rachel Armstrong,Elizabeth Cronin,Ian Ellis,Linda Haynes,James "T`Pau" Hurley,Ian Jones,Dave "Tokens" McAlister,Kareen "Numbers" Porschke,Mark Redman, Mary Rees,Stuart "Stubooooooooo!" Rickers,Jon "Derby 0" Rumley,Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum.


We are on the facebook,the instagram and the flickr "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Stay tuned for developments on when we`ll be back. Please keep an eye on our social media and parkrun`s as well.


Look after yourselves and thanks for reading!






The lost run reports #22 aka parkrun #5

Another lovely day in the Birkenhead tropics

On this August day

The squirrels were still wondering just who we were

But were fairly happy and out to play

Just over 200 of you on our 5th parkrun

Stu`s shorts legend was in its infancy

(Cue 10 minutes gap while I think of a rhyme for infancy)


Stu`s shorts legend had just taken its first step

And there was no sign in the finish funnel

Of Johnny Depp.


Hello and welcome to the latest historical run report ,this week number 5,our fifth ever parkrun from August 15th 2018.It was August,it was a lovely day and 203 of you took part.


Our first finisher(male) was Joe Boden of Wallasey AC with a new pb of 16:59,just ahead of Mark Hulmston,also with a pb of 17:07 and Richard Davies of Wirral AC,again with a pb, this one was 17:14! Congratulations from the future to all of them!

Our first finisher(female) was Sarah Roberts of Ellesmere Port RC, a first timer with us who ran 18:12 (8th). Then it was Krystina Martindale of Wirral AC,also a first timer. Krystina ran 20:01 (19th) and Katie Bagley in 21:10 (34th)


Today`s historical time and date was 18:12,or just coming up to a quarter past 6. The 1812 overture wasn`t written in 1812.It was written in 1880 and Tchaikovsky didn`t like it. The first Spanish constitution was enacted and Canadian war heroine Laura Secord walked 32km to warn British troops of a surprise American attack at the Battle of Beaver Dams. There is no record of her Garmin time or if she put it on Strava (other watch options probably weren`t available at the time)


Congratulations to all the first timers on the day ,we hope you enjoyed your first parkrun with us,whether you were a first time parkrunner or were visiting us on the day. We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and have been back regularly or visited us since.

Our amazing first timers were Matt Guilder,Scott Briggs,Sarah Roberts,Benjamin Lamprey,Mark Kingsbury,Owen Jones,David Millington,Krystina Martindale,Dave Sculthorpe,Kevin Jones,Thomas Richards,Gareth Langford,Malcolm Irvine,Mark Leach, Roger Graham,Chris Tucker,Trevor Weston,Stephen Saunders,Max Meadows,Carl Yeates,Isabel Tilston,Matthew Seal,James Mangan,Patrick Lawler,Debbie Rothwell, Lou Sculthorpe,Tessa Lupton,Ellie Tilston,Tallulah Brady-Jones,Keira Brady-Jones, Chris Britton,Olivia Briggs,Niall Keating,Helen Stafford,Andrew Beaumont,Rob Hodson, Ben Taylor,Louisa Kingsbury,Jonathan Perera,Jana Bickova,Steve Mack,Debbie Keating,Rose Osler,Andrew Barnes,Marie Brunt,Rachel Sanders,James Campbell, Rachel Trett,Lily Clark,Sally Brunt,Emily Leach,Lindsey Camborne-Paynter,Isabelle Mangan,Thomas Mangan,Sarah Jane Tucker,Kevin Gorry,Joanne Whelan,Therese Hynes,Margaret Ray,Benjamin Willis,Gemma Greene,Joe Lawler,Eve Lawler,Anne Cannell,Roslyn Barrie,Emma Howard,Val Parkinson,Ben Johnson,Louise Johnson,Jan Taylor,Debby Lunt,Cerys Mack,Ann Mack,Helen Bush,Mary Evans-Ward,Dermot Ferguson,Mary Rees.


PB perfection from Joe Boden 16:59,Mark Hulmston 17:07,Richard Davies 17:14,Rob Pearse 17:34,Sean Britton 18:45,Nicholas Stone 19:06,Mark Newns 19:07,Richard Bargh 19:13,Jason Kingsbury 19:21,Kevin Hall 20:42,Caroline Hall 21:14,Alan Mellor 21:30,Roy Morris 21:36,Mark Franey 21:40,Robert Aldcroft 21:46,Mike Griffiths 22:05, Andy Jones 22:17,Liz Danson 22:30,David Limbrick 22:41,Andrew Carragher 22:42, Paul Holmes 23:05,Steve Cowen 23:14,Alan Whitehead 23:40,Clare Wright 24:07,Ali Heath 24:19,Andy Stewart 24:31,Dan Lodge 25:08,Alice Wilson 25:36,Andy Bush 25:46,Vanessa Rimmer 26:05,Ian Chalmers 26:10,Chris Green 26:17,Stephen Forster 26:26,Alex Cowen 27:10,Gemma Cloney 27:17,Peter Kerrigan 27:25,Sara Morris 27:55,Darren Tam 28:02,Robin Kingsbury 28:14,Fred Howard 28:25,Jan McArd 28:26,Jane Hickey 28:32,Amanda Green 28:37,Robyn Wright 28:39,Neil Harvey 28:40, Lesley-Anne Cucksey 28:46,David Byrne 28:56,Kayleigh Salem 29:34,Olivia Denman 29:45,Ana Roslan 29:55,Teoman Forshaw 30:01,Suzi Keating 30:09,Helen Measures 30:10,Yaqub Allen 30:31,Lorna Quigley 30:38,Jo-Anne Harrison 30:53,Nicola Morris 30:57,Heather Jones 31:23,Emily Edwards 31:44,Pat Salisbury 31:50,Bendan Thomas 31:56,Rachel Langley 32:20,Emma Britton 33:30,Antonia Kelly 35:02,Carol Bannon 35:05,Paula Cowen 36:34,Jessikha Ellison 37:02,Ruth Byers 39:47


Congratulations if you had a milestone today!


Historical Shentons for Neil Rees 22:22,Stephen Forster 26:26,Debra Gallivan 30:30, Joanne Whelan 31:31


Our startlingly amazing volunteers were Michele Alty,Tom Forshaw,Mike "One scoop" Green,Sarah "Not off Blue Peter" Green,Mark "Son of Coneman" Humphreys,Peter "The Coneman" Humphreys,James "T`Pau" Hurley,Ian Jones,Ultan "No A" Mulhern, Mary Rees,Stuart "The Shorts" Rickers,Jon "Derby 0" Rumley,Steve "G`day" Smith, Helen Stansfield,Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum,Deb Williams.


We are still on the facebook,the instagram and the flickr "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


We will hopefully see you soon. You may have seen the announcement this week about a possible return to parkrun at the end of October but please keep an eye out across our social media for any updates as obviously the current situation is changeable.


Look after yourselves and thanks for reading!






The lost run reports #21 aka parkrun #4

It was the very early days of Birkenhead parkrun

When T`pau were still only 1980`s powerpopsters

And not James Hurley`s middle name

Oh that nickname will always remain

No pink wellies had been worn on our grass finish funnel

And I`d not even thought to mention Sally Gunnell

Stu`s shorts were still just an item of functional summer sportswear

It was a Shenton of a date,the 8th of the 8th,back in 2015

It seems so long ago but it wasn`t a dream.


Hello and welcome to the second series(!) of historical run reports.

Previously on historical run reports - Er,there were historical run reports covering parkrun 48-67.Anyway this time,its parkrun numbers 4,5,7,13,14,45 and 46! I know, calm yourselves with a biscuit.

After the last report was in freezing November,we were warm as a central heating convention on this August day,176 of you joined us and the narrow grass finish funnel was in place.


Our first finisher (male) was Andrew Gawne in a time of 17:04,followed by first timers Ashley Crawford in 17:13 and David Brockway of Wirral AC in 17:32.

Current Leicester City and England footballer James Maddison was in 4th.Or it was James from Victoria Park Harriers and Tower Hamlets AC,one of them.

Our first finisher (female) was first timer Maggie Cooper of Wirral AC in 20:02 (16th),then Katie Bagley with a pb of 20:53 (27th) and Caroline Hall of Wirral AC in 21:35 (38th).


Today`s random historical date was 20:02,or slightly after 8. The world cup was held in South Korea and Japan,Mount Nyiragongo Volcano erupted in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Switzerland joined the United Nations for an undisclosed fee.


Congratulations to all our first timers,indeed everyone who was there that day as everyone was still very new to it all. We hope you enjoyed your very first parkrun with us,whether it was your first ever parkrun or you were visiting us for the first time.

Our amazing first timers were James Da Costa,Helen Sweeney,Paul Howarth,Dan Lodge,Andy Bush,Alex Cowen,Beth Hallsworth,Matthew Cowen,Charlie Cockram, Christopher Green,Rachel Doyle,Catherine McNee,Jennifer Davies,Debra Gallivan, Teoman Forshaw,Sarah Briscoe,Andy Stewart,Duncan Redpath,Claire Marsden, Samuel Forshaw,Rukiye Forshaw,Richard Bargh,Roy Morris,Helen Simpson,Amy Chalmers,Freya Brabrook,Paul Cunningham,Sara Morris,Steve Cowen,James Maddison,Sue Rimmer,Rachel Salem,Emily Jacques,Paula Cowen,Michele Alty, Carol Bannon,Michael Stone,Keith Brand,Ethan Brady-Jones,Raul Mur,Sean Dyer,Caitlin Chapman,Jo-Anne Harrison,Kayleigh Salem,Paul Collins,Lornsa Quigley,Louise Marsden,James Chapman,Joseph Chalmers,Maggie Cooper,Russell Jacques,Keith Wood,David Nalder,Claire M Williams,Ian Reid,Kevin Charleston,Michael Brockway, Andrea Brabrook,Daniel Kelly,David Brockway,Robin Kingsbury,Paul Chapman,Ashley Crawford.


PB awesomeness from Matthew Gawne 18:39,Les Kennedy 18:41,Andrew Soutar 18:57,David Taylor 20:14,Philip Williams 20:28,Mark Redman 20:36,Jack Poland 20:48,Katie Bagley 20:53,Matt Routledge 20:55,Stephen Bromley 20:58,Chris Murphy 21:07,Stephen Cole 21:11,Alan Mellor 21:31,Matt Kerrigan 21:32,Jim Fedigan 21:43, Ian Stevens 21:47,Andy Jones 22:32,Liz Danson 22:36,Malcolm Davies 23:50,Conor Grealis 24:00,Ashley Newnham 24:16,Martin Donaldson 24:26,Stephen Roberts 24:38,Kerrie Moore 24:41,Keith Marsden 24:46,Gareth James 25:26,Matthew Dingle 25:38,Mike Kemp 25:41,Richie Smith 25:45,Katharine Robertson 26:25,Marie Grealis 26:28,Ian Jones 26:34,Melanie Dirom 26:41,Diane Grimmer 27:18,M Kennedy 27:48, Vicki Costain 28:25,Pamela Topham 28:37,Jan McArd 28:39,Susan Frowe 28:39, Patricia Wright 29:07,Amanda Green 29:12,Peter Edwards 29:16,Nick Flynn 29:19,Ann Holmes 29:39,Darren Tam 29:42,Mia Ellis 29:46,Ian Ellis 29:47,David Byrne 29:56, Olivia Denman 30:04,Suzi Keating 30:40,Alison Jackson 30:48,Sam Newns 30:58,Mark Newns 30:58,Benjamin Lindfield 31;15,Liz Donaldson 32;06,Heather Jones 32;27, Rachel Langley 32:50,Dawn Crawford 33:48,Sharon Candeland 34:17,Gareth Davies 36:55.


Congratulations if you had a milestone today!


Historical Shenton for Andrea Brabrook 32:32.


Our marvellous volunteers on this day were Steven Armstrong,Joseph Boden,Matthew Green,Mike "One Scoop" Green,Mike Griffiths,James "China in his hands" Hurley, Sharon Lamont,David McAlister,Colin Palmer,Rob Pearse,Kareen "Numbers" Porschke, Mary Rees,Stuart "Shorts" Rickers,Steve "Captain" Smith,Phil "Number 1 Welsh volunteer" Stanley,Helen Stansfield,Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum.


We are on the facebook,the instagram and the flickr "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Look after yourselves and thanks for reading!









The lost run reports #20 aka run report #68

I`ve never been a lyrical gangster

And my flow has never been busted

However I do like the odd egg custard

Hang on,that`s off to a bad start

You can if you want call it a custard tart

Oh this isn`t the cake report,this is in the wrong place

Time for a u turn to save face

Parkrun,sorry parkrun 68,the weather was getting colder

But we had 223 runners,none from Colorado,specifically Boulder.

We only had 16 volunteers though,a very low total

That`s a statistical fact,not anecdotal

When we are back,we`ll need a lot lot more

Have a think about that,the chance to don the hi vis

Its easy,we`re very friendly

And you might get to meet Stephen Hendry*


*Can`t be guaranteed but seriously we will need more volunteers in the Sally Gunnell finish funnel especially.As for the the availability of Scottish snooker players,we`ll try.


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report from the past. Next week we`ll be going even farther back into the past but for now or even then this report covers Saturday November 12th 2016.A cold frosty morning with everyone layered up.


Our first finisher (male) was again Andy McQue of Stoke AC who was 13 seconds quicker than last week, running a time of 16:48. Then it was Andrew Patterson in 17:12 and Richard Webster of Wallasey AC in 18:30.

Our first finisher (female) was Hanna Tarver of Wirral AC ,a first timer,in 18:58 (6th), then Emily Gray of Liverpool Harriers in 19:09(8th) and Zoe Pearse of Wallasey AC with a new pb of 20:28! (24th)


Today`s random historical date was 17:12,or just coming up to quarter past 5.It was all going off in Sweden on Feb 29th when they decided to have a Feb 30th in a move to abolish the Swedish calendar for a return to the old style....No,me neither. Also,in May Maximilian Emanuel of Bavaria successfully applied for and was honoured as the "Sovereign of Netherlands".

Don`t get that type of knowledge at Bushy.


Congratulations to all our first timers who joined us on this day in history. We hope you enjoyed your first ever parkrun or your first ever visit to our lovely parkrun and have been back many times since,

Our fantastic first timers were Hanna Tarver,Rachel Corless,Edward Reid,Ben Edwards,Ryan Davies,Tarla Schiller,Amne Tyson,Millie Elliott-Brown,Sarah Brunsdon, Ben Harper,Nikki Hodge,Paul Gray,Alan Todd,Byron Parish,Miriam Collister,Colette O`Halloren,Warren McNally,Louis Atkinson,Joanne Edwards,Paul Musgrove,Charles Tatham,Nicola Cracknell,Wendy Spice.


PB shout outs to Tom Gillbanks 19:34,James Guthrie 19:51,Antony Smith 19:58,Zoe Pearse 20:28,Howard Garde 21:43,Clare Procter 21:45,Matt Cronshaw 21:53,Mark Gibbons 22:31,Ryan Lester 22:39,Paul Rawlinson 23:36,Nicola Byrne 23:51,Michael Rimmer 24:11,Henry Graham 24:14,Matt Graham 24:14,Simon Tate 25:32,David Wood 25:51,Andrew Owens 25:55,Ged Shannon 26:28,Laura Reese 26:37,Lucy Shayle 27:32,Jake McGinty 27:37,Ian Stott 28:30,Ben Green 31:56,Connel Murphy 32:15, Nadine Murphy 32:22,Rachel Hoey 33:31,Carmel Edwards 34:36,Vicky Dilsworth 34;36, Graham Tate 34:57,H Jones 35:22,Leah Clarke 35:23,Peter Humphreys 40:59,Valerie Clark 50:16


Congratulations if you had a milestone today!


Historical Shentons for Stephen Norton 20:20 and Miriam Collister 24:24


Our volunteers,the best on Merseyside,if not the world were Cathy "Folk Doctor fan" Armstrong,Michael "Baywatch" Armstrong,Paul "Pinky" Bradley,Gemma "Pinky welly lady" Cloney,Ann "Van" Currie,Liz Danson,Jem "Lord" Flashman,Mike "Jolene" Green, Harley Henshaw,James "T`Pau" Hurley,Richard "David" Jacobs,Rob Pearse,Zara Prescott,Stuart "Theo Robinson" Rickers,Brian "El Presidente" Shenton,Patricia Wright.


We are on the facebook,the instagram (just the once this week) and the flickr "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


Stay safe,enjoy your running and thanks for reading this.








The lost run reports #19 aka run report #67

Do you want the good or the bad news first?

And its not from David Hirst.

I found some more of our parkruns without run reports


After this week and next week I have 8(EIGHT!) more

Stop banging your head against the nearest wall

We`ll have a ball.

Numbers 4,5,7,13,14,45,46 and 47 will get their first timer mentions

And their historical Shentons and personal best times

And no mention of Busta or LeAnn Rhymes/Rimes.


Hello and welcome to this week`s historical run report. Back in time to the 5th November 2016. A big day for fireworks everywhere. For weather fans it was cold.


Our first finisher (male) this week was Andy McQue of Stoke AC in 17:01 then a big welcome back to Felix Unknown of the famous Unknown family,Nick Brownbill who ran 18:17 and Jay Walker who finished in 18:21.

Our first finisher (female) was Emily Gray of Liverpool Harriers in 19:07 (11th), a new pb! Next was Chris Simmonds, a first time Shentoner in 20:20 (26th) and Jennie Langston of Village Road Runners AC in 21:57.

Today`s random historical date was oh,2020. Leave that for this week. We`ll do 1821 instead. Spain granted Mexico independence as a constitutional monarchy with the treaty of Cordoba being signed on August 23rd.In the UK,John Constable painted the Hay Wain and Richard "Not the actor" Burton, an explorer was born.


Congratulations to all our first timers who joined us on this day in history. We hope you enjoyed your first ever parkrun or your first ever visit to our lovely parkrun and have been back many times since.

Our lovely first timers were Chris Simmonds,Joseph Walker,Frances Murphy,Jonathan Walker,Benjamin Walker,Kelsey-Lili Ogedengbe,David Green,Tomas Michalek,Michael McGuigan,Karen Green,Claudia Pagoula,Jenny Watts,Louise Hutchinson,Jo Armstrong Davis,Colin Davis,Paul Flynn,Andrew Owens,Carmel Edwards,Catherine Hunter, Amanda Foy,James Boumphrey,Martin Venning,Steve Upham,Helen McNeill,Paul Blackburn,Tom Woodworth,Libby Albery,Peter Jordan,Susan Goodare,Jenny Jordan, Adrian Cooper.


Pb tremendousness from Ray Clark 18:54,Emily Gray 19:07,Chris Brampton 19:19,Tom Gillbanks 19:39,Stephen Bird 20:06,Chris Lowe 21:20,Howard Garde 24:27,Lee Halley 24:36,Henry Graham 24:37,Paul Harrington 25:20,Dave Parry 25:29,Anna Patterson 27:09,Joanne Cook 27:10,Emily Edwards 28:38,Kirsty Britton 29:12,Anna Costello 29:36,Annelize Hadland 31:05,Sam Endeacott 32:16,Malene Wurtz 35:06,H Jones 35:30,Elizabeth Butler 49:39


Congratulations if you had a milestone today!


Historical Shentons for Chris Brampton 19:19,Chris Simmonds 20:20,Keith Brand 21:21,Caroline Hall 22:22,Ged Shannon 27:27,Kanella-Eleni Karamani 32:32,Michael Hawkyard 34:34,Susie Everett 46:46


Our vibrant,very nice and much valued volunteers were Michele Alty,John "The Folk Doctor Armstrong,Michael "Baywatch" Armstrong,Gemma "The Pink welly pioneer lady",Emma Cooper,Ann "Van" Currie,Jem "Lord" Flashman,James "T`Pau" Hurley, David "Tokens" McAlister,Kareen "Numbers" Porschke,Stuart "The Earle" Rickers, Carola Robinson,Annabelle Robinson,Jon "Shorn" Rumley,Brian "El Presidente" Shenton,Steve "Basil" Smith,Sue "Cowbell queen" Sturgeon,Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum,Margaret "Terry and June" Whitfield.


We are on the facebook,the instagram,the instagram "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"


We don`t know when we`ll be back but we will be back. Please keep an eye on the social media and when that day comes,be assured,we`ll let you know. Until then,be good,keep safe and go run if you want.


Thanks for reading




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