Birkenhead parkrun is cancelled on 11 April 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Run report #233


There was something different in the park today,what it could it be?

Was it a visit from Richard Osman,Noel Fielding or Cardi B?

Could it be the presence of Kenny Dalglish or Nigel Spink?

No,it was that the volunteers were all in pink,I think.

Ultan took the volunteers to their positions and raced back to the start

For he and Mike were timekeepers which is a very important part.

Just under 700 of you journeyed around the park and had their barcodes scanned.

No cats of course,they are all banned*

*For health and safety reasons,one cat amongst all the dogs equals one word = Total carnage.


Welcome to this week`s run report! Another fantastic number of you joined us today as the wind stayed in bed and rested before it has a busy few days.I say that,on the Wirral, the wind never has a whole day off but it could have been a lot worse.It was fantastic to see our bright new volunteer bibs although the run director still being in the old one made him look a bit like John Major when they turned him gray in Spitting Image (one for the teenagers).


The results

Our first finisher (male) was Tom Gillbanks of Wallasey AC with a new pb of 16:48! Next was Rob Pearse,also of Wallasey AC,in a time of 16:54 and Luke Hampshire of Wallasey AC who ran 17:30.

Our first finisher (female) was Jayne Price of Pensby Runners with a new pb of 19:44! (20th) Then Katherine Andrews of Wallasey AC in 21:52(54th) and Hyacinthe Caldwell of BTR Road runners with a time of 22:01(61st)


Congratulations to all our first timers today,whether you were experiencing parkrun for the first time or if you were visiting us from afar. I noticed some tourists from Sowerby Bridge who I know will have appreciated the flatness of our course! We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to see you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our wonderful first timers this week were Tom Clark,Jack Smith,Oliver MacDonald, Dylan Hughes,Greg Tirrell,Suzanne Weinberger,Shahid Hannan,Mia Walker,Chris Goldston,Craig Butterworth,Suzie Murray,Jack Campbell,Neil Wilcox,Nick Wilde,Mike Yassin,Joe Smith,Ashley Lee,Denise O`Hanlon,Harry Grey,Diane Devaney,Melissa Fearnley,Jade Spearing,Victoria Savage,Rebecca Boulger,Isobel Hughes,Caroline Soul, Susanna Eriksson-Lee,Sarah Olivia Linge,Colette Owen-Browne,Alison Lee,Christine Stuart,Paul Stuart,Em Gomersall,Damian Keeley,Tom Li,Verity Faircliffe,Josh Marson, Abigale Kewin,Aoife Ryan,Chris Hanley,Ching Pong Poo,Pui Hang Choi,Dermot Ryan


An amazing number of pb`s,second only to the number of goals Bromsgrove Sporting have scored this season!

Tom Gillbanks 16:48,James Fowler 19:17,Richard Kinsman 19:23,Aiden Hampson 19:25, Jayne Price 19:44,James Barr 20:37,Daniel Bojarski 20:53,Morgan Roberts 21:05,Rob Barr 21:07,Nick Smyth 21:13,Jack Turner 21:20,Liam Kearns 21:30,Otto Glover 21:54,Jack Berry 22:00,Hyacinthe Caldwell 22:01,Tino Mbanini 22:16,Felix Bowman 22:18,Gregory Williams 22:24,Giles Bresnen 22:31,Jonathan Lear 22:32,Imogen Carew 22:53,Graham Townsley 23:22,Chris Ashcroft 23:34,Phil Murray 23:35,Lucy Pennington 23:49,Bradley Jacques 23:49,Keith Lincoln 23:53,Sean McElhoney 23:53,Brett Abram 23:57,Huw Garrod 24:21,Thomas Smout 24:24,Alice O`Connell 24:27,Amy Heron 24:32,Joanne Fitzgerald 24:41,Lee Elwell 24:46,Ricardo Hoshiko 24:50,Kevin Carberry 24:55,Linda Richmond 24:58,Thomas Brown 25:00,Andrew Gibson 25:03,William Irvine 25:07,Patrick Mulvey- Fanneran 25:16,Ian Truman 25:23,Darron Callaghan 25:23,Craig Denmade 25:27,Jennifer Perry 25:28,James Townsley 25:30,Kate Smith 25:40,Lucy Smout 25:46,Alisha Twist 25:53, Sophie Hoxby 25:56,Adam Howarth 25:58,Mark Woolford 26:34,Alan Craze 26:47,Simon Thomas 26:48,Elisha Marsden 26:49,Andy Kenny 26:57,Joseph McArdle 27:28,Adam Curran 27:40,Paul Jones 27:52,Rory Stuart 28:04,Nigel Hobson 28:11,Emily O`Connell 28:12,Charlie Scudder 28:13,Lily Scudder 28:18,Johnathan Fountain 28:30,Martin Shaw 28:35,Silinganiso Mbanini 28:38,Jenna McElhoney 29:00,Emma Harrison 29:05,Ian Anderson 29:06,Jonathan Shaw 29:08,Melanie Gelling 29:10,Ann Carberry 29:20,Will Jones 29:23,Anthony Mulvey-Fanneran 29:23,Quinn McCaul 29:24,Simon O Connell 29:41, Sam Reardon 29:43,Kenneth Stocker 29:43,Craig Luukas 29:51,Emileigh Handford 29:52, Jane Kelly 29:54,Spencer Reynolds 30:01,Mark Fraser 30:04,Rachel Rogers 30:05,Ozkan Tuncer 30:10,Pete Marland 30:11,Luke Jones 30:28,Max Schenker 30:33,Jane Callaghan 30:42,Elizabeth Madden 30:55,Jillian Dawson 31:00,Lynsey Phillips 31:04,Carmel Wright 31:17,Phil Hatton 31:22,Joanne Pugh 31:24,Rebecca Hughes 31:35,Miya Plaistow 31:43, Masako Plaistow 31:54,Jeni Bluett 31:56,Jeanette McElhoney 31:59,Joanne Roberts 32:02, Alexander Reardon 32:12,Andy Chase 32:12,Jonathan Scott 32:20,Anthony Reardon 32:35, Catherine Thursby 32:43,Kelly Ogley 32:52,Nicki Bryce 33:25,Jane Sheehy 33:30, Alexandra Williams 33:40,Josie Hartharn 33:47,Ammi Lee 33:53,Bethany Reardon 34:08, Wendi Baldwin-Quirk 34:08,Ben Parker 34:41,Kathy Hogg 35:13,Lucy Williams 35:14, Wendy Alderton 35:24,Donna Hamill 35:25,Tracey Meyers 35;26,Katie Shorrock 35:26, Mark Dawson 35:30,Rita Cassidy 35:33,Rachel Patten 35:54,Lucy Mackie 36:45,Katherine Jones 36:46,Patricia Breen 37:08,Michael Ball 37:09,Sarah Brown 37:11,Ashleigh Carruthers 37:19,Tanya Dewey 38:15,Laura Whiteley 38:29,Emily Butterworth 38:53, Paul Suckley 40:02,Anoushka Awsare 40:03,Archana Awsare 40:03,Samantha Bill 40:52,Libby Hall 42:57,Claire Hamilton 43:31,Rebecca Cain 53:16,Maureen Jacques 65:04,Peter Jacques 65:06


Our milestone marvels this week!

John Evans ran his 50th parkrun

Ben Moore ran his 50th parkrun

Carla Emery ran her 50th parkrun

Phil Mason ran his 100th parkrun

Congratulations to John,Ben,Carla and Phil for your tremendous parkrunning!


Shenton`s 2020 this week!

Chris Jones 21:21,Matthew Van Miert 22:22,Thomas Smout 24:24,Tony Holmes 25:25, Callum Logan 26:26,Derek Holcroft 26:26,Kerry Ashcroft 28:28,Olivia Denman 29:29, Carol Williams 35:35,Sarah Bradford 37:37,Neeta Sherlock 41:41,Sam Linge 45:45


Our pinksmarthappyloudandbrillianttastic volunteers were led by run director Jon "Pineapple jaffa cakes?" Rumley. Our timekeepers were Ultan "Come on Ireland!" Mulhern and Mike "Jolene" Green.Barcode scanning was done by Gemma "I have a note" Cloney,Kareen "Pockets" Porschke, Ruth "PC" Byers and Lorna "OMP" Hughes. Our finish token team were Andrew "A bit muddy" Hughes,Peter "Palm out" Humphreys and Shelagh "Russell" Harty. Our tail walker was Sybil Leeman. Ultan took the volunteers to their positions and John "Warmed up" Armstrong did the first timers briefing,processed the results (with Ultan "3 jobs" Mulhern) and funnel managed. Also funnel managing were Andrew "Marvin" Everett,Stuart "The Vale" Rickers,Paul Franklin,Laura Cross, Steve "The Boss" Smith and Peter "Fartlek" Gateley. Our marshals were Mylo Williams, Richard Smith,Helen Symonds,Alan Bethel,Lisa Ost,Nell Ost,Liz Jones,Charlotte Jones, David Marland,Jamie Davies,David Lewtas,John Nolan,Christine Sutcliffe,Edward Sutcliffe,Benjamin Willis,Cameron Farroll,Isabella Cuthbert,Jenny Harries,Rennell Smith. We had three of our top pacers today,John "Alan Rough" Henderson,Brian "Adamski" Seal and Alex "Van Hooijdonk" Holland.

Thanks to all of them for today,they were excellent! If you would like to join them in the volunteering ranks (after seeing the new bibs today I bet the emails will be flying in!) please have a look at the roster and email us at if you can help.

We are on the flickr,the facebook and the instagram "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

Thanks for reading and see you next week!








International Women`s Day 2020/Parkrun March 7th

Sunday March 8th is International Women`s Day and Parkrun has joined together with the This Girl Can campaign and our partners Sport England to encourage and improve female participation in sports.

Parkrun`s research has shown that,across the world,women are less likely than men to take part in parkrun.Despite the fact that females account for 54% of registrations they are less likely than men to take part in parkrun and to continue participating. #IWD parkrun is a fantastic opportunity to encourage more women and girls to parkrun all over the world.E5WSxsWx

On Saturday the 7th,parkrun are organising a global female focused parkrun celebration,the day before #IWD itself. Birkenhead parkrun has in the past led the way in events like this with our two all women volunteer team takeovers that we have had,organised by Gemma Cloney,one of which was to mark International Women`s Day. We are very excited to be part of this campaign.



We would like you to join in the celebrations by bringing along a female friend,colleague or family member and walking,jogging,running or volunteering with us.Parkrun has suggested a purple dress code for the day.Purple is the #IWD day colour.



Men can stil take part of course. Everyone is welcome to take part in parkrun.Always.


#IWD #ParkrunUK #Parkrun #ThisGirlCan #SportEngland #IWDparkrun



How does our parkrun work?


A couple of weeks we ago we retweeted and posted an article by Hove prom parkrun about how parkrun works and why things are done a certain way and why we can`t do this and that. Rather than retweeting that each week this is a Birkenhead version of it as some things in the Hove article didn`t apply to us (I`m sure their café is lovely but its a bit far away for us to get to really).There`s also information about what goes on before and after parkrun as well.

We`ve had a big increase in numbers recently (you may have noticed).From 375 on December 14th and 473 the week after to new records 648 and 654 either side of the new year then into the 700s the last few weeks including our new record 793! We are very aware of new parkrunners not knowing fully how everything happens and why it happens so hopefully this will help. Its not word for word from Hove`s article,as I said I could just retweet it but it`s all relevant to our park including one or two fascinating* facts you won`t have heard of.

*Don`t get too excited.


Part 1

Thought I`d do a little bit first about behind the scenes stuff. We don`t just start turning up at 8:20,stick a few poles in the ground and walk up to the start at 5 to 9. Well we do,obviously but there`s a bit more to it than that.There is an amount of planning that goes in to the morning.I`ll start from after the tail walker has crossed the line.


- First the watches or the timing app on the phones are stopped and saved. We can immediately email from our phones to the office email (or when the results processor takes all the gear home they plug in the watches to the laptop) All the poles,tape and various bags are collected up loaded into wonderful Rolf`s car.We all go our merry ways either home,running,shopping,to the café in that lower park) Subject to what the results person has to do that Saturday and the vagaries of the parkrun system,we try to get the results up on the website as soon as possible (we will always inform you if there is likely to be a big delay) and they will be posted on our social media.(If there is an issue with your result please email with your details.If you post to social media about this its possible it won`t be noticed straightaway. Same goes for responding to emails which I`ll mention more in a bit)

- The run report is usually out the same day and will include all the first timers names ,all the pb`s,milestones,the top 3 positions,some poetry of questionable quality and various other bits and bobs. Our volunteers get a special thank you post on the Sunday and there`s also a Birkenhead parkrun twitter moments on Sunday afternoon so please always tweet or post about your runs and tag us in. We are very fortunate to have lovely people like Ruth and Chloe who post great photos on our flickr page and loads of you that tweet or post your pics and we are very grateful to them and apprieciative of all the interaction with you across the social media. If no one contacted us we`d be very sad and there could be even more poetry.

- Emails will be checked over the weekend and replied to.The thing to remember here is that we are all volunteers. We try to be a slick,effective,professional outfit(I know) but we have lives outside of parkrun which sometimes mean we can`t respond immediately. Your request to go on the roster may be updated to a place on the roster a day or two after for example. It will be responded to though so please be patient. We do love volunteering though,we have 7 members of the core team over 150 times in the hi vis now and our first 200th is coming up soon. That wouldn`t happen if we didn`t enjoy it down the park each Saturday. Parkrun volunteering is terrific for increasing confidence, trying new things and meeting great people. (Email us at if you`re interested) Everyone is welcome, you can can volunteer as often as you want.

- During the week volunteer appeals go out on the social media and email. Also if there`s any news such as the recent course alteration we`ll put that out. We also discuss on our whatsapp group any issues that come up such as the finish funnel, finish tokens,puddles in the park and other really interesting matters. On Friday we post about the upcoming parkrun with who`ll be run director, who is doing the first timers briefing (the idea behind that is you know who to ask or where to go for the briefing etc.It isn't only an excuse to post a vaguely amusing photo of them ). We also do a highly accurate weather forecast and a briefer version of parkrun do`s and don't`s. Then on Saturday its the parkrun itself. Rolf`s always first to arrive,putting the signs on the gates,shutting the gates, then searching for owners of any cars in the park to shift their vehicles before we start. Jon checks with the squirrels that security issues are good and we start to put together the finish funnel ,more and more of the volunteers arrive,the marshals get a briefing then are taken around the course to their positions by the volunteer co ordinator around 8:35. Just before 8:50 (or 8:53 if your name is James......sorry James!) the first timer briefer will go up to the start and do their thing. The rest of us will go up to the start to watch the briefing or stay at the finish to guard the gear.The briefing will happen then you`re off!

Right,that`s part 1 done. Have a break and a cup of tea or other beverage.

Part 2

A few points about the parkrun rules.

The run brief - Do I need to listen to it even if I`ve been here many times before? Yes you do. The other week with the course alteration was a prime example. We can only reach so many people by the emails and the social media. A lot of people won`t know the information we`ve put out so its why as well as shout outs for the milestones,a welcome to first timers & tourists,finish funnel procedures etc,there`ll be information about the course and anything pertinent to that day`s parkrun that you need to know. We have to recap the information we give out every week but it doesn`t last long and given that parkrun is free we don`t think its too much to ask that you listen. Jon likes to put the police siren on to quieten people but he`s not allowed to that anymore in case the police actually turn up. Dogs you need to listen as well.

Please don`t forget your barcode (#dfyb) - This is the main rule,the holy grail of parkrun rules.Without your barcode you won`t get an official time. You can still take part but when you enter the finish funnel,you will need to take a finish token from the finish token team then hand it back to the barcode scanners or a funnel manager. Funnel duckers are the thing we really get upset/annoyed about as put simply it screws up the results and makes them much longer to process.Funnel duckers are people who take part in the run.enter the finish funnel (thereby getting a time) then leave the funnel without taking a finish token. When you cross the line the timekeepers click their watches or tap their phones. This click or tap records not just the time of the runner but also their position. You then need to stay in order to make sure you get your time and not the one belonging to the person in front or behind.Then you reach the tokens team and you get your finish token.Voila! Time,runner position,finish token. You go on and get your personal barcode and finish token scanned. The system goes tick,tick,tick - result sorted.You miss out the last one,chaos ensues.(Once you get past the tokens team, you can pick any scanning queue,you don`t need to stay on order then)

Say runner 123 finishes in 25:55 and runner 124 finishes in 26:13. If runner 123 ducks out then runner 124 get a different time to the one they ran. Add a few more people doing this then the results get more and more mixed up. This is why sometimes you`ll have a different time to the one on your watch.Someone ahead has ducked out and affected things.The same applies to strange people who refuse a finish token. They take part in an event but don`t want to take part in an event. If this happens we have to take a token out but with the speed of people coming through this sometimes can`t happen and that also throws the results out of alignment. We aren`t being funny when we say you need to take a token,it really is very important.

A good way to remember is this - Parkrun is free = lots of people taking part and volunteering. Funnel duckers and people refusing to take tokens = more time spent sorting things out,frustration,possible decline in volunteers and less parkruns. Possibly a bit dramatic but the point needs to be made. If no one ducked out and all followed the simple procedures that would be great . I know when its busy there are queues etc but you know,it is free.

Sometimes a runner will say their time is different to the one they have on the watch. The timing for the run starts when the run director says go. Some of you may start your watch as you cross the line but your official time starts on the "Go!" We don`t have chip timing. Parkrun has a great egg sponsor but not a chip one.Get it?

Please don`t take the tokens,they cost money to replace and you will not believe how annoying it is if you`re sorting 700 or so tokens after the even and number 557 is missing. Believe me,its like an episode of Father Ted when Father Jack wants a drink. Don`t do it,please.

If after getting your finish token you spot a mate who has already finished and have a chat with them for a few minutes ,that will make no difference to your time. What I said before about staying in order applies here. After you get your finish token you can be in any order to be scanned,number 78 after 127 ,it doesn`t matter.Sometimes a runner will have to get their barcode from a family member. The important thing is to get the finish token and get your barcode and the finish token scanned.

We can`t scan phones.For one the parkrun technology isn`t up to it and a photo of a barcode will be locked away behind a pin number or other lock on your phone. In case of an emergency we wouldn`t be able to access your details. We only accept paper,tag or wrist barcodes. Tattoo ones,not yet.The rules are clear on your parkrun profile that we cannot do this,that photos of barcodes are not permitted,if we were to do this it would mean lots more writing down of barcodes for people who haven`t followed the rules. The same applies if you have forgotten your barcode. We will not add you to the results.You might think this is mean but if you read again what the volunteers do on the day and during the week, all you have to do is turn up and take part.We don`t think it is too much to ask.

If you have a smudged (wet weather affected) barcode or a printed barcode printed by a printer which has a mind of their own and does it differently to all the other printers and won`t scan we will write it down as you have followed the rules and brought a barcode (which is another reason why we won`t do it in the other circumstances) What we do ask is that you try printing it out on another printer so it doesn`t happen each week.As I mentioned earlier we do love parkrun and volunteering but we like to do other things on a Saturday after the run has finished.

Nearly finished,if you`re still awake,congratulations! Please,if there`s anything you need to know,just ask. Either via email,on twitter or facebook,at parkrun itself. Come down the finish area and any of the hi vis clad people will be happy to answer your questions. Nothing too hard though like what`s the capital of Honduras? (You`ll google it now, bet you can`t pronounce it!)

Here`s a bitesized version of the above.

Print a barcode or buy one via the link on the parkrun website (and keep it safe,you don`t need it till you finish - Listen to the briefing - Be respectful and aware of other runners - Follow the rules and listen to the volunteers(especially in the finish funnel)- Smile - Bask in the glory of getting up early on Saturday and taking part in something amazing - Go home - wait for the results.


Right,that`s it,hope you've found this helpful and useful. There`s lots of great information on our website about the course and how to get to us as well.

Thanks for reading!


The core team.












Run report #232

Nearly got replaced

By neither Hale nor pace

This run report writing business is tough

Just ask former Scotland keeper Alan Rough

Another beautiful morning in Birkenhead park

Another 700+ providing a spark

Don`t get blown away the rest of today

Chill,relax,have some dinner,perhaps some ice cream near the Wirral way

Our tail walker was not George Burley

It was the one and only James Hurley!

EPrmkeSW4AAwrR3Photo from Chris Jack

Hello and welcome to this week`s run report. Another glorious morning in the park. Bit windy but hey ho,it wasn`t snowing so swings and roundabouts. Thanks for turning up in such great numbers again!


The results

Our first finisher (male) was Rob Pearse of Wallasey AC in 17:06,followed by Steven Leslie of Village Road Runners AC in 17:29 and Matthew Goodwin of UTS run club in 18:12.

Our first finisher (female) was Jayne Price of Pensby Runners in 19:58(17th) then Maggie Cooper of Wirral AC in 21:58(40th) and Traci Shipley of Chester Triathlon Club in 22:11(47th),a new pb!

EPrn4lOXkAA-R96Photo from Mel Heale

Congratulations to all our first timers today,whether you were taking part in parkrun for the first time ever or if you were visiting us for the first time. We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first timers this week were Bastien Weinberger,Liam Kearns,Jan Moffett,Finley Borrer,Simon Cheung,Paul Davies,Philip Ainslie,Matt Williams,Silinganiso Mbanini, Katie Halton,Erin Huxley,Spencer Reynolds,Clive Pleasance,Emma Weyman,Tom Kelly,Rebecca Hughes,Pete Marland,Clare Wright,Adam Katzer,Thomas Kerrigan, Florence Evennett,Rachel Halloran,Steve Dawson,Jonathan Scott,Mark Dawson,Sarah McLaren,Rachel Patten,Lhana Orr,Emily Butterworth,Laura Whiteley,Lucy Ball,Joshua Green,Isla Jacques,Amy Green,Andrew Green,Henry Slack,Lorraine Nelson,Holly Donnelly,Mike Parkins,Andrea Borrer,Mia Parkins,Peter Jacques,Maureen Jacques, Brian Pennington,Eleanor Love,Mark Jarvis,Yao Lin,Patrick Pogue,Caroline Feeney, Donna Downey,Valerie Oen,Kate Walton,Tim Smith,Chris Cotton,Rebecca Bancroft, Stephen Maddock,Sam Grace,David Dockerty,Nicola Maddock,Richard Coulby,Paula Jones,John Clark,Peter Morris,James Dean,Tim Grace,Felicity Towns.

So many pb`s,far too many to mention so I won`t bother this week.

Just kidding! Here they are - Matthew Gibbs 18:27,Henry Timewell 19:24,Nick Smyth 21:15,Daniel Curry 21:57,Traci Shipley 22:11,Rachael Patterson 22:44,Jack Berry 22:45,Jonathan Smout 23:40,Jessica Kennedy 23:44,Ian Huntley 23:55,Ellie Fraser 24:10,Andrew Dowdeswell 24:13,Paul Duckers 24:27,Elaine Coulter 24:35,Alice O`Connell 24:37,Danny Jones 24:51,Sammy Harwood 24:58,Erin Courtney 25:38, Alexandra Jones 25:48,Adam Howarth 26:00,Alan Houghton 26:06,Patrick Mulvey-Fanneran 26:09,Annemarie Cotton 26:13,Neil Harvey 26:23,Michael Dunleavy 26:24,Lucy Smout 26:33,David Temple 26:39,Joanna Evans 26:52,Emily Kealey 27:00, Tanya Leary 27:16,Emma Smith 27:16,Claire Bear 27:22,Finley Dean 27:25,Vickey Walberg 27;26,Gillian Brown 27:29,Tommy Harper 28:07,Alan Craze 28:30,Emily O`Connell 28:32,Grainne Garvey 28:35,Ben Yang 28:37,Rory Stuart 28:39,Nigel Hobson 28:53,Stuart McConville 29:03,Lorna "OMP! PB!"Hughes 29:04,Jack Sibeon 29:08,Nancy Evans 29:18,Greg Murphy 29:22,Charlie Scudder 29:29,Sarah Austin 29:37,Joel Cross 29:48,Melanie Gelling 29:50,Jenna McElhoney 29:56,Ray Carr 29:58,Ian Anderson 30:02,Bev Highton 30:03,Jane Kelly 30:09,Anthoney Mulvey- Fanneran 30:25,Michael Batchelor 30:56,Natalia Wqtrobska 31:00,Elizabeth Madden 31:06,Jack White 31:07,Sam Kerrigan 31:10,Corina Rennie 31:12,Ann Lincoln 31:22, Natalie Baker 31:25,Lesley Woods 31:58,Lynsey Phillips 32:14,Jillian Dawson 32:24, Rachael Cottington 33:02,James Warren 33:07,Jack Anderson 33:30,Luke Jones 33:30,Kelly Ogley 33:32,Emmajane Webster 33:35,Victoria Hollywood 33:36,Diane Birss 33:42,Andy Chase 33:46,Anthony Reardon 34:18,Josie Hartharn 34:22,Muireann Settle 34:23,Callum Kilbride 34:24,Miya Plaistow 34:43,Amy Barr 34:44,Siona Awsare 34:45,Amy Pemberton 34:56,Alexandra Williams 35:03,Kate Grey 35:41,Lucy Williams 35:58,Kathy Hogg 36:07,Barry Nelson 37:22,Amelia Nelson 37:24,Oliver Nelson 37:25, Maria Medeiros 40:35,Ninaad Awsare 41:00,Anoushka Awsare 41:00,Tallulah Murphy 42:06,Rosie Harland-Smy 42:09,Oliver Parkins 44:44,Gemma Bulmer 46:40,Lisa Lewis 53:17,Patricia Owen 53;23,Gemma Cain 55:08

EPr7i9nXUAAG17LPhoto from Lorna Hughes

Matthew Acheson ran his 50th parkrun

Lisa Jones ran her 50th parkrun

Paul Whyatt ran his 50th parkrun

Valerie Nagle ran her 50th parkrun

Richard Shayle ran his 100th parkrun

Congratulations to Matthew,Lisa,Paul,Valerie and Richard on your fantastic achievements!!

Shenton`s this week,including two family Shenton`s on the same time! Breaking all kinds of Shenton records this week.No other parkrun can Shenton like we can.

Edward Kenny 21:21,Sean Dyer 22:22,Mike Moss 25:25,Charlie Scudder 29:29,Mark Scudder 29:29,Jasmine Rogan,33:33,Paul Rogan 33:33.


Our haircutadjustedbythewindstillsmilingtastic volunteers were led by run director Ultan "Folverbrief" Mulhern. Our timekeepers were Rolf "Wolfie" Westrum and Mike "Jolene" Green.Barcode scanners were Jan Taylor,Peter "Carlo" Barham,Phil "Number 1 Welsh volunteer" Stanley,Kay "I`m still" Standing.Finish tokens were dished out by Kareen "Numbers" Porschke,John "The Beard" Armstrong with help from Paula "Don`t need even need a reminder to remember now" Hartharn-Evans.Tail walker was James "T`Pau" Hurley who also took the marshals for a walk, Mike Green also did the first timers briefing.Our funnel managing was done by Margaret Ray,Andrew "Hughesssssy" Hughes,Amanda "Tin can lady" Curtis-Wilson and Peter "That area needs coning off mate,I`ve got a cone if you need one" Humphreys.Our marshals were Tim Plested,Mylo Williams,Charlotte Jones,Isabella Cuthbert,Malcolm Davies,Christine Sutcliffe,Sarah Shaw,Derek Jones.The results were processed by the Folk "Got a big gig this month,check out the website" Doctors.We had loads of pacers this week,can`t think of a group name for them,any ideas let me know. They were Matt "Overtook me in a marathon" Routledge,Alex "Van der Sar" Holland,Neil "Buzz was overated" Armstrong,Mark "On your marks" Hyland,Ken "Barnes &" Noble and Mark "Coolsun Warmair" Pritchard. Ruth "PC" Byers sorted out all the tokens last week. Think that`s everyone,let me know if I`ve missed you off.

Thanks to all of them for their efforts this week.We are very fortunate to have the best volunteers around.If you would like to join them please have a look at the roster and email us at All training is provided and you get to wear a hi vis which gives you special powers (not really,have to say that for legal reasons)

We are on the flickr,the facebook and the instagram "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

Those for reading and see you next week!









Run report #231

Another 760 of you were in the park today

Making sure that around the lake area you went the right way

There was a lot more space in the finish funnel

But that wasn`t enough for an appearance from Sally Gunnell.

The quietest member of our core team volunteered for the 150th time

And that`s surely worthy of a good rhyme

Alas its me writing so this non theatrical Broadwaylike malarkey won`t get a Tony

Instead I`ll say congratulations Gemma Cloney!

EPHxPbZX0AE37qWPhotos from Gemma Cloney


Hello and welcome to this week`s run report. We had a week off from record breaking this week but our third attendance of over 700 saw 760 (plus dogs) of you traverse the new lake area and of course the rest of the course.


The results

Our first finisher (male) was James Morrison of West Cheshire AC,a first timer with us in a time of 15:28 which was our fourth fastest time ever. Congratulations to James! Next was Rob Pearse of Wallasey AC who ran 17:09 and Steven Leslie of Village Road Runners AC who equalled his pb of 17:19.

Our first finisher (female) was Sally Clarke with a new pb of 18:49(13th) then Jayne Price of Pensby Runners in 19:58(32nd) and Katie Samuelson of Todmorden Harriers & Ac,a first timer with us (but with over 400 parkruns to her credit) who ran 21:43(65th)


Congratulations to all our first timers today,both if you were taking part in your first parkrun ever or if you were visiting us for the first time.We hope you enjoyed your Birkenhead parkrun experience.We`re very proud of our parkrun and we look forward to seeing you next week or the next time you`re in the area.

Our first timers today were Daniel Curry,Connor Mumford,David Gallagher,Carmel Jones,Ian Huntley,Paul Hiton,Ian Truman,Tom Philpotts,William Irvine,Mia Browne, Kieran Rieley,James McManus,Alan Houghton,Kelly Descombes,Adam Curran,April Jones,David LLoyd,Anthony Mulvey-Fanneran,Serena Cubbin,Rachel Hughes,Michelle Mulvey,Corinne Roberts,Ann Lincoln,Jane Kelly,Keziah Knight,Maggie Gaskell,Lesley Woods,Lesley Woods,Linda Curran,Jeni Bluett,Jackie Walker,Nicola Webb,Finlay Neal, Ben Phillips,Roy Carr,Callum Kilbride,Muireann Settle,Alexandra McKevitt,Kate Grey, Claire Stranger-Ford,Nicola Mays,Michael Ball,Sarah Brown,Siona Awsare,Joy Osborne,Hannah Hazlehurst,Luke Jones,Barry Nelson,Oliver Nelson,Amelia Nelson, Tanya Dewey,Jessica Razbully,Jenny Hewitt-Baker,Jade Shepherd,Ninaad Awsare, Anoushka Awsare,Oliver Parkins,Vanessa Crompton,Patricia Owen,Jess Weaver, Emma Weaver,Ben Yang,Archana Awsare,Adam Lawson,Fraser Rieley,Fiona Hutchinson,Paul Rogan,Jasmine Rogan,Alex Murray,Jennifer Barker,Naomi Rieley, Tracey Jackson,Daniel Worthington,Karen Truman,Patrick Roberts,Matthew Grant, Ben Waring,Maria Belen Morata Ordonez,Aaron Padgham,Joseph Morrison,Kelly Ogley, Rebecca Breen,Patricia Breen,Giuseppe Serra,Paul Morrison,Suzanne Hawkins, Zlatomina Rutter,Viv Samuelson,Darren Gillman,Katie Samuelson


A monster monster week for pb`s. The pb getters today were Sam Hyde 18:27,Matthew Gibbs 18:29,Joe McDevitt 18:35,Sally Clarke 18:49,Luca Noorpuri 18:54,James Dunleavy 19:37,James Barnes 19:53,Dermot Gough 20:10,Nick Wynne 20:42,Alan Heath 21:02,Mark Sait 21:43,Michael Wright 21:48,Otto Glover 22:03,Norman Eves 22:16,Ciaran Mullin 22:30,Michael Carew 22:37,Simon Locke 22:38,Zac Lincoln 22:44,Barry Gavin 22:48,Jack Berry 23:12,Paul Browne 23:13,Samantha Owen 23:29,Mark Richmond 23:43,Paddy Flashman 23:54,Lucy Pennington 24:11,Paul Duckers 24:44,Alison Engle 24:54,Jon Payne 24:54,Abbie Richmond 24:59,Lee Elwell 25:01,Linda Richmond 25:04,Chris Jack 25:10,Natalie Stavrou 25:25,Ricardo Hoshiko 25:33,Danny Jones 25:37,Nina Karayampudi 25:39,Natalie Briggs 25:52,Andrew Atkinson 26:07,Kate Smith 26:15,Emily Edwards 26:22,Jane Woodhead 26:24,Becky Naylor 26:37,Sam Linge 26:37,William Thompson 26:43,Peter Banks 26:47,Leila Howard 26:48,Kelly Atkinson 26:57,Jack Routledge 27:12,Faye Higgitt 27:31,Alec Bailey 27:32,Lindsey Moore 27:35,Gillian Brown 27:39,Andy Kenny 27:40,Michelle Stanton 27:49,Mike Jeffs 28:03,Rachael Denmade 28:05,Jack Hall 28:09,Alan Craze 28:45,Emily O`Connell 28:48,Hazel Shingler 29:04,Nigel Hobson 29:15,Aiko Hoshiko 29:19,Antonia Gibb 29:27,Johnathan Fountain 29:31,Sarah Moss 29:41,Joel Cross 29:59,Catherine Smith 30:02,Robert Richardson 30:03.Linda Gomersall 30:05,John Ryan 30:27,Harry Christey 30:34,Ian Anderson 30:38,Colin Hale 30:45,Roisin Bailey 30:46,Stuart McConville 30:51,Tom Christey 30:51,Michael Batchelor 31:10,Elizabeth Madden 31:12,Megan Rowlinson 31:35,Sam Reardon 31:39,Maisie Rogers 31:44, Natalie Baker 31:46,David Clark 31:52,Alan Moore 31:55,Dave Lewis 32:05,Megan Richardson 32:12,Margaret Davenport 32:14,Joanne Roberts 32:49,Lynsey Phillips 32:56,Iwan Davies 33:08,Tim Davies 33:08,Sue Hillan 33:09,Nicola Beamish 33:22, Masako Plaistow 33:27,Jack Anderson 33:39,Marion Barker 33:53,Gill Dumbarton 34:06,Bethany Reardon 34:15,Stacey Jones 34:25,Anthony Reardon 34:37,Michelle Heighton 34:49,Matthew Howse 35:23,Lisa Smith 35:46,Caroline Coles 35:50,Debbie Kippen 36:14,John Hall 40:27,Kerry Belger 40:42,Leigh Weaver 41:51,Paul Suckley 42:47,Ashleigh Carruthers 44:15,Clare Pratten 45:11,Lisa Lewis 57:39


Adam Leary ran his 50th parkrun

Joseph McArdle ran his 50th parkrun

Keith Byrne ran his 50th parkrun

Suzi Keating ran her 50th parkrun

Ann Currie ran her 70th parkrun

Barry Farley ran his 70th parkrun

Rachel Leah ran her 70th parkrun

Victoria Gibson ran her 70th parkrun

Lorraine Holland ran her 70th parkrun

(I picked an extra number this week,70 isn't an official milestone but I think its impressive)

Lesley-Anne Cucksey ran her 100th parkrun.

Congratulations to Lesley-Anne,Adam,Joseph,Keith,Suzi,Ann,Barry,Rachel,Victoria and Lorraine! (I`ll pick another extra number next week)

EPH0SRhX4AAEUQtPhoto from Ann Currie.

Shenton`s 2020 - Brian Beecroft 21:21,Neall MacLeod 24:24,Natalie Stavrou 25:25, Adrian Blackie 28:28,Viv Samuelson 29:29,Jan Foley 31:31,Carmel Wright 32:32,Emma Phillips 34:34,Gill Lightfoot 34:34

Our tiptoptippitytoppitytastic volunteers were led by run director Mike "Jolene" Green, timekeepers were Ultan "The Special One" Mulhern and Gemma "150!? No she`s 27" Cloney,barcode scanners were Andrew "Punning man" Hughes,Peter "The Cone of Truth" Humphreys and Kareen "Numbers" Porschke. Our three strong finish token team were James "Jazz hands" Hurley, John "The Beard" Armstrong and Lorna "OMP" Hughes.Tail walkers were Amy "Debutant tail walker" Barr (and her son). Ultan "No A" Mulhern gave the first timers briefing and John "No second nickname" Armstrong made sure the marshals were in the right places. Between rehearsing more tunes, the Folk Doctors also processed the results. Bet Elton John`s never done that at Bushy! Our funnel managers were Stuart "The Pope" Rickers,Steve "The Bishop" Smith",Graham "The Archdeacon" Tate,Chloe "Reverend" Byers,Sue "The Cowbell lady" Sturgeon and Ruth "PC" Byers". Our marvellous marshals were Benjamin Willis, Elizabeth Ambler,Connor Bethel,Mylo Williams,Malcolm Davies,Colin "Circuits" Lamprey,John Tierney,Helen Stansfield.Jane Everett,Robin Kingsbury,Felipa Kingsbury,Margaret Whitfield,Cameron Farroll. Ken "Not Mark" Noble was a pacer for us.

EPHinIUX0AA3EIZPhoto from Amy Barr

Thank you for your continuing support, Each week we fill the roster but we never take that for granted and we appreciate your response to our appeals.If you would like to join the hi vis ranks, please take a look at the roster on our website and email us at if you can help.

We are on the flickr, the facebook and the instagram "Birkenhead parkrun" and the twitter "@bheadparkrun"

Thanks for reading,not all of it makes sense but I like doing it

See you next week.