A journey of 5,000m starts with a single step

parkrun #444 – 2nd December 2017 – last pacer day of 2017!

Stories from the park
The weather was reminding us that it is now December, but there was no rain and the mud was not so bad! It was pacer day, so whilst 424 people ran, jogged and walked the course, Joe Nolan had set up the pacers at every minute from 21 minutes through to 37 minutes, plus a Run/Walk pacer. Hopefully this helped the 20 first timers and the 76 recorded new Personal Bests (an impressive 18% of the field!)

At Pacer Mission Control, I caught up with the 35 minute pacers – mother and daughter team Jo and Abbie Moriarty. I asked them “how did you into parkrun?” Jo had been persuaded to come and give it a go by a work colleague, regular parkrunner Mary Lord. Thus persuasion had included a lunch-break run of 2 laps of the Hayes run path round the bike track to prove that the distance was manageable and then coming along to run together. Jo said that on that first parkrun she was stunned to make it all the way to the ‘hill’ at 4km before walking, and only ever walked twice more, and that was 185 parkruns ago! She in turn persuaded Abby to come along one Christmas and give it a go. After 28 runs she has taken a brilliant 10 minutes off her time, and loves pacing others. The two of them have now joined their local running Club – Hayes and Harlington Runners, and have even started on the parkrun tourism trail, trying out Wimpole last month (their verdict was lovely, but hilly and muddy!). Thank you to both of you, and all of the other lovely pacers too.

Pacer awards to Anthony Smith (22 min pacer) for the spangliest running tights, Mark Moore (23 minute pacer) for the run technique photo of the year , Steve Wells’ dog (27 min pacer) for keeping them on pace, Karen Trunckfield (29 min pacer) for having the presence to wave to the photographer in the rush of the start, and Karen Aloe and Rose O’Neill (36 min pacers) for both managing to hold the sign together for their photo. You can see these, and your own photo too, if you have a look at George Mardell’s fabulous photo album on Flickr.

This was made possible by 54 volunteers – a big cheer for them:

Barbara ALLEN • David PRIDDY • Fred ASHFORD • Glyn WATKINS • Jenny ZAREMBA • Mary LORD • Andy TORRANCE • Mark STEVENS • Philip WOOLHOUSE • David Anthony MORGAN • Joe NOLAN • Rose O'NEILL • Jackie STALLWOOD • Ian SMALES • Arjun BABHANIA • Philip Morris JONES • Antony SMITH • Chris ZAREMBA • Laura HAWKINS • Zoe SMITH • Freya SMITH • Carol COOMBS • Alyson MCSHANE • James LAYCOCK • Karen ALOE • Steve WELLS • Karen TRUNKFIELD • Karen Anne PATTERSON • Tim DAWSON • Joanna MORIARTY • Josh LEE • Zena PHILLIPS • Minnie CROSS • Gary HOOK • Raymond John HOYLE • Suzy GAULTON • John MILES • Fiona JAMIESON • David ROSS • Denis KERBY • Audrey PARSONS • Mark MOORE • George MARDALL • Toby ROBINSON • Tony CLISH • Ben ROBINSON • Abigail MORIARTY • Jo SHEPHERD • Catherine FARRANT HUTT • Alex MARTIN • Jane TRAFFORD • Holly PHILLIPS • Madeline KATTA-WORAE • Marie KOUHI

Achievements this week
Representatives of 27 different clubs took part and we also congratulated new members of the parkrun milestone clubs:

10 Club – Elisabeth FRANKS, Rebecca DAVIS, Sam QUINN
25 Volunteer Club - Alyson MCSHANE, Toby ROBINSON
50 Club - David GILMOUR, Maria HUNTER
100 Club - Louise ROONEY

Looking ahead

Dave announced the plan for Christmas and New Year: there will be no run on Christmas Day at Black Park (but there are others in the area), but there will be a run on New Year’s Day at 9am and those that are keen can then travel on to Upton Court to parkrun there at 10.30am. A keen group of Datchet Dashers will be running between the two, if you would like to join them.
All Saturdays through the festive season will have the usual parkrun.

There is also a Boxing Day 5K in Black Park (an entirely different course from parkrun) – entries are online or on the day. Search for Pinewood Trails.

Finally, our group of run reporters always wants to bring to life some of the different experiences of different individuals and groups within Black Park parkrun. If you would like to tell a little of your personal story, please do email parkrunstories@yahoo.com and we will hopefully catch up with you at Black Park and feature your story.

Black Park parkrun started on 18th July 2009. Since then 15,237 participants have completed 159,043 parkruns covering a total distance of 795,215 km, including 26,019 new Personal Bests.