500 and still going strong

Black Park parkrun

Event number 500

29th December 2018


This week marked a very special occasion for Black Park parkrun, it was our 500th event and it seemed very fitting that it was the last run of the year.

There was a queue to get in to the car park, there was a long queue to buy a ticket (for 2019 why not consider getting a season ticket for the car park, it can save you at least 10 mins every Saturday morning) and there was a very long queue for the ladies toilets - this is not unusual. But was was unusual and actually quite special was the palpable air of excitement.

Many people had accepted the challenge and worn blue to mark the fact that the 500 t-shirts are blue. Standing towards the back of the start line, there was a sea of blue stretching for what seemed like forever. It looked like there were a lot of people who had come to run parkrun #500, little did we release at that point just how many of you had come to help us celebrate.

Our event director David Priddy (who started this event) took time to thank all the volunteers who have helped and continue to help run this parkrun for us faithfully turning up every week ensuring that our parkrun is ready and open for anyone who wants to participate. A poem was then read out by one of our younger runners, Nithila Logathas (who was running her 122 parkrun) giving everyone present time to reflect on just what an amazing achievement 500 events is.

This also seems like a good time to reflect on some of the statistics we have contributed to in the last 10 years.

Over the last 10 years, we have averaged 383.8 finishers each week (I want to know who the 0.8 is); the average time is 29.07 minutes; we have had 18,056 runners representing 758 clubs; we have run for a total of 10 years, 232 days, 18 hours, 10minutes and 44 seconds; we’ve had 29,949 PBs and run a total distance of 959, 590km. And going back to the queues I mentioned at the start, yesterday was our largest ever attendance with 803 people.

And for a special 500 fact: Katrina HARLING ran our 500th event, she finished in 500th place and clocked up her 500th kilometre of the year. Well done Katrina

Be proud of yourselves, people!

This week 803 people, ran, jogged and walked the course of whom 94 were first timers and 59 recorded new personal Bests. Representatives from 52 clubs took part.

This week, the event was made possible by the following volunteers:

David PRIDDY * Fred ASHWORTH * Andy TORRANCE * Alastair REECE * Kathryn SMALES * Ian SMALES * Chris ZAREMBA * Zoe SMITH * Freya SMITH * Nick ARCHER *  Craig ATKINS * Amar BABHANIA *  Sophie GREATOREX * Raymond John HOYLE * Logathas VELAYUTHAPILLAI * Audrey PARSONS * Anna TAYLOR * Shona LOWE * Sam LOWE * Holly PHILLIPS * Marie KOUHI * Callum PATERSON * Kristel HORWOOD *  Georgina HORWOOD

Today’s full results and a complete event history can be found on the Black Park parkrun Results page

The male records is held by ben LIVESEY who recorded a time of 15:09 on 10 March 2012 (event number 140)

The female records is held by Pippa WOOLVEN who recorded a time of 17:07 on 28 June 2014 (event number 262)

The Age Grade court records is held by Margaret MOODY who recorded 92.51% (22:15) on 5 April 2014 (event number 250)