Blickling parkrun is cancelled on 3 October 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


Date: 31/07/2020

Location: Anywhere

Website: link

Pride events have been cancelled across the country. To support the organisations involved and to ensure their services can continue to support the LGBTQ+ communities, all profits from this event will be donated to Pride charities across the UK. You have the choice of completing either 5K, 10K, 25K, 50K or 100K between 1 July - 31 July. Why not make your run/walk colourful and wear your brightest clothes and face paint? A colourful medal will be posted to each entrant. Share your runs/walks with #RunWithPride. If you want to compete for a certificate, join the RunWithPride club on the Strava app ( and results will be collated from there.

Team Entry: Your running club, gym, workplace or social group etc can enter a team of 31 where each person can represent a day of July. We’ll post you 31 medals + a personalised collage print of your colourful photos if you email/WhatsApp them to us. Please note we only require details of one person when entering a team.

Entry Fee: Individual: £10.00 + booking fee. Team: £300 + booking fee. All entries include a race medal.

Certificates: There will be certificates posted to different individual category winners.

As #RunWithPride has replaced the EPIC Norwich Pride 5K in 2020, we have agreed with our partners Norwich Pride that 50% of profits will be donated to them, and the other 50% will be granted to other Pride charities in the UK

Entries are non-refundable and non-transferable.




(not) parkun is a new initiative from parkrun HQ. It enables anyone to run a 5K and submit it online where it will be incorporated into weekly Blickling parkrun and national results. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions below. The main thing is that you submit your results through your parkrun profile page (


I’m an existing parkrunner. How do I register / do I need to re-register?
You should not re-register. Every registered parkrunner can participate in (not)parkrun, and can submit a time via their profile page.

I’ve never done a parkrun and I haven’t registered. Can I still take part in (not)parkrun?
Absolutely! You just need to register for parkrun first. Select your country here and then register on your country’s website.

Can juniors participate?
As with our parkrun events, junior parkrunners are welcome to participate, however:

Under 11s must do so with a responsible carer.
Under 16s must ask permission from their carer to run on their own and inform carers of the intended route and when they expect to return.
Is it open in every parkrun country?
Yes, subject to national public health and government guidelines regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) parkrunners in every territory in which we operate can take part in (not)parkrun.

Do I have to do my 5k at my home parkrun course?
No - in fact we would prefer it if you didn’t. You can walk, jog, or run your 5k anywhere you like (providing it is safe to do so). In your garden, to and from your house, it doesn’t matter where your 5k is. We definitely do not want parkrunners turning up to their usual parkrun course at parkrun time.

Can I do a (not)parkrun on a treadmill?
Yes, you can complete your 5k on a treadmill and then input your time on your profile.

Do I have to do the same route every week?
No, you can choose to do the same route, or something different every time, it’s entirely up to you.

Should I do my walk/jog/run at 9am on a Saturday morning?
You can do, but you don’t have to. We definitely do not want parkrunners turning up to their usual parkrun course at parkrun time.

Will this count towards my parkrun milestone t-shirt?
No. (not)parkrun is entirely separate to parkrun and participation in it does not count towards any parkrun milestones.

Is this replacing actual parkrun?
Absolutely not! We remain extremely positive that parkrun will return. (not)parkrun is just a bit of fun in the absence of the parkrun we know and love.

How do I submit a time? Do I need proof?
You don’t need proof of your walk, jog, run. (not)parkrun works on an honesty basis. Via a link in your profile you can submit a time any day of the week.

How do I log into my parkrun profile?
For instructions on how to log in to your parkrun profile, please see here

How often can I submit a time?
You can only submit one time each day of the week. You can find out how to do this in your parkrun profile. Your fastest time that week will be included in that week’s results.

When does the week start / finish?
The (not)parkrun week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.

When is the cut-off time to be included in a (not)parkrun week?
Times must be uploaded by midnight Sunday to be included in a week’s results.

Can I add my volunteering?
No. Since you cannot volunteer for (not)parkrun it isn’t possible to record any instances of volunteering. For simplicity, and to support those who can and want to, (not)parkrun is only a walk, jog, run initiative.

Can I change which parkrun I represent?
Yes. To do that, see the instructions here.

My home parkrun is a junior event, can I take part?
As a 2k event we are unable to provide results if you are registered to a junior event. If you would like to take part in (not)parkrun, you can change your home event to a 5k event in your parkrun profile.

Will age grading be displayed in results?
Yes, age grading will be displayed in the results table.

Will (not)parkrun stop when parkrun events return?
At the moment we haven’t made a decision on how long (not)parkrun will continue.


Gladerunner – A book of poetry about parkrun, by the parkrun Poet

Hello parkrunners

Hope all is well with you. You may remember I visited as the parkrun poet a while back on my poetic tour of 50 events throughout the UK. The good news is your parkrun is featured in my new book Glade Runner (152 pages, lots of colour photos) published by Stour Valley Press. The book is available to pre-order from I hope it will be of interest to your parkrun community in these locked down times and I’d be so grateful if you could share the news. Thank you.

Best wishes

Tim (A3911176 - aka the parkrun poet)


COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update – May 2020

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

Dear all,

We can now confirm that parkrun events across the world will be suspended until the end of June. Please note that this represents a minimum time-frame for all parkrun countries and we expect most, if not all, closures to be in place for longer.

Despite this announcement of extended closure, our view of the future is increasingly optimistic as the situation continues to change rapidly and dynamically across the world. There is now a definite and positive move towards relaxation of restrictions, and every week we get closer to the point where parkrun events will return to their communities.

As lockdown restrictions start to lift across some territories in which we operate, we’d like to thank everyone for not going to their parkrun venues, at parkrun time. Importantly, please do not organise group gatherings of any sort at your parkrun locations until such time as parkrun events have officially returned in your region. This is critical in order to preserve the excellent relationships we have with local communities and stakeholders, as well as to ensure the safety of both parkrunners and other users of the space.

We continue to be cautious and thoughtful about parkrun’s return and we will, at all times, consider region-specific national and international government and public health guidance.

Whilst parkrun cannot recommence in any territory until the guidance allows, the restarting of parkrun will be a complex and sensitive process. It is imperative that any decision to recommence has the full and widespread support of volunteer teams, and the wider community. A major part of our energy over the next few weeks will be focused on gathering this understanding and insight, which will in turn inform our decision making.

Understanding the sentiment and feeling of our volunteers and communities is particularly key, as when the decision is made to restart parkrun, all parkrun events in that region will be required to start. Any events remaining closed would significantly and unreasonably increase pressure on those that open.

Volunteer happiness and welfare will always be at the heart of what we do and, prior to reopening any events, we will continue to collaborate with our communities in order to best understand local situations and implement appropriate processes in advance.

Thanks for your continued parkrun passion.

We are getting through this, together,


Top Tips for running Blickling parkrun with your dog

Here is some advice from Steve Love, a regular runner with his dog at Blickling parkrun, on how to manage your canine assisted run.

Enjoy the run. A little bit of planning will make it so much easier for you and your dog.

The priorities are: others, your dog, you in that order.

Use a short lead (around 1m long)!- attached to you via a dog harness (not collar). Do not use a long lead as used in a canicross event. Ideally, the lead should be attached to your waist and have a bungee component in it.

The start is the most risky place. People are packed together closely and other runners may not notice you have a dog with you.

Start your run in the position you would normally do - but run on the grass where there is more space - this helps you to manage your dog when most excited.

Alternatively, start near the back and ease yourself and your dog into the run. This does mean you will overtake more people.

Avoid sudden changes of direction with your dog. This can trip up other runners who are not expecting your dog to be there.

Take care at turns or barriers - look over your shoulder frequently. Remember a faster runner might not think to warn you and your dog they are overtaking.

When you go to overtake, tell people a dog is coming through
Talk to your dog - develop warning and direction commands - say you are coming through when overtaking.

Steer by hand on the lead.

Apologise if you inconvenience other runners.

Hazards - puddles, other dogs, runners - decide which you are most worried about. Know your dog. - My dog is distracted by other dogs, she wants to be at the front and trips me up at puddles. What are your dog’s peculiarities?

Take particular care at the end of the run. Your dog may want to run outside of the funnel, so shorten the lead and guide it into the tunnel under control. Be aware that your dog may be spooked by the cheering and noise from other people.

Allow your dog to see other dogs at end - it will get used to that reward.

You and your dog will soon get the hang of it

Steve Love

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