Aylsham Runners’ Takeover on 23rd November 2019

251 hardy souls, many in high viz outfits, stood up and stood out in the dull, wet, gloomy morning conditions to complete Blickling Parkrun number 306.
The morning was impressively organised by Run Director Angela Butcher who beautifully orchestrated her team of volunteers, over 20 of which were from the recently formed local running club, Aylsham Runners. Setting the scene for the runners, of which there were a diverse mix of old (er) (age category 75-79) and young (age category for 10 year olds), milestones were celebrated; 13 newbies (to Parkrun) Samantha Wheatley, Deborah Worby, Alison Mawson, Mia Sullivan, Richard Wright, Rosie Osborne, Sue Smith, Freddie Mutimer, Rebecca Simpson, Mark Fuller, Ben Kirby, Harry Nicholson, Charlie Wheatley; Julie Marks and Robert Greeves for their 10th; Neil Toplis, Greg Pearson and Maddy Gomes for their 20th; Annie Brough and Kate Smith for their 25th; Wesley Burgoyne and Ursie Webber for their 50th; Grace Buchanan for her 100th; Matt Phelps and Amelia Whiting for their incredibly inspiring 225th (is that a milestone?!). Well done to these people and everyone for taking part.
Despite the less than perfect conditions, there were personal bests aplenty (32 to be precise) with John Coulson, Anita Feeney, Reuben Lee, Katharine Yuill, Evie Hannant, Eliza Schaitel, Avril Chandler, Kathryn Groom, Wendy Grimes, Angela Gidman, Annette Stratton, Helen Cassie, Anna White, Karl Myhill, Harriette Crowe, Victoria Lintin, Jonathan Denton, Roger Osborne, Suzanne Greeves, Andy Glover, Sian Brooks, Mark Taylor, Inigo Patten, Graham Allison, Cheryl Hunt, Maddy Gomes, Samuel Flowerdew, Wesley Burgoyne, Chloe Monsey, Robert Greeves, Gus White, Gav Dent all pushing through bodily boundaries.
Everyone has their own personal challenges and targets and it was wonderful to see runners with dogs, runners with pushchairs, children, club runners, first timers and everyone else crossing the finish line with a sweaty smile. Who won? Everyone of course! Those participating, those supporting, those volunteering and everyone associated with enabling Parkrun to take place should all be congratulated and called winners, but there are few individuals that should be mentioned.
Neil Adams came in first overall with an impressive 17:34; John Hudson, Charles Bowen, Tony McCallum, Oliver O’Malley, Matthew Bye, John Gay, Grenville Payne, Mick Liston and Geoff Hayward were first in their respective age groups; Grace Buchanan was the first female with Chloe Monsey, Ali Borrman, Maddy Gomes, Amii Andrews, Lily Showers, Ruth Gainsford, Phoebe Davis, Suzanne Greeves, Janine Flowerdew, Lucinda Osborne, Anna White, Jacquie Wood and Avril Chandler all coming first in their respective age groups.
Thank you to Blickling Parkrun for allowing the takeover from Aylsham Runners – everyone found it immensely rewarding. Please consider volunteering and email: blickinghelpers@parkrun.com
The event was made possible by 28 volunteers:

Myles HAGUE • Mick LISTON • Steven HITCHAM • Linda MELTON • Heather MORTON • Donna BUTCHER • Sarah MORTER • James SCRIVENS • Noel MEEKS • Elizabeth GIBBONS • Angela BUTCHER • Trudi BRADLEY • Lauren STROUD • Linda BYGRAVE • Kate SMITH • Tanya MANNERS • Emma WATTS • Sarah LOWNDES • Jed MICHAEL • Susan LOWE • Chris BAKER • Ellen GROOM • Lynne JANES • Anne CROWE • Catherine TOWNSEND • Lucy BAKER • Natasha CARVER • Karen MCGRATH
Have a fantastic weekend and see you again soon.
Lauren Stroud, Aylsham Runners