(not) parkun is a new initiative from parkrun HQ. It enables anyone to run a 5K and submit it online where it will be incorporated into weekly Blickling parkrun and national results. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions below. The main thing is that you submit your results through your parkrun profile page (parkrun.com/signin


I’m an existing parkrunner. How do I register / do I need to re-register?
You should not re-register. Every registered parkrunner can participate in (not)parkrun, and can submit a time via their profile page.

I’ve never done a parkrun and I haven’t registered. Can I still take part in (not)parkrun?
Absolutely! You just need to register for parkrun first. Select your country here and then register on your country’s website.

Can juniors participate?
As with our parkrun events, junior parkrunners are welcome to participate, however:

Under 11s must do so with a responsible carer.
Under 16s must ask permission from their carer to run on their own and inform carers of the intended route and when they expect to return.
Is it open in every parkrun country?
Yes, subject to national public health and government guidelines regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) parkrunners in every territory in which we operate can take part in (not)parkrun.

Do I have to do my 5k at my home parkrun course?
No - in fact we would prefer it if you didn’t. You can walk, jog, or run your 5k anywhere you like (providing it is safe to do so). In your garden, to and from your house, it doesn’t matter where your 5k is. We definitely do not want parkrunners turning up to their usual parkrun course at parkrun time.

Can I do a (not)parkrun on a treadmill?
Yes, you can complete your 5k on a treadmill and then input your time on your profile.

Do I have to do the same route every week?
No, you can choose to do the same route, or something different every time, it’s entirely up to you.

Should I do my walk/jog/run at 9am on a Saturday morning?
You can do, but you don’t have to. We definitely do not want parkrunners turning up to their usual parkrun course at parkrun time.

Will this count towards my parkrun milestone t-shirt?
No. (not)parkrun is entirely separate to parkrun and participation in it does not count towards any parkrun milestones.

Is this replacing actual parkrun?
Absolutely not! We remain extremely positive that parkrun will return. (not)parkrun is just a bit of fun in the absence of the parkrun we know and love.

How do I submit a time? Do I need proof?
You don’t need proof of your walk, jog, run. (not)parkrun works on an honesty basis. Via a link in your profile you can submit a time any day of the week.

How do I log into my parkrun profile?
For instructions on how to log in to your parkrun profile, please see here

How often can I submit a time?
You can only submit one time each day of the week. You can find out how to do this in your parkrun profile. Your fastest time that week will be included in that week’s results.

When does the week start / finish?
The (not)parkrun week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.

When is the cut-off time to be included in a (not)parkrun week?
Times must be uploaded by midnight Sunday to be included in a week’s results.

Can I add my volunteering?
No. Since you cannot volunteer for (not)parkrun it isn’t possible to record any instances of volunteering. For simplicity, and to support those who can and want to, (not)parkrun is only a walk, jog, run initiative.

Can I change which parkrun I represent?
Yes. To do that, see the instructions here.

My home parkrun is a junior event, can I take part?
As a 2k event we are unable to provide results if you are registered to a junior event. If you would like to take part in (not)parkrun, you can change your home event to a 5k event in your parkrun profile.

Will age grading be displayed in results?
Yes, age grading will be displayed in the results table.

Will (not)parkrun stop when parkrun events return?
At the moment we haven’t made a decision on how long (not)parkrun will continue.