Happy healthy hearts

On Sunday as well as being junior parkrunday, it was Valentine's Day. Now you might not immediately think that these two things have anything in common but you would be wrong!

Both of them are about happy, healthy hearts.

Hearts are very important for running. Do you know that your heart is a muscle? And do you know that all muscles need exercise to stay strong and resilient? Running is perfect for this.


Running is good for love and happy families because we nearly always feel better afterwards. When we feel happy we are much less likely to argue with those we love. It's nothing to do with a pb but it is everything to do with endorphins! These are happy chemicals that our bodies produce when we exercise.


Happy hearts like to share their love too and at junior parkrun there are lots of opportunities to demonstrate that by volunteering, running to support someone else or cheering someone in as they finish.

Running makes your heart beat faster. It is aerobic which means you need to take in extra oxygen to do it. When you do this regularly, your body learns to become better at using oxygen and pumps it around your body more efficiently at all times leaving you stronger and fitter to do all the things you love doing, and not just parkrunning!


Now Valentine's Day is just a way of recognising those we love and appreciate. It always makes you happy to be appreciated and that can surely make your heart beat faster!

See what I mean?

Over 4,500 junior parkrunners and over 1,300 volunteers joined us on Valentine’s Day – that’s a lot of happy, healthy hearts! #loveparkrun