A call to arms

Here at parkrun HQ we love hearing from you all; we want to know what you enjoy about parkrun, why you bother getting out of bed every Saturday or Sunday morning to do it, and what the best bits are. Knowing these things help us to keep making things better for everyone. Also, we often have to make decisions on behalf of you all – these could be decisions about the fun things, like what colour the t-shirts should be, or the more serious stuff, like how to keep all our parkrunners safe and happy. Some of that is my job.


I’m Clare, and I do the ‘safeguarding’ for parkrun. That means it’s my job to try and keep all of our runners, walkers, joggers, and volunteers as safe and happy as possible. At times, part of my job will involve writing guidelines and policies that affect our under-18s, and I don’t want to talk on behalf of you all, without consulting the people that know best… the junior parkrunners!

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Over the next six months I’m going to write a ‘parkrun anti-bullying policy’ and some ‘social media top tips’. Sadly, I’m not really a ‘young person’ any more (don’t ask me how old I am, I’ll only lie to you!) so I’d really like it if some of our real young people could help me with it. I’m putting together a ‘parkrun youth panel’, who will help advise me, answer my questions and make some key decisions that will go on to affect all young people at parkrun. If you’re under 18 and would like to get involved, or want to find out more, please get in touch with me clare.fowler@parkrun.com letting me know your name, your age, a contact number for your mum/ dad/ carer, and your parkrun barcode number.


Looking forward to hearing from you (please be patient with me, it might take me a week or two to reply to you),

All the best,


CF news

Thanks to the super talented Bruce Li for some of these photographs.