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This week was the deadline for the parkrun youth panel’s first mission… to write the ‘parkrun anti-bullying policy’. The parkrun youth panel consists of 75 BRILLIANT young people, aged 4 to 17, who help give a young person’s point of view on all sorts of stuff that will keep shaping and improving parkrun.


About a month ago, Rowan Ardill (parkrun’s Engagement Officer) and I posted out the first mission, to creatively put together some positive statements to include in the final parkrun anti-bullying policy, due out later this year. The response has been fantastic; using a great range of art, IT and general creativity, we’ve had some thoughtful, kind and inclusive statements which I can’t wait to pull together into the final policy. Here’s a sneak preview of the sort of thing you can expect: ­

  • Ask new runners if they would like to run with you
  • Always encourage runners, no matter how fast or slow
  • Be kind and friendly
  • Celebrate everyone’s achievements

These got me thinking; wouldn’t the world be an even more brilliant place if everyone stuck to these ‘rules’? As Gandhi once said, ‘you must be the change you want to see in the world’, so let’s all start today. I’m sure lots of you have just started in a new class, year or school, so why not apply your parkrun attitude to your everyday life. If you see someone looking lost, sad, or lonely, why not go and say hello, be kind and encouraging. Better still, why not invite them to parkrun next weekend?!

As Roald Dahl, my favourite author, once said: “I think probably kindness is my number one attribute in a human being”.



Clare, Safeguarding Lead


PS ­Fancy joining the youth panel? Great! We’re always happy to have new members. Just drop an email (or ask your parents) to youthpanel@parkrun.com


Thanks to Bruce Li for the lovely photos.


Opportunity to be part of a new ‘parkrun youth panel’

parkrun UK are inviting young people aged 4 to 17 to be part of a brand new youth panel.

What is the parkrun youth panel?

The parkrun youth panel is being created to give young people the opportunity to help us shape the future of parkrun, particularly on matters which impact on juniors.

parkrun youth panel image

How will it work?

There will be two sections of the youth panel, divided by age: a junior youth panel for 4 to 11 year olds (primary school age), and a senior youth panel for 11 to 17 year olds (secondary school age+).
All ‘meetings’ will be virtual, and the youth panel won’t physically get together in the same room. Instead we’ll utilise technology and other formats to offer the best experience possible. The youth panel will ‘meet’ three times each year, in line with school half term holidays (October, February and May), and each ‘meeting’ will involve a mission to complete.
Each mission will be fairly small and achievable within the half term holidays, but valuable and fun to do. Each mission will result in an outcome that will genuinely be used to shape and develop parkrun, for example mission one will be focusing on developing an anti-bullying policy.
Who will be on the youth panel?

Anyone aged between 4 and 17 is welcome to be on the youth panel, and we will not turn anyone away who wants to be involved.
Young people can choose how much or how little they wish to input to the panel; they can engage with all three missions or pick and choose which missions they want to get involved with.

youth panel

How do I get involved?

If the youth panel is something that you'd love to be a part of, you can apply by filling in this form and by sending us a very short video (up to 30 seconds) telling us 'what you love most about parkrun/junior parkrun'. Please make sure you introduce yourself by including your first name and your home parkrun on your video so we know who is who!


Videos need to be uploaded here and please include your name and home parkrun in the file name so we know who the video is from.
Before making your video, please make sure you have permission from a parent or carer. Better still, why not ask them to help you make it. It’s important that you, and they, understand that we may use this video on our website, or social media channels, to help positively promote parkrun. Your full name will never be associated with your video and if you or your parent/carer would rather this didn’t happen then please don’t feel like you have to send us a video. We won’t mind and you’ll still be invited to join the youth panel!


Quick tips on how to make your video:


  • It can be as simple or as extravagant as you like and can even be filmed using a smartphone.
  • Make sure you don't use your full name, for example just introduce yourself by saying "I'm William from Alexandra junior parkrun"
  • Film your video at your local parkrun or outside in your garden, please don't film your video in a private place like your bedroom - it gets you out of having to tidy it too!


We look forward to hearing from you and what you love most about parkrun.

If you want to be involved in the summer holiday missions, please submit your form by Sunday 31st July.
The youth panel will be facilitated by Rowan Ardill (parkrun's Engagement Officer) and Clare Fowler (parkrun's Safeguarding Lead).

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