Following an inspection of the footpaths around Hotham Park, I have made the very hard decision to cancel tomorrow's run.

Due to the sheltered nature of Hotham Park there are several areas where last nights snow has cleared fully, leaving large areas of wet slush.

Given the forecasted low temperatures for tonight, this will ultimately turn to ice and create a dangerous surface for 300+ runners to use.

Cancelling an event is never an easy choice to make, but it is done with the runners and volunteers safety in mind.

Obviously this means our planned visit from the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to talk about mental health and suicide awareness will not take place.
This is a great shame especially as it is something I feel so passionate about.

I have spoken with the parkrun Ambassador for mental health and he will be working with the trust to try and arrange an alternative date.

Many thanks


Bognor parkrun 234 – #bemorebaggers

8:05 on a cool, fresh and breezy, but dry, Saturday morning, and I’m standing in Hotham Park, about 120 miles from my home town of Bedford, with 8 of my running friends. I’m wearing an Arsenal Football Scarf…. I support Luton Town…. This is my 114th parkrun and my second at Bognor….

Laura Bagnall (or “Baggers” as we called her) was my friend, and today I am at Bognor to take part in her tribute parkrun. I was last here on 8th December when I visited Laura for the last time, alongside her other “up north” running friends.

It is immediately clear that Laura was adored and respected by her running friends, as parkrunners dressed in Arsenal football kit and other red items of clothing start to appear in the park, in honour of Laura and her love of running, parkrun and the Gunners.

Our first stop is the lovely Hotham Park café for a quick cuppa, where we are greeted by Laura’s friend Wendy who proudly shows us the Arsenal muffins which will be sold at the cake sale in support of St Barnabas House Hospice, who cared for Laura so well at the end. Finish token ‘hander outer’ (technical term), Sylvia, also chats to us and takes some photos of us all. We are also paid a visit by fabulous marshal, Derek, who tells us that we will need to run past him 3 times during the course of the event. I believe the expression he uses is “3 Dereks and you’re almost done!”.


We then head to the start area where we are fondly greeted by some of Laura’s other running chums and the fabulous volunteers, amongst a growing sea of red-clad runners, walkers and joggers. We spot a Redway Runner from Milton Keynes (just up the road from Bedford!). Those Redways get EVERYWHERE!

Although this is my second visit to Bognor, I attend the first timers’ briefing (for research purposes, you understand) and Matthew does a fabulous job, clearly explaining the course for the benefit of tourists and parkrun ‘newbies’ alike and then goes on to explain how the finish tokens and barcodes work to those who are parkrunning for the very first time.

Then follows the event briefing for all attendees, in which Anita delivers a moving (and humorous) account of Laura’s life, illness and involvement with Bognor parkrun. This ends with an extended period of clapping by the whole crowd, in place of the more traditional minute’s silence. In my opinion, this is exactly how Laura would have wanted it.


We note that as well as the Bedford and MK contingents, there are visitors from London and Leicester, along with many, many attendees from Laura’s own Arunners Running Club, and a couple of Vegan Runners of course.

The run (or walk or jog) begins shortly after and I am awestruck by the large crowd of red heading off around the park. Between us we spot many parkrun 50 t-shirts, lots of Gooner shirts and scarves, RED January and British Heart Foundations t-shirts. One of our group even sees a Dalmation wearing a red t-shirt!

As we run around the park we love spotting the wonderful wooden sculptures and other attractive scenery. What a lovely park! The faster runners are so polite and friendly as they come past at impressive speeds, and the marshals are just awesome, particularly Derek who hurls friendly abuse at us to encourage us on our way! We absolutely love the Queen music being belted out by two of the crew…. If only we were fast enough to keep up with them to hear the end of ‘Radio Ga Ga’!


All too soon our run is over, and we receive perfect treatment at the finish line, in the funnel, and as our barcodes and tokens are scanned by Laura’s wonderful eldest son Tom. We then cheer on the rest of our crew and other runners and purchase delicious cakes from the cake sale which goes on to raise £295.50 for the hospice! How completely brilliant! We then head back to the café for more caffeine and a hug with Tom, before heading to Worthing seafront for lunch before the trip home to Bedford. Whilst in the café, we are treated to a glimpse of Run Director Keith’s red boxer shorts, purchased especially for the occasion… a huge honour, since Keith is a Chelsea fan!

Whilst eating lunch we receive our parkrun texts and are delighted to realise that all 9 of us from Bedford have improved on our times from December and we all have course PBs! I think we were all powered by Laura this morning!

We had a WONDERFUL time at Bognor parkrun today and every moment was a brilliant and fitting tribute to a fabulous lady who was kind, loving, generous, funny…. and more than a little bit feisty and opinionated at times! She has left a real mark on the world and will be remembered fondly and with huge respect by so many. Whilst we are devastated to have lost her, I know that she would have been so proud of everybody today and that everything was exactly right.

There were 428 parkrunners at Bognor today – a record turnout and 41 more than the previous record!

46 people ran, walked or jogged their first Bognor parkrun today, 29 of whom where completing their first EVER parkrun. Well done everyone! Please come back for more.

Huge congratulations to Darren Edwards who reached his 50th parkrun milestone today.

Massive thanks to all the volunteers who made today’s parkrun possible, as well as ensuring it was a perfect tribute to my brilliant friend Laura Bagnall. The Bedford runners will be back soon.

If you would like to donate to St Barnabas House Hospice in Worthing in Laura’s memory, please do so via this link:



Lisa Wright


100 Volunteer Roles!

1st January, happy New Year, parkrun and my birthday. ( we'll retired) Three years ago I had never even run for a bus. Then I heard about parkrun and thought I could easily walk around Hotham Park, alongside about 140 other people. Actually after no activity it was more difficult than I thought. What I did find was a great group of people. As time progressed I was encouraged to walk/run,, then to join a local running group. Then I was injured and could not run, however so as not to loose contact with these great people, I thought perhaps I could join the merry band of volunteers. I was also encouraged to volunteer for the Junior parkrun on a Sunday and the result as shown below:-

  • Barcode Scanning: 2 times
  • Finish Token Support: 14 times
  • Finish Tokens: 55 times
  • Funnel Manager: 8 times
  • Marshal: 14 times
  • Number Checker: 4 times
  • Photographer: 2 times
  • Pre-event Setup: Once
  • Run Report Writer: Once


These last three years have given me an insight into the running world. I am still trying to complete the Cto5k, but medically had to stop running again but this has given me the opportunity to continue helping out at each parkrun. I have throughly enjoyed each week. Meeting ,tourists' from around the world , first timers and seeing people progress to various pbs, and of course meeting with all the other volunteers. If anyone is thinking of joining the team they would be most welcome. I would like to thank everyone for their helpful, friendly support. It is one of the best things I have joined.

Sylvia Endacott


Parkrun event 232

Firstly a healthy good New Year from Bognor parkrun.

So on the first of January we woke up to a typical winter scene, grey sky's, slightly damp and not overly cold.
I always enjoy visiting Bognor parkrun and seeing many friends I have known for a long time over years of running.
My local parkrun is at Cranleigh in Surrey which is a two lap cross country course with a challenging hill on route.
Rest assured a very warm welcome will always be there for you.

A good field of 309 enthusiastic parkrunners set off to walk, jog and run the course and always remember whether it is a 14 minute mile or a six minute mile it is still a mile well done to all.
The first person home was Phil Radford and congratulations to Catherine Radford in achieving her 100 milestone. I wonder if they are related ?
Please accept my apologises in a light humoured small verse below.

Double, double toil and trouble
Lugs burn and feet endure
Push a pram or perhaps bring the dog
To hang back or overtake
Conquer I can, I will and thank all marshall's on the way
One small and then three longer laps soon pass by
Things perhaps become easier or harder but the finish line appears and all is made worthwhile.
Happy parkrunning for the year ahead.

Well moving on, as it is now traditional, parkrunners can do two events on New Years day. The local parkrun at Chichester was next in call for many of us rounding off a perfect day.

Todays parkrun was made possible by our wonderful volunteers and are very much indebted to them all. A special mention to Sylvia Endacott who has helped on a 100 volunteeroles and also celebrated her birthday today. Likewise to Tony Holcombe who has assisted on 201 volunteer roles and everybody appreciates his dedication in setting up early in the morning come rain or shine.

If you are able to help in the coming weeks what ever role you would like please mail bognorregishelpers@parkrun.com

Well until this coming Saturday what ever parkrun you do enjoy the week and stay healthy.

This week 310 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 36 were first timers and 29 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 29 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 21 volunteers:

Debbie PATCHING • Julia COPELAND • Derek WINSLOW • Anita WATKINS • Tony HOLCOMBE • Eleanor RADFORD • Martyn GREAVES • Andrew MEDLOCK • Jamie MILLAR • Donna VINCENT • Sylvia ENDACOTT • Helen BISHOP • Steve BALDWIN • Sandra PIDWELL • Rachel MOCKFORD • Richard TAYLOR • Gillian TAYLOR • Graham HOWE • Wendy MORRIS • Nigel SCHOFIELD • Lynn VALE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Bognor Regis parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Rebecca MOORE who recorded a time of 17:25 on 25th June 2016 (event number 108).
The male record is held by James BAKER who recorded a time of 16:07 on 8th September 2018 (event number 214).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jane HARROP who recorded 90.95% (19:54) on 13th August 2016 (event number 114).

Bognor Regis parkrun started on 24th May 2014. Since then 6,390 participants have completed 47,111 parkruns covering a total distance of 235,555 km, including 8,221 new Personal Bests. A total of 618 individuals have volunteered 4,937 times.

My good wishes



Parkrun event 231

Having spent a few months researching various running paraphernalia and gadgetry, I was incredibly excited to receive, on Christmas day, (after lunch but before the Queen, as is our long-held family custom for present opening...) a rather gorgeous Garmin running watch complete with GPS tracking, heart rate and sleep monitoring, and steps and calorie counting...amongst other clever and intuitive things that I am yet to discover! The Queen had barely bade us a peaceful and prosperous year before I was cavorting up and down the stairs watching with glee as my step count grew!

So, the 29th December arrived; the last parkrun of 2018, and my first with my new garmin-obsession. With dreams of smashing a PB, super-keen and eager to get going, I arrived at Hotham Park at just gone 8am, finding Keith, the Run Director for the day, already in discussion with the occupants of a delivery van, and the course in the process of being set up by two hardy volunteers.

Once again, we were treated to a crisp and mild morning for the 231st Park Run at Bognor. A few leaves still holding onto branches in their autumnal colours, squirrels attempting to evade the local dogs who were out for their morning walk, and a clear sky above us all...a perfect setting for a perfect parkrun.

A happy team of volunteers soon gathered and the sound of friendly banter filled the air. The volunteers at Bognor parkrun are genuinely some of the nicest people you will ever meet – quick to extend a warm welcome to anyone new and ready to help, support and encourage any and everyone. I can heartily recommend joining the volunteering rota as a way to get to experience a different view of parkrun – it's great fun, really.


316 runners arrived – all looking splendid in varying arrays of fluorescent lycra and following a First Timer's welcome by Eleanor, Keith led the general Welcome and Information Briefing.

A round of applause was offered for our 14 first timers, and for visiting parkrun Tourists, along with celebrations for those who had reached parkrun Milestones including Nathan Bilham – 50, and Carl Bryant 150!


There certainly seemed to be more of us than usual setting off on the course, and as ever, the crowd was made up of all kinds of runners – some with buggies, some with dogs, some wearing headphones, some carrying speakers. Speedy runners quickly lapping those of us who may have regretted that one extra portion of Christmas pudding! I have to say, I missed the Christmas songs, santa hats and sound of tinkling bells this week, having grown accustomed to them over the last month! It was great, as ever to be encouraged around the course by the team of marshals, as we counted one short lap, then three times past "Derek in the Alley".

33 new PB's were recorded – huge congratulations to all!

It is always heart-warming to witness the faces of runners as we finish – determination, achievement, pride in having done our best – especially when sometimes it may not be the accolade of a PB, but "just finishing it" becomes the goal.

So, there it is, 2018 parkrun's are now done. What ever ups and downs the year held, we can look forward to a new year, new start, new goals and adventures.

Oh, you may be wondering how I got on with my new running watch? Well, as it happens...I was half way around the first lap before it dawned on me that I hadn't even pressed the button to turn the timer on!!

Still...there will be plenty of opportunities in 2019 – starting with the Park Run on January 1st! See you there?

Happy New Year!


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