Bognor Regis parkrun is cancelled on 24 October 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

parkrun Celebration Bench

There was a very special occasion in Hotham Park this morning when Bognor Regis Mayor, Councillor Phil Woodall unveiled the Bognor Regis parkrun Celebration Bench. The Mayor was ably assisted by Ben Bowers (Co-founder) and myself.

Mayor and Ray

The bench celebrates the positive impact that our parkrun has had on many of our lives. The bench also celebrates the lives of some of our regular parkrunners who have sadly died. I'm sure that many of you will remember John Blakeley, Laura Bagnall and Peter Chittenden, their names have been recorded on the bench as a lovely reminder of friends we have lost.


It would have been wonderful to announce the unveiling in time to invite you all to come along, maybe before parkrun on a Saturday morning, but sadly that is not possible at the moment. Nevertheless it was fantastic to see some familiar faces in the park this morning. Let's all hope it won't be too long before we can all gather again.

parkrunners 2

Next time you are in the park perhaps you can take a few minutes to sit on the bench and take a while to remember some of the great times we have had, and good friends we have made through parkrun.

I particularly want to thank Ray Blackwell and Sylvia Endacott for their hard work in arranging for the installation of the bench. I know they have both dedicated a lot of time and effort to making it happen.

Take care all, hope to see you soon.



parkrun Report – 6th Birthday Weekend

Armbands - check. Goggles - check. Rubber ring - check.

Not my usual parkrun kit however this isn’t a usual parkrun. It’s a 6th lockdown birthday celebration, themed as ‘A Day at the Beach!’ Luckily the weather reflects this perfectly, so where better to run on a hot day like today than along the coast!

Darren Saich birthday parkrun

To say I got some strange looks during my 5k run would be an understatement. Although I quickly lost the unsightly goggles and bouncy rubber ring, the rest of the dodgy-matching attire remained. Not the easiest accessories to run in, especially in such heat, but anything for a laugh!

The sun was beating down on me whilst glaring my view ahead, but the cool breeze from the sea was soothing. With my AirPods turned up and my run in full swing, I was thankful for parkrun for all the fond memories over the years passed.

I missed our usual events in Hotham Park. The sound of excited crowds gathering, the rewards and recognition from the director, the ‘GO!’ whistle at 9am sharp. However, our parkrun family remains strong and I know we’ll be closer than ever when we reunite one more.

Darren Saich


Results for the Bognor Regis 6th Birthday notparkrun Event

Below are the results for the Bognor Regis 6th Birthday notparkrun Event, sorry about the format - it's the best that my limited technical abilities can produce. Thank you to all who took part, I was overwhelmed by the response. I've had some lovely messages and this event has really brought home how much we are missing parkrun, so much more than just a run in the park. There will be some more posts and pictures over the next week or so which I hope you will enjoy. Stay safe everyone. (Anita)

Overall Position Name Time Gender Position
1 Byron Kearns 00:19:41 1
2 Ian Harriss 00:21:31 2
3 Donna Strowger 00:21:48 1
4 Peter Ramsdale 00:22:11 3
5 David Rowe 00:23:04 4
6 Sarah Brockwell 00:23:39 2
7 Sarah Mercer 00:24:17 3
8 Laura Lex 00:25:41 4
9 Ben Leney 00:26:13 5
10 Lauren Toop 00:26:28 5
11 Paul Taylor Searle 00:26:59 6
12 Kirstee Porter 00:27:07 6
13 Allen Porter 00:27:08 7
14 Sarah Spurr 00:27:35 7
15 Catriona Power 00:27:45 8
16 Sharon Rowe 00:27:52 9
17 Helena Wilmers 00:28:37 10
18 Peter Millyard 00:28:41 8
19 Colin Godfey 00:29:26 9
20 John Biggins 00:29:45 10
21 Kerry May 00:29:47 11
22 Gabrielle Biggins 00:30:05 12
23 April Martin 00:30:11 13
24 Mick James 00:30:14 11
25 Matthew Tarrant 00:30:30 12
26 Susan Brigstock-Parker 00:30:48 14
27 Sam Martin 00:31:07 13
28 Alison Gilbert 00:31:19 15
29 Helen Freeman 00:31:31 16
30 Charlotte Widdows 00:31:31 17
31 David Sinclair 00:31:36 14
32 Dave Boddy 00:31:55 15
33 Lyn Bryant-Nichols 00:31:58 18
34 Nichole Michelle 00:32:04 19
35 Emma Tidmarsh 00:32:04 20
36 Mike Fryer 00:33:10 16
37 Wendy Brockwell 00:33:40 21
38 Sarah Gibbons 00:33:41 22
39 Elaine Cruttenden 00:34:04 23
40 Des Daymond 00:34:05 17
41 Laura Cowens 00:34:07 24
42 Sarah Freeman Smith 00:34:36 25
43 Darren Saich 00:34:51 18
44 Sarah Lee Jones 00:34:56 26
45 Bathing Belle 00:35:12 27
46 Lisa Broad 00:35:33 28
47 Carol Schofield 00:35:46 29
48 Kate Southgate 00:35:49 30
49 Jayne Marshall 00:36:49 31
50 Karen Butcher 00:36:50 32
51 Judi Bond 00:37:12 33
52 Anita Watkins 00:37:27 34
53 Louise Cawte 00:38:22 35
54 Zilla Howard 00:40:54 36
55 Michael Howard 00:40:54 19
56 Ray Blackwell 00:42:18 20
57 Julia Copeland 00:42:33 37
58 Gillian Taylor 00:42:40 38
59 Richard Taylor 00:42:40 21
60 Catherine Hemsley 00:43:08 39
61 Sophie Gilbert 00:44:39 40
62 Michael Millyard 00:45:01 22
63 Brenda Glendenning 00:45:46 41
64 Alan Stanier 00:47:01 23
65 Jan Millyard 00:48:58 42
66 Sylvia Endacott 00:49:40 43
67 Simon Hazelden 00:50:01 24
68 Claire Tarrant 00:52:04 44
69 Jean Morris 00:52:27 45
70 Nigel Schofield 00:53:35 25
71 Sue Taylor-Searle 00:54:15 46
72 Colin May 00:54:37 26
73 Sharon John 01:14:00 47


Meet the parkrunner

Jason Rae

My name is Jason and in October 2013 I was asked to research a 5km community run for Arun Wellbeing because they had available funding to assist with changing the sedentary lifestyles many people in the area had and the long term impact it had on Health Services etc. Fast forward to May 2014 the route had been chosen – (Hotham Park won over the promenade), the core team had been established and we were ready for the Inaugural Bognor Regis parkrun.


In December 2014 I got a Jack Russell pup called Dave who was to be my Cani cross dog but the last 5½ years he has done everything he can to avoid running although his parkrun pb is 25 mins including loo stop!! dave copy Now he does a lap or 2 before laying down and refusing to run if he is on his lead.

I stepped down as Event Director after 3 years, but have been back to help out a few times since, usually one of the RD stints over the xmas period. It has been amazing seeing not only how the weekly numbers have grown during its life so far, but also how the park infrastructure has improved to accommodate the growing number of runners who now come along (about 350 per week from the original average of about 95-100), and also how the core team has changed all bringing little ideas to improve the event. It has been inspiring to see and hear about runners who have become friends progress from being worried about completing a parkrun to finishing Half Marathons, Marathons and Ultras.

I’m currently on about 70 marathons and ultras myself, including a couple of quirky ones around Preston Park Cycle track a few night time marathons and just recently a marathon in my back garden during the restrictions on movement. parkrun certainly changed my weekends for the better and it will be interesting to see how it adapts to the world we will live in once we know what the new normal is going to be. Its hard to believe it is 6 years since I had the privilege of climbing on to that bench near the mini railway station and very nervously said Good Morning Everyone and welcome to the inaugural Bognor Regis parkrun. Here’s to the next 6 years and beyond.



6th Birthday notparkrun event

It's hard to believe it is almost 6 years since parkrun came to Bognor Regis. Our event has grown, and new friendships have been forged and there have been all sorts of amazing achievements from all kinds of members of our parkrun family. I've been going through some of the 25,000 odd photographs on our flickr account and have come across some real gems. Here is one of the awesome team of volunteers at the very first Bognor Regis parkrun on 24 May 2014.


There are also lots of pictures from our anniversary events over the years. Here are some classics from our second birthday to make you smile.


It made me a little sad that we won't be able to get together to celebrate this year, but I decided that we should still mark the occasion in some way. So here it is -

For One Week Only!

Our anniversary weekend will stage the Bognor Regis notparkrun Anniversary Event.

The rules are simple....

1) Run, walk, jog or skip any 5K course on Saturday 23 May or Sunday 24 May.
2) Email your time, Strava, Garmin whatever other app you may use to record to by 18:00 on Monday 25 May.
3) Include your parkrun barcode number - you know the rule. No barcode; no result
4) This is a notparkrun event. Your notparkrun must not include any part of our regular parkrun route, so no notparkrun events including Hotham Park will be included in the results. I know we all miss it, but there are good reasons why we are actively discouraging the use of parkrun courses at this time. Especially on Saturday mornings!
5) The results will be published here as soon as I've got them together. (I've no idea how many of you will want to take part, and normal result processing tools are not available for this event)

You may remember that our anniversary events have traditionally had a fancy dress theme, so this is your chance to convince your neighbours you are completely bonkers! The theme this year will be 'A Day at the Beach', so raid your dressing up boxes or dig out your Speedos! If you aren't feeling quite that brave then wear a parkrun milestone or apricot shirt if you have one and be sure to post pictures of your notparkrun on our Facebook page.

If you'd like to write us a run report of your notparkrun event that would be fantastic. Email it to and we'll publish it here.

Who's going to join me in staging Bognor Regis notparkrun anniversary event?


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