Bolton parkrun Event #120 – 06/07/2013 and Bolton parkrun Event #121 – 13/07/2013 – Event Report


The One with two reports in One...


Owing mainly to Ali’s busy, jetsetting lifestyle and the subsequent lack of time to sit and address you all via the medium of run reportage, you get a bumper edition of the Bolton parkrun Event Report this week, covering the goings-on at both event 120 (July 6th) and event 121 (July 13th). Although, I must warn you at the outset that, due to my own Saturday-working commitments (utter professional that I am) I wasn’t at last week’s event, therefore there probably will be some element of ‘Chinese Whispers’ (I am allowed to still use that phrase in this PC day and age, aren’t I?!) about everything I write on the subject of event #120.

I must also warn you that, despite this technically being parkrun report2, there will not be an exponential growth in the content, wit, humour or accuracy of detail.

So to start at the beginning; as you know, at parkrun we pride ourselves on the safety and wellbeing of our runners – a cone here, a marshal there, lots of forewarning and a close familiarity with our beloved Risk Assessment forms. To this end, we always lay out bright yellow cones to alert you all to the knee-high stumps halfway down the path behind the football pitches, roughly a 700m into the run. Generally-speaking, we don’t have any problems, such is our planning and preparation. What we have never factored into this assessment, however, is the four-legged runners. This oversight was brought sharply into focus when Andrew Hill’s poor little pooch went head first into one of the stumps. Apparently he was no worse for it, but full credit to the furry trooper for completing the 5k nevertheless! (as a post-script, myself and Row spent a good hour trying to come up with dog breed-based puns for the incident – our best were ‘SchnOWzer’, ‘D’oh-berman’, ‘Chih-ow-ow’ and ‘Bashett Hound’…give us your best efforts!)

In other important news from event #120, we welcomed Fran Johnson to the 50 club – Fran has given the men in her life something of a headstart, as husband Paul (106) and sons Peter (101) and Anthony (80) all managed to build comfortable parkrun totals, but she is now hot on their heels – well done Fran! Johnson family friend Ian Riggs was the latest member of our parkrun family to reach 100 runs, having run 96 of them with us at Leverhulme Park. Good parkrunning, Ian!

In the results part of the report from event 120, Martyn Bell (Horwich RMI Harriers) was first finisher, with a rapid 16.39s, ahead of Paul Freary (Belgrave Harriers) in 17.15s and Tony Cullen (Bury AC) in 17.29s.

In terms of lady finishers, Louise Mort was first to finish in 23.01s with Linda Leyland behind her in 23.43s and Olivia Kearney (Bolton United Harriers and AC) in 24.10s.

And that concludes the event 120 section of this report…continue reading for event 121:


The Second One


Welcome to another parkrun report – it doesn’t seem five minutes since I wrote the last one…

Event number 121 was my first one back at Leverhulme in a little while, after trips in the intervening period to Durham (hot stuff) – my ‘original’ event, at which I cut my parkrun teeth as founding Event Director before moving to the north west - and Congleton (even hotter stuff), my ‘local’ event, which I managed to sneak in before working last Saturday. As is always the way when you’ve been away for a while, it was nice to be back at my ‘home’ event, though, and enjoy the unique spirit of the Boltonian parkrunner.

And it wasn’t just me showing my face at parkrun this weekend, as we had a big old field of 204 runners, the seventh consecutive event at which we have surpassed the 200-runner mark. Among the field this week was Scandinavian duo Dennins Ejler Kjeldgaard Nielsen and Sören Overgaard Larsen (my Danish is rusty, I hope I have got both your names right guys!) who arrived on Friday night, visiting friends in Bolton. I didn’t catch the names of the Bolton regulars who brought Dennins and Sören along, but we hope they’ll both join in with a run once they get back to Copenhagen!


With a number of local events happening at the weekend, we found we were inundated with volunteer offers – a situation we love to be in! As you know, parkrun wouldn’t happen without the generosity of time, spirit and effort of our volunteer marshals, scanners, token-givers, funnel managers and general supporters of parkrun. So a big heartfelt thank you to Alan Worthington, Tony Foster, Dave Hitchen, Dylan Taylor, Elizabeth Mole, Finlay Coyne,  Gareth Monger,  Gary Furness, Graeme McDonald, Janet Taylor, John Hall, Judith Bonnar, Julie Bower, Kath Henderson, Malcolm Pittock Marisa Frot, Mel Walker, Paul Duke, Peter Whiteside, Philip Pickering, Richard Clegg, Sarah Jenkinson, Shirley Tull and Ste Yates. Phew!


Such was the size of the assembled marshals at the top of Cinder Hill (you know, the downhill part of the two-lap loop) that the cacophony they made was matched for sheer ‘loudness’ only by Rowan’s luminous-orange footwear. A bit bright, weren’t they?



You may have spotted our roving photographer this weekend, Richard Clegg. Richard was dotting around the course getting some snaps, all of which appear on his website. We’ll be making them available on our Flickr page, too. On the subject of photography – please let us know if you would prefer not to feature in the shots from the event and we can remove your pics from the album/s.




We presented our latest raft of 100 and 50 T shirts at the weekend, recognising the efforts of those runners who have reached the landmark figures in recent weeks. On the receiving end were Clair Marland and Lorraine Halwood, who both took home red ‘50’ Tees, and the aforementioned Ian Riggs, who picked up his 100 Tee and jacket.

There is currently something of a delay with certain sizes of T-shirt at HQ, so if you are waiting to receive yours, we appreciate your patience; as soon as they arrive with us, we’ll hand them over to you in the next pre-Run Brief.



The first three finishers this week were Thomas Harrison, in 18.55s, Catherine O’Dwyer (Bolton United Harriers and AC) in 19.11s and Paul Thompson in 19.55s.

Currently the annual points competition standings look like this:


1. Tristan Kent - 2094 pts.
2. Robert Short (Burnden Road Runners) - 1985 pts.
3. Ian Riggs - 1677 pts.


1. Olivia Kearney (Bolton United Harriers & AC) - 1947 pts.
2. Judith Bonnar - 1898 pts.
3. Helen Harper - 1575 pts.


This week at Bolton parkrun there were:

  • 204 runners
  • 18 were first timers
  • 43 recorded new Personal Bests
  • Representatives of 15 different athletics clubs took part.


Just before we go, I wanted to say a big well done to all those folk who completed the Radcliffe Three-Day Challenge, all those who ran the Race for Life and the many parkrun faces who either participated or marshalled at the NHS Fun Tri. Reports suggest all three were great events and demonstrate the strength and popularity of running (and cycling and swimming) in the local area at the moment.


As ever, please do continue to keep in touch with us, (Facebook, Twitter or email give us your feedback or comments and let us know if you fancy having a go at volunteering – we have many roles available every week, so we’d be delighted to have you along to help. The added bonus, for those of you who weren’t already aware, is that for each of the first three events that you volunteer at each year, you’ll be gifted a huge 100 parkrun points – that is the equivalent points reward of finishing first! So it’s definitely worth the effort – and, of course, helps to ensure the continuing success of your local parkrun.


That’s definitely it for this, your bumper parkrun2 report, I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it. Take care in the heat this week, whether you’re out running, cycling, walking or just basking in the sun – cover up and stay hydrated!

See you all soon



Bolton parkrun Event Director/Chinese Whisperer


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