Bolton parkrun have had more than their share of cancellations during this dreadful winter when nature seems to be reserving its worst weather for Friday night/Saturday morning, so although it was pouring down at 8:30 am, there was some relief that it was 6℃ and the course wasn't covered in snow or ice. The rain actually stopped about ten minutes to nine which was welcome, but the course was still under a little water in places, especially straight after the track and along the bottom.


Among the announcements at the start we had a presentation to Dave Hitchen who has volunteered over 200 times (did I hear that right?) and travels every week to do his duties at Leverhulme Park from York (did I hear that right too?) Anyway, even if I have got those wrong, what I haven't got wrong is that Dave has been recognised as Volunteer of the Month by parkrun UK and Vitality. Well done Dave. Well deserved.

Among those running anniversary runs (more of them later) there were lots of First Timers from the two Darwen Running Clubs (the Dashers and Running Group).


We don't know the time of the first placed runner this week but I know he was fast. When you are running at 37-minute pace (as I was) you get to see the front people as you are running down from Cruella for the first time (and they are running downwards for the second time) and I can confirm that the leader was moving very quickly. Josh Birmingham was inspired to run a Personal Best in second place taking 28 seconds from his time of last week in his 12th parkrun, half of which have been at Bolton. James France was one of the 45 Darwen Dashers who ran and he finished in 3rd position, his 3rdtop 3 finish in 15 Bolton parkruns.


The first lady to finish was Vicki Hamer of Burnden Roadrunners who was running at Bolton for the 79th time.


There were 15 runners who managed to run a Personal Best time, taking advantage of the weather improvement. All aboard the PB Express for Josh Birminghan, Simon Taylor, Mick Taylor, Kirk Webster, Robert Pilling, Neil Wharmby, Matthew Connell, Jane Wardle, Leslie Greensitt, Jan Taylor, Karen Johnston, Daniel Guest, Natalie Waite, Hugh Williams and August Aldred.


CATEGORY RECORDS: There were no new Category records set this week.


129 runners were ladies and 182 were men, and there were 30 juniors. Don't forget that while we love the youngsters running with us, if the junior is under the age of 11 they MUST be accompanied at all times during the run by an adult, which doesn't have to be a parent, but should ideally be someone they know.


There were 43 First Timers who joined the parkrun party at Bolton of which 31 were running a parkrun for the very first time and joining the ever growing parkrun family. Now you have done that first run why not come back next week and set a new Personal Best time. At Bolton we average 24 First Timers every week, so well over the average this week.


On Saturday there were 14 runners who were shown as 'unknown'. It's terrible to have a brilliant run, maybe get a Personal Best, maybe even finish in FIRST PLACE (!) and then fail to have it recognised because you have no barcode. PLEASE .... Don't Forget Your Barcode. Need a new barcode? Or would you like your result as a text? Follow the link to your profile from your latest results email. And remember please don't take home the finish tokens. They are not souveniers ........  DON'T BE A TOKEN MAGPIE. Also, just a reminder that you cannot produce your barcode as a photograph on a mobile telephone which is not one of the many official ways of having your time recorded. There are not many rules at parkrun but due to the nightmare of administrating people who don't have a barcode, there are no exceptions: no barcode – no time.




The Burnden Roadrunners are closing in on having 10,000 finishers at Bolton parkrun, far more than any other running club. They are currently on 9,775 and I think they should reach that milestone by mid May. Who will it be?

On Saturday the Darwen Dashers became the first and only running club in Bolton parkrun history to have more than 250 different appear at Leverhulme Park.


Runners celebrating milestones with us this week:

Brendan Connaughton - 175 runs, of which 160 have been at Bolton. Brendan ran at Bolton for the first time in March 2013 and has broken his Personal Best 13 times.

Louise Geoghegan – 100 runs, of which 94 have been at Bolton. Louise gets herself a jet black 100-run commemorative T-shirt for this milestone. She first ran at Bolton in October 2013 and has broken her Personal Best on 12 occasions, the current PB set almost 4 years ago.

Helen Varnom – 50 runs of which 44 have been at Bolton. Helen gets herself a Cardinal Red 50-run commemorative T-shirt .

Daniel Guest – 10 runs with all 10 having been run at Bolton. Daniel gets himself a junior white 10-run T-shirt and has got the bug having completed his 10 in the last 15 weeks. To celebrate his 10th run he ran a Personal Best (his 8th in 10 weeks) taking 3 seconds from his time of 2 runs ago.


And those who are knocking on the celebration door include:

Neil Bonnar – 274 runs

Brian Mather – 199 runs

Timothy Green – 199 runs

Vicky Spencer – 124 runs

Ethan Wallace - 99 runs

Joanne Larke – 74 runs

These runners are just 5k short of their personal milestones.


Number of Commemorative T-shirts on show today:

Junior White (10 runs) – 10 runners

Cardinal Red (50 runs) – 51 runners

Jet Black (100 runs) – 64 runners

Green (250 runs) – 10 runners

Blue (500) – 0 runners


The top 5 attendees this week were:

Barry Shackleton (Darwen Dashers) 353 runs

Kenneth Warner 309 runs

Ian Riggs 298 runs

Karen Shackleton (Darwen Dashers) 298 runs

Paul McGreavy 286 runs

These five runners have completed 1,544 parkruns between them.


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There are some brilliant photos on Facebook and Flickr, mainly taken by Dave Hitchen so if you are on one of them, feel free to copy it for your personal collection.


Want to give feedback? Have anything to say or want anyone mentioned in future run reports?  Are there any corrections needed to this report? Please e-mail


IS IT YOUR BIRTHDAY? We have an "It's my Birthday" bib which you can wear on the way around the course so that the marshalls and other runners can shout nice things as you run past. And you're certain to get your photo taken and a mention in the report. So, if it's your birthday, make it known to the Race Director before the run starts.


FANCY being a pacer? We have a range of waistcoats if you wish to do a service to some fellow runners by getting them around the course in a certain time. And get yourself a volunteer credit at the same time?


VOLUNTEERS – REMEMBER that parkrun can only take place weekly because of the volunteers and marshalls who give up their time on a Saturday morning. If you want to get involved, email This week, we had 32 credited volunteers so thank you all, and we hope you enjoyed the less cold atmosphere.

And potential runners remember that to officially take part at Bolton (or any other parkrun anywhere) you need to be registered at but you only need to register once and the barcode they give you will be needed each week when you have finished the run. DON'T FORGET YOUR BARCODE.


Bolton parkrun started on the 5th February 2011 with 60 runners and 8 volunteers. The course record was set on 22nd April by Michael Cayton in 15:46, and the female course record was set by Elizabeth Greenwood in March 2012 at 18:22. There have been 8,686 different runners on the course, representing 392 different running clubs, and they have completed 79,720 runs. THIS MEANS it is almost certain that the 80,000th finisher will cross the line this weekend. The average attendance is 223 every week and there have been 13,747 Personal Bests. Our attendance record is 448 which was set in June last year, and Bolton parkrunners have completed 398,600Km and have been running for 4 years and 153 days.


And that's it for the report for run #355. If you fancy writing a run report, and putting your slant on it, get in touch. We would love to hear from you. See you all again in a few weeks.


Barry Shackleton