Bracknell parkrun #300 (The one with cake!)

Bracknell parkrun #300 (The one with cake!)

Bracknell parkrun #300

28th May 2022 

Report writer: Ian Hitching

Where are we off to this week? Bracknell. Why are we going there? It is their 300th parkrun. What time do we have to leave? About 6.30 should be fine. OK, I will sleep in the car on the way there!

So, on a lovely parkrunday we headed off to Bracknell. When we got there I introduced myself to the Team who were setting up.

Having taken a photo on front of the Bracknell parkrun sign, (compulsory for all parkrun Tourists!) I had a look around to see what Bracknell parkrun had to offer. There was cake!

At 8.50 we went to the first timers briefing. We found out that there were visitors from Leeds, Manchester and Poole among other places that I can’t remember. Sorry! We were then told to watch out for the roots in the woods even though the flour fairy had been. Weird!

We were soon off the the start line and after the briefing by the Run Director, Jane Ralls, it was 3-2-1 and we were off.

run report 300 pic 1


Around the park and into the woods for the first time. We were soon “diddling” around the woods. This is what one of the locals told me that it was called so it must be true. Sure enough, the flour fairy had been but you still had to watch your feet. We then emerged from the woods close to the start line and headed off around the field again. This time we headed off left towards the football pitches and then snake alley. Luckily I didn’t see any snakes! Then past the nettles up the slight incline, back towards the field. We could see the finish line ahead but we were sent left around the field, back through the woods for another circuit. As we came out onto the field again we could see the finish line ahead. Not sure if we were supposed to go around the bench or not, it seemed optional. Then it was time for the “sprint” finish. I managed to pass a couple of people in the last few metres. “Not fair”, said one runner, but it’s every man for himself at the end!

run report 300 pic 2

After collecting my finish token and getting it scanned it was time for cake. There were 2 to choose from, both with Parkrun 300 written on them. I went for the chocolate one. I can highly recommend it.

run report 300 pic 3

There were 3 first timers Ram Subedi, Leo Caunt and Richard Clark. Welcome. We hope to see you again soon. There were also 11 doing their 2nd parkrun so welcome back to them.

Parkrun is not a race but the first person home was Daniel Rose (for the 15th time!) in a time of 18.18.

The first lady was Paula Holmes (for the 2nd week running) in a time of 23.25 (a new PB).

We all followed them through the line until the tail walker, Anna Fieldsend, finished with a time of 52.32

run report 300 pic 4

Full results and event history are here:

results | Bracknell parkrun

Congratulations to Heather Sinclair who was volunteering for the 100th time and to Jenavieve Amy Bassett, the junior, who was running her 25th parkrun.

A big thank you to all the amazing volunteers. Parkrun could not happen without them:


If you would like to volunteer in the next few weeks then please visit the volunteer roster.

future roster | Bracknell parkrun

Same time next week everybody? There may be cake!



Bracknell parkrun #298

Bracknell parkrun #298 14th May 2022

A beautiful early summer morning greeted participants at Bracknell parkrun this week. 233 runners and walkers took part, enjoying good conditions underfoot with the mud of the winter a distant memory.

Bracknell parkrun 20220514 (20)

We welcomed tourists from as far apart as Florida and Woodley and ten people doing their very first parkrun at Bracknell with 25 first timers trying out the Bracknell course this week. Hope to see you again soon. Congratulations to Terry Eldridge running his 100th run and Kyle Rhodes doing his 50th parkrun.

This week was a huge celebration for two of Bracknell parkrun’s staunchest supporters Rhona Stainthorp and Allan Quimby who ran their 250th parkrun’s today and brought magnificent cake to help everyone celebrate with them.

Bracknell parkrun 20220514 (2)

Bracknell parkrun 20220514 (1)

Rhona and Allan started taking part in parkrun in July 2015 at Bracknell’s 14th parkrun and in total they have run 435 parkruns of their joint 500 at Bracknell. They have clearly enjoyed parkrun so much that they have made the effort to enjoy parkrun tourism whilst on their travels, taking part in parkruns in France, Sweden and Australia. In addition they have volunteered 173 times between them over that time. It was lovely to celebrate with them and old friends and we look forward to seeing them proudly sporting their green 250 T shirts soon.

Bracknell parkrun 20220514 (10)

Bracknell parkrun 20220514 (24)

This week there were 37 Personal Bests, well done to everyone especially David Dwyer, Marc Maynard, Claire Welch, Dan Porter, Paul Allen and Janet Rogers who have all run over 50 times at Bracknell and set new PBs this week.

Thank you as always to the volunteers without which the event couldn’t take place:-

Alan, Allan, Andrew, Anna, Anne, Chloe, David, Doug, Evie, Heather, Isabelle, Jane, John, Lisa, Marnie, Nicki, Pacey, Paul, Rhona, Richard, Robin, Sam, Samantha, Samuel, Simon, Steve, Suzannah and Yuvaan were this week’s parkrun heroes.

Bracknell parkrun 20220514 (26)

Next week is the 299th Bracknell parkrun with the 300th run just around the corner. Remember that volunteers are always very welcome. Check out the website to see the volunteer roster or email if you can help.

This week 233 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 25 were first timers and 37 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 28 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 28 volunteers:

Samantha WHALLEY • Lisa BRISCOE • Nicki THORPE • Jane LIGHT • Robin BRISCOE • Richard DOOGAN • Alan WARRINGTON • Simon LIGHT • Paul SCOTT • Isabelle THORPE • Doug BRADY • Rhona STAINTHORP • Allan QUIMBY • Heather SINCLAIR • Sam NOAKES • Andrew THORPE • Evie FOLWELL • Marnie FIELDSEND • Anna FIELDSEND • John BAKER • Chloe NAISBY • David HOUSE • Samuel YOUNG • Pacey GEORGE • Steve PROWER • Anne BEST • Yuvaan CHANDY • Suzannah YOUNG

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Bracknell parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Richard ALLEN who recorded a time of 16:46 on 10th December 2016 (event number 91).
The female record is held by Sophie QUIRK who recorded a time of 17:54 on 29th July 2017 (event number 125).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jessica WHITE who recorded 88.45% (23:05) on 11th January 2020 (event number 253).

Bracknell parkrun started on 4th April 2015. Since then 11,684 participants have completed 88,919 parkruns covering a total distance of 444,595 km, including 14,767 new Personal Bests. A total of 888 individuals have volunteered 7,557 times.



Bracknell parkrun #292 – our 7th Birthday

Bracknell parkrun Event #292

Report writer: Rhona Stainthorp

Photographer: Vicki George

Now we are seven!

Happy Birthday dear Bracknell Happy Birthday to us


Run number 292 was our seventh birthday bash. Seven years ago on Saturday April 4th 2015 the inaugural run in Great Hollands took place. There were 301 finishers and 21 volunteers with the Mayor attending to start the whole thing off.

This is what it looked like:



No prizes for spotting some of the differences. The old pavilion has disappeared as have the bright yellow hi viz jackets worn by the volunteers. And these excited participants were looking forward to running three times round the anticlockwise course. All change.

Fast forward seven years (skirting round the interim two and a half circuit course) and here we are April 2nd 2022, 225 finishers looking forward to running just two times round the figure of eight route.


But note how posh we are these days with our own Bracknell banner.


Here Lisa briefs the volunteers who now have stylish raspberry high viz jackets:


Four of the finishers this week were part of the original group in the inaugural run: Andy Scott, Dave Thomas, Naomi Taylor-Bennett and Royston Crandley. Joining them running this week were seven of the Run #1 volunteer group from 2015: Andy Mann, Chris Vaal, Chris Aitken, Naomi Aitken, Elvira Langley, Jane Light and Robin Briscoe. They are all testament to the strong community ethos of parkrun and our great Bracknell event in particular.

There were 37 wonderful volunteers this week: Alan BAYLIS, Andy SCOTT, Anne BEST, Ashley PAYNE, Ben HULL, Ben O'KANE, Claire LYTTON, David BLACKBURNE, Doug BRADY, Evie FOLWELL, Fin O'KANE, Gary GIBBONS, Georgina COOPE, Harvey FINESTONE, Isabelle THORPE, Jane RALLS, John BAKER, Karen SPICK, Kerry SCOTT, Lisa BRISCOE, Liza HIDE-SMITH, Max DAVIES-ELSBURY, Miriam STALLARD, Nicki THORPE, Nicky WRIGHT, Pacey GEORGE, Paul SCOTT, Rhona STAINTHORP, Rhonda HARROWER, Richard COOPE, Robin BRISCOE, Royston CRANDLEY, Simon LIGHT, Stephanie GREENWOOD, Stephen SCOTT, Steve PROWER, Vicki GEORGE.

To join them, receive a namecheck and receive the satisfaction of knowing you will have the grateful thanks of every runner just go to, find out how to select a task and then email Simple.

In previous birthday runs we have had the dubious pleasure of running the course the wrong way round, but this week it was much friendlier. We had 10 pacers all volunteering to help people hit their target time.


And here they are in action

Picture9 Picture10 Picture11 Picture12 Picture13 Picture14 Picture15 Picture16 Picture18 Picture19 Picture20

As the years have gone by, more and more participants have joined the various parkrun achievement clubs and earned the right to run in club colours:

Picture21 Picture22 Picture23 Picture24

The very first person ever into the Bracknell funnel was Ben Martin-Dye in 17:58 with Siana Jones being the first female in 21:40.

All results are important but the first three named males this week were (I don’t count unknowns):

  1. Theo (JM11-14) in 19:35, 72.43% age grade.
  2. Peter MANNION (VM60-64) from Windle Valley Runners, in 18:39, 80.64% age grade.
  3. Martin GRAHAM (SM30-34) in 20:15, 64.77% age grade.

The first three females were:

  1. Isabel (JW11-14) in 20:30, 76.67% age grade this was a new PB for Isabel
  2. Katherine PRIESTLEY (VW45-49) from Windle Valley Runners in 23:52, 68.58% age grade. This was also a new PB for Katherine.
  3. Heather SINCLAIR (VW50-54)in 24:45, 69.43% age grade

The top three age grade runners were:

  1. Peter MANNION (VM60-64) from Windle Valley Runners, 80.64% age grade.
  2. Isabel (JW11-14) 76.67% age grade.
  3. J.d DANIEL (VM55-59) from Bracknell AC, 73.38% age grade.

Altogether there were 47 new PBs this week. That’s 21% of the field.

Seven people chose to make their very first parkrun this week and four seasoned parkrunners decided to sample the delights of Bracknell for the first time. Just one milestone to celebrate: Artur KACZMARSKI made his 25th run.

But Saturday morning at Bracknell sees everybody celebrated. This week was just that little bit more special with beautiful birthday cakes for us all to enjoy.

A real feast.

Picture6 Picture7



We will all just have to run that bit faster next week to work off the calories.

All the lovely photographs here were taken by Vicki George. The complete set can be found at: However, at the main photograph tab on the Bracknell website you will find a smiling Kerry and Andy


How Kerry manages to keep that smile going every week is amazing. And that includes making sure the Sunday junior parkrun goes equally efficiently.

A bit of rain is forecast for the rest of the week, but Saturday should be good, and no sign of the heavy frost we had for the birthday bash. The course was positively smooth so it might allow for some further PBs – who knows.


The Bracknell statistics for the last seven years are:

Events: 292     Finishers: 11,504        Finishes: 87,551          Groups: 645

Average finishers per week: 299.8     Volunteers: 879          PBs: 14,559

Average finish time: 00:31:53            Average finishes per participant: 7.6

Female record: Sophie QUIRK – 17:54 – Event 125 (29 Jul 2017)

Male record: Richard ALLEN – 16:46 – Event 91 (10 Dec 2016)

Age graded record: Jessica WHITE - 88.45% 23:05 – Event 253 (11 Jan 2020)



Bracknell parkrun #289 12th March 2022

Bracknell parkrun #289

12th March 2022 

Report writer: Rhona Stainthorp

Well -  Bracknell were back home again this week after bad weather compromised the course on the 5th March.  I hope you found somewhere good for a tourist visit.  We just went down the road to Sandhurst, who were happy to play host to a number of Bracknell regulars.

During the week the weather hadn’t been too bad and this Saturday morning it started dry and definitely warmer than earlier Saturdays. The cricket field was still a bit squelchy and it behoves us all to stick to the path even though the mud is positively like a cosmetic mudpack for the ankles.  For those fast runners it was a glorious morning and no doubt they were home and showered long before the weather changed.  For the rest of us – and all the wonderful volunteers – this was a four seasons morning.  About 9:30 it seemed as though the gods were smiling kindly and sending us a little gentle rain from heaven.  Then suddenly the temperature dropped, the wind blew up and the rain drops turned to torrential hail. For a little while it was a positive Tempest, but all part of the fun.


Grateful thanks go to these 25 people who volunteered to ensure the event happened as smoothly as always: Alan WARRINGTON, Andy SCOTT, Anne BEST, Charlotte REID, Chloe NAISBY, Chris ASHENDEN, Danny MCIVOR, Darren WOOD, Doug BRADY, Emma GRIGGS, Evie FOLWELL, Freya WALLIS, Harvey FINESTONE, Janet ROGERS, John BAKER, Jon WEBB, Kerry SCOTT, Max DAVIES-ELSBURY, Pacey GEORGE, Paul SCOTT, Rhona STAINTHORP, Rhonda HARROWER, Richard DOOGAN, Steve PROWER, V TAYLOR, Will HALSALL.



The future roster covers all the weeks up to the 23rd of April at the moment, so it is easy to plan ahead if you want to volunteer.  Just go to the volunteer page at and follow the links to the future roster. Then choose your preferred job and email

There were just 188 people finishing the 5k route this week.  Three of these were people who were making their parkrun debut. We hope they enjoyed it.  It might be a while before they emulate Darren Wood and Alan Richardson who ran their 799th and 627th runs respectively.  What a target to aim for. Darren is truly a parkrun celebrity.  He was the first person to complete 100 parkruns way back in January 2007 and now is the proud owner of every parkrun club tee-shirt. I wonder what colour his 1000th will be.  By my reckoning, looking at the results table for Bracknell this week, 115 people had collected milestone tee-shirts for running or volunteering.  If they had all worn their colours then 61% of the field would have been white, purple, red, black, green or blue – a positive rainbow.

Joining the three very first timers were 15 first time tourists: with Cove Joggers and Bluebells Running Club being well represented. There were just two milestones to celebrate this week. Anne Quinn made her 50th run so should be entitled to wear her red tee-shirt soon.  Nathan McWilliam made his 25th run.  Congratulation to both.  You will notice that, though there isn’t a tee-shirt for the 25 run club, this achievement is now being celebrated in bold font on the results page.

And so the results

The first three males into the funnel were:

  1. Daniel ROSE (VM40-44) from Silwood Park Karate Club in 18:23, 75.97% age grade.  That makes 6 firsts this year – it’s getting to be a habit!
  2. Simon BENNISON (VM35-39) from Bracknell Forest Runners in 19:43, 68.22% age grade
  3. Neil SAHDEV (VM40-44) in 20:07, 68.85% age grade

The first three females were:

  1. Shannon DOBBS (SW25-29) in 23:55, 61.88% age grade.  This was Shannon’s first 1st – well done!
  2. Holly ELDERFIELD (SW30-34) in 24:31, 60.37% age grade
  3. Katherine PRIESTLEY (VW45-49) from Windle Valley Runners in 24:39, 66.40% age grade

The top three age graded runners were:

  1. Daniel ROSE (VM40-44) 75.97% age grade. in 18:23,
  2. Theo MAYNARD (JM11-14)  70.04% age grade in 20:15.  This was a PB for Theo
  3. Neil SAHDEV (VM40-44) 68.85% age grade in 20:07

Including Theo, 14 people achieved a new PB.  Mud obviously suits them.

Bracknell parkrun is a very sociable event.  An opportunity to run and catch up at the same time.Picture4


Or even arrange a healthy stag do:


But once the run director is in place it’s time to start.


Then, it’s possible to get absolutely drenched by the end but still keep smiling.


And this week we had a real live tail as our tail walker.


To end on a serious note.  As people know, foremost in the minds of the parkrun organisation is safety. So, from April 2nd the rules about running with dogs are changing. Participants must not have their dog on a waist harness.  They must only have their dog on a short, handheld, non-extendible lead. The dog should be in reach at all times.   Statistics of parkrun-related incidents are collected every week. Over 10% of incidents involve dogs and national organisers have spent a significant amount of time analysing the nature, frequency and severity of these incidents. The evidence shows that when participants use waist harnesses there is a higher risk of serious incidents, particularly trips and falls, compared to handheld leads. The analysis shows that the nature of parkrunning with a dog on a waist harness means that the dog can move from side to side.  This may result in the dog suddenly and unpredictably crossing in front of other participants on the course.  It is for these reasons that the organisers have changed the rules.

April 2nd is the nearest Saturday to Bracknell parkrun’s 7th birthday.  Or perhaps 5th if we discount the two Covid years. So treat your dog to a new parkrun compliant lead.

My weather app tells me that it is going to be mainly dry all week so the squelch may recede, but the temperature is predicted to be only a couple of degrees above zero so not yet time to discard those gloves.


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Bracknell parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Richard ALLEN who recorded a time of 16:46 on 10th December 2016 (event number 91).

The female record is held by Sophie QUIRK who recorded a time of 17:54 on 29th July 2017 (event number 125).

The Age Grade course record is held by Jessica WHITE who recorded 88.45% (23:05) on 11th January 2020 (event number 253).

Bracknell parkrun started on 4th April 2015. Since then 11,443 participants have completed 86,894 parkruns covering a total distance of 434,470 km, including 14,459 new Personal Bests. A total of 873 individuals have volunteered 7,330 times.



Bracknell parkrun #288

Parkrun Report - 26th February by Patrick Wadsworth


After the wind last week there had been an appeal for help in clearing the course as the woods had taken a hit and there was lots of debris on it. Thanks to those who volunteered to help and thanks to Bracknell Forest Council who had the course cleared by mid-week

A lovely sunny but chilly morning greeted the runners. The course had taken the rain in the week remarkably well with some mud but the wood chippings kept the worst parts in good condition. I had some new mixed terrain shoes to try out and the conditions were ideal to check their performance in mud, loose ground and hard paths. I love the mix of terrain at Bracknell and the different feel around the course with woods, open parkland, football pitches, one of the reasons I keep coming back.

Today was a double Briscoe celebration as Robin hit the 250 milestone and Riley his 100. Congratulations to both and thanks for the splendid cakes.

Robin and Rileycakes

Congratulations to all 239 people who ran today and especially those 15 people running Bracknell for the first time and those starting their parkrun journey – welcome to your new Saturday morning. Congratulations also to those sixteen people who ran PBs this morning. I salute the lady who ran today with a double buggy complete with children – that takes real dedication to fitness.

And let’s not forget a big THANK YOU to all the volunteers – don’t forget volunteers are needed each week and new volunteers are always welcome.


This week 239 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 15 were first timers and 16 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 23 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 33 volunteers:

John BURNETT • Patrick WADSWORTH • Clare DOWLING • Lisa BRISCOE • Andy SCOTT • Jane LIGHT • Robin BRISCOE • Rhonda HARROWER • Richard DOOGAN • Susan THOMAS • Anna MATTHEWS • Paul SCOTT • Tom WILSON • Steve FORSTER • Doug BRADY • Rhona STAINTHORP • Allan QUIMBY • Heather SINCLAIR • Connor LOVELL • Janet ROGERS • Claire NICHOL • Evie FOLWELL • John BAKER • Kerry SCOTT • Harvey FINESTONE • Liza HIDE-SMITH • Jon WEBB • Ashley PAYNE • Danny MCIVOR • Steve PROWER • Karen SPICK • Anne BEST • S MADDULA

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Bracknell parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Richard ALLEN who recorded a time of 16:46 on 10th December 2016 (event number 91).
The female record is held by Sophie QUIRK who recorded a time of 17:54 on 29th July 2017 (event number 125).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jessica WHITE who recorded 88.45% (23:05) on 11th January 2020 (event number 253).

Bracknell parkrun started on 4th April 2015. Since then 11,425 participants have completed 86,706 parkruns covering a total distance of 433,530 km, including 14,445 new Personal Bests. A total of 869 individuals have volunteered 7,305 times.

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